New story from a new writer! Prologue

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    “They awaken.”

    It was a whisper, but it echoed throughout the land. All who heard felt remorse and grief. Their souls were dyed in the blood of the innocent, they had no choice but to massacre. They had no choice, for they needed the power. The power that comes from sacrificing the blood of the sinless. Their foes had immeasurable strength that could move Heaven and Earth, such power was the thing of Legends, unattainable and unreachable.

    “The Invincible have gathered.”

    “Let us breach their defences, no longer shall they be known as Invincible. For we, shall surpass.”

    “All men to positions!!”

    “In the name of the Empire, let us fight for the sake of our brethren! The Invincible shall suffer the wrath of the Great Skull Death! Those who lost their families, Fight! Those who grieve for their loved ones, Fight! Those who want to change the world, Fight!”

    Trillions perished, and Billions were injured. The demons, the elves, the dwarves, the giants, the Demi-humans, the Dragons - All had suffered enormously in this blood-bath. Yet the Invincible stood on top, not a single wound had they suffered. Gods descended from the heavens to show their might; The army of the Devil rose from the depths of hell to obliterate. But the Invincible stood firm. The Cosmos shook with an overflowing Energy, Chaos spread to every corner of the Infinite Universe, tearing apart the very fabric of Reality. But the Invincible held their ground.

    Calling it ‘The Great War’ was an understatement. The fact that the universe was about to be wiped out of existence, this was no exaggeration.

    The king of Gods unleashed his strongest move, the devil co-operated and did the same, and all their energy directed towards a single point- the heart of the Invincible. For the first time, the Invincible were shaken, this power was no joke, surviving such energies required their full power, and so, the Invincible returned favours, their powers surpassed the limit.

    The collision literally tore apart the fabric of Space-Time, so much was the energy released from the impact that it gave birth to a new realm. A new universe was born and the shattered Universe disappeared, Gods and all. Only the remnants of the souls of the Invincible lingered, drifting into this new world. Their will, their legacy created the planets and the stars, the galaxies.

    Finally, the energy from their souls dissipated, spreading across this new born Universe, creating the phenomenon of Mana. Life found itself on the many planets of this cosmos, and after many epochs, the Universe had stabilized.

    Or so it seemed.

    “My lord, the runes have been gathered.”

    “At last! This time, make no mistake, the Gods have to suffer, they died too peacefully last time. For their sins against me, they shall pay.”

    “Lord Skull, we have found a suitable planet.”

    “Yes, this shall do, it is time to awaken the Invincible.”

    The planet called Ragna, held the fate of the Universe.