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    Jan 21, 2016
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    Im making this as a Request for the new site as it might be a bit confusing so lets learn a bit on the new
    site CMS (content Management system) i will be using cms a bit in here so learn the word :)

    I'll break this down bit by bit but this post might be a bit long at the end so please read it slowly
    Thanks :p

    first we have how you get to the admin part of the site in your browser
    Once your done that Login using the forums then go back to the domain name

    once done you should see this page here
    i'll break this UI(user interface) down

    [​IMG] First you have this side nav bar showing you the main pars of the site


    then you have the stats of what's going on but there not finished yet i'll update this later

    [​IMG] So this part of the site first main part of the menu you will be using is this [​IMG] and [​IMG] to ad a new novel you need to click You guessed it add novel
    You will then get this page here :)

    Well damn look at that so nice and new GJ Illumi
    this bit should be self explained add the novel title here im going to use one thats all ready been added to the site :) [​IMG]
    now under that you have the Text Box
    Fill this in with the info about your Novel and you can update this any time by Finding your novel in the list from here on the side bar [​IMG] then find on the right hand side this [​IMG] and click edit And edit it however you want Ok on to the next part now :)or back to the main part ? you will find the black one if your starting a new one
    So now we should have filled in the Title and the Text box now we look at the right hand side boxes [​IMG]
    Fill this out as needed Your name at top will be left blank as it will auto fill this once you press the blue button update novel put in the Author's name and the Genres they of novel your doing and add paypal and patreon were you need it filling the rest in as needed

    wooo that was long ok next bit ? :)[​IMG] TOC
    Table of content so if your book novel or translation is on Vol 1 put that in the Vol box then if it has a name for that Vol or Arc add that in the Vol name part from there you fill the from chapters 1- chapters 200 if thats how meny Vol 1 has Done woot thats fun Press the green Add button then we go to the next bit Ok so your TOC is now Set up and would look some thing like this

    You do not see the advert it's not there ... please unblock them if you use the site helps us out and your self :)
    Oh noo would you look at that no chapters on this one at all what shall we do well remember these two
    buttons here ?
    now its time to use the Add chapter button
    woot are you ready good

    Same sorta thing as before bit new stuff woot yer GJ Illumi :p

    so you have novel here start by typing the name of the novel you just added Before up top in that box you will get a big list of
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