My Annoying Aura Follows Me Into Another World

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    Part 4

    While his actions left us at a loss for words, his face looked up, and stared at us both..

    His eyes showed playfulness, with a hint of relief, saying..

    "Phew, I finally got used to this body, you couldn't believe how much power was not being used properly, used in inefficient ways, costing way more energy than it should, I had to fix it from scratch, you know? Well, it wasn't that hard, I just had to simplify the way I use this strange magic, was that all you got? If so, let me start my counter attack.."

    He said all those incomprehensible things with a grin that looked like the Death God himself..

    I couldn't fully comprehend what he said, but what I did understand was that he just got stronger by improving his body..

    What brought a chill down my spine, was the way he said that he will begin fighting back, just like saying that he was going to choose the menu for breakfast..

    It filled me with so much dread, just being near him..

    When I suddenly sensed his blood lust, I told Mephisto to get ready..

    He then moved his arms like a hurricane, where I could barely react, and moved it towards our faces..

    There was a loud crash, but after that, nothing..

    Me and Mephisto didn't have a scratch on us, but when we slightly turned to our backs..

    We saw, destruction..

    The ground was gouged out, and faraway trees were felled in a straight line..

    I thanked my luck that we survived that..

    "Hmm, so you were unharmed, I guess it was because of that [Physical Nullification] magic you used earlier?"

    Such terrifying observation, he got it exactly right, [Physical Nullification] was a spell that rendered all physical attacks meaningless, including blades, and weapons alike, giving us a fighting chance against this guy..

    Since for the past few days, I noticed that he couldn't use magic, even an elementary spell was absent within him..

    But strangely, I don't know his magic power, I'm hopeful he had none, though..

    "Interesting, well, let's see if you can handle this..[Aura Weapon Creation]"



    As magic suddenly gathered into both of his arms, it formed into a strange shape..

    What came out was two black objects with a metallic luster, reflecting the sun's rays..

    It had many curves and lines, which I have never seen before, and a hole at the end of it..

    Both were about the size of his palm, and he suddenly moved his thumbs to flick something at it's back..

    As he did that, I sensed something dangerous coming from the strange objects..

    I tried to warn Mephisto about the impending danger while moving to the side, but..


    A loud sound rang out, and something went out of the two holes, grazing my body at the side, and straight into Mephistopheles' head, causing me to look at the origin, tiny red and blue lights of magic power, spinning at rapid speeds, drilling a hole in the atmosphere, and one, in Mephistopheles' forehead, all the way through the back of his head..

    "Tch, missed one..[Reload]"

    I was left in fear, since the result was devastating, after the tiny lights passed through, they hit a grove of trees, and when they came in contact with the trunks, an explosion occurred, two different-colored lights blew up and left flames and destruction in its wake..

    I literally couldn't believe how much power is packed into one of those tiny things..

    I then sensed that Mephisto's presence was weakening..

    I rushed over to him, checking what happened..

    There was a tiny hole that went through the middle of his head, and went into his brain, causing him to be in a critical state. like he was knocking on death's doorstep..

    Even though we're made to have the most sturdiest of bodies, and nullified all damage, how could I have expected a magical attack from him, I was too conceited..

    With his dying breath, Mephistopheles tried to tell me something, "I-I finally fought so-someone stro-stronger tha-n I.."

    He said with a grin on his face, and blood flowing down his mouth..

    I was relieved, even though he was dying, he still had made me smile..

    Even though I know we will die here, I would still like to give him a peaceful farewell..

    I'm coming after you soon, Nii-sama..

    I tried to close his eyes, as he started to slow his breathing down..

    But then..

    "You're not getting away that easy, you bastard.."






    I was shocked to see, the white haired youth come here in an instant, and started shooting those dreadful things, again and again at my brother's face and body, not letting him die in peace, but mercilessly looking at him with cold eyes..

    I was angry..

    I felt different emotions surging through me..

    Normally, I would have controlled myself..

    But, this time, I gave in to my emotions, and let my instincts flow through..

    I wanted to kill the one in front of me, even though it will cost me my life..

    Because this guy, had no respect for anyone..

    A heartless, monster that kills for fun..

    Is this what happens when you reach the pinnacle of knowledge? Is this what it's like to be called the strongest?

    If so, I will abandon it, this result will only bring about loneliness and despair..

    I wanted to give in to my urges once in a while..

    Well, what better time to start than now, at the end of my rope?

    I was filled with rage and determination on getting my revenge..

    I used one of the most forbidden of spells..

    [Demonic Blood Annihilation], a spell that can only be paid for with enormous magic power and demon's blood..

    Which causes an explosion so strong, that it is even said to tear space itself..

    The only downside to it was, that the explosion must start channeling from the caster, and the caster must be at the center of the explosion, I racked my brain for different solutions over the years, and came up with none..

    So this was my true final resort, one that I never thought that I'd use in my lifetime..

    It brought a smile to my face, how despair could actually change myself this much..

    I just regretted the fact, that I only realized this now, when it was too late for anything..

    So as I brought my courage forth, I chanted the spell in my head..

    Just when I was about to finish, I heard a voice..

    "Well now, not so fast...[Aura Chain Bind]"

    My chanting was suddenly interrupted by the voice and the countless chains that came out of nowhere binding my limbs and body, to which I struggled but to no avail, I noticed that my strength, my magic power, and my senses were taken from me, just like..

    "Just like your [Sin Curse] right? I reverse-engineered it in making my own sealing spell, thanks for that, so, how does it feel to be on the powerless side for once, huh? I guess the tables have turned, as you may say *Chuckle*"

    That mocking tone fills me with despair..

    I could have never imagined that he would use my own spell against me..

    This, this is just too much..

    How could me and Nii-sama lose against this monster, when we are two of the most supreme beings ever created..

    I feel so much remorse at how much I could have done differently..

    Like if I just steered clear of him, my life wouldn't be in such danger right now, and our plans would have gone smoothly..

    Why was I so paranoid of him, I think I might have just awakened a disaster..

    I'm sorry Mephisto, I'm sorry Master, I have failed, and have made a huge mistake..

    If this merciless existence is ever set free to roam, the whole world might be in danger..

    Not just the demons..

    Well, before I go, I have to ask something at least..

    "Who, who are you really?"

    When I asked that, he was slightly surprised, but grinned the next moment..

    A second later, I felt a metallic sensation at the back of my head, and knew he moved towards my backside..

    I couldn't even turn around to look at his face anymore due to the bindings..

    Well, it's fine, not like anything would change...

    I wait for his reply before my end..

    "Just a genius, bored of the world, and everyone in it.."


    He's exactly like me..

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    Chapter 30: Moving Towards The West
    Part 1

    I was different..

    I have always been different..

    From the moment I was born, I was blessed..

    Being born into the prestigious and wealthy family, "The Suzuya Group"

    Growing up, I had close to no problems..

    Adding to that, I was a person gifted with talent..

    At an early age, I learned how to read, write, and communicate with others fluently..

    Once I set my mind to something, I would quickly learn and adapt it into myself..

    Reaching the age of five, I had as much knowledge of the world as someone who would have normally studied for a hundred years..

    Due to this, people thought I was strange, an abnormal child..

    But with the power of money, that all went away..

    They then, started to call me a prodigy, a unique child..

    Casually sugarcoating words like that, is exactly what I learned to expect from money-grubbing adults..

    But it wasn't all false praise, since I too, thought of myself as a genius..

    After considering all the facts, and the way people looked at me like I was a superior, even though I was still little..

    It wasn't because I was conceited, and overconfident in my own strength and capabilities..

    But because I had a god-given talent, which I could do nothing about, it all came to me as natural..

    Of course, with me being like this would normally draw ill will and unwanted attention..

    In fact, I expected it to happen..

    But alas, all they did when faced with the only son of the "Suzuya Group", heir to one of the richest companies was..

    "How nice to be so smart at such a young age.." or "Your path is filled with opportunities!" and the like..

    Such blatant lies said to better their own image..

    I did not find this amusing in the least, so I decided to study more about human nature, when I reached 6 years old..

    When I started going to school, a prestigious prep school for the rich and famous, mostly owned by my father's company, nothing had changed..

    The fake smiles, the winning favors, the never-ending competition of getting ahead of each other..

    Because of this, I thought that I had my answer to my topic of research..

    That when you are born with wealth, good looks, and intelligence, you would have a worry-free life..

    Which was far from the truth..

    I, in fact worried everyday, having to keep up appearances, and dealing with two-faced people, not knowing when, where, or how they are going to abandon me down the line, when I somehow lose everything..

    I concluded that it was natural human nature to do what they did, considering that there had been countless precedents..

    When that realization dawned on me, I started to doubt humans themselves, and instead. started becoming cynical towards interaction..

    That whenever I meet someone, I try to find out their secrets, and ulterior motives by reading their demeanor..

    Most of the time, I get it right, but because of this, I started to despair at the concept of human nature..

    Asking myself, if I could somehow do something to change it, and get rid of this murky feeling in my head..

    A big problem inside myself, that I never knew how to solve..

    The answer I arrived at, was no, it was impossible to change how humans have lived, and will continue to live alone..

    Henceforth, I started to not care about anything, right then and there...

    I started showing my true colors, looking at them like bugs, openly showing my displeasure and such..

    I had a tiny hope in my heart that they would fight back or something in order to regain their pride..

    But the sad reality was, they still treated me with respect, as usual, no, even more so now..

    I got slightly angry at their reactions, and I started moving on to violence..

    I trained basic fighting styles, and quickly developed them into my own techniques..

    Using them, I started to beat up the stronger students at my school..

    At first, they started calling me a little upstart, and tried to gang up on me..

    Naturally, I wasn't the least bit perturbed by this..

    Even if I was small, I could accurately redirect strength using my small, but developed muscles..

    It was kind of satisfying, seeing the bastards who ruled the hierarchy through violence, taste their own medicine..

    From then on, I started continuing that sort of lifestyle, bullying, extortion, brawls, any sort of exciting thing, really..

    It was a thing to pass the time, to me, the me who despaired at humanity..

    But it all came to an end, that day..

    It was the first day of class, I was now a 4th grader, I had a group who hanged around me all the time, like delinquents, regardless if I wanted them to, or not..

    It started like any normal day, with me going to school, riding a limousine, surrounded by my underlings when I arrive..

    We had the usual orientation, and welcome back program, welcoming the new students, which I didn't pay attention to..

    Just when we were about to start the closing address in the classroom, the teacher suddenly told everyone that a student had transferred to our school, naturally, people kept asking if it was a boy or a girl, hyped up..

    I couldn't care less..

    But it turned out, that it wasn't a trivial thing..

    Who entered was, a girl with a pretty face, blue eyes, auburn-red hair, seemed to be a half-foreigner, and had a somewhat bright personality..

    She introduced herself as "Kirishima Charles Mizuki", someone who came from England..

    Her dad was Japanese, and her mother, an English woman who loved the Japanese culture..

    But the name Kirishima, I've heard it somewhere before..

    But it was one of the rare times that I couldn't recall something, which led me to believe that it was not that important..

    I was attracted to the way she carried herself, but I kept my indifferent attitude..

    Days flew by, with the new girl gathering all the attention, from both the males, and the females..

    I was somehow interested in her, but I kept my distance, as I always do..

    I kept training myself, doing things that a grade-school kid wouldn't normally do, like meet stronger enemies out on the streets and alleyways, such as gangs and thugs..

    I felt a sense of nostalgia when they looked down on me, but in the end, the result was the same..

    They were dumbfounded to be beaten black and blue by a black-haired little boy with a dull look in his eyes..

    Cliche lines such as, "We will remember this, you hear!" were spoken while they ran with their tails between their legs..

    Weeks passed, and I strangely found myself observing the transfer student, for some unknown reason..

    Everyday, I would find the time to look in her direction..

    One thing I noticed was, how she didn't have anyone she could call, a close friend..

    Don't get me wrong, people come and greet her, and talk about stuff with her, but I think that it was just courtesy..

    Yes, somehow, I could feel an affinity with her..

    Like she was alone inside, with no one to call a companion in this life..

    It might be strange of me, thinking this philosophically, but I am very sure that this is the case..

    Since I got curious about her, and her circumstances, I decided to interact with her..

    But I needed a proper approach..

    I observed that she acted like a loner, so the only person that can get close to that kind of person, was someone with the same attributes, therefore, I decided to become a loner..

    First, I put out an elaborate plan, to make our meeting as natural and unforgettable as possible..

    It wasn't hard, considering I had learned all types of introductions..

    Then. I told my followers, to tell everyone, even them, to treat me like air..

    They were surprised at my command, but they knew their place, not asking for the reason, and remained silent..

    After the news spread, I was fully treated like someone who did not even exist..

    I then, executed my daring plan..

    Which I will not elaborate, since it was a failure, and the most embarrassing moment I have ever lived through..
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    Part 2

    Anyway, after that, we started talking about things..

    Mundane, everyday life, television shows, movies, and the like..

    Slowly, but surely, I made contact with her, everyday, so that she considered me as a friend..

    I made sure to show, that I was putting out an effort to talk to her, to know her secret, and on why she keeps that fake smile on every single day I see her..

    Until, she finally opened up to me and told me about her family..

    She was in fact, the sole heiress to one of the richest companies worldwide, the "Kirishima Corporation"

    That was the reason that she never made any friends..

    I already predicted that it would turn out like this, but I still acted surprised, nonetheless..

    After that, I told her that I didn't care, and told her about my family..

    When she learned that I was in the same boat, we naturally got closer..

    Days, weeks, months, and even years, passed by in the blink of an eye..

    While me and Mizuki, spent our time, having fun talking about our experiences, and relatable topics..

    I also showed her different places inside the city, where I usually went before I started taking out the trash..

    Of course, I couldn't let her know my dark past, since she was too pure for it..

    When we slowly got to know each other, we became the best of friends..

    I thought I was only doing this, since I was curious, and I was thinking of passing the time with this farce..

    But I didn't realize that I was unconsciously enjoying it..

    Waking up, looking forward to seeing her smile, her cute antics, her condescending way of teaching me somewhat useless trivia and the like, and just hanging out together..

    I learned so many things from her, which couldn't be found in any book, or research material..

    I learned how to have fun..

    But I should have known..

    Life wouldn't permit this, the world wouldn't even accept me being happy for even a short amount of time..

    This cruel reality always rears its ugly head out when everything is going great..

    Before our graduation from elementary school, Mizuki was strangely absent..

    So I panicked because of my overdeveloped mind, thinking of what could have happened..

    I wished that it was just her, getting a cold, but alas, it wasn't such a menial thing..

    It turns out, that when I called her residence, her mother, who answered it in English, which I had no problem of understanding, even though I was an eleven-year-old native, told me that some men were demanding a huge amount of money in exchange for Mizuki's life..

    It meant that she was kidnapped on her way to the graduation ceremony..

    I calmed myself down, and asked about the details of the trade, the men's voice, and the route Mizuki takes everyday going to school. I had to squeeze out every bit of information while there was still time..

    After she told me the information I needed, she said to not do anything stupid, and aggravate the kidnappers..

    She had a point, this was the first time that I was about to do something stupid..

    But even though they were rich, and had no problem paying the ransom, I remembered what Mizuki said to me..

    That she didn't want to cause her parents trouble, that she wanted to do everything herself instead..

    Such an admirable ideal at a young age, but that's exactly why, as her friend, I can't let her go through this alone..

    So I hanged up, and put back the phone, which was unconsciously broken by my fingers, and called my subordinates..

    I had them look all over the city, on where might the criminals be hiding, while I prepared myself..

    It took more time than I thought, considering the wide influence of the company, further implying that the criminals weren't small fry this time..

    After that, I went there, alone, since I thought that I shouldn't involve my parent's company, and also due to the fact that I had confidence in my abilities, so much that I could take them all alone..

    They would pay for their insolence in taking something important to me..

    And so, when I arrived at their dreary hideout, I kicked the door open, and it flew over to the opposite wall..

    Fortunately, Mizuki was safe, although a little roughed up, but unconscious..

    So I had no problem going all out..

    Not that I had a choice, I had to vent this anger somewhere..

    As usual, they told me that a kid shouldn't be here, and tried to take me away, ignoring the scene earlier..

    From what I saw, there were about twenty of them, all armed with weapons..

    No threat was perceived..

    So I started the rain of blood by moving quickly to one man's blind spot and kicked the back of his neck swiftly, knocking his teeth out, and made him cough up blood..

    After he fell, I motioned to the dumbfounded idiots to come at me..


    A half-hour later, bodies were writhing slowly on the ground..

    A lone black-haired boy was standing in the middle, covered with blood and grazes, looking down, panting..

    That was harder than I thought, were these guys professionals or was I lacking strength with this small body?

    Either way, it was harder to fight people armed with real guns, since some grazed my body, I slowed down more than I normally moved due to the pain..

    But I grit my teeth, ignoring the pain, and got through it, learning as the fight went on, adapting new techniques specialized in incapacitating, leaving me short of breath, and ragged..

    After I was done, I walked forward, and I untied Mizuki from her bindings..

    While doing that, she slowly woke up, dazed, and I greeted her playfully..

    She then had a worried expression on her face, since she saw the bloody haired me..

    I told her that it was alright, and that we would go home, and everything would be fine..

    She was relieved for a bit. but suddenly she had a grim face, looking behind me..

    I instantly reacted to it, turning my head around, and seeing something headed towards me, I moved to the side..

    Not, since I knew, that if I moved, Mizuki would be hit instead, and I couldn't lift her fast enough to make us both avoid it..

    So I did the natural thing, and shielded her from the "dart-like projectile"..

    After it struck me, I felt really drowsy for some reason, so I concluded that it could only be a "Tranquilizer Dart", used in putting animals to sleep with a certain drug smeared on the tip of the needle..

    It turned out, that the one who shot the dart was a man with a thin frame, and dark hair, and wore dark sunglasses..

    He seemed to have a different presence than the ones before, he was definitely stronger..

    Which meant, that he was the boss, the ringleader who organized this, and only came out when I let my guard down..

    How cunning, I thought, praising his intelligence..

    But, I was still mortified that I fell into his trap..

    He said some condescending words to me as he picked up Mizuki, while simultaneously kicking my body away..

    Which was growing heavier by the second, since I was getting more and more tired..

    As I watched him walk away with Mizuki slung on his shoulders, I burned with rage..

    So, I kept myself awake by giving myself pain, removing my fingernails one by one, to keep me conscious..

    I slowly stood up, and lunged towards his vulnerable back..

    When suddenly..



    I was surprised at how he could twist his leg from the front into his backside like that..

    It completely immobilized me, smashing me into a wall..

    I couldn't move, I was too naive, Why did I come here alone?

    Were the thoughts swimming in my head while dazedly looking at Mizuki's tearful face..

    I wasn't strong enough..

    With those lingering regrets, my scenery changed into darkness..

    I couldn't think about anything except for the fact that I was weak..

    The one thing I had, my knowledge, was useless in this situation..

    Heck, I couldn't even think straight..

    Why does the one thing I hold dear to me, get taken away..

    I kept asking myself those questions while I wallowed in my own self-ridicule..

    {"Are you frustrated?"}

    A voice coming from nowhere entered my ears..

    {"Do you want power?"}


    I know this might be just my imagination, but even so, I thought out loud my true feelings..

    {"Even though it will cost you a grave price?"}

    Yes, I would pay anything, do anything, just to save Mizuki..

    I shouted to the voice, grasping at straws..

    {"Then, I'll take your memories for a while.."}

    I didn't quite understand what it was saying, taking my memories..

    It was the first time, that I did not understand something..

    But it didn't matter for now, what was important was saving my precious friend, nothing else..

    After I found my resolve, my consciousness got replaced by something, no, someone..

    The last thing I could remember was feeling a surge of power, darkness, and flames..

    Red, roaring flames that burned everything around me...

    The next thing I knew, I was stuck inside a room that seemed to be my subconscious..
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    Part 3

    In there, I slowly watched how a new personality, took over my body, and my life..

    I found out, that Mizuki was safe, even though my new personality did not know her at all, he was told by my parents, that Mizuki was being sent back overseas to live there, since it was dangerous here..

    I was really sad for a moment, but all that mattered was, she was okay..

    I couldn't really control my body in any way, so I started watching my life through his eyes..

    I was apparently given something like an aura that keeps people away..

    It was sad somewhat, but I didn't care about it too much..

    It was an interesting way to pass the time, seeing his problems that I could have solved easily..

    I guess my intelligence was not useful to him at all..

    I found out, that I could only communicate vaguely in dreams..

    So, I created a maze, inside my head, to keep myself occupied..

    And when I died, and got sent to another world, it was even more exciting..

    Meeting my teacher, having adventures, fighting monsters, meeting new people..

    All that and more, until this happened..

    When the other personality could not take it anymore, I stepped in for some reason..

    I guess I felt pity, since it was technically myself suffering..

    So I explained the bare minimum and replaced him, sending him to the room I was in..

    I might learn how to switch with him sooner or later, since there was magic in this world..

    But for now, I needed to break the seals, which was pretty difficult, but when I noticed that the magic seals was strangely similar to the formulas in scientific theories back on Earth, it made it extremely easy to grasp..

    "Then, I woke up, here.."

    I look around, the area was slightly destroyed because of the stray [Aura Bullets], trees were felled, the horses had fainted, and at my back, the whole city was wiped off the map..

    I turned to the two corpses at my front side while releasing [Aura Weapon Creation], making my [Aura Handgun] disappear into light particles..

    The two have started to dissolve into the atmosphere, and some particles are gathering around me..

    Probably the [Aura Gift] kicking in, absorbing the aura from defeated enemies..

    I was waiting for a bit, then, when the bodies had completely disappeared, a blue window appeared before my eyes..

    Archdevil's Aura has been assimilated into body - Beginning to unlock 5th Scripture
    You have acquired the title {Demon-killer}
    Titles with affinity detected: Beginning conversion
    Titles: Martyr, Beast-hunter, and Demon-killer have been converted into {Feared}
    You have learned the skill [Archdevil Aura] Proficiency 0.00%
    You have learned the skill [Aura Persona]
    You have learned the skill [Aura Archive]

    Aura Gift
    Divine Skill - 10 Scriptures of Aura
    First Scripture Unlocked:
    Enables you to use [Aura Magic] but in turn, disables the use of any other magic
    Second Scripture Unlocked:
    Added Skill: [Aura Absorption] - Enables you to absorb aura from stronger enemies after they have been slain
    Third Scripture Unlocked:
    Added Skill: [Aura Convergence] - Enables the user to store and meld aura skills
    Fourth Scripture Unlocked:
    Added Skill: [Aura Armament Release] - Clads the user in armor form made out of pure aura energy
    Fifth Scripture Unlcoked:
    Added Passive Skill: [Aura Archive] - Enables the user to never forget information that is either learned or already known
    Remaining Scriptures - Locked State
    Effects: +20000 AP, -1000 LUK, +4000 MP, +400 INT

    After defeating strong beings time after time, you have unlocked the
    [Unique Class: Slayer]
    Change class into [Slayer]?
    YES / NO

    Hmm, I guess that solves my personality problem, but I might have to give that guy more time to process the information before I release him, getting depressed again..

    Let's take a look at this class first..

    One who has the potential to slay even the divine
    All stats +10000
    {Unique Growth Class}

    This class, it seems mysterious, but I guess it's a good class, judging on the fact that it can still evolve..

    So I choose [YES] in response, and the window disappeared..

    After, my body shined with a light, and I felt stronger than before..

    For now, let's check our [Status] and find out what the terms mean, since my other personality never bothered to..

    Orion Fullbringer(Astrum) {Orion Fullbringer}
    Titles: The Chosen Ones, Hidden God's Apostle,
    Wandering Disaster, Dragon Lord, Feared {None}
    Level: 777 {45}
    Race: Human {Human} Class: Slayer {None} Rank: C {C}
    HP: 12000/1200000{120/2000}
    MP: 90000/2000000{40/4000}
    SP: 16000/900000{230/1000}
    STR: 50000 {130} AGI: 65000 {190} INT: 400000{400}
    VIT: 60000 {140} DEX: 48000 {50} WIS: 39000 {65}
    WP: 90000 {90} AP: 1500000 {None} LUK: ERROR {0}

    First, was the HP, using the gaming knowledge my other personality had, I determined that it meant, [Health Points], meaning, that it was my life in numerical form..

    Same goes with MP, which was [Magic Power] or shortened as [Mana], that determined my capacity in using magic..

    SP means [Stamina Points] which was how much I knew I could move around and such..

    Some of them are pretty obvious to tell, like STR, which was my overall strength..

    AGI, which was how fast I could move..

    INT, is my intelligence factor, directly linking to how much magic power I had..

    VIT was the status for endurance and goes hand in hand with my health..

    DEX determined how flexible I was in moving..

    WIS was my magical defense, and knowledge on magic

    While others, not so much..

    Such as, WP, which meant [Will Power], that quantified the power of my free will..

    And my unique stat, AP, that means [Aura Points], this determines how much power my [Aura Magic] releases..

    Then finally, LUK, which was how lucky I was, either in getting critical hits, or other aspects in daily life..

    It was strange now though..

    Instead of the negative value it usually showed up until now, it was now filled with unreadable symbols, and the words [ERROR] are embedded into it..

    I guess it had something to do with me switching with the unlucky personality..

    I wondered if that voice who gave me power was connected to the LUK stat somehow..

    Well, I have no proof that he was, so let's keep it at that for now..

    Now, that I'm done checking the various stats, let's investigate the aftermath..

    I turned around and moved to the place where the city once stood..

    I used a skill I just created while I was fighting those demons, [Aura Flash], which made me move at faster speeds..

    When I made it there, I stopped at the center of the miasma-covered earth..

    I surveyed the perimeter, checking if anyone had survived..

    There was none..

    So, I studied the earth, and found that it was imbued with some kind of dark, poisonous substance..

    Judging from the fact that I was losing health, I concluded it was true..

    A few moments ago, my other personality despaired at the loss of his companions and new friends in this city..

    But, as he usually was, he wasn't thinking clearly..

    For, I sense no trace of death in the area...

    I used another skill I created, [Aura Trace] to scan the magic particles in the surroundings..

    Yes, there was a large amount of dark magic, but there was another large magic that was just used..

    It was still lingering in the air..

    If it was this large, it must have cost a high amount of magic power, and the user was also well-versed in spells..

    I hypothesized that it might be an invisibility spell, but the evidence says otherwise..

    So that can only mean..

    "Hmm? What's this?"

    I go to the corner of the site, and pick up something that wasn't disintegrated by the blast..

    It was a white mask with strange patterns on it..

    It seemed familiar, but it was too cracked and misshapen to tell..

    Well, since it had traces of magic, I might have a use for it in the future..

    Now, judging from the fact that the two [Slave Tattoos] are still not erased from my hands..

    It seems the two elf children are alive..

    I breath a sigh of relief at that, since I had gotten used to the smiles of the two..

    It was strangely likened to Mizuki's smile from my childhood..

    I try to transfer magic power into it, and try to sense their whereabouts..

    It was too weak, the light was shining dimly, signaling that we were too far apart..

    So I tried using [Aura Trace] on it, and it worked..

    I could faintly sense the two's magic signatures in the direction of..

    "Due west, huh?"

    I said, slightly looking over the horizon..

    It was late in the afternoon, and the sun was going down towards the western mountains..

    I had a slight feeling that the Elven Country might have been somehow involved in this..

    But let's let the facts speak for themselves later on..

    I am just relieved that my other personality doesn't have to be broken..

    So I moved forward, leaving the murky earth behind..

    With a new found goal in my head, and a spring in my step, I walk towards the sunset..
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