My Annoying Aura Follows Me Into Another World

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    Chapter 22: Anna, Lute, And Myself
    Part 1

    I open my eyes, at exactly 5:00 AM...

    Like clockwork..

    I roll around to make sure my body is moving properly..

    Then, I get up and make my bed..

    That's right, I slept at an inn yesterday..

    I thought this because my bed and view was different from the cold summer nights in the grasslands..

    Well, I should go train..

    But where? I can't run in town..

    And so, I thought I should go outside the gates and run around the perimeter of the city..

    Like it was normal..

    I'm not strange, this is just a result of those days of training..

    I developed a habit of maintaining my body every single morning..

    After I decided what to do and got dressed, I open the door and lock it from the outside..

    When I arrived at the corridor, I was greeted by the sight of doors on each side..

    I didn't notice it before, but I guess this was a pretty big inn..

    Kinda like the 5-star hotels back on Earth..

    Currently, my room is at the farthest end of the corridor, the last room, "Room No. 666"..

    And it is located at the 7th floor, the highest floor on this inn..

    I guess they still call it an "inn" because of the fact that there are no precedents of a hotel being built here..

    But I wonder if this size was normal in this world?

    I was thinking idle thoughts while going through the long hallway, towards the stairs..

    When I made it to the stairs, I climbed down and repeated the same action, since each of the stairs are on the opposite side of each other on every alternating floor..

    I began to wonder how I even made it to my room last night in the first place..

    After about a few minutes, I made it to the ground floor and went to the counter..

    I'm amazed they are up at this time..

    Hardworking adults are really admirable, aren't they?

    So I deposit my key to him and pay the bill for tonight in advance..

    His face turned grim at the sight of my room key for a second, but he instantly reverted back to his business smile after receiving 2 silver coins from me..

    I decided not to mind it and went outside walking towards the gates..

    I saw a couple of people walking around and merchants preparing their stalls while I was passing through the shopping district and decided to buy some ingredients from them when I came back from training..

    When I reached the gates, I noticed that another guy was guarding the post this time, so I showed him my [Guild Card] and he let me pass through..

    I guess, they take shifts throughout the day, huh..

    I think about the guards' workday for a bit and wished them luck for today in my head..

    When I made it to a certain distance away from the city where they wouldn't see me, I started to stretch..

    Then finally, I started my daily routine..

    After I finished, I noticed I wasn't sweating that much compared to yesterday..

    "I guess it's time to increase the load.."

    I decided to do an extra lap and more training until I felt that it was enough..

    I went back to the city gate looking refreshed and invigorated..

    I waved to the guards while passing through and they seemed to remember me from earlier and didn't ask for me to show identification again..

    Which saves me a bit of time, that I'm thankful for it..

    I reached the shopping district and I perused through the various goods and found interesting stuff with the use of my [Aura Eyes], it is really useful at times like these..

    So I spent all in all 6 silver coins for the mountain of ingredients I was carrying in different bags..

    Which was filled to the brim with vegetables, fruits, wheat, pepper, and various meats..

    But I was sad to find out that in this world, salt was scarce and usually only used by aristocrats..

    She showed me a little of it, and it looked bluish-white which I remember from the books I used to read, that it wasn't pure refined salt, but rock salt..

    I guess that's why the food in this world is mostly bland..

    But then, how did Master obtain all that salt, and furthermore, it was white salt, mind you..

    And we never seemed to run out..

    In fact, I have about 50kg of it in my [Aura Pocket] right now since I brought some of it under "Provisions"

    I really thought it was normal to use salt in cooking until now..

    Who was my Master, really?

    After carrying it into a narrow alley, I check my surroundings for people..

    And when I make sure there are none, I put the bags inside my [Aura Pocket] one by one..

    Even if I learned my lesson, it still looks surreal for a large bag to fit in a pocket..

    When I was done, I sighed in relief and started walking forward, trying to get a feel for the city pathways..

    I didn't notice it myself but I started to walk aimlessly through alleyways and dark roads, this was all happening while I was contemplating how to make new friends..

    I was really troubled..

    When suddenly, I felt something hit my side..

    Two somethings..

    *Thud* *Thud*

    When I turned around to find the culprits..

    I saw, A little girl with blonde hair and green eyes..

    And right next to her, a little boy who was much shorter, with blond hair with tears gathering around his emerald eyes..

    I thought for a second, this pair of kids, they're too cute..

    I mean, they have such small faces and pure white skin..

    Some fanatics would die just to meet them if they were in Japan..

    They seemed to be wearing dirty rags or sack-clothes, is that what they call em?

    And they were rubbing their foreheads which turned red whilst whining about the pain..

    "Ouch... who, what?"

    Ah, a cute soft voice, in an irritated tone..

    Such a gap..

    And both of them look up and see me..

    This is bad, I have to smile..

    Yosh, let's make them feel at ease, since it's not their fault, because I wasn't watching where I was going..

    I smile the best grin I can while looking down at them..

    *Backs Away*


    Am I that ugly?

    Or is it that I'm unapproachable now?

    I can't think of another reason since I made sure my aura was off..

    Oh, they're starting to tear up..

    "Ann-nee, I'm scared.."

    "There, there, Lute..there's nothing to be afraid of, I'll protect you.."


    Ah, this is awkward..

    They are both hugging each other while the girl puts her head on the boy's head, while patting him gently..

    Am I a bother?

    Or do I seem to be the villain here?

    Man, I want to go home..

    Just when I was about to leave..

    "Oi, you there! Stop those slaves!"

    A group of men led by a plump middle-aged man shouted here in a gruff voice..

    "Huh, me?"

    I point a finger towards my face..

    "Yes, you, please, help us capture those elves!"


    I look towards the two and find that the girl is now glaring at both me and the men..

    But I don't look at that for long and saw long pointy ears at the sides of their faces..

    They are [Elves]..

    They have the elven ears I always read about in novels..

    Well, let's just find out about the whole situation since I got involved in this..

    They try to run past me, but I block them..

    The girl glares even harder at me and tries again and again but to no avail..

    After a few minutes, the men reached here and said..

    "Thank you, I thought they were going to get away for a moment, who I ask, might you be?"

    "Isn't it common courtesy to give your name first? And why do you want these guys anyway?"

    I try to lower my voice so that I won't be taken lightly..

    "Ah, yes, forgive me, my name is Gerzar, head slave merchant for the "Slave Trader's Guild" and it is a pleasure.."
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    Part 2

    A slave trading guild huh? I guess I should have known that slavery isn't outlawed here since this isn't Earth anymore..

    "It's Orion, now tell me why these kids were running away from you.."

    "Sure, these two were high-elves captured in the midst of the war between humans and elves which started 13 years ago, even continuing until now, they were supposed to be transported here for them to become slaves, but after we bathed and clothed them, they suddenly used some strange magic to become invisible and got away from our guards' detection, but it seems it was only valid for a short time, since we found them later and started to chase after their figures, it seemed that you bumped into them while they were running, must be lucky, huh?"

    Luck, eh..

    So there was that war going on even until now..

    If I remember correctly, Derek-tousan was called for that war, I hope he's safe..

    Anyway, let's get back to the present situation..

    "Then, what are you going to do with them?"

    "Ah, yes, now that you've caught them, we'll put these [Slave Collars] on them and bring them back to the guild, Of course you can claim a reward of some sort at the guild later, now then.."

    He signals to his subordinates, and they start moving towards the children with rope in their hands..

    I know I shouldn't get involved in this anymore than I should but..

    I didn't notice that my body moved in front of the children by itself..

    "What are you doing, oi?"

    "Get out of the way, they'll escape again!"

    The rugged men say in a condescending tone..

    And after that, they surround us and the children..

    I have to say something here..

    "Hey Gerzar-san, you said they were slaves, huh?"

    "Yes, I certainly said that, what about it?"

    "Then.. I would like to buy them both, how much do they cost?"

    A flash of surprise is present on Gerzar's face but immediately turns into a grinning expression..

    He rubs his hands together and says in a happy tone..

    "Ah, are you interested in purchasing them? Well, but they aren't ordinary slaves, you know?"

    He continues on..

    "They were supposed to be our prime slaves, since they had beautiful features and are most importantly, part of the high-elf race, which are said to be, the rarest of the elven kin.."

    "So what, tell me.."

    "Haha, straight to the point, I see, but I don't dislike that, well, let's see.."

    He thinks for a second and declares..

    "Since they are an expensive commodity, the girl would be 2 large gold coins, and the boy, 1 large gold coin, all in all, coming down to a price of 3,000,000 Myr, what do you say?"

    His eyes looks as if he's overcharging me and believed that I had no money to buy slaves judging from how I look..

    Why do people judge my looks so much..

    "Sure, No problem.."

    I say in a matter-of-fact manner..

    Eyes around me stretch wide open and mouths hanging agape, even the children and Gerzar-san look surprised..

    What, you think I'm lying?

    "No, no, are you sure you have enough? It's 3,000,000 Myr, you know?"

    "Yeah, what about it?"

    "Ah, Yes! I'm very sorry for disrespecting you, dear customer! Let's move to the guild to do the proper procedures!"

    He signals again to the men and they tie up the elf children and move ahead of us while murmuring things like..

    "He was a rich noble's son all along?"

    "What, how can a guy like that be in the slum area?"

    "Well, I don't really care for rich people's hobbies but, I guess were getting bonus pay today, huh?"

    "Oh yeah, let's celebrate later at the bar!"

    They cheer in unison, such simple-minded muscle-brains..

    Well, I don't dislike those types of people, though..

    After an hour of walking, we reach a black-painted building with a sign that said, "Slave Trader's Guild"

    We enter and find a luxurious reception area with 2 red leather couches facing each other separated by a long wooden coffee table and various flowers decorated around the building..

    I guess this ambiance is supposed to make you feel relaxed, huh..

    It is working..

    Gerzar-san sits in one couch in the middle..

    Then, they take the slaves and make them stand near Gerzar-san..

    I take a seat before him on the other couch..

    He starts to take out the collars and puts them on each of their necks.

    I control my urge to stop him since it was just business..

    "Okay, now that they're officially slaves, I want you to place the payment on this tray.."

    A woman hands a silver tray to him and he places it on the table before me..


    I take out three large gold coins and place them on the tray..

    Their eyes seem to sparkle with greed when looking at it..

    "Excellent, now.. sign this with an empty [Magic Quill] powered by your own magic power...."

    He takes out two papers that seemed to be [Slave Contracts] and a {Magic Quill] that I saw from the guild..

    I do what he tells me after reading the contract that confirms the right of ownership and states, that they can't disobey an order, slaves shall be fed, and taken care of in a place of residence, and killing a slave results in a fine of 1 gold coin..

    I check it thoroughly and sign it using my magic power..

    Both contracts glow in a red and blue light and separate into particles going into each of their bodies..

    And two other lights go into mine..

    I notice that a seal was placed on each of their hands located at the back of their palms..

    When I check it with [Aura Eyes] it said that it was a [Mark of Subordination], while what appeared on both my hands were [Mark of Dominance], they both looked like blue and red tattoos with a strange pattern..

    After it was finished, I found out that they were siblings, and their names were, Anna for the older sister, and Lute for the younger brother, they didn't know what their last names were though, since they thought it wasn't important..

    When we left, Gerzar-san waved goodbye saying "Please Come Again" like a certain convenience store cashier..

    When we got outside, I told them..

    "Well, first off, it is nice to meet you both, don't worry, I won't hurt you.. Take care of me in the future, okay?"

    I smile while saying that..



    Ah, this is still awkward..

    "Well, anyway, its fine if you can't open up to me now, that's for the future, until then, let's get along, ne?"

    Their eyes seem to be cautious but I know they are good kids..

    Because I saw how Anna-chan cares for little Lute-kun..

    I find myself grinning thinking about it..

    "Yosh, first of all, let's get you some new clothes!"

    I said in a happy and loud voice..

    I know I kind of just went with the situation this time, but I guess I found new companions now..
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    Chapter 23: The Miracle Chef
    Part 1

    "That looks pretty good on you.."

    "Au, re-really?"

    Anna-chan is blushing cutely while twirling around with the dress she's trying on..

    "Un, we'll take this one too, please.."

    I say to the smiling employee..

    We are now shopping for clothes and everyday necessities inside a clothing shop we found while travelling through the business district, the shop was called, "Gemini City Tailoring" which was a pretty simple name, of course..

    But it had a variety of selections from underwear to coats for winter, they even do custom-order clothes..

    We've been buying everything we saw that we liked like there was no tomorrow..

    I think that's why the shop employee-san is in a good mood..

    "Hey, how about me, do I look cool like niichan?"

    I felt a tug on the back of my coat and turn to see a blond-haired boy with green eyes wearing a black leather coat that seemed to be many sizes bigger than him, it does look amusing but I know he's trying to look like me..

    I didn't even choose to look this way, you know?

    It's just that they had cool effects, that's the only reason I'm wearing them..

    I'm not living my middle-school days again, that's for sure..

    Anyway, what Lute-kun is trying to do is so cute, I might faint..

    And it made me think for a bit and question how can such a cute child be involved in a war..

    But I felt that asking about it now, would be an invasion of privacy, so I restrain myself till he comes and tells me himself together with his sister..

    "Haha, you do look like me, but I suggest finding clothes that fit you would be best.."

    I pat his head and ruffle his hair a bit while talking..

    "Ah, understood niichan!"

    After he said that, he ran towards the displays..

    Such a cute kid..

    Hmm? How did I get these kids to talk to me?

    Well, it's quite a long story actually..

    What happened was..

    I lead the way towards the business district and the two followed behind me..

    I had decided to go buy clothes first, not thinking about anything else..

    Since I thought, they wouldn't like staying in those rag-clothes for a long period of time..

    After a while, I noticed that I was walking too fast, since the two were lagging behind, so I waited for them..

    They noticed after a while, and they tried to move faster to catch up..

    But when they did, they were out of breath and that was when I heard it..

    Pretty loudly in fact..



    Both stomachs released a howl of hunger and I clearly heard it..

    In fact, I think the whole city heard it..

    Well, I decided to stop with the jokes and ask them about it..

    {"Are you by any chance, hungry?"}

    I also noticed that by the time I said this, the sun was already high up in the sky..

    Anna-chan didn't say anything but her stomach gave me all the answers I needed..

    While Lute-kun slightly nodded his head nervously..

    {"Then, let's get something to eat, follow me.."}

    Yosh, since this is the perfect time for lunch anyway, let's eat first!

    I decided inwardly and held both of their hands and walked slowly until..

    We came across a certain restaurant, which I think was called, "Gemini Star Cuisine"

    A pristine name like that definitely had good food, or so I thought while entering the establishment..

    When we opened the door, we were greeted by the scene of shouting and angry men and women..

    The various men and women were dressed in a formal suit and bow-tie and gowns and dresses..

    While they seemed to be pretty wealthy, they weren't keeping a noble-like appearance now..

    Since they were shouting at a tall man with slick brown hair and a mustache..

    He seemed troubled, more so that even sweat gathered at the back of his neck..

    Which I caught sight of with my enhanced eyesight for no particular reason..

    There were people in white clothes and aprons repeatedly bowing to the wealthy men and women behind him..

    While the tall man was trying to appease the angry crowd..

    So, since I might as well, I walk up to the tall man and ask him what was with the situation..

    {"Ah, you see, were in a bit of a bind here, our chefs suddenly got afflicted with the disease that has been recently surrounding the city, "Red Slime Disease", do you know of it?"}

    {"Ah, no, since I just came into this town yesterday.."}

    {"Is that so, well anyway, due to the disease, our chefs got taken to the church to get healed but since there was still no record of someone getting healed from "Red Slime Disease", we decided to put in a request at the guild even though it's futile and close the restaurant for the time being, but our regular customers said, they won't have any of it, and started to complain about it saying irresponsible things like, "Do something about it!" or "Where am I going to eat now?" and things such as that.."}

    {"Ah, so you didn't hire a new chef in the meantime?"}

    {"Yes, well, our chefs were the best in town with their cooking skill at an intermediate level, so there weren't any applicants who fit the job description..(sigh)"}

    Normally, I would have got out of there and looked for another place to eat..

    But, I saw something in the tall man's eyes that seemed like my Master's..

    That determination to not settle for mediocre food, and to only serve the best meals to others..

    For it will be insulting to them, to the customers, and for their pride..

    So I decided to remedy the situation..

    "Um, I might not be of much help, but can I try cooking something for them for now?"

    The tall man's atmosphere suddenly changed..

    From a troubled middle-aged man into someone who is a professional in what they do..

    He looked at me and took my hands and stared at them with bloodshot eyes..


    {"Fumu, these hands seem to have experience in the kitchen.."}

    You can tell?

    {"You can tell?"}

    Oops, my thoughts were so spontaneous, it slipped out..

    {"Of course, let me introduce myself, I am the owner of this restaurant, Jim Paxon.."}

    {"Ah, Orion, Orion Fullbringer, nice to meet you.."}

    {"Well then, Orion-san, if you want to help, I need to know to what extent, you can cook a dish.."}

    He's all fired up..

    I can sense his aura getting hotter..

    Oh, this? it's called [Aura Sense], it's a skill that allows me to somehow sense the other party's emotions through aura..

    Huh.. The entire restaurant seemed to have become silent..

    I look around and see all eyes on me and the tall man, Jim-san..

    Is it that big of a deal, what he said?

    {"Ah, sure, how are you going to judge me?"}

    {*Chuckle* Judge, no, I will be your opponent!"}



    {"Ah, I was once a gourmet chef back in my heyday, I made various delicate foods of different ingredients but with smaller portions with the utmost care and got recognized for it, but since it became a drawback to cook in my ways, I decided to just watch over the restaurant by hiring capable chefs to cook more efficiently.."}

    A life story, where is this going, exactly?

    {"And so, I would like to compete against you in a "Cooking Match" to see if you are fit to even step into the kitchen in this place, because if you're just an amateur that wants to experience cooking, you can leave right now, since we don't need your pity, but if you really are confident, you better have the skills to prove it!"}

    He points his finger in my face with burning vigor..

    The men and women start to gather around and..


    They start to be in awe in front of Jim-san's spirit..

    Well, it did fire me up a little, since I wanted to know how my skill compares with other competition..

    {"I accept your challenge!"}

    I said while opening my right palm and stretching it in front of him in a "talk to the hand" pose and simultaneously covered my eye-patch..
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    Part 2

    Ah, why did I do this?

    Is this an automatic setting of the equipment?

    Or was I just that excited to compete with Jim-san..

    I don't know, but for now, I look at the elf children behind me and they seemed to forget their hunger for a bit and started to look here with wide eyes..

    Children do seem to love conflict no matter which world it is..

    After I said my reluctant acceptance, a bell rang..

    {"Here it is, one of "Gemini Star Restaurant's Cooking Showdown"!!!"}


    A woman wearing white clothes and an apron with flaxen colored hair starts announcing to the crowd in a loud voice..

    And the peanut gallery responds in kind with heated expressions..

    And wasn't it a "Cooking Match"?

    When did it turn into a showdown?

    I sigh in my head and turn to the tall man and find that various kitchen utensils had been prepared while I was drifting off into my thoughts..

    There were pans, ladles, pots, charcoal, [Fire Stones], and various ingredients mixed in..

    {"Now, everything has been prepared! Let's start the showdown!"}

    The woman informs the crowd and they are all caught up in the pace..

    Those angry voices from earlier seemed like a lie now..

    I take my place at one side with a table and all the things needed prepared for me..

    And Jim-san stands at the opposite one..

    {"Now, let me introduce to you, our judges for today!"}

    She points toward a long white table in front with three people sitting on three luxurious chairs..

    {"Our first judge, is one of our very own servers, and the restaurant idol, Marielle-chan!"}


    The screams of admiration fill the room..

    But mostly from men..

    The person called Marielle-chan is a woman with silky blonde hair, skin white as snow, and pretty features..

    I can see why they call her an idol..

    She waves to the crowd, and the cheers get even louder..

    But still, mostly from the men..

    {"Introducing our second judge, a noble from the house of Novalis, Earl Pricei Novalis!"}


    A shrill scream of admiration comes from the women this time..

    In regards to the handsome earl with curly brown hair with a handsome face..

    I'm not jealous.. I'm not jealous..

    {"And our final judge, our mystery customer, Gourmet Mask-sama!"}


    A masked stranger addressed with sama?

    I mean, how does she even eat with that mask on?

    Ah, I can't even read this person..

    {"The judges will rate your dish in a score form starting from 0 to 10.."}

    Ah, it's like this..

    {"Furthermore, it is not decided by the total number of points, but whoever has a higher score for each judge!"}

    Eh, the level just got more difficult?

    {"Now that the rules are said, let's begin!"}

    She signals without further warning and Jim-san starts preparing his ingredients..

    Ah, so troublesome, she just said begin out of nowhere..

    Well, let's let it go and start cooking..

    Now, what do I make out of these ingredients..

    Hmm? Ah, that's it!

    I decide my dish after a moment, and start preparing..

    First, I mold the wheat and flour with different spices and cut them into long thin strips after it sets..

    Then, I make a broth made with meat base, garlic, pepper, vegetables, and other spices..

    I take the meat and season it heavily with some of the salt I brought with me..

    I cut it into strip-pieces and cover them with breading I made out of flour and other ingredients..

    After I was done, I light the flame with the [Fire Stone] and simmer the soup broth placing a lid on it..

    While the water was boiling, I took out the pans and spread sesame oil around the inside of the pans..

    I wait for the soup to boil and when it did, I place the "noodles" inside the broth to let it cook..

    After I hear the sizzle of the oil being heated up, I placed the breaded meat on the pans one by one carefully..

    While letting it cook, I chop up some vegetables and onions to bring flavor onto the meat while frying...

    I spread it around the pan so the meat can absorb its nutrients and umami juices..

    Plus, it made the meat lighter and softer..

    After I heard the pot's sound signalling that it was done cooking, I took out three ceramic bowls for soup and pour the broth into them and at the same time, place the noodles at the center..

    When it was done, I put the cooked meat slices over the noodles and made it stand upright slightly leaning on each other, resulting in a clean presentation of only the top part of the meat showing outside the broth..

    When that was done, I placed various toppings from vegetables and spices to make it look complete...

    And after about 10-20 minutes, I finished..

    I wipe the sweat off my forehead and saw that everyone was looking at me..

    Even Jim-san who I think finished earlier than me..

    They all have a strange look on their faces..

    I wondered what was wrong and was about to speak up when..

    {"Okay! Now that both competitors are finished, please present your dishes to the judges!"}

    Everyone seemed to have snapped out of it..

    And they started to cheer and await the judging portion of the ending competition..

    {"Ah, I'll go first, if you don't mind"}

    He looks towards me for permission..

    {"Sure, go ahead, but there's no need to ask you know? You did finish earlier after all.."}


    I was met with silence as he walked towards the table with a tray of plates..

    I wonder what's wrong with him..

    The judges look at the plates in front of them and each showed a different reaction..

    {"This looks delicious!"}

    Marielle-chan said with a smile on her face with a tone of expectation..

    {"This, is this what I think it is?"}

    The Earl beckons toward Jim-san and asks..

    {"Ah, yes, it is my signature dish, Gourmet Herb Boar Meat.."}

    Wow, he used his signature dish against me?

    Now, I'm starting to get nervous..

    I mean, it does look appetizing, with the black lines on the steak with the spicy aroma of herbs fill the nostrils, and the overall plating of the dish looks very professional, as you'd expect from someone who owns a restaurant..

    {"Ah, I see! Well then, this is a pleasant surprise, I'm glad I came today!"}

    The Earl says in a tone filled with gratitude with a bit of drool escaping his lips..

    But he noticed it and wiped it off skillfully without anyone to see him..

    Well, anyone except me..


    The "Masked Stranger" nods approvingly and is preparing her fork just waiting to stab into the meat..

    {"Please, enjoy"}

    Jim-san said in a courteous manner..

    After those words were spoken, they took their knives and forks and ate their first bite..

    They had a satisfied look on their faces and broke into a grin..

    They ate some more till there was none left on the plate..

    And that masked person, suddenly her food disappeared from the plate!

    I didn't sense anything at all!

    How did he/she eat it in such a short amount of time?

    Oops, now's not the time for that..

    They seem to be inputting their scores on a piece of paper..

    {"Well then, judges, what do you have to say!"}

    Mariele-chan raises her scoreboard and said..

    {"It was delicious, as I would expect from owner!"}

    She raised a perfect 10..

    While the earl was..

    {"It satisfied my tastebuds and my appetite, nothing less than perfect for this dish!"}

    The same score of 10..


    The masked person didn't say anything and raised her scoreboard, written on it was..

    The number nine..

    {"Oh, Gourmet Mask-sama rated the dish a 9! So close, but still a wonderful score, as expected from owner-san!"}

    They all seem to call Jim-san, owner, well it's understandable..

    But how high must the masked stranger's standards be to give a nine in contrast with the other judges..

    Well, I guess it's my turn now..

    I carry the three bowls on a tray and walk towards the table..

    I place each bowl in front of them and wait..

    {""So, what is this supposed to be?"" "..."}

    Both judges ask in unison while the third judge just stared at it..

    Well, I guess it's a good time as any..

    {"Well, let me introduce you, to a dish from my hometown!"}

    They wait in anticipation in response to my confident words..

    While I open the covered bowls and release the hot air from within..

    {"My Improvised Tonkotsu Ramen!"}

    I introduce the dish while steam seeps through out into the open air from the bowl..

    {"I've never seen this strange dish before.."}

    {"Neither have I.."}


    The masked one nods once..

    {"Well, just try it for now, and when you eat it, use the utensils to bring both the soup with noodles and the meat and vegetables into your mouth together, since it will bring a complete flavor to your mouth.."}

    They reacted strangely to my words just now..

    {"Together? Well, the soup does smell really good.."}

    {"Indeed, it is a very peculiar aroma.."}


    It is normally supposed to be eaten with chopsticks but since it is not spread throughout this world, I'll refrain from saying it, since I would cause a huge uproar if the information got out..

    {"Well then, please dig in!"}

    I say excitedly to the judges and they start to pick up their utensils and bring the food to their mouth..

    And I couldn't see it clearly, but the food disappeared when it almost came in contact with the mask..

    How peculiar..
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    Part 3

    After a few moments, it got really quiet all of a sudden..

    When I look towards the judges and their faces looked stiff as it had been hit by a lightning bolt..

    Except the masked one, which I couldn't tell the expression of..

    Was it that bad? I thought to myself..

    But the next moment, they started moving again..

    Shoveling the noodles, soup, vegetables, and meat into their mouths like they were starving..

    In a minute, the three bowls were licked clean..

    And after, the judges stood up and carried their bowls with them..

    And said in front of me..

    {""Can I have seconds?"" "...."}

    They seemed to be forcing me with their eyes..

    So I poured another helping onto each of them..

    And I noticed some of the peanut gallery were drooling and gulping..

    Well, it's fine, I'm glad to know that they liked it..

    {"Sure, here you go!"}

    I said with a smile and then they turned back to their table and sat down and ate once more..

    After a few minutes, they gave their verdict..

    {"This flavor, so delicious, I can't get enough of it.."}

    Marielle-chan says while holding up a 10 with a heart sign on it..

    {"I can never forget this taste for the rest of my life.."}

    The Earl exaggerates while holding up a 10 written in gigantic letters..

    {".......*Thumbs up*........"}

    And finally, Gourmet Mask-sama presents a thumbs up to me simultaneously holding up a 10 scoreboard..

    {"A-amazing!, a perfect score for a perfect win, the winner for this time's Cooking Showdown is.. Orion-san!"


    Cheers of admiration fill the restaurant..

    I had a grin plastered on my face at that moment..

    Then someone patted my shoulder..

    When I turned around, it was actually Jim-san..

    {"I underestimated you, I never thought there was a different kind of way in cooking a dish, It seems I still have a lot to learn about the food business, you win, Orion-san, no, Chef Orion Fullbringer"}

    Jim-san slightly bows to me and called me a chef..

    I put on a wry smile in response and said..

    {"Thanks, Jim-san.."}

    He smiles at me and said..

    {"Well then, I guess it's time for lunch, huh? Will you do us the honor of cooking your dish for the customers?"}

    {"I don't see why not, but could I also cook for my companions, they still haven't eaten yet.."}

    {"Sure, those children can eat for free, don't worry about it.."}

    {"Okay, let's do this then!"}


    I started cooking soon after, I served the aristocratic-looking customers and they were delighted when they tasted the noodles and meat mixed together in a broth while giving praises to me and some asking for the recipe for them to give to their personal cooks, and a few tried to recruit me into their house as a cook but naturally, I refused..

    When both Anna-chan and Lute-kun tasted my dish, they thought it was the best dish they had ever eaten and started to eat more and more until each had at least five bowls..

    The gluttonous elves thanked me for the first time and started to open up to me while helping with kitchen work..

    I was happy since I knew if you want someone to open up to you, you have to sate their stomach first..

    At the end of the work shift, I was dead tired because more and more people came in droves and ordered my dish since it became popular and they started to call me incomprehensible things like, "Miracle Chef!" but I didn't have enough time to talk back and get rid of their wild delusions..

    When we were done, it was at the time of late afternoon, the owner, Jim-san thanked us for the good work and offered to pay us, but I declined since I was in no need of money as of now..

    But he persisted so I negotiated with him, that I can get to drop by and use the kitchen once and a while and eat for free..

    He had a face saying "Is that it?" but he soundly agreed to my proposition..

    When we left, we headed to the business district with full stomachs and tired faces..

    We talked on the way there and I found out information about them like..

    How Anna-chan is 11 and Lute-kun is 9 years of age..

    They seemed to have made grim faces whenever I hinted at their family so I reluctantly kept my mouth shut about it..

    And when we made it to the clothing shop, they made a questioning glance but..

    Their faces automatically lit up when they tried on new clothes..

    Which brings us back to the present..

    Anyway, while I was reminiscing, both Anna and Lute have finished picking out their underwear and clothes so I paid for them, in total, 1 gold coin, so we carried what we could back to the inn and told the shop employee to deliver it to that address for one silver coin, she happily agreed and said it would be delivered by tomorrow..

    So I lead the way passing through various food stalls where we stopped a bit to buy meat-skewers which tasted good by the way, and walked all the way to the giant inn where I stayed at..

    The two seemed wide-eyed at the size, same as the first time I came here, well, even until now..

    We enter and I pay for food and room expenses to the receptionist for them to add another bed into the large room..

    They said they would be fine sleeping on the floor, but I wouldn't allow it..

    I payed 5 silver coins for the total cost and took the room key and went up to my room..

    We entered and let the staff move a bed from somewhere into the room and placed it right next to mine..

    We thanked them and I gave them a large copper coin each which delighted the staff and I closed the door behind us..

    "You both can sleep there, good night!"

    "Un, thanks.."

    "Thank you niichan! Let's sleep, Ann-neechan, I'm really tired.."

    "Ah, sure.."

    I doze off while listening to the two's soft voices which are trying to be considerate in not waking me up..

    How nice, having siblings..

    I dreamt about Kate-neesan that night but I didn't remember it when I woke up the next day..
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    Chapter 24: Taking My First Quest
    Part 1

    The next day, I woke up early as always, feeling like I was forgetting something..

    But this time, I had to keep quiet since the elf children are still sleeping..

    And quite soundly at that..

    After I informed the innkeeper that I'm going out for a bit, I left the inn..

    I went outside the city and trained once more as always..

    After another refreshing session, I started to walk back to the city..

    When I looked towards the direction of the rising sun, I suddenly noticed a malignant aura in the opposite direction..

    It was just over the west horizon..

    When I enhanced my sense, I could see..

    What seemed to be..

    An army, a huge one..

    I got surprised a bit, and automatically observed the situation..

    They numbered about a thousand..

    The army seems to be entirely composed of [Goblin] variants..

    Such as, [Goblin Knights], [Goblin Mages], [Goblin Archers], [Hobgoblin Raiders], but mostly [Goblins]..

    Oh, and there's another one, a goblin bigger than all of them..

    Right in the center of their formation..

    A [Goblin King], huh?

    I used to meet those sometimes in my training days, at first, I had trouble with their giant bodies and proportional strength, and the fact that I can't get to him easy because the subordinates would block my way..

    Then, after a few tries, I managed to kill one..

    After that, I got scolded by Master, but not for fighting a stronger opponent, mind you..

    But for taking so long against a small fry..

    Naturally, I complained about its enormous strength back then..

    But, he would not listen to anything I said because he said that I was making excuses..

    Instead, he taught me one of the ways to take advantage of an opponent's size and strength against itself..

    But I couldn't do it properly since I was still a kid back then with an undeveloped body..

    And so, after much reflection and deliberation, I incorporated the skills Master taught me into something I've learned back on earth, Judo..

    I learned judo in hopes to make friends with other students by exchanging techniques..

    But it only made it worse..

    Since after I fought everyone, they were too afraid of me..

    So much that, they skipped going to judo lessons altogether..

    As a result, my instructor told me that I should quit, since his business was going to fail..

    My dark history, out of many..

    Well, after I did that, I started to beat [Goblin Kings] whenever I met them and didn't get a single scratch..

    Oops, I was too busy thinking about my training days, they seem to be coming closer to the vicinity of the town..

    Well, since it's been a while, let's try it shall we?

    I thought to myself while stretching my arms in a circular motion, moving towards the [Goblin Army]..

    A few minutes later, I am now walking back to the city..

    It wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be..

    Once I swooped in, in a straight line while piercing everything in sight..

    Then I made it to the [Goblin King] and grabbed his gigantic body and pinned him to the ground..

    Then, when I chopped the [Goblin King's] head off, they were in chaos..

    After their leader was dead, they scattered off to who knows where..

    (sigh) Did my body get too fast? That guy could barely react to my movements..

    Well, on the bright side, even after all that blood sprayed into the air, I didn't get any speck of it on my clothes..

    I guess a more developed body is good for something..

    So I tried to catch all of them, but most got away..

    I then proceeded to put the leader's corpse in my storage and walked back to the city leaving the bloody massacre behind, I would have liked to cremate them since it would attract beasts, but sadly, I couldn't use [Fire Magic]..

    I still regret not being able to use magic in a fantasy world..

    I didn't know what to do with all the information about magic spells in my head from reading light novels..

    But, there's nothing I can do about it..

    I go through the gates and go back to my room at the inn and greet the elf children..

    "Good Morning, Anna-chan, Lute-kun.."

    I say in a bright tone towards the two who are sleepily rubbing their eyes..

    "Fue~ Good Morning, Onii.."

    "*Yawn* Good Morning, Niichan.."

    So cute, is this what it's like to have little siblings?

    "Now, get dressed, and let's go downstairs and eat breakfast.."


    I turn for the door and let them change..

    After that, we went to the first floor and had breakfast..

    Today's menu was some bread, soup and an egg-sausage combo with vegetables..

    Their eyes lit up at the sight of a luxurious breakfast like it was the first time they saw it..

    After we said grace, they started to shovel down food down their throats..

    I don't know about their god though..

    Since they were chanting something before the meal..

    If I remember correctly, it was Avaceris, the Nature Goddess which rules over the Elven Continent..

    Was that supposed to be a prayer to her?

    Oh, now's not the time for that..

    "Anna-chan, Lute-kun, eat your meal slowly, it's not going away you know?"

    After I said that, they stopped eating and then swallowed in unison..

    Is this a gag show or something?

    But after, Anna-chan had a slightly displeased face..

    "Onii, if it's hard to call us that, I don't mind if you call me Anna, if you want.."

    Her voice slightly trails off at the end, and why is she looking away..

    "Oh, me too, like Ann-neechan said, call me Lute, niichan!"

    The energetic little boy dives in almost instantly and shouts in a voice heard by the other customers..

    To which they show various gentle smiles..

    Such cute kids..

    "Alright, well then, let's take care of each other from now on, okay? Anna, Lute.."

    They both beam a cheerful smile at my words..

    Somehow they got really attached to me..

    Well, they are still kids after all..

    And it is exactly that reason..

    Why I can't free them yet..

    Yesterday, I was planning to free them after buying them..

    But soon after, I noticed that if I freed them now, they would only end up back at the "Slave Trader's Guild", live on the streets and alleys, starving everyday, or worse, run out of the city and get killed by demonic beasts..

    Since they were just kids, and added to that, elves, in a land filled with humans..

    I think they won't treat their race as kindly as the demi-humans..

    Since there was a war going on between them even until now..

    Now, I know this would just look like I'm feeding my ego, but still, Master always taught me that..

    When I start something, I better damn well finish it..

    So what I took from that in this situation is this..

    I should find a way to get them back home to the Elven Continent if an opportunity arises..

    And until then, I will take care of them and train them to get stronger until they don't need me anymore..

    Just like how Master trained me..

    Well, not exactly how he trained me, but you get the idea..

    Since I know that the guilt will eat away at me if I just irresponsibly threw them away..

    Well, you can call it self-satisfaction if you want..

    The point is, I want to help them..

    And they might help me, in regards to information about this world..

    I can't expect them to know much about it since they're kids but still..

    They were caught up in that war for a reason..

    Maybe I can get a clue about the hero this way, if I'm lucky..

    Oh man, did I just really think about luck right now..

    I think I might have just raised a flag right there..

    After we finished eating. I asked the two if they want to buy some equipment..

    And I know that they're still under-aged but I want to give them at least something to protect themselves with..
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    Part 2

    So we walked around the business district and found a blacksmith shop with the sign, "Gemini City Blacksmith"

    We entered and found an empty shop filled with swords, armor, plate mails. spears, bows, and staves..

    "Um, Is anyone here?"

    I shout towards the counter..

    Then suddenly, I hear a gruff voice..

    "Yeah, yeah, welcome to my workshop, the name's Rodrick, how can I help you?"

    A giant man came out from the back door of the counter..

    He seemed to be 2 or more meters tall, had bulging muscles, a brown beard dirtied with black ash, and narrow slit eyes with a satisfied expression, looking at me and the children..

    "Elves, huh?"

    He said that in a confirming tone, but I detected no malice from it or him..

    He seems to be a good person who doesn't judge people by their looks..

    "Ah, nice to meet you Rodrick-san, I'm Orion and this is Anna, and Lute.."

    I introduce myself and the children to the blacksmith..

    "Fumu, so, what are you looking for today, you seem like a swordsman yourself.."

    He can tell, as expected from one who makes weapons for a living..

    "Ah, no, I wanted these kids to pick out a new weapon for protection.."

    "Is that so, well, it's fine, it's been dangerous nowadays.."

    I'm glad he's understanding..

    I tell them to pick out whatever they want..

    It seemed to have taken a while, since Lute seemed to have tried every weapon in the store before choosing..

    What he picked out of all weapons was a strange weapon called a [Composite Bow], a bow shaped in an x-shape..

    When I asked Rodrick-san, he thought Lute was weird too, since that weapon was difficult to use because it is a combination of two different elemental bows, which are hard to use together or simultaneously..

    Rodrick-san called it useless, since it won't even sell..

    He said he got that from a travelling man with a hood, and the man sold it to him, saying it was a magical weapon..

    Turns out, he thought he was ripped off because you couldn't even use the bow properly when tested..

    But when he tried to find the man, he was gone..

    It was a strange story, but I still listened to it till the end..

    While Lute chose the bow, Anna seemed to have liked a long staff with various [Elemental Stones] embedded in it..

    It was taller than Anna but she looked like a genuine mage, so I approved of it..

    I found out that Rodrick-san makes custom weapons and armor, so I told him..

    "Rodrick-san, could you make me a custom-sword out of this.."

    I said to him with an absentminded expression while placing one [Mithril Ore] from my storage onto the counter..

    His eyes seem to have blown out of their sockets when he saw it..

    "Th-thi-this, is a [Mithril Ore] isn't it... Where did you get such a thing?"

    He stuttered while asking..

    I replied to him saying "I found it somewhere"

    I was met with cold eyes..

    Was that a wrong answer?

    "Well, it's fine if you don't want to tell me, but this can't be found normally around here, it's a legendary ore that we blacksmiths dream of handling, so please, let me make something out of it.."

    He bows to me with an earnest demeanor..

    How would he react if I told them that I had more of that and other legendary-class ore in my storage..


    Nope, let's not tell him after all, it could make him faint..

    "Okay, can you make me a sword out of it then?"

    "Oh, leave it to me, I'll make it to the best of my abilities!"

    He seems so pumped up, well I only asked for a sword since traveling around without a weapon would look weird..

    So I need it for appearances sake..

    Although I can't talk much about appearances..

    "Ah, well, how much will it cost?"

    "Ah, no, if you let me work with this precious ore, I will only sell it to you if I am proud of it, only then, will we talk about the price..Oh, and if I fail, I will reimburse you, so don't worry.."

    Eh, he has a chance of failing?

    Even though he's a professional blacksmith?

    Well, it's fine, it was just a whim after all..

    "Sure, now, let's pay for the weapons.."

    I payed for the children's weapons and leather breastplates and guards included..

    After we finished what we came here for, we left the blacksmith who said it would be ready in a week or so..

    "Well, now that you have weapons, we'll go to the adventurers' guild to take a quest!"


    They seem excited..

    After a few minutes, we made it to the guild..

    When we entered, there were various people moving in and out and talking to one another inside..

    There seemed to be something big going on, but I didn't want to get involved and moved to the request board..

    I picked out a quest catered for [Rank F] adventurers, [The Goblin Subjugation]..

    The details were that it was a repeatable quest, kill 3 [Goblins] and bring their ears as proof of subjugation..

    The rewards were 1 silver coin per goblin..

    It seemed reasonable, and it would be a good chance to hunt down the remains of the [Goblin Army]..

    It was a win-win situation, so I took it and went towards the counter..

    "Yo, Ella-san, what's going on? why do you look so nervous?"

    "Ah, Orion-san, you haven't heard? There are- oh, who are these children?"

    Ella-san seemed tense and she was about to tell me something but her eyes got stolen by the kids..

    They hid behind me when she looked at them..

    Stop drooling, Ella-san..

    The kids are afraid, you know?

    "Ah, Ella-san, this is Anna and Lute, my new companions.."

    "Is that so? Are you taking care of these kids? They seem so cute.."

    "Ah, yes I agree, but even if that was so, it is not relevant to my question, you were saying something?"

    I try to steer the conversation forward and Ella-san seemed to have snapped out of her delusion and started talking..

    "Yes, where was I, that's right, there was something troubling in the adventurer's reports.."

    "Troubling, how so?"

    I ask, slightly perplexed..

    "Well, according to some parties, they seemed to have seen a gathering of [Goblins] near the forests and grasslands.."


    "But when they started to subjugate them, they started multiplying exponentially, and soon outnumbered them.."

    I listen to it with slightly more interest than before..

    "They had to retreat since they saw that they were no match for the waves of [Goblins] and they reported it here.."

    "And what is the pressing problem about the multiplying of [Goblins]?"

    I still don't get the point..

    "Well, after that, numerous parties gathered together to subjugate them, but it ended in failure, since there were not just [Goblins], but many different variants as well, and the one who was leading them all into forming an army was a terrible foe, something that needs the imperial army to subjugate, a [Goblin King].."


    I stare blankly..

    As my interest left like the wind..

    "Why aren't you reacting, the army lead by a [Goblin King] is heading to town, you know? That's why were so busy right now, it's a troubling situation.."

    I see Ella-san pacing back and forth behind the counter trying to find a way out of her dilemma..

    Yosh, let's speak up..

    "Ah, you don't need to worry about that, Ella-san.."

    "Eh? Why shouldn't I be worried?"

    "Well, because.."

    I take out the [Goblin King]'s corpse with the head out of storage and onto the floor..

    "I already killed it.."


    Ella-san released a stupid voice looking at the gigantic figure of the [Goblin King]..

    After a few seconds, the whole guild gets silent and stares are all over me and the corpse..

    And finally, Ella-san speaks up..

    "You can use [Item Box] Orion-san? Wait, that's not the point! Is that really the [Goblin King]?"

    "Yes, you can check it to make sure, so please stop worrying.."

    "Ah-ah, impossible, a lone adventurer subjugating a [Goblin King] by himself is unheard of.."

    Oops, Ella-san seemed to be struggling with her emotions right now, so let's get out of here while we can..

    "Oh, and this, I want to take this quest, well then, I'm off! Let's go, Anna, Lute.."

    I say hastily as I place the request paper on the counter and grab the children's hands, leaving the stunned Ella-san and the other adventurers while walking a little faster than normal towards the exit..

    "See you later!"

    I say as I close the door from the outside and walk towards the gates with the children in tow..


    A few minutes later, a loud shout made in unison saying "Ehhhh?" in a surprised and baffled tone was heard throughout the city coming from the [Adventurers' Guild] that day, but the one who was the cause, was oblivious to this fact...
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    Chapter 25: Spirit Magic
    Part 1

    The sun's rays shine down upon the land..

    Under its light, the grasslands in the vicinity of "Gemini City", one of the cities in the Meteora Kingdom..

    In the southern area, a wide, lush forest filled with demonic beasts, the "Souzier Forest"..

    Heading in this direction were three figures..

    One black-clothed youth, with long white hair, a face with an eye-patch, covered by a hood, wearing a long, dark, leather coat, which would have made you think that it wasn't the right clothing to wear under this blistering heat, walking without a care, on the dirt road heading to the forest..

    The other, lagging behind, a blonde-haired girl, with pure white skin, long pointy ears, wearing a green robe with added frills, and features, and holding a staff adorned with gleaming gems and crystals, which was taller than her, in one hand. Her small stature and her delicate features would lead you to believe she was a child of the elf race..

    And finally, the energetic, little blond-haired boy with long ears, which would make you believe, that in the future, he would grow up to be one of the most handsome men on the planet, with a strange bow at his back, was leading the way, walking with a grin on his face, skipping from time to time..

    "Hurry up, Niichan, Ann-neechan!"

    Lute said with a tone of joy spiced with a tinge of excitement..

    "I got it, don't run too far off now, okay?"

    I said, in a scolding but carefree manner..

    "Wa-wait, for me, Onii, Lute..."

    I turn around and see the haggard Anna, clutching her new staff, the [Elemental Gem Staff] while she was slowly trying to walk faster, I guess we moved too fast for her? But I thought I was moving pretty slowly though..

    Ah, it seems the heat is getting to her..

    Yeah, the weather has been getting warmer each day..

    But Lute seemed totally unaffected, is it because of the bow?

    The composite bow Lute picked out from the Rodrick-san's shop was called the [Twin Gemini Bow] which, to my surprise, when I used my [Aura Eyes], it was said to be one of the 12 legendary weapons, "The Zodiac", and this weapon had the strange ability to use any of the ten elements, but with one restriction, the elements used can only be in opposition, meaning, if you want to use it, it had to be either; fire and water, earth and wind, ice and lightning, and finally, the light and darkness elements..

    He must be using the cool air from the ice element to keep his body cold, how else would a kid like him, keep walking with a happy demeanor in this godforsaken heat..

    I thought it was pretty lucky of Lute to get one of the legendary "Zodiac" for his first weapon..

    I wonder if his luck stat was really high..

    I struggled with myself on whether I should use [Aura Eyes] on them like a creep, or don't and protect their privacy..

    After much deliberation, I chose the latter, since I wouldn't want them to hate me..

    Well, it's only for now, but I can't guarantee anything in the future..

    Since Anna didn't have any energy left, I knelt down on the ground and said to her..

    "If you're tired of walking, I could carry you all the way there.."

    I say while showing my back and putting my hands behind me before her..

    "Au, i-is it really okay, Onii?"

    I get worried about her face suddenly turning red like a tomato, but I blamed it on the sun's rays..

    She slowly walks up to me and almost reluctantly gets onto my back and clings to my neck..

    Yosh, I put my hands on Anna's backside, she moves a little, but there were no problems..

    Yes, no problems at all, calm down me..

    She's a child, she's still a child, this is not right..

    I chant repeatedly inside my thoughts like it was a mantra..

    I will not succumb to the will of a certain cartoon bear back in the other world..

    After I got my mind in order, we continued walking to the forest..

    When we made it inside the forest entrance, I put down Anna from my back onto the ground gently..

    I saw that she was reluctant to part from me when I put her down but..

    No, I must have been imagining it..

    Then, I look towards the forest path and use my enhanced senses to check the surroundings..

    I try to expand it to 500 meters in front of me, in a semicircular arc range..

    I saw multiple responses but most were far from our location, and some were harmless..

    I try to look for the movements and breathing pattern of a [Goblin] among them..

    Ah, I got it. 200 meters east of here, 5 groups of [Goblins] seem to be wandering around that area..

    Each group consisted of 3-4 [Goblins] from a rough estimation according to my perception..

    "Okay, I spotted some of them over there, let's move, but be careful.."

    As we moved closer to the area, multiple beasts sensed us and started moving towards our direction..

    Now, I could have let them meet, but I decided that for their first battle, was to be against the [Goblins]..

    So, without letting the elf children notice, I used [Aura Sword Creation] in a 10 meter radius around me..

    And when one of them entered my range, an [Aura Sword] impales them from the back of their head..

    I learnt this kind of tactics from my battle with Master, I thought that if I couldn't use [Unlimited Aura Blades] normally, I could use a lesser version of it, by extending a field of aura around myself, the most I could create at one time, in this state, was only a measly number of twenty [Aura Swords] or ten [Nameless Aura Swords], by which the latter was stronger than the former, of course..

    I still have a lot to learn, if I'm ever going to fight the four heroes..

    After about thirty demonic beasts were killed, they finally learned their lesson and started to stay away from us..

    Animals usually trust their instincts after all..

    When we made it just outside the range of one of the [Goblin] troops, we hid behind the tall bushes and shrubs, and started our reconnaissance..

    We found out, that this group was composed of four [Goblins] and they wore rusty armor and held chipped weapons like daggers and knives, and they seemed to be patrolling the area or something..

    "Okay, we're hunting these guys for today's quest, so I want you guys to show me your skills, if anything goes wrong, I'll take care of it somehow, but I need you guys to take every precaution, okay?"

    I say in a reassuring voice, while speaking in hushed tones..

    "Okay, Niichan, ah, I want to go first!"

    The eager Lute almost shouted and gave away our position, but realized almost immediately, and softened his voice..

    "Sure, show me what you got, Lute.."

    After I said that, his face showed an eager smile, then he proceeded to draw his bow and said..

    "Azuel Ignis Ra Aqua Jouet"
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    Part 2

    I couldn't understand what he said, even with my divine skill, so I guessed it was a type of chanting skill, and not a language. After he said those words, particles of fire and water gathered together in forming two arrows protruding from the composite bow, directly aiming for the two targeted goblins..

    Lute pulled the arrows together with the string that seemed unbreakable, drawing them in a shooting stance..


    He breathed in, and exhaled a lot of air from his mouth, and then, released the bowstring..

    *Woosh* *Woosh*

    The arrows were freed into the air, and instead of moving in a straight line, it zipped through, cutting air, moving in two different opposite arcs, the one adorned with bright red flames, shooting upward, and the one rippling with liquid, moving downward, both going straight for their respective target's heads..

    *Spurt* *Spurt*

    It was only for a moment, but I caught every twist and turn the arrow made before landing straight into the two [Goblin]'s heads, with my enhanced senses, the [Goblins] could barely notice the silent but deadly strike, before it killed their two comrades and made their blood rain on the ground..

    Such terrifying archery skill..

    Yes, the bow was, without a doubt, one of the best weapons in the world, but I don't think it could have been used in such a way, a shot with pinpoint accuracy and precision and released without hesitation..

    It made me more and more interested about their origins, while it also made me shudder, thinking about when Lute grows up, his skill will be further refined and even stronger than this, with such untapped potential, he would have the chance to be one of the best archers, in the likes that no one has ever seen before..

    When I look at him after he shot it, he had a bright smile, unlike someone who has just killed two monsters in one blow..

    "I did it, Niichan, I used my new bow and shot my targets without them ever noticing where it came from!"

    He's so ecstatic, he's practically jumping up and down, so I reward him with a pat to his head, which he seemed to like..

    "Grawr" "Grrr"

    Oops, it seems the two other [Goblins] noticed our presences, and they turned hostile..

    I look towards Anna and say..

    "I guess it's your time to shine"

    She heard that, and did a fist pump with her tiny hands with a determined expression, then she held up her staff above her head with both hands facing towards the direction of the approaching danger, and said..

    "Fulgur Adium Adtonitus Georum"

    A magic circle spreads out of Anna's body and glows in a pale blue light..

    The magic gathers into the staff's tip and she pointed the staff forward..

    "[Spirit Bombardment]"

    With those words as the trigger, the staff released a lightning ray towards the [Goblins]..

    The bolt of plasma moved too fast to be detected by the naked eye, but I still saw it like it was going at a normal speed..

    I have my enhanced eyesight to thank for that..

    They didn't expect us to attack once more, so they were shocked to see that there was a pure white energy moving towards them, they tried to run, but since they were rattled by fear, and couldn't think clearly, they didn't move to the sides, instead, they ran backwards, which was a futile struggle, seeing as the lightning was faster than they could ever hope to be in their near-ending lifetime..


    The sound of an explosion resounded in the area and was heard, even where we were..

    The smell of burning flesh filled the air, I was worried that it would attract the others but it was for naught..

    "I did it, Onii!"

    She's so straightforward in the strangest times, that she is literally presenting the top of her head to me..

    So I put on a wry smile and did the same as when I did with Lute, she seemed satisfied, so I left it at that..

    After that, we went onward and subjugated the remaining [Goblin] troops, as we were doing this, I was slightly curious about their chants, so I asked them about it..

    It turned out to be a chant to summon the [Elemental Spirits] in the atmosphere by using magic power called [Spirit Magic], which they told me further, that it can only be used by the fairy race and the like..

    I was pretty envious of them being able to use the elements although they were younger than I was, but I let it go..

    But I noticed something that was bothering me since a while ago, the fact that the [Goblin] troops were surveying and patrolling areas in a kind of radial shape, meaning, they are circling something, and are protecting whatever is found in the center of this formation, I plan to find the cause of this later..

    When we were finished, we gathered the proof of subjugation, their ears, and I put them into my storage, a total of 18 [Goblin Ears] were the haul for today..

    We started to go back and made it to he forest entrance, but I needed to do something, so I made an excuse..

    "Ah, can you guys wait here? I've got to go pee.."

    When I said that..

    "Oh, sure, niichan, I'll protect Ann-neechan until you come back!"

    "Fue~ *Blush*"

    One said a reliable manly statement, while the other, turned red and looked away in a hurry..

    "Ah, I'll be right back.."

    I say as I secretly put up an [Aura Barrier] around the two while walking towards the forest..

    Once I was out of sight, I enhanced my limbs and dashed like a hurricane, the momentum of my speed couldn't be stopped and I navigated through the forest and zig-zagged through the branches and roots using my enhanced perception moving towards the area where I guessed the [Goblin]'s lair was..

    I mean, it was the only logical explanation considering the formation and their numbers..

    After a few seconds, I made it to a small, rocky cave..

    I enter quietly but it seemed there was some [Goblins] around the entrance, so they still noticed me..

    "It was as expected..(sigh)"

    I sigh outward as I release my stealthy demeanor and proceeded to enhance my muscles with aura..

    "Let's clean this up quickly.."

    I say in one moment, and the next, I was dashing into a horde of [Goblins]..

    It was over in a minute..

    They were about 200 [Goblins] in there, including the remnants of the army from earlier, but they were weakened so they couldn't even put up a fight before, multiple [Aura Swords] pierced their throats, decapitated their limbs, and made heads fly, over and over again..

    It couldn't even be called a warm-up..

    I got depressed since I needed a stronger opponent for me to prepare for the coming battles, even more so, now that I have companions to protect while I'm at it..

    "Oh right, I've got to get back soon"

    I remind myself of the more pressing issue while deliberating if I should take the ears from the corpses, but I concluded that it would take too much time, so I left them be, and sprinted back to where the elf children were..

    "I'm back!"

    "Oh, let's go home, niichan, I'm getting hungry!"

    "Sure, how about you, Anna, you getting famished?"

    "Ah, no-*Gurururururu*....*Blush*"

    I decided to just stay silent and smile towards the cute antics of Anna, and start walking home..

    They both follow after me with a spring in their step..

    "How did you like it, doing a quest?"

    I said towards the two humming happily..

    "It was fun, I got to shoot [Goblins] with my new bow!"

    Lute showed off his bow while waving it in front of me..

    "It was a good experience.."

    Anna says while turning her head towards the sunset..

    "Well, I'm glad you two enjoyed it, now, let's go eat at that restaurant when we get back!"

    "Yeah, are you going to cook again, niichan?"

    "*Nod* *Nod* *Stare*"

    An enthusiastic question from Lute while Anna nods vigorously hearing it..

    "Ah, I'm going to let you taste a new dish, this time, so look forward to it!"

    Their faces automatically brightened up and their stomachs responded in kind towards the prospect of food..

    As I laughed at them, they got embarrassed for a bit, but started to laugh with me, soon after..

    I look towards the orange sky and think..

    Today was an enjoyable day..

    A thought I never would have had back in the other world..

    I slightly reminisce while walking back to the city with my two elf companions..

    Little did I know, something was brewing in the near future..
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    Chapter 26: Raizel
    Part 1

    "Yo, Ella, were back!"

    I yell when I passed through the guild's entrance..

    "Ah, Orion-kun, Anna-chan, Lute, it's you guys! It's only been a few hours though? (sigh), I can't be surprised anymore.."

    Ella says with an exasperated facial expression..

    "Oh, should I place the [Orc] corpses here, or in the back?"

    I don't mind her defeated sigh, and divert the topic..

    "Ah, in the back, if you would, thanks as always.."

    "No problem, Anna and Lute have been getting better nowadays, you see?"

    I say while moving to the back of the guild, an area for monster materials..

    "Is that so, at first, I didn't know what you would do with these kids, but it seems now that they've grown stronger, hey. what exactly did you do to them to make them like this in such a short time?"

    I see the curious face of Ella asking about my training regimen, while I was taking out the [Orc] corpses from storage, but it isn't going to be that easy, you know..

    "It's a secret"

    Ah, her face soured..

    "Well, you will tell me one of these days, so nevermind that, here's your reward, five silver coins.."

    She recovered from her usual mood, and handed us a leather pouch in exchange for the proof of subjugation..

    "Ah, thanks, by the way, any new requests put up today?"

    "No, there aren't any new subjugation requests, ah, but there was that one.."

    That one?

    "Hmm, what is it, I'm thinking of taking one more today, since it's still early, and we can do it after lunch.."

    "Um, there was a new escorting request posted today, but the client wanted to interview anyone who wants to take up the job before they leave in three days.."

    An escorting request, huh, I haven't taken that one before, since it was rarely available since other adventurers would snag them at the earliest, maybe it was because I've been taking all the subjugation requests recently, and that it was only available to D-rank adventurers and above..

    Oh yeah, I got promoted to C-rank last week, so let's try to ask the prerequisites first..

    This was the current status shown on my guild card..​

    Guild Card
    Orion Fullbringer
    Level: 45
    Class: None
    First Job: Rank C Adventurer
    Second Job: None
    Completed Quests:
    [Goblin King Subjugation]
    [Goblin Subjugation]
    [Herb Collection]
    [Orc Subjugation]
    [Demon Wolves Subjugation]
    {Seal of the Adventurers' Guild}

    "Ella, is it a rank-specific request?"

    "Oh, this is a first, you're interested in an escorting request?"

    "Yeah, I kind of felt bad about always taking the subjugation requests, so this would be a nice change of pace.."

    "You realized that only now huh, well, it's fine, this request just needs an interview and the client doesn't care what rank you are, but I hear the interview was so strict, most adventurers got turned away soon after.."

    I guess they did jump at the chance early this morning huh, those sly dogs, but I wonder why they didn't get the job though, some of them are pretty experienced in escorting, according to my sources..

    To which I have none, except for my observations..

    Yeah, I haven't made any new friends after returning from my first quest..

    I'm guessing they were too scared to even talk to me..

    "Ah, I guess we'll try to take up that request then.."

    I say to Ella with a confident expression..

    "Always so optimistic, sure, here you go.."

    She passes me the request paper with details on how to get to the residence of someone named Gaziel..

    "Thank you as always, let's go you guys.."

    I look towards the two elf-kin who are both my companions and my first students..

    "Ah, let's go Onii.."

    "Another quest? I'm so excited, Shishou!"

    "Good luck with that you guys!"

    Ella says while waving her hands to us leaving the guild..

    Yes, I've gotten used to this daily routine..

    It has been about a month after we returned from the goblin subjugation, at that time, there was an uproar when we came back to turn in the request completion, mainly caused by the barrage of questions from Ella, on how I managed to beat a [Goblin King] single-handedly. It was troublesome to give away my true status, so I made up a lie, saying that I found it weakened from a fight with another battle, Ella wasn't happy, but the others seemed to be satisfied, so she reluctantly accepted it. .

    I was promoted to E-rank soon after, since I still managed to kill a [Goblin King] and completed the goblin subjugation, which, by the way, I only handed in the 10 ears, to save myself from trouble. Then, handed in the rest each day after that, all in all, made more money than a normal E-ranked adventurer, but I didn't know if I even wanted it or not, considering it wouldn't even make a difference compared to my overwhelming fortune. I'm so glad I had an [Aura Pocket] skill, because if I didn't, I would have had to look over my shoulder everyday, considering everyone passing me, a thief..

    What a hard life that would have been, since having too much money, would cause a lot of problems..

    In more ways than one..

    After establishing a routine of doing quests each day, I decided to train Anna and Lute in my free time, they were more than up to it, when I suggested it to them. So I made my own training regimen, incorporating Master's teachings and training methods I watched a few times from movies and the internet, back in Japan, starting from the basics, like building up stamina, training your muscles, and ways to move efficiently without any wasted movements to save energy. I was surprised at their fast learning growth, much like my own, except that this was my second life, so I was slightly depressed when I knew that I wasn't that strong at their age..

    After observing their movements, body control, and state of mind, I administered some corrections here and there, and we moved on to advanced techniques like using skills efficiently. For Anna, even though I can't use any magic myself, I knew the principles of the world, like the atomic structure and stuff, adding to that, the theories and knowledge of the magic structures and spells from Master's boring classes, I drilled into her everything I knew. As for Lute, I taught him how to use the bow and several archery forms from my world, since I studied various martial arts for fun after I got kicked out of judo, like taekwondo, archery and shooting air guns at the shooting range, but in the end, I was still asked to leave due to the same reason, no matter how much I tried. I started getting depressed thinking about it, so I stopped.

    The results were outstanding. Over these few weeks, Anna developed a more confident personality and no longer has to hide behind me when meeting strangers, but she still gets flustered when I talk to her sometimes, I still don't know why she does that, even until now. Meanwhile Lute, looked more mature each day, with his developing muscles, and child-like demeanor changing into a calm personality with enough confidence to back it up, of course, he still had that positive, bright attitude, a trademark for him. But ever since our training progressed, he stopped calling me "niichan" and started referring to me as "shishou". It was embarrassing, so I told him to stop, but he wouldn't budge on it..

    What a cheeky attitude for a brat, it's hard to imagine that they were running through the streets, wearing dirty rags, with despair on their faces and were considered prisoner slaves a month ago..

    Now, they look like bright, cheerful children with a bright future ahead of them..

    I was thinking that the time when I had to release them was coming closer each day..

    I felt bittersweet when I thought about saying goodbye to them, so I put it out of my head for now..

    What I was feeling right now though, was my stomach rumbling..

    "You guys hungry? Want to go get something to eat?"

    They both nod in response..

    "Well, since Jim's place is near, let's go there to eat this time.."

    "Shishou, will you make me your "karaage" fried chicken again?"

    Lute, with a bit of drool seeping out of his mouth, said that with hopeful eyes..

    "No, Onii will make that "Cheesecake" pastry again, I want to eat that today!"

    With stars in her eyes, Anna makes her suggestion..

    Geez, what selfish gluttons they are..

    "Yosh, why don't we have both today!"

    I say excitedly to the quarreling duo..


    They become all obedient when they get what they want, I guess this were their true colors after all..

    We move towards Jim's restaurant when we reached a decision..
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    Part 2

    Over the time period of one month, I occasionally dropped by Jim's restaurant to make new dishes and teach the staff various recipes from Earth, using the skills I learned from Master, while having "Cooking Showdowns" with Jim from time to time, where the judges changed each time, except for the strange masked person, who was always "coincidentally" there whenever we competed..

    Due to this, me and Jim got more acquainted with each other, and he started calling me with no honorifics and I started calling him, Jim. It was also during this time, I made cakes and pastries which Anna seemed to love, using the new ingredients sold here, including eggs, flour, and sugar, which I couldn't procure back then. I got the idea to share some of my creations with Ella, and to my surprise, when she tasted it, she ate it like she was possessed. After that, asking me where did I get it, how much was it, and the like. I told her the truth, and because of that, me and Ella got closer as a result, even though the relationship was built on ulterior motives, mostly from her side though..

    With Ella in the roster, that was a total of five people I've befriended in the new world, I pumped myself up, thinking that there was ninety-five more people left till my goal of a hundred friends..

    In the case of my friendship with Jim, he was really thankful to me for some reason, since he said that due to my dishes, his restaurant's popularity rose through the roof. While he said incomprehensible things such as, "If there is anything you want, just say it, and I will fulfill it" while bowing to me like I was someone important..

    I told him that it was fine though, since I only came by to try experimenting making new dishes, but he would not take rejection so lightly, he decided to always wait for my request, in hopes he will pay back even a little back to me..

    I think he was over-exaggerating though, but it was too cruel to step on his determination even further, so I let it be..

    After I made the dishes today, I noticed there was a long line of customers outside, so after we ate, I left halfway unnoticed, and left it all to the other chefs which, by the way, didn't die, since I took up the request to cure them. Turns out, the dreaded "Red Slime Disease" was actually just a fever mixed with the common cold..

    So I made them rest, while teaching Jim how to cure it with a cold compress, taking in lots of liquid, and cooked them a dish especially effective on common colds, the "rice porridge" with my own twist on it..

    They thanked me endlessly for it, since they said that this information would save many lives, but I didn't pay much attention to it, since it was just a common cold..

    When we slipped out, we started heading to the location using the details Ella gave me..

    I think about the various information and experiences I've accumulated inside this city..

    Yes, I wasn't just playing around, adding to my daily training, which I increase the load each time it gets easier, I was gathering information, about the war between the humans and elves, and the whereabouts of my family..

    Using the words "Fullbringer" and "Elf War" didn't bring in much results. All I got was vague information about casualties, captured slaves, the present situation, and the strife of the battlefield. No one seemed to know anything about the reason they went to war, or who is getting the advantage, or even an inkling to my family's whereabouts..

    Well, it's to be expected after all, it has been twelve years since I was missing, they probably thought that I died, and moved on by now, I would've left earlier if I could have, but it was impossible until now..

    The reason wasn't that I was doing my best training, I tried to escape once, but I only got lost and ended up back where I started, and killed a lot of demonic beasts while I was at it..

    I went back to the cabin depressed, and found Master waiting for me, surprisingly, he knew all along that I was trying to escape, but he wasn't worried since it was deemed impossible even for him, I got curious about his words, so I asked him to elaborate, and so, with a tired face, he told me the real reason..

    Turns out, in the past, he killed his best friend out of rage, because he did something unforgivable, he didn't know why he did it, but he knew it wasn't his choice. No, he chose to believe that, in the memory of his once, true pal and comrade. But after he became conscious again, there was an extremely powerful barrier surrounding the whole area including the forests and hills, he didn't know who did it at first, but he found out that it was inescapable soon after. Even after developing various magic and skills to break it, it was futile. All he could do was live out his days in solitude. He later found out that he was actually cursed after much absorption of knowledge from books left behind by his late wife..

    This curse was so terrible, that it only affected him, which he guessed, was activated when he killed his friend. The curse had two effects; First, anyone caught in this barrier, was forever imprisoned within until the curse was dispelled or the target dies while no one else can enter the barrier from the outside. and second, the target is not allowed to kill himself.

    Which he then, started to frantically research on how to break the curse, but to no avail. There wasn't enough material present, even after hundreds of years experimenting, it resulted in nil. By then, he was going mad, and tried provoking thousands of beasts, and making them kill him. But, he was too strong, very much so, that none of the beasts could even inflict a fatal wound on him, no matter how big the handicap, and even if they did, it would have healed just as quickly..

    So he gave up, seeing as there were no other options, till a few decades passed, he met me..

    I don't know how I managed to enter the barrier but I'm sure it was a good thing..

    I only know now, that Master was partly training me, for the sake of me ending his curse..

    It is a sad but at the same time, relieving story..
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    Part 3

    Oh, we made it to the residence. It looked like a two-story high house with white walls and glass windows...

    I thought for a bit that the client must be a noble or something..

    When we knocked, an old man wearing black attire that looked like a butler, ushered us in, and looked at the request..

    He then told us to wait in the reception room, so he could call his master. The reception room was kind of like the "Slave Trader's Guild"'s waiting room but with much more furniture. We sat on one of the couches, and it was so comfortable..

    After a few minutes, someone opened the door in front of us. What came out was a man that looked to be in his 20's with glasses, blue-silver streaks of hair, an elegant face, and was reading a book while walking up to the table dividing the couches, and a fiery red-haired man with a youthful aura exuding a calm expression, but I thought that he was just as handsome as the glasses-wearing man, but with a brighter glint in his eyes..

    The glasses-wearing man sat down in front of us and shuts his book close. He then put it down upon the table, while the butler served us tea while taking care not to disturb the discussion. I brought a cup to my mouth, and tasted the drink without caution. It was one of the best-tasting drinks that I ever had, that it broke me into a grin..

    Of course, I didn't voice out my opinion, but I think the opposite party noticed it. Then, let's introduce ourselves first..

    "Ah, Good day, I am Orion, a C-rank Adventurer, and this is my companions, Anna, and Lute, I'm here for the request interview, who might you be, sir?"

    I say in the best polite way I could think of, regarding introductions..

    To which the reaction shown was a slightly raised eyebrow, with eyes peering into me, like it was examining every secret I had to keep inside, and that look was filled with curiosity somehow..

    I get a chilling feeling at the back of my neck, somehow telling me there was something off, about this whole affair..

    But I couldn't find the reason, so I put it in the back of my head for now..

    "I see, I am one known as Gaziel, a merchant of sorts, I travel around the continent, trading goods with each city, and this, is my loyal bodyguard, Raizel, introduce yourself.."

    He looks towards the red-haired man, and he, in turn, starts speaking while looking at us..

    "Hello, I'm Raizel, I'm the guard of Gaziel-sama, and someone who loves to fight strong people!"

    He blurts out the last part like he was challenging someone, contrary to his calm, handsome(ikemen) looks, he had an awfully loud voice like a high-tension teen..

    "I see, nice to meet you both, now, how should we do the interview, are you going to ask me questions about my skills and my life, or something such as that?"

    *Laugh* *Chuckle*

    Gaziel-san, seems to have found something amusing and laughs while Raizel-san had a grin on his face..

    "Um, what is it? Did I say something wrong?"

    I ask to make sure..

    "*Giggle* No, no, I'm sorry, nothing of the sort, it's just that, I got amused by your strange perception of an interview.."


    "Then, what would you have me do then?"

    I try to get to the bottom of this..

    "Ah, it's quite simple actually, you see, I need an escort that can match my bodyguard here, in terms of skill, since I don't feel safe nowadays just having one guy to guard me, so I'm looking for someone to make me assured. In other words, all you have to do, is keep up with Raizel and you have the job.."

    Ah, I see, simple, fighting the ecstatic guy..


    "So, what you mean is, I have to fight Raizel-san?"

    "That's exactly what I was saying.."

    "But, won't he get hurt? I didn't think I'd have to injure someone to get an escort job, to be honest.."

    *Laughs harder*

    This time, Gaziel-san couldn't hold it anymore, and starts holding his stomach trying to suppress his loud laughter..

    And Raizel-san seemed to get more fired up..

    "Haha, you're strange aren't you, you aren't even affected by Raizel's presence, I see, that's the first time I saw someone get so confident in front of us, you, you're interesting, please, try fighting Raizel, and don't worry, he's not that weak, to be injured that easily, and even if someone was injured, I have healing potions, so it's fine to showcase your strength.."

    "Uh, sure, if you say that much then, I'm okay with it.."

    I got relieved at the prospect of not killing someone by accident..

    Yosh, let's hold back this time, I don't want to get fired before I even start..

    "Then it's settled, let's move to the back area, I'm expecting a lot from you, Orion-dono.."
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    Chapter 27: The Interview
    Part 1

    We moved towards a building at the back of Gaziel-san's manor..

    It was an inconspicuous building, except for the fact, that I can feel a barrier around the site..

    A very strong one, at that..

    When we reached the door, I could sense a faint trace of magic power from Gaziel-san's hands..

    What was strange, was the fact that he didn't do any chant at all..

    The strange feeling came back again, telling me something, what is it..

    "Alright, let's enter the training arena, Orion-dono?"

    Gaziel-san's voice snapped me out of my daydreaming..

    "Is something wrong?"

    He asks worriedly..

    "Ah, no, it's fine, it's nothing, let's go then.."

    I say to tell them it's fine not to worry..

    But, what was I thinking about again?

    Well, it must have been nothing of importance, since I forgot it that easily..

    We enter through the doorway, and find another door, with a lock on it..

    "Now, to get to the training area, we need to go underground, so that you guys can go all out without a problem, is that okay with you?"

    "It's no problem, please, by all means.."

    Talking politely is somewhat tiring..

    "Excellent, then, watch your step, the stairs might be slippery if you're not careful.."

    I take his precaution with a grain of salt, because I thought about how an underground stairway could become slippery, which yielded no results, so I thought it was just a gesture..

    How wrong was I to think that..

    In my eagerness, I walked faster down the stairwell..

    But then..


    "Huh? What? Ehhhhhhhhhh...."




    *Sound of bones breaking*



    I suddenly found myself tumbling around, going faster and faster, till I was this close to vomiting..

    The world went up-side down and right-side up, over and over again..

    I swear I heard my muscles tearing, and my bones breaking..

    But it hurt even more, since my [Regenerative Aura] activated midway, causing it to repair, then break, then repair again..

    It was hell, I automatically regretted my decision..

    What I meant was, how long were the stairs here!

    It lasted for about a few minutes before I reached the ground..

    Fortunately, I made it here faster than everyone else, so I got that going for me..

    Who am I kidding, I should have listened to Gaziel-san..

    I slowly stand up and stretch, dusting myself off..

    When I find, something stuck on my clothes, a jelly-like substance..

    It was then, that I heard footsteps from the stairs..

    They seem to have caught up..

    "Are you okay, Orion-dono!?"

    "Ah, it's fine, I didn't get hurt.."

    It's technically not a lie, since I've regenerated everything, but Gaziel-san still looks worried..

    "Huh? How are you even fine, I know this may sound strange, but this is about ten floors underground, you know?"


    "Is that so? I'm fine though, so don't worry about it.."

    I have sweat running down my spine, thinking that if I didn't have this strong body and strange power, I would have died then and there, and it would only be called natural, even though it was stupid to die, slipping on the stairs..

    Nevertheless, I use my best expression I've learned over the years in training with that overbearing Master of mine, the face I use in dire need, that's right, the [Poker Face]..

    I made a nonchalant expression, telling them not to pry any further, I'm begging you here..

    "(sigh) You really are strange, you know that?"

    That's rude, Gaziel-san, it hurts my feelings a little bit, calling me strange, well, I don't care much about things that already happened, after all, since I can't do anything about it, but those words still hurt, only a little, though..

    "Well, never mind that, let's get this over with already, what should I do?"

    "Ah, yes, you're right, first of all, let's move to the center of the arena.."

    He beckons to us, while moving to the direction of the arena..

    We follow soon after, and reach a wide 200-meter area, the floor was made of stone, that seemed harder than the ones above ground, and the arena was shaped in a giant circle, with marked lines at its sides..

    "Okay, now that we've arrived, let's begin, Orion-dono, Raizel, take your places on each side of the circle.."

    "Got it.."

    "Let's do this.."

    Me and Raizel-san confirm the instructions, and move towards the arena..

    "Now, for the rules of the match.."

    Gaziel-san gestures towards a weapon rack at the middle of the arena, which I didn't notice until now..

    "Each of you, must only use one weapon from this selection, I've purchased these, from my travels, and you can pick from any of them to fight with, next, no spells, since it would disrupt the battle flow, and I know that Orion-dono is not the mage-type, just like Raizel, so there are no problems, yes?"

    "Yes, it's fine.."


    I reply to Gaziel-san, while Raizel-san just nods, affirming the fact that he understood what he said..

    "Excellent, now for the final rule, the winner is determined, when the other is unable to fight, the weapons used are broken fully, that it will be rendered unusable, and if you get outside the 200-meter area of the circle, any questions?"

    "None, I understand."

    "Let's start already, I'm itching to fight, Gaziel! Ah.."

    Raizel-san seems to have called Gaziel-san without any honorifics by mistake, and he looked quite scared..

    While the other side, was Gaziel-san keeping a smiling demeanor, but was looking at Raizel-san like he was going to murder someone, and that that blunder was the last one he was going to make..

    So scary..

    "Ah, I'm sorry, Ma-..I mean, Gaziel-sama, please, forgive me.."

    He looked so apologetic..

    "Ah, it's fine, I'll just punish you later, after all.."

    The moment he heard that, his face went pale..

    I don't know how he will get punished, but my thoughts are with you, Raizel-san..

    "But you can worry about that later, for now, focus your attention on this fight, Raizel.."

    He seemed to have snapped out of his despair-like face, and turns to me..

    "Ah, that's right, let's give it our all, Orion!"


    I can only put on a wry smile in front of Raizel-san who turned back to his passionate self in a second, calling me over- familiarly, well, I don't mind, though, let's focus on how I'm going to do this..

    I look at the weapon rack, and there were various decorated weapons, as I was a humble guy, and the fact, that I didn't want to break any weapons, that looked like it costs a fortune, I picked the least flashy one, a long steel sword, without any frills and gems on the hilt, a normal sword, maybe used by a knight or a soldier..

    When I look to my left, Raizel-san is putting on gloves?

    No, those aren't gloves, they are what were called, as gauntlets..

    Bright, golden gauntlets, adorned with sharpened thorns, at the place where the knuckles are supposed to be..

    He was also putting on, shin guards, elbow guards, and other protective armor..

    Me, well, I just took the sword, since I'm already, technically, wearing armor..

    When we were done choosing our respective weapons, we took our respective positions at the center, and wait..

    "Well then, are you both ready?"

    *Nod* *Nod*

    Gaziel-san sees our affirmation, and signals the match to start..

    While I was simultaneously deciding how to end this quickly, but I decided to let my opponent show me his moves first, since I didn't fight anyone yet, since coming to a human settlement, so I wanted a demonstration, for future reference..

    "Now, begin!"
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    Part 2

    With those words said, we moved..

    But, I guess it was only me, that thought to let the opponent attack first, since when the fight started, Raizel-san automatically lunged at me, in a speed a regular human can't follow..

    Of course, I moved in the opposite direction from the start, moving back, for about 10 meters..

    The first one to attack was, of course, Raizel-san, he started by using his arms to punch towards my face, gathering the momentum of his sprint, I was surprised by his efficient use of his muscles and his knowledge of its capabilities..

    But the first one, did not connect with its target, nor did the second, third, fourth, and so on..

    Of course, I didn't just stand there, and take it head-on, I just dodged his straightforward punches, where I could read where he was going to hit next, easily, using the most minimal of movements needed, like moving my head to the side, or redirecting his blow with the sides of the blade, and twisting my body to avoid it..

    I noticed he was also surprised that I dodged his attacks effortlessly, but as expected of a professional fighter, he didn't let it get to him, and continued punching, but now, using another style of hitting, which was feints..

    I almost fell for it, the way he changed his straightforward blows, and turned it into something he could use against me, when I believed he was going for my arm, he really aimed for my abdomen, and because I was following his line of sight, I almost let him trick me into defending the wrong place, but as expected, my reflexes kicked in, which were forged completely by Master and his cruel training..

    But I was still surprised on how he changed his fighting style, right after concluding that his last one, would not work, so quickly, mind you, in his case, he used his disadvantage, and turned it into an advantage, it made me wonder if all humans were this adaptable to circumstances, or Raizel-san was just this good at fighting..

    Still, it's going to take more than that, to beat me, even in my sealed state..

    To be honest, in my eyes, he was slow, well, I was using my enhanced senses, but still, I could read his next move before he even thought about it, at first glance, his movements looked really fast, and well trained, and his muscles looked like it was giving its utmost in fighting, but, I could sense something was off..

    It was the way his body moves sometimes, like when he finishes a move, and I predict the next most efficient move he will take, and take measures in order to block it, he does the opposite instead, it's like he was not taking me seriously, or just, deliberately letting himself, be two steps behind me..

    Nah, I'm just imagining it, there should be no way he would handicap himself, if he was this excited about fighting..

    I put the strange thought out of my head, and get back into battle, since he is starting to try out new techniques..

    When I look at him, he's not only using punches, feints and sidesteps..

    He is now incorporating kicks into the equation..

    Knee kicks, roundhouse kicks, low kicks, kicks to my sides, and high-jump kicks..

    It was getting slightly harder to dodge, so I had decided to block some of them with my sword, redirecting the flow of the force of the blow, elsewhere..

    When he saw that, he released a grin, saying as if, "I'm starting to get how to beat you!" or something like that..

    But, I think this has gone long enough, I think I got what I needed for now, and this will satisfy Gaziel-san..

    Humans are about this strong, so I put Raizel-san as a benchmark from now on..

    Now, I feel bad for Raizel-san, who is happily throwing blows here and there towards me, without even one hit making it through, but I have to end it now, I guess 30% of my current power should do it?

    I think conceitedly, but I swear, I am humble..

    No, I only thought this overconfident estimation, because I experienced his strength firsthand, in no way am I underestimating him, I just realized that I was stronger than most people, that was all!

    (sigh) Who am I even making excuses to..

    Well, let's not mind it, and finish this..

    I enhanced my legs with aura and tighten my muscles with it, making my feet lighter..

    I guess you could call me, light on my feet? *chuckle* no? well okay..

    While Raizel-san was enjoying himself, I move back a little, which made him surprised..

    Then, I moved in an arc, appearing behind him, which made him confused..

    But he then noticed me after he sensed my presence from his back..

    But it's too late for that, I already started getting into stance and..

    *BOOOOOM* *Crash* *Crack* *Crumble*


    I let one foot balance my stature, and gathered power into the other, and then moved it towards Raizel-san's abdomen while he was turning around, simultaneously piercing the sword into his foot, to keep him in place..

    It was one of the techniques I learned back when I was studying the art of "taekwondo", the "dollyo-chagi" or some might call it, a regular roundhouse kick with a 45 degree angle..

    But it seems, I might have overdone it..

    Well, due to the way Raizel-san flew towards the wall at the side, and broke part of it, which now has cracks, I guess piercing the sword on his foot, was pretty much useless..

    Does he have low defensive power?

    I thought idly escaping from the reality that I might have just killed a person..

    I look towards the others and saw that Gaziel-san was dumbfounded, and my two disciples were elated..

    Saying things like; "Impossible", "Good job, Onii!", and "I knew you could do it, Shishou!"..

    Were the various reactions..

    (sigh) This is troubling..


    A few minutes later, were back in the manor, and I am now sitting face to face with the wry-smiling Gaziel-shi..

    I decided to call him with -shi, in light of recent events..

    "Well, am I in trouble?"

    When he heard me speak, Gaziel-shi hurriedly snaps out of his thinking..

    "Ah, no, it was a great spectacle to watch, but I would've preferred you to go easy on him, if you were actually that strong from the start, even though, I said to go all out, anyway, you have passed the interview with flying colors!"

    I can't possibly tell him that I went easy on Raizel-san now..

    Yosh, let's keep quiet about it!

    "Ah, thank you so much, but how is Raizel-san doing right now?"

    "Him? He is currently recovering from the fight, being healed by magic by my subordinates, so do not worry about it, in fact, I am sorry he couldn't even give you much of a fight at all.."

    He looks mortified when he said it, was it really that big of a deal?

    But I'm glad he didn't "accidentally" kick the bucket, because I didn't control my strength right, I would've really felt bad..

    "No, no, it's fine, after all, Raizel-san was pretty strong!"

    "I see, thank you for your words, well then, on to business, you are hired, and we shall discuss the rewards after, but expect it to be bigger than usual escort requests, so look forward to it.."

    "Is that so.."

    I could only say that in light of the fact that I didn't care much about the rewards, since I had no problem with money right now, and the only reason I took this request, was that I felt bad for taking all the subjugation requests..

    But I couldn't say that out loud, so I let him continue..

    "Now, were scheduled to leave in three days, and our destination is the city of "Capricorn", we are going there, so I can trade my goods and purchase from them, in turn, so you best get ready for the trip and bring supplies, since it will be a week-long travel by carriage.."

    "I understand, we will come here three days later.."

    "Ah, no, we will meet at the eastern gate, since it would be faster.."

    "Okay, see you then, Gaziel-shi!"

    I say as we walk outside the manor, walking towards the direction of the guild..

    "Ah, looking forward to your service, Orion-dono....."

    I could hear a slight change in Gaziel-shi's tone of voice at the very end, but, I concluded that it was just my ears playing tricks on me again..

    I looked towards the setting sun in the west, while thinking that..

    It's going to be dark soon, eh..

    Since it was almost nighttime, I asked the two what they would like to eat for dinner..

    I always look forward to seeing their smiles after I tell them that I'm going to cook this time..

    A pleasant breeze blows through my hair, while I was talking with my disciples about food..

    With a smile on my face, I walk together with them towards the "Adventurers' Guild"..
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    Chapter 28: Escort
    Part 1

    At the break of dawn, I was feeling the cold night air slowly turn into a warmer, early morning breeze..

    While I was walking back to the city of Gemini, right after finishing my morning training, just like usual..

    But, the thing that was different now, is that, I was not alone this time..

    At my sides, are my two precious disciples, and my only companions..

    Recently, they have started to come with me, when I train my body..

    Even though I wake up earlier than them, they did their best to get out of bed, the same time as I did..

    I naturally couldn't refuse such a strong desire to become stronger, and hone your body..

    So, I let them come with me to the outskirts of the city..

    At first, they were shocked, at what I normally did, training my body, since they haven't even heard of it before..

    As a result, instead of getting refreshed, they were dead tired after imitating my way of training..

    I can't help it, my body somehow develops under more harsh pressure, which is not my fault, of course..

    It was because of my late Master's training, that even though I was not a masochist, my body only gets stronger, the further I pressure my muscles, my mind, and myself..

    I suggested they started with the basics, but they readily refused me, saying that they want to reach where I am, and become even stronger, and taking the easy way out, isn't going to make it a reality..

    Such precocious brats, saying that they will surpass me that quickly, I won't lose, you know?

    But it warms my heart to see them try their hardest..

    Even now, they are somehow, walking by themselves, with me, back to the city..

    Last time, they asked to be carried back, since they couldn't even stand upright..

    Such frightening kids, makes you wonder how they even got captured with their tenacity..

    As we were walking back to town, talking about things like breakfast and such, I decide what were going to do today..

    It has now been three days after I passed that ridiculous interview..

    Gaziel-shi said that we were leaving in the afternoon, so I needed to say my greetings to the acquaintances I've made..

    Even though they weren't a lot, I still wanted to let them know, I was leaving..

    Since we already bought the necessary provisions for the trip, I went to say goodbye for now, to Jim and the rest..

    We ate at their restaurant, although it was early morning, I could see people lining up outside..

    Just goes to show how popular the new recipes are, combined with Jim and the staff's cooking ability, I'd say it was natural, but I was lead into the restaurant first, as usual, I felt bad for the other customers, but they told me that it was fine, since I was considered like a VIP, here in his restaurant..

    I know they're over exaggerating, but still..

    After we ate, I told Jim and the rest about our trip to "Capricorn City", and we'd leave for a while..

    They had faces that were sad to see me go, but I assured them, that we would be back soon..

    When we said our goodbyes, Jim stopped me for a second, and took out something from an old chest he brought out..

    When I checked with [Aura Eyes], it said that it was a [Gemini Key], but Jim said that it was a mysterious key, that has been passed around his noble family for generations, but no one knew what it opened, or what it was..

    While being surprised that Jim was actually a former noble, I thanked him for the key and went out of the restaurant..

    Next, we went to my blacksmith friend, Rodrick..

    Over these few weeks, I had asked Rodrick to make something out of my [Mithril Ore], a week after, he made a thin, long sword, and gave it to me, it was a beautiful slender, but sturdy sword, capable of taking 10% of my aggregate magic power at most, so I named it [Yin], he was happy about me being pleased of his work, which made me think that he was a good guy, so what I did was, gave him 5 [Mithril Ores] as a sign of our friendship..

    He was really thrilled looking at it, and kept asking me, was it fine to take it, so in order to shut him up, I gave him one [Orichalcum Ore], and his eyes nearly popped out, it was really funny to see, but he got even more noisy, so let's omit it..

    When we entered, Rodrick wasn't at the counter, but in his workshop, surprisingly had bags under his eyes, leading me to think, that he hasn't slept a wink since I gave him the ores..

    I called out to him a couple of times, since he was so focused on his work, and finally got his attention..

    After that, I made him breakfast for the first time, which he was reluctant to eat at first, but after taking one bite, he started to cry, me and the duo, laughed at him, seeing a grown man, crying..

    He told me all about his creations, such as swords, maces, axes, armor, and shields over breakfast..

    The elf duo wasn't interested in it much, but they still listened to Rodrick's rambling like polite children..

    When we told him about our trip, he wished us luck and gone home with the leftovers, saying he was going to share them with his family..

    Huh, he did have a wife and kids, after all..

    Before going to the gate, there was one last person we needed to inform, even though she already knows about it..

    Ella, the guild's receptionist, and our close friend..

    When we entered the guild, the atmosphere wasn't as hostile and ignorant like the first time I entered here to register..

    But now, it was a merry group of adventurers, without an ounce of tension...

    I made a few acquaintances here and there, but not to the level that I would go out of my way to visit them..

    As we passed by, some adventurers recognized us, and said hello while walking by, and waving their hands..

    I guess they finally acknowledged me, even though they still called us, "The Weird White-Haired Kid and His Elf Party"..

    But it's fine, they don't mean anything bad by it..

    We went up to Ella, and greeted her with some small talk..

    Then, I went to the main point about the trip, she reacted slightly strange, like she was worried about it..

    She said something was strange about the request this time, saying that, the path to "Capricorn City" was actually, really safe, one of the safest among the country's roadways..

    When I listened to her, I thought she had a point, but I didn't speculate that far, so I told her, that maybe I was just an extra precaution against a "what if" factor, while traveling..

    She reluctantly agreed to my idea, saying that it was kind of weird to worry about it this much..

    I comforted her saying, it's not that strange, and said our goodbyes..

    She waved us goodbye shouting "Come back soon, okay!" while waving her hand, having a big smile on her face..

    I replied "Ah, we'll be going then!" and walked out of the guild..

    We went back to the inn, and said that we were leaving for a week, and we were going to vacate our room today..

    But suddenly, when we informed them of that, the innkeeper said that since we were long-time guests, she said that she will try to reserve the room until we come back as long as she can, allowing the circumstances..

    With a bright smile on my face, I thanked her for such consideration..

    What great service this inn provides, I will definitely come back to this place..

    I looked outside the windows when we were finished packing our stuff in my [Aura Pocket] and went downstairs..

    It was already noon, so we ate our lunch at the first floor, and handed the room key to the innkeeper..

    She said goodbye to me and the kids, and we left in the direction of the east gate..

    A few minutes later, we arrived at the eastern gate of "Gemini City" and found a carriage with Raizel-san standing outside, and I saw Gaziel-shi, reading a book inside of it..

    We walked up to it, and said our greetings to them, saying were sorry for being late..

    "Ah, no, no, you aren't late, it's just that we came here early, to load up the carriage.."

    Gaziel-shi says in an apologetic tone..

    "More importantly, I wanted to know how you got that much strength, Orion!"

    Geh, he's calling me like I was his long time buddy now, well, I'm just glad he's healthy enough to speak like that..

    "Your guess is as good as mine(Saa~na)..."

    I answer noncommittally to Raizel-san's question..

    He was pretty depressed about it for a bit, but instantly recovered after he heard Gaziel-shi's voice saying..

    "Well, now that the carriage is fully loaded, shall we depart?"


    "Yes, a new adventure!" "Time to go see the outside"

    "Ah, sure.."

    Our various replies were as one, saying that we agreed to start our travel..

    Though I couldn't handle the high-tension of both the kids, and Raizel-san..

    Please, go easy on me..
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    Part 2

    Me and Raizel-san rode two horses for travel and moved to each side of the carriage, while Lute and Anna were made to ride inside, since they were kids, but they started talking about riding a horse and such, so I told them that I'd be teaching them how to ride one in the future..

    Hmm? How did I even know how to ride a horse in the first place?

    Well, that is an excellent question..

    Back then, when I was in middle school, I remember in my second year, when I noticed people started to ignore me, and never talked to me, further increasing in harshness, until they started to run away at the sight of me..

    So I had a lot of free time, having no friends, and with no one letting me join their clubs..

    Anyway, during my free time, I'd usually go to different outdoor activities, such as sports centers, martial arts, going to anime and music stores, buying games, watching movies by myself, you know, things, lonely people do..

    When I found a class teaching horse-riding, I automatically joined it, since I was free..

    I learned how to ride like a professional really quickly, in the span of a week, so I kept coming back to ride horses during my free time, but then, for some reason, the class got cancelled, saying something like, there were dangerous people and unsavory individuals coming to this class, and it got banned from the recreational center..

    I would've preferred if they didn't include the class for being bad, and just directly accused me, but I couldn't change anything then, so I begrudgingly accepted reality and move on to other things..

    Anyway, as we were traveled, we didn't encounter any bandits or the template monster attack for the whole day..

    When night fell, we set up camp by moving the carriage to the side of the road, and making a campfire, and then, we put up tents, while we were doing that, I instructed the two to ready my cooking set and the like..

    When I started preparing for the meal, I noticed that both Gaziel-shi and Raizel-san were eating dried meat that was preserved using pepper and large amounts of salt..

    As expected of the rich, to be using that much salt, but still, their faces were telling me, that it had no taste..

    So naturally, like the guy that I am, I called out to them, saying that I can give them a share of the meal, since we aren't going to finish it all, anyway..

    They were curious about it, so they agreed to partake in the meal I was cooking..

    Tonight, I was cooking a seafood meal, fish fillets, improvised by me..

    I used varying spices to get rid of the fishy smell, and brought out the enhanced texture and flavor of the natural fish..

    And made some fish soup stock, simultaneously..

    After, I seasoned them lightly with sauce, and I served them to the four drooling personas..

    Their first impressions were that it wasn't like anything that they've ever seen before, so they naturally ate till their stomachs were full, and their bellies were shaped like balloons..

    Even though it was a light dish, they still ate the entire stock..

    Well, I was happy though, after that, we took turns being the night watch, and slept..

    The next few days were uneventful, except for the few stops along the way, like feeding and re-hydrating the horses..

    It was expected in this heat, no matter how much the horses' stamina was..

    So we continued on, until we met it..

    We heard loud sounds from the forest when we passed by, and it was getting louder..

    So Gaziel-shi decided that it must have been a monster, and we had a better chance taking care of it now, than running away from it, which was an uncertain bet to take..

    After a while, the trees shook, and what came out was..

    A giant..

    A huge, human like creature with bulging muscles, a bald head, hairy arms and legs, and two large horns on his head..

    It was wearing a giant piece of dirty cloth to cover his body, but not by much..

    And it was carrying a gigantic piece of wood on its shoulders, formed like a club-shaped weapon..

    Naturally, it was the first time seeing such a creature, but I was strangely perplexed on how it got here, from the knowledge I got from Ella, it seemed the monster was called a "Fomorian"..

    A legendary creature that only appears in the south, where the demons lived..

    They say they have a tribe there, living in secret..

    But, how did one, even get here, all the way north, was the world round, just like it was back on Earth?

    Oops, not the time to be thinking that right now, it seemed to have noticed us..

    As me, Raizel-san, Anna, and Lute, got ready for battle, the giant just held the club over his head, aiming at us..

    The two released their techniques, and it slightly did some damage, since the giant hesitated for a second in swinging..

    While they were bombarding the giant, Raizel-san took the opportunity to leap onto the giant's arm, and started running upwards to his neck, which was pretty smart, until..

    He got a hit in, using his gauntlets, but it didn't even scratch the behemoth..

    So he hit it again, and again, until the "Fomorian" got tired of his hits, and flicked him with his hand, blowing back his body into the carriage, which broke, by the way, if it wasn't that obvious..

    I feel sorry for Raizel-san, who's always getting flicked away, but since the giant was distracted, I thanked him in my thoughts, hoping he didn't get too injured, and decided that I couldn't let a chance like this go..

    So, I did the same thing as Raizel-san, but this time, I jumped instead of running to his neck,,

    I jumped from different parts of its body until I reached his head, and then, while he was trying to slap my nonexistent persona, since I was moving too quickly, I quickly unsheathed [Yin] from it's sheath and swung down, using about 50% of my strength at the moment..





    After I did that, I was surprised that I cut through the giant's body right through the middle, like it was made out of butter, all the way from the top his head, unto the ground..

    The result was, the two parts of the newly sliced body fell onto opposite sides, without even knowing how to react..

    And a giant cloud of dust was formed..

    After the dust settled, you could see the aftermath..

    A broken carriage with debris and splinters scattered here and there, Gaziel-shi standing next to it, helping up the fallen Raizel-san, the elf-duo celebrating the win, and me, standing in a giant crater, right between the two pieces of the huge monster, and it's spilled organs and blood..

    Naturally, I used [Cleanse Aura] to clean the stains and grime off of me..

    It's a really convenient skill I learned back when I was hunting monsters in the forest..

    After I was done, I absorbed the aura, and the corpse of the beast into my storage, and I then walked up to my traveling companions, deciding what to do next..


    After the incident, we decided that since, the carriage was broken in the battle, we should go back to "Gemini City" to get a new one, since it was closer than "Capricorn City"..

    I wished for a skill to automatically fix the broken carriage, or that I could have learned basic carpentry, but alas, I had no knowledge of it, and I sure as hell didn't know where to start fixing such a mess..

    So we gave up on the trip for now, and headed back, using the four horses..

    The two that me and Raizel-san, who was apparently fine, were already riding..

    And the two horses that were from the carriage..

    As the elf-duo didn't know how to ride it, along the way, I taught them, one by one, starting from the most eager, Lute..

    While Anna was sitting at my back, hugging my backside, I taught Lute how to ride a horse on the way home..

    It was just the basics, though..

    When it was Anna's turn, I told her to let go of my back, which she reluctantly agreed to, but was sulky about it..

    After they all learned the basics, I let them take turns riding the horse, but for some reason, mostly Lute was the one who was riding alone, since Anna said she preferred riding with me..

    Which was cute..

    The trip back lasted less days than when we started to leave, which I though was strange, but I didn't dare to look a gift horse in the mouth, so I was just thankful for the minor blessing..

    After we arrived at the outskirts of town, Gaziel-shi suddenly stopped us, and said that the horses needed to rest, and I had somewhat trusted their decisions these past few days, so I listened to their suggestion that we should inform the guild of our predicament first before anything else..

    Just when I was about to leave, Gaziel-shi stopped me, by saying that the kids would be faster, and that I should help feed the horses, I was perplexed about what he said, but since it was just feeding the horses, I didn't delve much into it..

    How I regretted my naivety that time..

    After I told them what Gaziel-shi said, they were sad for a bit, separating from me, but I assured them that it was only for a while, and we'll have some of their favorite dishes when they were done..

    At those words, their faces brightened and wanted to quickly go..

    But not before saying goodbye for now..

    "See you then, Onii!"

    "See you later, Shishou!"

    They yelled as they waved goodbye while dashing into the distance..

    I wait for a while, using my enhanced eyesight watching them enter the city safely..

    I know it was overprotective of me, but hey, they were one of my precious people..

    I couldn't let anything bad happen to them, so I had to watch over them, even now, and until the future..
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    Part 3

    While I was thinking that, I turned around to help the two with the horses..

    "So, let's sta-"





    I didn't notice it..

    I couldn't notice it..

    I was too busy thinking about the elf-duo..

    I could only look down to find..

    A big, gleaming red and black sword releasing a sinister presence being pierced into my body..

    Entering through my front, and coming out from my backside, the blood flows to the ground when it was twisted..

    And the one in front of me was..

    "Why, Raizel-san...."

    I could only squeeze out those words in response to the man in front of me who seemed like a different person..

    His playful red-eyes, and red-hair, were nowhere to be found..

    Only to be replaced by the blood-red color of sleek, long hair, with two black horns growing at the center, and merciless eyes looking straight into mine..

    "Sorry about this, Orion..."

    He says with anger in his tone..

    "But, you're going to be a hindrance to our Master's plans.."

    Master? They are serving someone?

    Never mind that, I have to get this sword out of my chest, but strangely, I can't muster any strength..

    Just as I was gathering my strength into my hands, holding the sword, a deep voice resounded..

    "[Curse Activate]"

    The sword suddenly broke and was replaced by seven different colored chains..

    It tied up my body from the inside, binding my arms, legs, neck, and abdomen..

    All connected to seven different magic circles floating in the air..

    I couldn't move a muscle, much less break free..

    I try to release my limiter but..

    "It's useless, Orion-dono, that is the greatest seal our Master made for dangerous situations, the [Sin Seal], there is no possible way for you to muster any strength, and even an ounce of magic power when you're trapped in this seal.."

    The owner of that deep and solemn voice was someone holding a big book, that was entitled [Grimoire] when I read it using my comprehension skill, the man with a cheerful but serious disposition, disappeared like it was a lie..

    And who was there now, was a blue-green colored with a trace of silver hair at the bangs, a pure white face, with a dark tattoo running down from his left eye, two black horns growing out of his head, and eyes that seemed like they were looking at an insect, eyes that wouldn't hesitate to kill, but filled with intelligence..

    "What, what are you talking about, Gaziel-shi, Raziel-san!"

    I manage to muster out a yell in desperation, but Gaziel-shi seemed to have found it funny..

    "Still so innocent, I see, can't you see that we're not who you think we are?"

    Huh? Then who are they?

    "I guess it's time for us to introduce ourselves, I am Mastema de Gaziel, Archdevil of Knowledge.."

    He then gestures to Raizel-san at his side..

    "My name is Mephistopheles von Raizel, the Archdevil of Combat.."

    "Yes, and since you're about to die anyway, along with the people of this city, I might as well tell you, that we are two of the "Four Archdevils of Disaster" serving our Master, the Demon God, Polaris-sama, and we came here to purge human civilization to further entice the upcoming war.."

    Archdevils? Demon God? Wait, there's something else important mixed there..

    "What did you say? People of the city?"

    "*Chuckle* You are an interesting human, the only thing you head was that, not even caring about your own well-being, but yes, we came here to destroy human cities, and the first one was supposed to be "Capricorn City", but you all changed that, by destroying the "Fomorian" we recovered from the "Demon Continent", didn't you?"

    Were they the reason for the attack? No, never mind that, what was pressing was about the part about the city..

    I got to do something before it's too late..

    "Ah, you still have hope in your eyes, but sadly, it's too late for that, we've already finished preparations.."

    What, how, when, where, I have to stop them...

    But each time I try to release my limiter, my strength gets sucked out, like I was in a juicer..

    Was it wrong to trust these guys fully? Was it even wrong to trust humans in general?

    Not like, they ever cared for me..

    No, there were, good people, Jim, Rodrick, Ella, and the other adventurers, I've got to save them..

    As I try harder to bring out my power..

    "Oh, not so fast.."




    "That's payback for last time, really, I don't like to fight when my opponent is like this, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but just know, I'm not doing this because I hate you, Orion. It's just that if a dangerous element such as you would interfere with our plans, it would end badly, i hope you would understand.."

    "Oh, it's time, turn him around Mephisto, let him take in this moment.."

    As Mephistopheles heard that, he then kicked me towards the direction of the city, rolling me over to see..

    A giant magic circle floating above the entirety of the city..

    Oh no, I've got, to, break, free..

    I struggle my hardest, thinking at rapid speeds, but the result was...

    "I told you already, it's too late.."

    He starts to gather magic power into his right arm while holding his [Grimiore}..

    And then..

    "[Demonic Destruction]"

    He finishes the chant, and a giant dark ray fills the sky..

    And shoots its sinister light onto the city..

    It lasted a few minutes while I was struggling for my life, with tears flowing out of my eyes..

    I couldn't stop it..

    No, I chose not to stop it..

    It's because of me, that now, they're all gone..

    Jim, Rodrick, Ella, all the people in the city..

    And my two precious comrades, Lute, and Anna..

    I didn't want to believe it..

    I regretted the fact that I easily trusted people, people I didn't even know..

    Thinking that every person would be at least decent, and even if they weren't, I could have stopped them with force..

    But I was conceited, and naive..

    I realize that now..

    It's like I was living in a game..

    Like everything was meant to happen..

    Should I just lay down here and take this?

    Should I just accept reality, even though this is my fate..

    I drown in the despair of my own thoughts..

    When in the darkness, I heard footsteps..

    Footsteps coming towards my direction..

    Who is it now?

    Is it someone to put me in more despair?

    I couldn't take any much more than this right now..

    When the footsteps stopped, I got curious and looked up..

    Who I saw was..


    Not the silver-haired me, but my 12-year old self from Earth..

    A black-haired boy with deep darkness in his eyes..

    I couldn't remember much about myself or my past, but why was he here now?

    "What, why are you here?"

    I timidly asked the little boy staring at me..

    "I guess this is where it ends, huh, Jun.."

    "How, how do you know my name?"

    "Isn't it obvious? I am you, I'm the original personality that personally experienced despair, your other side.."

    "My, other side?"

    "Yes, ever since that incident, I became like this, despairing the world, but I knew I couldn't live like that, so I created you."

    "Created, me.."

    I try to think about those words..

    "No need to think too much about it, I just wanted to make someone who can live carefree, going with the flow, and without my memories of the past, including the incident, so I created another personality.."


    I couldn't understand what he was trying to say and answered with silence..

    "Well, it's a lot to take in, so take all the time that you need, for the meantime, I'll take over for a while.."

    He says as he patted my shoulder..

    "Tag out, Jun.."

    I hazily remember someone saying that to me in my childhood days..

    Then I was suddenly enveloped by light, and my consciousness disappeared..

    "Guess it's time, huh, for me, I refuse to accept to give in to despair, this time.."

    I say, as I was walking through the endless darkness..

    "Let's go have some fun!"




    "Huh? Why is he not moving?"

    "Beats me, maybe he fainted?"

    "Well, no matter, since he's sealed, he can't move anyway, Mephisto, kill him now.."

    "....Ah, sure.."

    As Mephistopheles moved towards the white-haired boy..



    He got blown away into a nearby tree..

    As I was dumbfounded by the spectacle, I turn to see the boy, standing up nonchalantly, breaking the seals one by one..

    *Break* *Break*

    "Ah, it's good to be back, it's been a long time.."

    He says as he stretched his neck and arms like it was normal..

    This boy, his presence changed..

    And most of all, he broke the most powerful seal, our Master made like it was just some string..


    I couldn't process anything right now, even though I was known as the number one genius in the [Demon Clan]..

    I couldn't see through the true nature of the white-haired boy who had now a purple shade of hair at the center, with emotionless eyes, which looked straight at Mephistopheles, then straight at me..

    I suddenly felt a chill down my spine when his gaze matched mine..

    Who is this boy?

    "Well, you're my enemy huh? You look weaker than expected, anyway.."

    His next words were filled with both dread and excitement..

    "Let's have some fun!"
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    Chapter 29: The Strongest
    Part 1

    -Mastema's POV-

    Archdevils, a race, even stronger than all demons..

    Created only to be a symbol of being at the epitome of strength..

    Right next to the Demon Lord, and Demon God themselves..

    An existence no man must ever anger..

    I, one of the four pinnacles of power on the "Demon Continent"

    Made by the hands of our Master, the Demon God, Polaris..

    Given extraordinary gifts, and immeasurable strength in contrast with our peers..

    The eldest brother, Mephistopheles von Raizel, blessed with unparalleled strength for combat..

    The eldest sister, Astaroth ra Mezial, controls the darkness itself as an endless void..

    The youngest brother, Beelzebub van Kaiser, unmatched in spreading death and slaughter..

    And finally, me, Mastema de Gaziel, given the gift of everlasting knowledge and comprehension..

    We four, were special beings created from the genes of the Demon Lord, Lucifer Nefas Viurele..

    In deference with my siblings, I preferred to create plans and strategies to fell even the most strongest of adversaries..

    Using my head, I managed to subdue countless beasts of legend, and felled ancient civilizations..

    Over these hundreds of years, I was unperturbed by anything..

    Since I concluded that, I was the most intelligent of all, a genius, a prodigy, the epitome of knowledge itself..

    Even though I was given this gift, I didn't let up, and started absorbing every piece of knowledge and information..

    All through the time of my very long existence, I started to look down on others, as they were illiterate, and stupid bugs...

    Which was proven true, time and time again..

    I had no combat capabilities, but I did learn the most strongest of forbidden spells..

    And with my comprehension, I furthered their power into greater heights..

    I was enjoying my time, ruling over others and gathering knowledge..

    But soon, I grew bored..

    All the knowledge in the "Demon Continent" had been dried up, and I became dull..

    Passing time, thinking about what to do..

    I remembered a time, when the Demon Lord told us a story about the early days of the world..

    "The Heavenly War, Sabaki", one where there was total chaos, wherein the goal was taking down a single entity..

    The creator of "Quadra", Divinitus Prisma Amadeus..

    The strongest existence, that felled countless races..

    That even if the "Four Great Gods" worked together, fighting him in a weakened state, he still managed to fight back..

    Although he lost in the end, I still think that he was the most cunning of them all..

    I wanted to reach that level of comprehension, taking in all the information, thereby predicting the end result of things..

    So I decided then, that I will..

    Right at that moment, the Demon God gave us a revelation..

    A new war will unfold in the near future, over the throne of the "One True God" where enormous power resides..

    But they, themselves, will not be fighting, but instead, will be using their own "hero" summoned from another world..

    This got me interested in the "other world" that she spoke of, but I quelled my thirst for knowledge since I was in the presence of the "Great Demon God" who is said to have created the "Demon-kin"..

    But then, she gave us a mission, to find these heroes, and to further entice the coming of war..

    She could not wait for the opportune time, so that she will gain the throne, that much faster..

    Naturally, I had no problems with this, but I asked on how, are we to find these "heroes"...

    She told me that, the heroes are immeasurably strong, since they've been given a fragment of each God's power..

    I was amazed at this, since even a fraction of Master's power was enough to level entire cities..

    She said that we shall know when we meet them, but mainly, they might come out if you wreak havoc first..

    After she told us what to do, she gave us the skill to perceive the four god's power..

    So that if we see one of them, they will correspond to a certain color..

    Gold, for Solaris' hero..

    Silver, for Memphis' hero..

    Emerald, for Avaceris' hero..

    Finally, Black, for Master's hero, which she inexplicably told us, not to interfere with him..

    Well, it's not a problem, anyway..

    Since we get to travel to the different continents, I was satisfied..

    We were divided into three groups..

    Astaroth was going to the west, and Beelzebub went to the east..

    But since I had no combat capability, I was sent with Mephisto towards the north..

    Where the humans resided, the natural enemy of the demons..

    Humans were weak, ugly creatures drowned in their own hubris when they prey on someone weaker than them..

    But I'm well aware, that their numbers were nothing to scoff at..

    After briefing us, she said failure was not an option, since we were the strongest..

    Preparing ourselves, and my strategies, took a month..

    Then, we set off..

    When me and Mephisto made it to the "Human Continent", we had to blend in..

    With my brains, it wasn't hard..

    We passed ourselves off as a rich merchant, and my bodyguard..

    Our aliases were our last names, Gaziel, and Raizel..

    Pretty simple if you asked me, but Mephisto seemed to like it..

    We started to study the landscape of the country, traveling from city to city..

    While moving from place to place, we neither saw hide nor hair of the human hero..

    After surveying every place we could think of, which took about 2 years, we concluded that the hero must be in the royal castle, being brought up there, safe as can be, since that was the only place we weren't allowed to enter..

    Since we couldn't do anything about it, we started our plan on destroying cities and causing chaos..

    We settled on a target, which was a city built around a "Magic Academy" where various practitioners of magic, and magic spells were ever so abundant, making it a dangerous force in the future..

    After discussing the finer details of the plan, we set it into motion..

    We were currently based in a city called "Gemini", which was in the western direction of the target..

    Here, I bought a luxurious manor, as to make the fact that I am a wealthy merchant seem believable..

    Just as we were about to move in three days, Mephisto suddenly told me that he was bored..

    He said that he was tired of not fighting for a while, and wanted to fight someone strong..

    Naturally, I tried to appease him saying that monsters would be enough, and the humans weren't even strong anyway..

    But my elder brother wouldn't budge on it, saying that he won't help me with the plan, and such..

    In fact, I could carry it out by myself if I wanted to, but Master wouldn't be too happy about it, so I reluctantly agreed..

    I decided to put up a request in the local guild, under the guise of an escort mission to "Capricorn City"..

    But actually, it was just hiding the true purpose of having Mephisto beat up some guys, to appease his boredom..

    It was unusual, but I played it off as an interview to check the strength of the escort..

    In fact, I knew none of them could even put a scratch on the monster known as the "Archdevil of Combat"..

    Who wields enormous strength like it was trivial..

    Then, the interviews started..

    I lead each guy who wanted to take the job, into a building that I surrounded with a weakening barrier I made..

    Which forbids the use of magic inside of it, thereby limiting Mephisto's enormous power..

    The building was built like an arena under the earth, removing the case of destroying the surrounding area..

    I filled the basement with [Demon Slimes] which cleaned the place nonstop of any dirt and grime..

    But they did make the floor and stairway slippery which was a problem in and of itself..

    But you would only have a 1% chance of slipping on it, which was not likely..

    But even still, I tried to warn everyone who entered to be careful, under the impression of being thoughtful..

    Anyway, it was as expected, they couldn't even put up a decent fight against Mephisto, even in his weakened state..

    It was a natural result, but Mephisto was getting more angry instead of calming down..

    I didn't know what to do about my battle-junkie brother..

    Until, he came..

    In the early afternoon, the butler I hired for appearances sake told me that another visitor has come for the job..

    I was getting tired of receiving human guests, but I still had to do it for my hopeless brother..

    What came into my sight when we greeted them was a strange young man..

    With silky white hair, one blue eye, the other was covered in a dark eye-patch, which lead me to believe that he lost it during a fight or something, and he wore all-black clothing, which was pretty stupid, considering the heatwave..

    While I thought of him as a weird person, I still greeted them like any polite merchant would..

    But I saw that he brought elven children with him, they seemed to be slaves, judging by the slave collars on their necks..

    But they were strangely glowing, full of health, and had happy smiles while talking to the strange man..

    It was a strange sight, seeing slaves being genuinely happy..

    Although, I just passed it off as imprinting, since they looked as if they were still children..

    After that, we introduced ourselves, and talked about small stuff for a bit..

    I tried sensing the [God's Fragment] from him, just like any other person I've met..

    But what I got was nothing, so I concluded he wasn't one of the chosen few..

    He said his name was Orion, Orion Fullbringer..

    Fullbringer, now that rang a bell...

    I remembered hearing it near the western part of the "Human Continent", where they were currently holding the never-ending war against the Elves, for some reason that I wasn't interested in, so I left it..
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    Part 2

    Then, I told him about the interview..

    He made me laugh..

    Which was rare, even for me, since I almost never laugh..

    I don't know why, but I felt that I could get along with his personality, albeit strange..

    But then we got on to the true essence of the interview..

    He readily agreed, and we went to the back..

    I felt his eyes staring at me when I opened the barrier lock, but it must have been my imagination..

    Since I know normal humans can't sense the flow of demonic power..

    I did my routine, saying that we should go underground and such, and to be careful since it was slippery from the slime..

    Although I said that, I didn't expect for him to take the lead all of a sudden, showing a smug face..

    While slipping on the first step, diving head-first onto the stairway..

    It normally would have caused me to be shocked and sigh at the same time..

    But I didn't notice that I had a grin on my face, seeing the stupid antics of the strange boy..

    Suddenly, I heard a crash at the end of the stairwell..

    I started to run down, wishing that he didn't die, since it would be troublesome to catch the attention of the guild..

    When I reached the bottom, we found him, dusting off his clothes, like he just fell down while walking..

    It was actually a pretty long way down, since I dug more than 50 meters underground..

    To think that he stood up without a scratch, it made me reevaluate my impression of him..

    He might be strong, but I still couldn't believe that he would beat Mephisto..

    That guy was on another level, even if he was weakened..

    After I explained the rules of the fight, they picked up a weapon each and started..

    As always, Mephisto charged in without thought..

    I thought at that time, "Ah, it's over, this is where it always ends, right after the battle starts.."

    But I was mistaken..

    The youth suddenly stepped back out of his range, to dodge..

    I was surprised he could even react to my brother's speed..

    As was my brother, but his face automatically changed into a grin..

    He started to try hitting with his fists, at increasing speeds towards the white-haired youth..

    But surprisingly, he managed to dodge each one of his attacks, with minimal movements, like he was playing with him..

    If it was me, I would have naturally been insulted, but Mephisto was suddenly fired up for this strange turn of events..

    He started increasing his strikes, and further used different techniques to adapt to the situation..

    It was as expected of the one well-versed in combat..

    But even still, he couldn't even manage to put a scratch on the boy's body..

    I was wondering if something was wrong until..


    He finally used his sword in blocking..

    That meant that the tide was slowly turning in Mephisto's favor..

    I was strangely happy for it, and I don't know when, but I suddenly started rooting for Mephisto..

    Just when my brother was happy about seeing his results pay off..





    I couldn't even see it..

    Never mind that, I couldn't even follow his movements..

    It seemed from my perspective, he set his center of gravity, and then launched a kick?

    Something so simple, blew my unbeatable elder brother so far away, he crashed into the wall, a hundred meters away..

    And even managed to make large cracks on it, crumbling the hardened earth..

    I couldn't believe my eyes..

    I could only drop my mouth in response..


    Were the only things to leave my lips..

    After that ordeal, I was thankful for the fact that Mephisto didn't die..

    Even though there was a 50-50 chance..

    Still, I misjudged that youth's strength..

    I deemed him a dangerous existence, since he was human, and devised a plan to get rid of him..

    Even though he wasn't a hero, I still had this uncertain feeling that he might destroy everything we built so far..

    After I told him that he got the job, and apologized for my brother, which I was strangely reluctant to do, I told him about the job, and its details, saying that we shall leave for "Capricorn City" three days later..

    But really, I planned for him to die on the way there, and then we should have no problem destroying the city..

    I had to use one of my captured beasts, one of the strongest, which could match, no, even surpass Mephisto without using magic power, the "Fomorian", one of the secretive giant race I met on my travels..

    As I reorganized my plans and thoughts, the day came..

    We waited at the eastern gate to get ready for departure..

    When they arrived, I told them that I was early since i was preparing the luggage..

    But actually, I released the "Fomorian" already and had it move in another direction earlier, telling it to meet with us in a few days, as to not arouse suspicion, and cause unnecessary trouble..

    After we departed, we met nothing troubling on the road, as expected of one of the safest roads in the kingdom..

    When nightfall came, we had to stop and eat, acting as regular humans..

    Naturally, we didn't need to eat, since we were superior demons and I thought that food was all the same, and I didn't like the taste of light meat..

    But when we were eating the dried, preserved food, we were beckoned by the youth to have some of his..

    I was reluctant because I was even surprised that this unnatural existence can cook..

    But when I tried tasting the food he made, it was different..

    Unlike anything that has ever entered my mouth, it was a symphony of flavors..

    It was like my taste buds finally woke up from a long slumber..

    When I noticed, there was nothing left on my plate, as was my brother's..

    But even though embarrassed, we still had some more, until we were full..

    To think, that I, the "Archdevil of Knowledge" would not know that something so amazing existed..

    He called it, "Fish Fillet and Soup Dish", I memorized every step, and every ingredient needed so I can recreate it later..

    It made me regret a little bit, on killing this fine source of food knowledge..

    But, Master's orders are absolute, and I didn't want a nuisance to her plans..

    After a few days of traveling, we made it almost to the halfway point..

    It was then, that I decided to call in the beast..

    After it appeared, we acted scared, and Mephisto started attacking recklessly, while knowingly acting weak, and getting blown away by its palm, destroying the carriage in the process, after the elf children started using magic..

    But, I didn't expect it..

    Just like always, full of unpredictability..
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    Part 3

    The white-haired youth moved at speeds no one could follow, jumping from here to there..

    Reaching the head of the giant beast, cutting it in half, with just one swing of his sword..

    I was in awe, but at the same time, afraid, afraid of this boy's potential and future endeavors..

    So it was then, that I decided to change the plan again, and finally use my last resort..

    What Master gave us, was not only the way to determine the identities of the heroes, but also the way to seal their power, changing the skill into a sword, a cursed sword with my knowledge of magic, I further strengthened it..

    Making the target unable to break free from it, as long as his knowledge did not surpass mine..

    Which was nigh close to impossible..

    It continued to suck strength and magic power from the target till what is left is nothing but an empty shell..

    It's a cruel skill I called [Sin Curse], combining the power of Master's skill, and my knowledge of the Dragon King's power..

    After I told them, that since the carriage was in pieces, we had to go back unfortunately, putting on my best downcast face, leading him into my trap..

    A few more days later, we made it to the outskirts of town, where I told them to go to the guild to inform them about how we got attacked from a monster, and now our carriage was like this..

    They readily accepted it, but I stopped Orion, saying things such as the horses need to be fed, and that the children could get to the guild faster, since they had faster legs..

    Naturally, I didn't believe my own words at all, but it was the only way to convince the naive youth..

    After he heard me, he was doubtful about it, but in the end, he trusted me..

    Which was a fatal mistake, humans always do this, time and time again..

    He seemed to care about those two, so let me be the one to send him to despair, before he meets his end..

    I had nothing to be angry at him about personally, but I just had a natural affinity in seeing despair in humans..

    But Mephisto seemed reluctant to go with my plan, but since it was orders, he couldn't help it..

    When he turned around, Mephisto stabbed him with the sword I gave him, and I activated the curse, while he had a dumbfounded face, that made me chuckle a bit, asking why would we do this..

    So I felt the need for introductions, and saying my plan to him, which was not smart in the least..

    But I decided to let it go, since he was going to die anyway..

    I was strangely elated at seeing his expression of hopelessness when he saw me use my destruction spell on the city..

    It was a masterpiece..

    But then, he went quiet all of a sudden, after a few minutes of seeing the city turn into ashes..

    I started to feel something was off, and quickly told Mephisto to check it out..

    But when I did, he got blown away..

    I was strangely used to it, the third time seeing it..

    But this was the Mephisto, who wasn't holding back..

    Which I found very strange, so I looked at the youth again..

    Only to find him, breaking my carefully-crafted seals one by one..

    I was shaking, not because of his usual unpredictable actions, but due to his demeanor..

    It wasn't the same, not the naive, happy, without a care youth I came to know these past few days..

    But, an ominous presence, someone who had eyes, like they looked down on other people around them..

    The youth's hair suddenly glowed and turned into a shade of violet, with white bangs..

    A color signifying absolute superiority, one who was to be feared..

    Those eyes, they had nothing but darkness in them..

    As the youth said something about being woken up for the first time in a while, he switched his eye-patch onto the other eye, replacing the blue right eye, with the blood-red left one, showing what looked to be a one-eyed demon..

    Something about him was terrifying, I didn't know how he changed, or how he managed to break the seal..

    Heck, I couldn't even think straight right now..

    My legs were shaking, my eyes were swimming, I had cold sweat flowing like a river on my back..

    It was the first time in my life, that I was this afraid, a genius like me, scared of a young boy..

    It was like looking into the eyes of a predator, ready to play with his food..

    One look was all I needed to determine the outcome of a fight with this entity..

    Gathering all my brain cells, making full use of all the knowledge and prediction ability I had come to know..

    The result was, absolute defeat..

    As I was thinking this, he started talking..

    "Well, you're my enemy huh? You look weaker than expected, anyway.."

    In a lighthearted tone, just like he was looking at a pebble on the street, he scoffed at me..

    My pride would normally not let this insult even leave his mouth, but due to the overwhelming pressure he has..

    I didn't dare to move carelessly..

    In fact, I was thinking of retreating, since my last resort failed..

    But he suddenly had a grin on his face, and when he said some encouraging words to himself, the presence disappeared..

    As if, he condensed all that pressure into his body, just like that..

    Such precise control of your blood lust, must have taken years, if not decades, to master..

    I started asking myself if this boy was even human..

    The fact that he could break my seal, must have meant that he was even smarter than me?

    No, how can that be?

    This youth hasn't even been living for fifty years yet, and compared to me, who's lived hundreds, if not, close to a thousand, might know more than one of the pinnacles of knowledge itself?

    Impossible, I refused to accept it, even though there are many things in the world I could discard readily, I am not willing to compromise on this one thing, it was my reason for existence, to be above all the mortals in terms of knowledge..

    Because of this, I refused to give in to the boy, even though I know the odds calculated that I was certain to lose, I will still fight for my pride, I will not abandon my way of life..

    Just as I was thinking that, the boy sped in my direction, I reacted on reflex, even though I couldn't follow him with my eyes, I still managed to dodge his fist, barely, by abandoning my sight, and using my other senses..

    "Hou, you, you're not bad for a small-fry.."

    He says in a mocking tone..

    I don't mind his words as I was concentrating for any movement from any direction..

    "But, too bad.."

    After those words, he appeared in front of me like a mirage, causing me to involuntarily gasp and open my eyes..

    I was finished, how much of a monster is he, increasing his speed in an instant like that..

    Just when I was trapped, a red shadow passed through my eyes..

    It was Mephistopheles, trying to punch the white-haired demon..

    But, regrettably, he sensed that too, and with a smile, he stepped back..

    Causing Mephisto to miss his target..

    But, I didn't get depressed, in fact, I was thankful, since if he was here, I had a higher chance of defeating this monster..

    I didn't know that there was someone comparable to the "Demon Lord" right under our noses..

    Has he been hiding his true strength all this time, playing the fool?

    Such frightening intelligence this entity must have, I concluded that the enemy was not human..

    If not, what is he..

    But that was not the time for speculations, since he was getting ready to attack again..

    Is it me, or is he growing in power as each second goes by..

    No, let's not think negatively, and start to attack him before he gets a jump on us..

    I signal to Mephisto as he nods in return..

    I activated multiple enchantment spells on us both, my strongest ones, mainly..

    [Physical Nullification], [Enhance Strength], [Extreme Speed], [Demon Barrier] x 10, [Archdevil's Rage], and many others..

    Let's see if you're smart enough to fight us now, you monster..

    We took off at the same time and when we reached his range, he didn't react, so we took the opportunity and..

    I launched a kick surrounded by [Open Wounds] and [Mountain Crusher] enchantments, which gave the effect of opening up wounds when coming in contact with a living being, and enhanced with enough strength to crush rock effortlessly..

    While Mephistopheles used his [Combat Mode] while throwing a punch covered with [Hell Flames] and my [Devil's Strength Boost] enchantment, which could improve his overall strength and bodily movements, while the flames would never be extinguished until the target is burned into ashes, and a major strength power-up..

    We were certain that he would be killed with our combined attacks, or at least get a fatal wound..

    But, it was too early to celebrate..

    *Grab* *Grab*

    While lightly lifting both of his hands and opening his palms, he received our attacks head on..

    Naturally, I thought this was the most stupid move, one could make..

    But we were faced with the crushing reality..

    Of seeing our attacks nullified with just him grabbing both my leg, and Mephisto's arm, disabling the enchantments and turning us powerless in an instant..

    It's like we were kids, inevitably fighting against an adult..