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    Kazuyo and his father Minato made a spacecraft, which located somewhere in Dubai. Now they took off with the vehicle and hoping for exceeding the speed of light several folds. But an accident occurred after many hours and now the father and son were stranded in the celestial world with a sole mission, find all 10 engine units to return back home.

    Here are some keywords:

    “(Sample text)” are actions performed inside a quote text.

    **Sample text** Are shorten slang words to censor the words.

    “Sample text” Are thinking and whispering words.

    *Sample text* are Sound Effects.

    Sample text are dreaming, flashback and non-real time events.
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    Chapter 1:

    Do you like fantasy? Do you like science fiction? Do you like action-adventure? Well you are in the right place. Let us introduce our latest game, The World Trek. It’s a brand-new MMORPG game that let you enjoy any kind of experience.” An advertisement showed on the 50 inch flatscreen.

    A young boy was working busily inside the garage. He made tons of machines and gadgets before but now he begun to create something extraordinary. “Kazuyo, your lunch’s ready” his mother called him.

    "i'm coming mom" he replied

    Kazuyo, a young handsome high schooler boy with extraordinary intelligence descended from upstairs. He possessed a slim and sporty body and hair and eyes like Jets. He wore a white lab coat and black jeans. On his lab coat, every pockets were filled with gadgets and tools

    His mother, named Tsunami Tsubasa, asked about Kazuyo's current school life, but he answered her by rolling his eyes.

    Tsunami was very attractive and charming in both by the looks and character. She has shoulder length chestnut hair and eyes like hazelnuts, body with a shape of a pear or a slim body with curves. She usually wore red apron, white t-shirt and dark gray harem pant.

    “Kazuyo why do you hate going to school? Aside being intelligent, why don't you make any friends?"

    Kazuyo replied annoyingly, “Mom the school is too primitive for me and also I enjoy working with Dad.”

    Kazuyo’s mother sighed in defeat. She was aware that his son was extremely genius and his hobbies were obviously inventing and engineering stuffs.

    Suddenly something vibrated on his thigh. Kazuyo’s checked his pocket and it was his father who called him. “I have a good news Kazuyo, our project is about finish. Let's go to Middle East in the summer holiday.”

    “Roger that, I will get ready soon enough. By the way I have finished making the last engine unit.” Kazuyo answered

    His father was glad to hear that. They had devoted themselves not entirely into a 3-years project and now this project will be completed.

    “Kazuyo you are getting late if you stay like that” Tsunami reminded.

    Kazuyo nodded and packed and checked everything so he didn’t forget his necessary school items.

    The sun shone and the streets in Tokyo filled with people strolling around. Kazuyo had difficulties and had to mash through the crowd.

    "Seriously? When did, the street gotten filled with people? It is not like that I
    Kazuyo finally found the reason behind the overcrowding, people were standing in lines in front of a game shop. What captured his sight was the poster of same video game, that he saw from the television a while ago.

    “Well, definitely not interested”


    Kazuyo jumped in surprise, when his senior, Makoto Iwana shouted at him from behind.

    “Whoa! Makoto! What are you doing here…?"

    “Don’t change the topic! I heard that you are not interested in this game? How could you? It looked so good, I want i (screams in joy)”

    Iwana continued babbling about the video-game, and Kazuyo left the annoying senior and dashed towards the school.

    All students went inside their own classroom, Kazuyo as well. His school named KAIS International School.

    The fresh-looking teacher came inside and greeted the students. He has fair skin but with chocolate hair (in round fashion) and charcoal eyes. His attire was like a western old school teacher.

    The student greeted him back by standing up and bow down.

    “Greetings, my name is Ichinose Basadan and I will be your history teacher today” The teacher named Basadan introduced himself.

    “Basadan teacher, I heard from other schoolteachers that you are a foreigner, are you really a foreigner?” one of the student asked.

    “Yes, I am a foreigner. I came to japan five years ago. First, I thought it was very difficult country because its language is nearly un-understandable, but it took me lots of effort to learn the language of this country.”

    “Which country do you come from Basadan teacher?” a female student asked him.

    This startled Basadan a little. Kazuyo noticed his teacher minor-tremble and wondered, why is he nervous when someone asked his nationality?

    “Ahh Gemmei-ku…, hmm well I don’t really know if I am getting used to say -kun, -san or anything honorific suffixes, but I came from United Arab Emirates in other words; Dubai.”

    This caused Kazuyo to jump up.

    “Basadan teacher, are you an Arab?” Kazuyo asked his teacher. “No, I was born there, my parents were immigrants Kazuyo"

    “Ah, alright” answered Kazuyo yet he had lots of questions in his mind.

    Then the school lesson begun, “alright everyone, open your history books and go to page 122. You may hate history lesson, but this is the last schooldays till summer vacation, so raise your spirit everyone.” Basadan-sensei said to his pupils with confidence. All pupil did what sensei told them, Kazuyo included, when he did, he only saw images of dinosaurs and their inhabitants. “Today we are going to study briefly about the ancient beasts and the dinosaurs.”

    Kazuyo looked all the images of the ancient beasts and read some text about it. He knew that Dino's not reptiles but birds with blood neither cold or warm and their legs were not aligned like any lizards. He read the book with interest so he could use it’s knowledge for beneficial purposes.
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    Chapter 2

    The class ended and all students went to the canteen to buy some foods. Kazuyo sat the edge of the canteen close to window and eating fruit sandwiches and sushi.

    People around him thought that he was a weird person and his food was not like Japanese styled beside sushi.

    Kazuyo didn't have any friend due to his abnormal intelligence, imaginations and ambitions, like his farther Tsubasa Minato.

    Suddenly he got glimpse of two girls got pinned down by five lads outside the window. He couldn't see the girls because the boys surrounded them, and by judging their hairstyles and uniforms, he knew the five boys were bullies from senior class and they always harass weaker people. He left the canteen and went outside to save the girls who were in peril.

    The senior bullies outside had wicked smiles on their faces. “Hehehe… check these little cuties. We are going to have fun with them, right?” Said the leader of the bullies.

    “Yes, dude and I will take the girl with dragon dress and buns *laugh*”

    “no…d-don't. P-please leave us alone?” One of the girl pleaded.

    “Sayo sister, calm down. These big brothers are actually in trouble now.”

    “Us? In trouble? Too bad that no sensei going to save you now ha ha”

    “Except I”

    The five seniors and the girls turned their heads toward the source of the voice. Kazuyo walked casually towards the group and said, "You know guys, it pretty much annoying for me seeing others getting bullied especially those girls where you are going to have fun with”

    “K-Kazuyo?! What are you doing here?! Please get out from here before these seniors are going to beat you!”

    “No worries Sayo, these guys are piece of cake” said Kazuyo with confidence.

    The leader got enraged by Kazuyo’s statement and confidence.

    “hey dudes... Let's beat that junior of ours so he will regret to interfere us again”

    “No problem boss" said the other four and charged at Kazuyo.

    Kazuyo smirked when the bullies closed the distance less than five meters. "Idiots, you don’t even know what's coming at you all” and in a flash, he pulled a modified stun gun and fired 5 shots simultaneously at his foes. The bullies collapsed to the ground and didn't flinched afterwards.

    The girls’ faces were in awestruck, they didn't expect their senior can do that trick. The entire school knows Kazuyo well: he is an engineering nerd with no bright future, yet always get perfect scores on almost any subject.

    “Senior! How did you do that? This junior didn't expect that side of you" The girl in dragon dress asked.

    Kazuyo saw her, she has an elegant brown hair with two long pigtails and her clothing style were no different from Chinese. Her face had different and unidentifiable beauty than typical cute moe girls. What really interested him was that she was new student to attend this school.

    Sayo praised Kazuyo as well but then he asked her who that Chinese girl was. “Kazuyo, you don't know her?”

    “Let this Liu Fei introduce to him little sister, Kazuyo senior my name is Liu-Fei and I come from China”

    “LiuFei… ahh now I get it, I'm totally sorry for forgetting you. By the way the looks of yours, you're an extraordinary martial artist from a hidden village in your country”

    Liu Fei dumbfounded, she knew Kazuyo is an awkward person, but his detective skills is no laughable.

    “Guess you're right, this junior is a martial artist from a hidden village. But I won't tell you more than that” said Liu Fei.

    Sayo was confused; she knows her best friend is a strong martial artist but she didn't expect her home being a secret place.

    “Liu-chan, I-I don't even l…”

    “I'm sorry for keeping this secret from you but my clan’s elders told me not to expose the secret of my home to others”

    As Kazuyo predicted the incoming tender moment, he decided to leave their girls alone.

    The bell rang and all students returned to their respective classes. Basadan started the history lesson about the dinosaurs. One kid named Ozawa asked his teacher about dragons, but he got the answer with a laugher.

    As the lesson continued, Kazuyo’s mobile vibrated. He then excused his teacher and left the classroom.

    ”Greetings Kazuyo my boy, when are you free today?” It was his father.

    Kazuyo said that he will be free about an hour, so Minato told him come home and pack everything.

    “Well father, I better return to class or my teacher will be upset with me.”

    “Alright then, attend class, then come home as fast as possible”

    “Yes, and see you later”

    “See you later Kazuyo”

    He returned to class after finishing talks with Minato.

    The schooldays has ended and after the nonsensical ceremony, Kazuyo can finally spend time with his father finishing their secret project, which they started 3 years ago.

    Unfortunately he became unlucky enough on Iwana again. “Kaaaazuuuyoooo…!” a vein popped up on her head as a yaeba tooth viewed in her right side on her upper jaw.

    “Ahh! Iwana, my apologies for stumbling upon you but I got to go now bye!”

    he ran as fast as possible to avoid his abomination, because he did not want to hear her half hour complaints, but no avail. Makoto already caught him by holding his shirts collar from behind and not letting him go.


    Kazuyo exasperated as he continually listened to her senseless blabbering.

    "Well I have to do something about this really fast" He thought, but an idea finally popped out in his head. He pulled out a small greenish marble from his pocket.


    “Yes Iwana, but can you do me a little favor?”

    “Why?” She asked.

    Not missing the chance Kazuyo tossed the green marble at Makoto’s face. The marble exploded into small green mist causing Makoto fall unconscious.

    “Im so sorry Iwana but I have to go home really fast. You will sleep for a minute so bye!”

    Kazuyo apologized and dashed off. Makoto didn't know what Kazuyo tossed at her was a sleep-inducing stink bomb. Its effect would last for 1 minute and anyone who will get closer to the said target will smell a horrible odor, that smell will make anyone run away.

    An Unfortunate day happened for Makoto. Her friends stumbled her by accident.

    “Eh? Is that Iwana?... (scream) WHAT A HORRIBLE SMELL!!”

    “(scream) WHERE DOES IT COMES FROM!?”

    “*covering her own mouth* I think it comes from Iwana” her third friend stated.

    The other girls screamed. Makoto finally awoke but she only saw her friends with disgusted look and no Kazuyo.

    “Girls? What happened?” she asked.

    “Makoto, Have you taken a bath yesterday? Because you stink a lot.” one of her friend spoke.

    “WHAT? (smells herself) wait I don't smell bad? Why?”

    Her friends then realized that the smell had gone away.

    “Makoto, to be honest; when you were unconscious, you smelled very very bad!”

    The second girl said to her. Makoto’s mind went blank for a second then pulled herself together when she found out who the culprit was.

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    Chapter 3

    Kazuyo finally came home and saw his mother doing dishes and Minato, who was sitting beside the table and reading newspaper with bored expression.

    Minato Tsubasa, a chief professor of chemistry in US also Kazuyo's father and idol. With muscular frame and spiked black hair pointed to his left shoulder, his appearance was manly despite he wore same attire as his son.

    “I'm home, ah! Long time no see father” Kazuyo greeted his father.

    Minato was also happy to see his son again and then he told Kazuyo to pack everything because they were going to America soon.

    Tsunami already heard that long ago and helped him as as well despite not holding her tears back.

    Kazuyo packed almost half of his clothes along with his machines and gadgets. Minato brought extra-large suitcase with him, so his son can take his “toys” with him.

    ”Kazuyo, are you really finished with your last engine unit?”

    “Yea, and I am also bringing the other 9”

    “Excellent, and good thing I brought 10 reinforced leather case with us.”

    Minato said and brought ten 1,5-foot-wide, round leather cases. Kazuyo also brought the engine units: the total of them were also 10,". They were large, ring-shaped devices. They have spiraling illuminating line around the ring and each of them has different color.

    “These are the engine devices I made for our secret project dad” said Kazuyo with pride

    “They almost took forever to make. I had made many prototypes but these ten are perfect.”

    “Wow Kazuyo! They looked really cool!”

    Tsunami gleefully exclaimed.

    “They are awesome Kazuyo” His father said it as well.

    After the short praise Kazuyo got, he and Minato packed everything inside Minato’s car.

    Suddenly his older and younger sisters came home.

    “Big brother! Where are you going with daddy?” His youngest sister Misaki asked her older brother.

    This startled Kazuyo very well: excluding Minato, he is the only male family member in the Tsubasa family house. And he has 3 sisters: One older and 2 younger. They all had beauty I their own way, but those kind beauty endangered his adventures in every category:

    Misaki Tsubasa, the youngest member of Tsubasa family in the age of 10, had a face of a hamster. With the color scheme, face and hairstyle identical to her mother, she was almost Tsunami's younger clone. In order to describe her cuteness and beauty, she was among the most popular idol in any elementary school.

    Nanami was the second youngest family member (12 years old), unlike Misaki, who posessed personality of a shy person like Sato and childish (eccentric) nature, She behaved more like demanding and nagging type girl, just like Iwana. With brown ponytail hair and amber eyes and with a face of an actress, she was girl with a chunnibyu disease (Her mature yet demanding personality is same as a typical boss of a huge company).

    And lastly Ayume Tsubasa, Kazuyos older sister. Like her younger sisters, her face had also cuteness, except it has a beauty that would melt any men's and women's heart. Her body was seductive and voluptuous not befitting her young face, even wearing sleeve shirt and jeans couldn't cover her curves. Her age equal Iwana's, 16. Speaking of Iwana, she and Ayume were rivals in both popularity and wealth, the only thing that differentiated both was their personalities.

    In Kazuyos perspective She was the most dangerous person he ever met in his life, if she got upset, she would transform into a dominatrix and god know which way she would punish him, even Misaki and Nanami love to help... Which explains why all his sisters were madly love with him. No matter where he went, his sisters would not stay behind. It happened on every trip Kazuyo went even three school trips, which had made him blush hard in embarrassment because of stares of confusion and envy. If Kazuyo really was a siscon, this experience would be like heaven.

    ”Well Misaki, I am going far away with my father”

    “Misaki want to go with big brother too!” Misaki yelled in a cute way.

    ” I’m going too Kazuyo, your big sister will protect you from any harm fufufu…” Ayume giggled mischievously.

    Kazuyo got even more terrified as he felt a hint of seduction behind her words.

    “uh girls… I think you need to calm down. This is too much for me” Kazuyo said with anxiety.

    “no way, we sisters are going with you no matter what Kazuyo.” Nanami spurt out.

    Fortunately, Minato stopped the girls harassing their brother.

    “Sorry girls but your brother is going with me” Minato said

    “why?” The sisters asked

    “Because he has to do some important work with me” He replied gently, then gave them a sharp glare before they were going to throw tantrums. Misaki’s, Nanami’s and Ayume’s spine chilled and they didn't protest any longer.

    As the problematic scene was over, Kazuyo called out the names, “Furata! Makaka! Neemo! Chenshi! Step out.”

    Four large and powerfully build robots came downstairs. Each of them has different colors: maroon, navy, darkgreen and purple.

    “What is your orders lord Kazuyo?” The robots said in unison in monotonous voice.

    “From now on these women are your masters. Your primary duty is protect them.”

    “Affirmative lord Kazuyo!” The robots saluted

    After that Kazuyo and Minato said goodbyes to their family and drove off to the airport.
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    Chapter 4

    The airport was overcrowded, obviously it willed with gamers from various countries, because the advertisement of that flashy game.

    "This is harder than I thought, I did not expect the airport to be this crowded" Minato thought.

    “Father, the baggage check-up on their right is empty, let's take the opportunity” Kazuyo pointed out.

    They went to the reception and handed over their baggages.

    ”your flight has just arrived at gate d7, you need to hurry up and catch it before it departs” the female receptionist reminded.

    "d7?! That's really far away" both Kazuyo and Minato thought in unison with despair.

    Without wasting the time they darted after the gate d7 and they were lucky. They checked in and gone onboard the aircraft.

    5 hours has passed. Kazuyo sat at the end of the window and stared outside. The view outside was stunning. With clouds floating beneath him and below them was the Pacific Ocean. It was like staring at the heavens from above. But he got interrupted when his father asked him.

    “Kazuyo. Are you sure that your robots can your mother and sisters?”

    “(laugh*") why do you doubt my invention dad! They can handle anything” kazuyo answered proudly

    It was true: Kazuyo’s machines can literally handle anything, including prevent kidnappings and burglaries.


    Meanwhile two hours after Kazuyo and Minato left home, two burglars snuck in their house, but was stopped by Chenshi. The robbers tried to run away but they were pinned down by Furata.

    Two hours later again, Misaki was kidnapped by a group of old men, but the kidnappers were taken down by Makaka. The last robot did only laundry as the three other robots took action.


    Kazuyo then leaned behind his seat and closed his eyes.

    In short span of time, he was now suddenly sitting on a familiar cockpit, but unfamiliar for others. His father sat beside him and checked the computers.

    He then turned his head and took a peek through the windscreen. Tons of rays were streaming past the strange aircraft Kazuyo and Minato was piloting.

    Ahead of the aircraft was a gigantic ball of blinding white light and behind the aircraft was complete abyss, as it was the nonexistence itself.

    Suddenly the blinding light on the front engulfed Kazuyo and Minato, then…


    Kazuyo heard the explosion behind the aircraft first, then he saw ten streak of colorful light fly past them and then saw and unfamiliar spectacular scenery before him.

    “Kazuyo we have arrived”

    Kazuyo turned his head and saw Minato having a gleeful expression.

    “Kazuyo we are finally here”

    “Yea, I can clearly see it” kazuyo answered excitedly

    “*sigh* seriously?” Minato facepalmed and took a bottle of water and splashed on his face.

    “Gah!” Kazuyo exclaimed and realized that, he was dreaming.

    “At last you woke up Kazuyo! We have finally arrived” Minato frowned.

    “Sorry, but I saw a strange dream, we were on our spacecraft, but somehow some strange event happened. I don’t know if it’s true or not.” Kazuyo stated calmly while holding his head.

    Minato was in deep though, not after he found the conclusion, "You don’t need to worry about your dream now, we still have work to do.”

    The flight took 11 hours to reach from Tokyo to Washington DC. They looked tired but they struggled to stay awake so they can find cheap hotel to rest. They found one and rested until next morning.

    The Tsubasas strolled around the street until they encounter three black thugs harassing a bald punk girl.

    "Hey babe, let's go to that alley. No one will spot us while we are having fun!" one of the black thug offered her with a lustful smile.

    "Please, Let me go! (walks away but grabbed by two other thugs) Go away from me!"

    "**WTF** **B** why would you run away? Can't you see our **D** is overloaded and we need some hot girls to release the load into, so be obedient and let us..."

    "Ok that's enough" Minato interrupted and walked towards the group.

    In the thugs perspective, they saw a very big and muscular man in labcoat approaching them.

    "Hey! You want a beat down, you dudes let's beat this **F** up" the leader thug spoke abruptly.

    Unfortunately the battle lasted breafly and the thugs was down unconscious with wounds and bruises.

    The crowds cheered at the Tsubasas for saving a defenseless girl, whom thanked them gradually.

    But she then told them that she has a boyfriend to meet so she left them in a flash.

    However unknown to them the very same girls, Minato saved, was an elite CIA agent.


    The Pentagon is a giant five pointed polygon building. Many people were busy in their work, and almost all of them were security staff.

    Kazuyo and Minato already went into the building’s main hall. Minato was now standing on the stage and was now begun to speak.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, My name is Tsubasa Minato and I will like thanks to my son, that he founded the project about travelling into vast space in little time."

    Kazuyo entered the stage and saw many people in complicated uniforms.

    (AN: I don’t really know about the inside of pentagon but I won’t give many descriptions though)

    Minato continued, "We started this project 3 years ago, it’s a spacecraft, but it’s more complex and does not use chemical energy as propulsion force.”

    Suddenly a late aged blonde man in dark blue suit and red tie interrupted, "Excuse me, are you really sure about your project can let us travel into vast area in space? Because in my opinion that’s **BS**. There is no **F** way we need YOU, because we have **F** NASA. We don’t need some Asian mad scientist like you to take US to space.”

    “Sir it’s best to calm down and let them finish their speeches" His supervisor tried to calm him down.


    Minato however wasn’t offended by his word, nor Kazuyo because their first step of their plan succeeded.

    “Sir please, restrain yourself?!”

    “It’s alright. If the president does not like our project, then we may take our leave.” Minato abrupted and left the stage.

    “Kazuyo! Looks like our plan work almost perfectly, however even if we leave this place, there will be someone on espionage, be on guard!” Minato whispered so silently as if he wasn’t uttering any words from his mouth.

    Kazuyo nodded and left the stage as well. The Tsubasa’s left the Pentagon without lowering their guard, as they suspected someone will follow him and they were right. The punk girl, whom Minato saved earlier tailed them from afar.

    But both Kazuyo and Minato knew how to shake off special agencies on espionage, so they used the same tactic again to escape her.

    Few hour later inside the hotel Kazuyo and Minato was currently preparing their next schedule. Their schedule was how to escape from USA without getting caught by CIA.

    “Father where will we go next? We are surrounded by agents.” Kazuyo asked worryingly.

    “Well my son… We are going to Dubai” Minato replied with a smile.

    A flashback suddenly hit him. He remembered his new history teacher Basadan, who was a Japanese immigrant, who migrated from Dubai not long ago.

    “Ahh… that…” Kazuyo couldn’t say anything.

    Minato smiled wryly then frowned and told him that time has come.

    “Kazuyo, now’s the time. Let’s get out of here before the agencies catches up.”