My Annoying Aura Follows Me Into Another World

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    Chapter 12: The Final Test
    Part 1

    I find myself moving through the scenery of my old neighborhood..

    In my hometown where I grew up in..


    I see a little girl with a hat calling out to me..

    "Jun, come on, hurry up!"

    But strangely I don't remember who she is..

    "Mou, you're always so slow when running"

    I can't help it you know..

    Wait, how does she know I'm slow..

    Does she know me?

    "Well, it can't be helped then, here.."

    She slowly grabs my hand with hers..

    I look at it closely and find that it's so small and fragile..

    Like it will break when I just touch it..

    But the funny thing is..

    It doesn't..

    Because I also know that I have the same little hand..

    Grabbing on tight to hers like I never want to let go..

    "Hehe, hold on tight Jun, let's go!"

    I might not know this girl..

    But I know for sure that I enjoy being with her..




    What the heck happened?

    One minute I'm in the sidewalks in the residential area..

    And now, where am I?

    "It's dark"

    I say in a carefree manner..

    "Just like you, 10 years ago.."

    Strange, I don't remember thinking anyone would answer my small comment..

    "Who are you?"

    I shout to the strange voice..

    "Does it really matter who I am?"

    "What do you want from me then?"

    "Nothing, just wanted to know if you've forgotten what you did is all.."

    "What I did?"

    "Oh, it seems I was right on the money.."

    "Stop playing games, what do you wanna say?"

    "You really don't remember, huh?"

    "Remember who?"

    I get a bad feeling like I might just regret what I said..

    "Kirishima Mizuki"

    "What, I don't know what you're talking about.."

    But that name sounds vaguely familiar..

    "Still playing dumb, huh? Well, it's fine.. let me help you refresh your memory then, consider it as an overdue present.."

    After the mysterious voice says that, I hear a snapping of two fingers reverberating throughout the space..

    And what happened next..



    Painful memories..

    From years ago..

    I was bombarded with it..

    How could I forget..

    This curse shook away the only friend I had..

    The only one who didn't push me away..

    The one who liked me for what I am..

    The one who understood my pain of loneliness..

    And saved me with her words..

    {"It's okay, If people treated you like that, It might have been a good thing.."

    "Huh? Why is that a good thing?"

    "Because if they didn't.."


    "I would have never met you.."}

    And that smile was the single most thing that kept me going through those years..

    "But you threw it all away didn't you?"

    The voice speaks again, but this time, in a condescending tone..

    "No, you're wrong!"

    I try to voice my opinion but to no avail..

    "Save it, you abandoned her when she needed you!"


    I can't refute that argument because I know it was true..

    "You make me sick.."

    "I didn't mean for that to happen, I just-"

    "Oops, I'll hear your excuses next time, I still see you haven't changed.. Well, enjoy yourself now because it's not going to last very long.."

    "Wait, You didn't tell me your name!"

    "See ya.. Jun.."

    The darkness disappears like magic..
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    Part 2

    I open my eyes..

    Only to be blinded by the bright light coming from the window..


    I let out a great sigh to no one in particular since I'm in my own room..

    I've been having that dream more often than I should..

    But I can't seem to remember the whole thing when I wake up..

    The one thing I clearly recall is that voice..

    The voice that calls me over-familiarly..

    And the one who calls me Jun..

    "Oi, you awake, Orion!"

    The door slams open without warning and an imposing figure is standing in the middle of the doorway..

    "Don't be so loud in the mornings old man!"

    Naturally, that old man I was referring to was my teacher and master, Arc-shishou.. but I'm never going to admit nor tell him that to his face..

    "(sigh) Didn't I always remind you to call me Master? It's like this every morning now.."

    "I never once nor will I ever want to call you that, stupid old man.."

    I say it in an irritated-just-woke-me-up-for-work-on-a-Monday voice..

    Wait, it is Monday..

    "Anyway, I made breakfast so wash up and lets get ready for a new day!"

    Ignored? Staying positive? Dense as a brick?

    He's always over-hyped everyday, where the heck does he get all his energy from..

    Well, I can think of one thing..

    But that's a story for another time..

    But his breakfasts are always so good..

    Albeit frustrating, I think today's going to be a great day..

    But after every breakfast..

    "Fine, it's just gonna be another day of hellish training am I right?"

    Yes, everyday for me is hell since I started training under him..

    No, I'm not lazy..

    Well, not as lazy as people promising to stay fit and healthy and always putting it off tomorrow till it never ends..

    But I pride myself in surviving that ordeal day after day..

    Ever since I started training 12 years ago, I've been through just about every torture method possible..

    It was grueling..

    And no, not that kind of torture, you sick-minded perverts..

    I mean training regimens that strain my body to its limits..

    I was just spared between the border of life and death every single day..

    But amazingly enough, I recover faster the next day every time I do it..

    So I can't blame him for his methods..

    Because I am now, unfortunately used to it..

    But it isn't gonna stop me from being mad about how he treats me when it begins..

    He might look like a friendly, caring old man now but..

    When training commences, He changes, just like that..

    When he taught me the "proper" way of holding a sword and his "Purgatory Style" swordsmanship..

    Let,s just say I couldn't even lift my spoon the next day..

    When he released his summoned beasts or as he calls them "Hellflame Familiars"..

    Can't say I disagree with that name..

    But he made them chase and try to kill me for half a day..

    And naturally, I run away while trying to hit them with various attacks like [Aura Sphere] about a million times already and still it doesn't put a dent in them..

    So it further supports the idea of running while thinking of a way to at least hold on until the time limit...

    But when it was over, you know what he always said to me?

    "Let's Spar!"

    No mercy..

    Was it wrong for me to expect a friendly smile whilst carrying a towel and a bottle of water saying to me while patting my shoulder, "Good Job", Huh? Is it too much to ask? Is there no compassion in his body?

    I mean he puts the "Spar" in "Spartan" cause he is gonna be the death of me someday..

    That's what I thought back then but I'm still alive aren't I?


    No scratch that, I still do think that until today..

    And he also didn't get surprised by me having aura magic by not giving a fuss about it..

    Not only that, he taught me how to use it to create various weapons and different magic..

    He did it by showing me images and the processing of magic power into the surroundings converging to one point by using what he called his "Dragonic Mana".. It was actually pretty easy to understand..

    Except he didn't expect me to get it on my first try though..

    I think I heard his muffled sobs and sighs in the middle of the night, but I'm taking that to the grave..

    Now because of that, I can make swords skillfully without any materials for the cost of just a small amount of magic power.. No, don't call me a cheater just yet..

    Because I also learned how to enhance my limbs and muscles with aura..

    Yes, I have muscles of course..

    I'm now 15 years of age in this world after all..

    The same age as that of the other world..

    Wait a minute, does that mean I'm a thirty-year-old-man?!?!

    Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good, Not good....


    I got sidetracked there..

    No, get it out of your head..

    I'm still a young man..

    I'm not an ossan just yet..

    It's just that this is different..

    That is that and this is this..


    Yosh, Believe in yourself, Me!

    Phew, now that I'm done encouraging myself I can get back to what I was saying..

    Huh? Self-suggestion? Hypnotism? Delusional Middle-aged Man?

    No, no, who are you talking to? I know nothing of the sort..

    And who is that guy who keeps breaking my spirit?

    I'll cry you know?

    Anyway, I can strengthen my legs so I can move at a speed of a bullet train at maximum..

    Pretty cheat-like right?

    But I can also enhance my muscles to be as hard as steel so ordinary weapons couldn't even hurt me, I think..

    Well, that's what the old man told me anyway..

    And I can regenerate small wounds willingly now or unconsciously when I'm asleep..

    How else could I survive hell each day?

    Did you think I was God?

    No, I think Melquista is enjoying watching me struggle everyday..

    Someday, I'll knock his smug face in..

    So I decided to call this skill [Regenerative Aura]

    Pretty cool name for someone like me..

    The chuunibyou is strong with this one..

    But enough about that..

    I suddenly notice the air has become colder..

    Then I realize that this old man, no Arc-shishou is not in his usual demeanor today..

    I stare into his eyes like they had the fires of determination looking straight at mine..

    Burning away my tiredness and pushing idle thoughts far away..

    And triggering my survival instinct in a matter of seconds..

    He's serious today..

    I wait for his next words in bated breath..

    "Orion, Training ends today.. It's finally time.."

    I didn't hear the voice of an old man living in the woods..

    I heard the regal voice of a ruler filled to the brim with pride and dignity..

    "Time for what?"

    "Your final trial"

    "What it?"

    I had a lump in my throat but I still forced the words out..

    And his next words put something in me that struck fear but at the same time, excitement..

    "A death match"


    I guess today wasn't gonna be a great day, huh?

    Just my luck..
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    Chapter 13: Getting Serious

    The blazing heat from the sun..

    Directly clashes with the atmosphere..

    Contrasting the chilling morning breeze..

    The silent space inside a forest..

    A circular area at its center..

    Usually demon beasts parade this area like it was their front yard..

    They attack anything and anyone who enters their domain..

    The place not for the weak of heart..

    Rouzier Forest..

    But strangely the entire forest is quiet..

    It's strangely calming..





    To to be frank, I want to leave right now!

    As in, run for the hills right at this second or even sooner..

    My hands are sweaty..

    My back itches..

    The hairs on my body are standing in attention..

    Ah, I'm running away from reality again..

    But isn't it fine?

    Hmm? What am I whining about?

    Well, first of all..

    I'm not whining..

    This is a perfectly normal reaction to have in this situation!

    No, I don't have time for this..

    The reason for it is right in front of me..

    An imposing old man is there..

    Glaring with a serious face..

    Releasing mana like it was endless..

    That horrendous torrent is the main reason why the demon beasts stayed as far away as they can..

    I wouldn't blame them..

    For you see, from a third-person's perspective..

    This situation is just a young man getting reprimanded by his grandfather..

    But you couldn't be so far from the truth..

    After breakfast, which I ate as slow as I can by the way..

    Savoring each bite and every flavor..

    Since it might have been my last meal..

    Because I don't think that if I die a second time, I'll be so lucky to be reborn again..

    And you didn't forget about my luck stat right?

    Un, Do you get it yet?

    He hasn't said a thing since after he declared that absurd word..

    Death Match..

    What is that scary thing?

    Can I eat it?

    "Are you prepared now?"


    This old man..

    But he finally spoke..

    Well, I would have too, since we've been staring at each other for 2 hours already..

    This might be a good time to ask..

    "Um, why do you want to do this old man?"

    A timid voice comes out of my sore throat..

    "Hou, nervous? No matter, it's just time to let you show me what you've learned after all these years is all.."

    "Then, isn't a death match going too far?"

    "No, a real person's strength comes out only at two times.."


    "Umu, When they are protecting someone other than themselves and when they are in the face of death.."

    Iyadaa, Is this a shounen martial arts anime?

    I really think this is a pain..

    "I-I see.."

    "So now, show me the accumulation of your training!"


    I let out a stupid voice..




    I barely managed to react to that..

    I didn't know that those words were the signal to start..

    I turn my head to my back and see..

    "It's a..lie right?"

    The thick trees that looked like rampart walls towering above us were felled to the ground..

    The ground caved in itself and dust and sand clouds gathered to the sides..

    The destruction lasted for 10 meters from the sword range..

    What the heck, I could've been chopped off like butter then..

    This is bad, This old man isn't playing around anymore..

    "Oh, you dodged that huh? I would expect nothing less from my disciple!"

    "Were you trying to chop my head off?!?"

    "Of course not!"

    "That's a lie and you know it!"

    "No, I was planning to separate your torso in half you know?"

    I think I'm gonna be sick..

    But this is really not good..

    "Well, here I go again!"

    He appears in front of me in an instant..

    And swings his sword in rapid succession in unpredictable movements..

    A normal person would have been sliced into pieces seemingly like going through a cheese grater..

    Since "Purgatory Style" of swordsmanship is designed to deliver a swift trip to the afterlife..

    Such a fitting name..

    But I'm not an ordinary person..

    Even though the sword's movements are quick and come from unimaginable angles..

    I still dodge every single stroke with minimum movements..

    Since I learned every single move of this style, I can dodge at a hair's breadth..

    An untrained eye couldn't even follow the speed of these movements..

    But I ingrained it deep into my very bones..

    The preliminary movements..

    The placing of the feet..

    The twisting of the wrists and body..

    And the demeanor of the swordsman..

    All the things that determine the next move..

    "Hora, you can't just keep dodging you know?"

    "And why shouldn't I?"

    "Well, I'm still warming up anyway.. Let's see how far you can take this!"

    As he spoke those words, a red glint appeared in his eyes..

    "[Partial Transformation]"

    "[Sin of Wrath Sword]"

    With chant-like words, he activated a skill, after he invoked it, black flames covered his arms..

    Engulfing the sword with it..

    After the flames dissipated, ruby-red gleaming scales shined against the sunlight..

    His already thick arms grew bigger and stronger with deep dark claws coming out from where his fingernails should be..

    And the mithril great sword transformed into an imposing red long sword with black metallic luster at its apex, edges and the handle was releasing a tremendous amount of mana..

    "If you don't want to die, Fight back, Orion!"

    Was I imagining it..

    Or did he get even faster than before..

    It takes my all to strain my enhanced senses to follow his rhythm and flow which has completely changed from before..


    The sword made a direct hit to my unguarded backside..

    How in the heck did he get there so quick?

    I got blown forward towards the giant trees..

    After about the 3rd tree, I stopped..

    Ugh, good thing I at least made an [Aura Barrier] before I got blown away..

    If not, it would have all ended there..

    I stagger slowly to stand up but then..

    How did he get here so fast?

    It's 20 meters you know?

    Are you a certain biological weapon for assassination?

    Mach 20 speed, are you kidding me?

    I barely sidestep away 2 meters away purely on instinct..

    Ah, the trees are getting blown away again..

    The demon beasts are going to be homeless you know?

    But that's enough of that..

    It seems he's really trying to kill me..

    I might not like the old man since he treats training as fun and he tortures me with a smile..

    But I sure as hell do respect him..

    And it wouldn't do for me to take it easy if he's going this far..

    It's time for me to fight back!

    As a sign of respect!

    But I won't admit it here!

    I'm not a tsundere!

    Oops got sidetracked there..

    Anyway, time to activate my skills..

    "If you want a fight, then I'll give you a fight old man!"

    "That's exactly what I want! (Nozomu Tokorou!)"

    I gather my aura and spread it towards my nerves and muscles..

    "[Aura Enhance],[Aura Enhance],[Aura Enhance],[Aura Enhance],[Aura Enhance],[Aura Enhance],[Aura Enhance],[Aura Enhance],[Aura Enhance],[Aura Enhance],[Aura Enhance],[Aura Enhance],[Aura Enhance],[Aura Enhance],[Aura Enhance]"

    "Hou, Going for your limits huh?"

    "I'm not done yet!"

    "I would expect nothing less!"

    "[Simultaneous Activation], [Aura Amplification], [Aura Sword Creation], [Aura Boost], [Aura Barrier], [Dragon Slayer's Aura], [Holy Aura], [Yin-yang Aura], [Vice Aura], [Regenerative Aura], [Fatal Wounds Aura], [Beast Aura], [Purgatorial Aura], [Blade Aura], [Scaled Aura], [Daylight Aura], [Aura Sphere],[Aura Sphere],[Aura Sphere],[Aura Sphere],[Aura Sphere],[Aura Sphere],[Aura Sphere],[Aura Sphere],[Aura Sphere],[Aura Sphere],[Aura Sphere],[Aura Sphere],[Aura Sphere],[Aura Sphere],[Aura Sphere]"

    My body gets filled with power..

    It's surging with deep magic power that I have trouble holding it in..

    I know this looks like overkill but I at least need this much to compete with him seriously..

    In fact, this is the first time I activated this much different skills simultaneously..

    I wonder if there is any limit to the skill [Simultaneous Invocation] that I learned a while ago..

    Except for the strange thing that I can only activate a skill that can be repeated 15 times..

    Last year it was 14 times, and the year before that, it was 13..

    Does it have anything to do with age?

    Well, no matter..

    I really feel strong right now..

    Even though I know that less than half of my Magic Power has been consumed..

    I feel a powerful omnipotence coming from these skills..

    Like I have this feeling that I can gain something with a little more effort..

    It's on the tip of my tongue but I can't explain it in words..

    It's just there..

    I'm sure of it..

    "Hou, that power and expression reminds me of my younger days of showing off.."

    I'm surprised that I found myself grinning..

    Do I really think I can beat the old man?

    Well, there's only one way to find out..


    I take a long deep breath..

    And release it slowly..

    I can feel nothing..

    And at the same time, I can feel everything..

    This is one of the effects of [Yin-yang Aura]..

    A torrent of colors burst from my being and dye the [Aura Sword] that I made grayish in color..

    I'm terribly calm..

    It's funny how I got nervous at first..

    It's almost like a far-off memory now..

    Here I go..

    "Let's do this old man!"

    "Haha, I'm all fired up!"

    Our bodies blurred and disappeared in the next moment..

    But really, me and the old man are sprinting at full speed towards each other..

    I see him in the split-second time difference that he is holding it in his famous Demon-cutter sword stance..

    While I twirl my sword at my sides to build up momentum..

    In the next moment, two swords clash..
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    Chapter 14: Breaking Limits
    Part 1


    The sound of objects slicing through the air..

    For a split second, absolute silence..

    The next..

    *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM*

    Sonic booms are heard in rapid succession..

    The cause?

    Two swords that move at a speed where it isn't strange to have broken the sound barrier..

    In fact, that's just what they did..

    One was a fiery-red sword with black luster..

    With flames released, it showed burning ambition and passion..

    The 1st Progenitor Dragon King's prided weapon, "Sin of Wrath Sword"

    It practically embodies the flame itself..

    The intense heat generated is said to scorch the frozen tundras and melt even diamonds..

    Is swung in a horizontal slash..

    The other, a clear grayish-silver sword that looked like it was decorated with pure simplicity..

    The size of this sword might make you think it was heavier than average..

    But this sword was special..

    And at the same time not..

    For its unique attribute was the fact that it was weightless..

    Only those who are in tune with the flow of aura can even hold its ethereal presence...

    One of the swords created with [Aura Sword Creation] melded with [Yin-yang Aura]

    Swung in a diagonal arc releasing not even a iota of magic power..

    For it retains it within the weapon..

    Condensed aura energy in blade form..

    Its creator usually calls these swords [Nameless Aura Swords]..

    For he didn't care about naming that much..

    Or he was just lazy, it's irrelevant..

    Both arcs might look beautiful if you have the means to keep up with their speed..

    When the blades meet each other..



    The next moment, both of the scenery at their backs disappeared like magic..

    But what really happened was the ground made a semicircular arc and gouged everything uproot and got blown apart..

    But the people in question didn't notice one bit..

    And even if they did..

    They still wouldn't care..

    Since a second after the first clash, they broke away from each other..

    And the next moment, brought their swords against the opponent again..

    And again..

    Dodging slashes..

    Felling trees in the process..

    Aura Spheres bombarding the area..

    Craters are formed and deform the surroundings..

    Reading their opponents next move using their senses..

    Dirt, blood and sweat is released during the course of the high-speed battle..

    But they never look away from each other's eyesight..

    If there was an audience that could have noticed this, they would be amazed..

    Even though the attacks of both could come from any direction..

    They don't let the other out of their sights..

    The repeated clanging and sonic booms reverberate throughout the forest..

    It might not even be called a forest anymore after this..

    Since 20 meters around them, the trees are nowhere to be found..

    You can hear demon beast's cries and death throes while some are screaming while running for their lives..

    Away from the monstrous spectacle which is happening right in the center of their former territory..

    And the strangest thing of all is that..

    Even though normally the older one would be calm and the younger is frantic..

    It's the exact opposite..



    It happened again..

    The young man's sword might be powerful enough to match the opponent's..

    But the strain of keeping itself condensed while fending off the sword imbued with a dragon's strength is nothing short of an impossible challenge..

    But every time the result doesn't change..

    After it breaks, he throws away the sword while keeping his opponent in check using [Aura Sphere]..

    After it touches the ground, it disperses into small particles that shine in gray light..

    Then it turns pure white after and goes to the now-empty hand and in turn, covered with black aura..

    Materializing itself into a blade-shape and finally turns back to gray..

    All this in the short span of 5 seconds..

    And the weird thing about it was that the young man looks calm and indifferent with red and blue eyes that look like gems but inside is a deep abyss where the pupils are supposed to be present, in what you call a "poker face"

    In contrast with the old man with a huge grin on his face showing 2 fangs which were not there before showing an ecstatic expression swinging his sword in different angles crashing into the ground if he misses but he doesn't seem to mind it that much since he just picks it up just as fast as he swung it before..

    The endless repeating actions..

    No one even knows how much time has passed..

    But what they do know is..

    They have reached a stalemate..

    But after a few exchanges, things start to tip in one's favor..

    When the old man swung his sword like he would many times already, something happened..

    Even though the young man was calm, he let his guard down slightly since he got used to crossing swords..

    He never expected it..

    Which is why he got blown away..

    *BOOM* *CRASH*


    The young man vomited blood like a fountain..

    Countless wounds appeared on his skin bleeding although it was tempered to even mimic the toughness of steel..

    But his demeanor didn't change..

    It was like he was wearing a mask..

    A normal person's heart would be beating as fast as it could right now..

    But his was terribly calm and collected..

    In fact, his heart rate at the moment was slower than normal..

    The next moment, bright green light was released from his body..

    After a few seconds, the wounds recovered like time turned back for him..

    He slowly stood up and said with an indifferent face..

    "That's the first time I saw that move, you tricky old man(tanuki-ojiisan).."

    His demeanor might have stayed the same..

    But if one looks closer, you can see he said it in an annoyed and mocking tone..

    "What do you expect, I told you I was getting serious and I am, a dragon in case you forget again.."

    The old man said it while showing his fangs and pure white teeth grinning..

    What happened was that after the swords connected, the old man twisted his waist and..

    "I guess I did let my guard down thinking you didn't have..that"

    While pointing to it, what appeared was..
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    Part 2

    A tail..

    A red-scaled dragon tail coming out of his backside..

    It was what caught him surprised and swung towards his unguarded torso, blowing him away..

    "Ha, do you want to throw in the towel now?"

    In a condescending manner he said it..

    But deep inside, he didn't really want a boring thing such as surrendering willingly..

    In these moments he went back to his younger years..

    Where he battled every single day..

    For fights for each other's lives are wagered..

    And the sound of battle is all that fills his ears..

    Where every place was a battlefield..

    The times when he truly felt alive..

    He hasn't forgotten it's taste even after all these years..

    It might be a trial for his student..

    But for him, it was salvation..

    From all the things in the material plane..

    Battle was his favorite..

    And he couldn't delude himself anymore..

    He wanted to have a match without regrets with the boy in front of him..

    The disciple he is proud of..

    The one he believes will change the entire world turning its laws by its head..

    And he only needs to see his determination to use his strength for the greater good..

    "Like hell I will just lay down and die!"

    As expected, He taught him well..

    Well now that he confirmed his resolution..

    "It's not fair for you to be the only one showing resolve! I have my own way to let you see that I'm serious as well!"

    A bright red and black light with searing heat covers the old man..


    The flame melds together into a reddish black flame and further turns into pure blue clear flame..

    This spreads in a 1 meter radius around the user and scorches the area around it like it was lava..

    Or even hotter than that..

    Since the ground around the flames are imploding in itself making a circular cut in the earth..

    After a few moments, the flames burn up into the atmosphere and leaves in its place..

    A shining luster of white and blue armor..

    With full plated helmet, arms with claws at the end of them looking sharp..

    And what looks to be clear mettalic dragon wings and a tail..

    With red eyes coming out from the visor looking straight in the direction of the young man..

    Exuding an abnormal amount of power that might make it look like stares can kill..

    When the young man looked at this form he thought..

    I normally thought an incarnation of Wrath would be more demonic-looking but what is with this cool-looking armor?

    As he always does, he usually thinks of things irrelevant to the present situation..

    It might be a defense mechanism for you see..

    Even in the face of death itself, he remains indifferent..

    Or so at first glance..

    But you notice that beads of sweat are flowing down from his pores..

    Which meant he was very afraid of the strange entity..

    "Old man! Is this what you meant by resolve?"


    He is met by silence..

    But the silent rage is scarier than saying anything at all..

    The young man who found this strange..

    Decided not to mind it..

    Because if he didn't move on..

    He would definitely die without even a corpse nor ashes left..

    If this continues, he would surely be crushed like a bug..

    He knew his current self can't win against Wrath himself..

    But he couldn't just surrender..

    But in fact, he thought he would if he could..

    All in vain though, since he knew if he did, he'd just be culled mercilessly..

    And he wanted to avoid that "bad end" very much..

    So he said..

    "I guess I really don't have a choice, huh?"

    There was something he had up his sleeve..

    Something he developed over these 12 years of hell..

    Which he never told nor showed the old man..

    His last resort..

    A skill he made to release his untapped potential for a short span of time..

    And a skill tree that is usable during that period..

    When he used it in the past, he couldn't test its full power..

    Due to the fact that no beast in the area could match him..

    When he enters this state..

    That day, most of the demon beasts got massacred for experiment..

    Poor, poor guinea pigs..

    After that, he never used it again due to the high energy consumption rate and painful recoil..

    But if he didn't use it now, he would surely regret it..

    So he gathered his courage and said..

    "It's now or never!"

    He inhaled a surge of air with a big breath..

    "[Aura Limiter Surge]"

    He felt his body growing stronger by the second and his senses further heightened..

    His Aura Points doubled, tripled and kept growing..

    Then he condensed his aura skills into one and activated his ultimate skill..

    "[Aura Convergence]"

    The clashing of different auras condensed into one core and is placed at the center of his soul..

    This skill gathers every aura-based skill into one and is a skill not even at its peak since it can still grow further..

    The number of aura skills gathered determines its strength..

    A bright light of rainbow-colored prisms surrounded the young man's body and clad itself around him..

    His aura now looked so bright it was almost divine..

    Meanwhile in the barely conscious thoughts of Arcveil..

    That power is almost like that guy..

    He couldn't control his current form anymore but he could still see what was going on with pure willpower..

    The last time he saw that was deep within his hazy memories but it was the only thing he clearly recalls..

    Divinitus Prisma Amadeus..

    "Now, let's give it our all, old man!"


    No one answered but the armored entity moved as fast as sound towards the young man..

    But the young man expected this..

    The air trembles around him and at the next moment..

    "Take this! [Unlimited Aura Blades]!"

    The sky was filled with different-colored aura swords glittering, refracting the light from the sun into the opponent..

    But the armored knight was unfazed..

    The young man swung his arm down and hundreds of blades fell down into one place..

    The location of the enemy..

    "[Aura Lock]"


    The wings of the knight spread out and further exuded his dignified presence..

    While simultaneously making his movement even faster..

    The blades moved even faster towards the enemy and got closer and closer..

    While the dragon-knight swung his giant claws at the young man..

    Who was surprised at how quick his enemy reached his range..

    In the next moment, blood flowed..
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    Chapter 15: Overdue Realization
    Part 1


    *DRIP* *DRIP*

    A murky red liquid flows outward..

    Into the scorched earth around it..

    Making a puddle before anyone could notice..

    Drops became bigger and bigger until..


    A wave of blood spurts out from different parts of the body..

    Likening it to a broken dam..

    It just keeps going and going..

    And then, the body drops..

    Whose body?

    Of course, the armored old man..

    What, you thought I would be ripped apart for a second there?

    I'm really not trustworthy am I?

    Anyway, to explain in simple terms on what happened..

    The old man had tenacity, I'll give him that..

    He made it to my range before I could react..

    And that's saying something..

    But while he was using his claws adorned with pale blue flames straight at me..

    I noticed it..

    It was only a minor detail but..

    That moment, I found its weakness..

    I didn't even know if it could work that time..

    But I was going to die if I didn't make that gamble..

    What I found strange was his movements..

    There was no preliminary movements..

    There wasn't even technique behind his strike..

    He purely attacked me with just raw power and speed..

    Not that there's anything wrong with that of course..

    But in all the years I watched the old man..

    I never saw him forsake his technique for pure power..

    Because what he always told me was..

    {"Power alone cannot make you strong"}

    Of course I never did understand what he meant..

    Until now..

    Because I noticed his blaring weakness..

    I knew he had forsaken all defensive methods..

    All for making his attack much more stronger..

    Thus, I drew a conclusion..

    When he invoked what he called [Full Armament]..

    He couldn't control himself..

    The armored knight was just a pure being condensed with wrathful flames..

    No emotions..

    No techniques..

    An empty shell..

    Which is why I used one of the techniques of the [Purgatory Style] against it..

    One where I redirected his focus on one spot and sidestepped at the same moment..

    This technique was very effective against those who believed in their power the most..

    The [Flow Step] was its name..

    But I never thought I would have needed to use it against the old man..

    Speaking of the old man..

    He is now lying on his chest breathing heavily..

    The armor broke and conflagurated into the atmosphere when it separated from the host..

    The state he is in is horrible..

    Literally dozens of swords are piercing his whole backside..

    Those swords were my aura swords of course..

    Slowly they were disappearing into particles..

    And gathering into my core..

    By core, I mean my [Aura Core]..

    It's a passive skill when I use [Aura Convergence]..

    This is where the gathered aura is stored and melded together..

    And it also gathers aura from the surrounding 10 meter radius..

    Meanwhile that old man sure did a lot of damage..

    When I look to the front of the old man where I used to be standing..

    I am wide-eyed..

    I can't call it anything except..

    "A disaster.."

    The entire area is scorched..

    The green trees, flowers and grass are now nowhere to be found..

    Absolute devastation..

    Black rocky substances that you couldn't even call earth anymore..

    With molten rocks and flames decorate the pathway..

    This is evident as far as I can see..

    And I can tell you now, in this present state..

    I can see very, very far..


    Was I going to be like that?

    Burned out of existence?

    No way, I wouldn't accept that kind of ending..

    I'm really relieved I saw that opening..

    Because if I didn't..

    Just call me Mr. Ash

    No, I don't even think ash would remain..

    Okay, that's enough negative thinking..

    The last sword disappears into particles..

    I move closer to the old man, still not letting my guard down..

    Yes, I'm not that stupid..


    "Old man!"

    I grab the old man's shoulders and face him upright..

    He really looks terrible..

    Wait, that's rude..

    Well, forget it..

    He has countless bleeding gashes and blood coming out of his mouth and eyes..

    It's like a horror movie..

    No, that's even ruder..


    "What is it?"

    Even though it's painful to move, he forces himself to grin..


    With blood coming out of his eyes and mouth..

    He grins widely..

    Okay, I'm getting lost in idle thoughts again..

    "Fuuhahaha, you really have grown, haven't you?"

    "Isn't it obvious?"

    Is this what I think it is?

    "You're not that overconfident bratty kid anymore, huh..No wait, you're still bratty even now.."

    "Haha, not as worse as you, you sadistic old man.."

    I feel my eyes getting hot..

    "Hmm? Oi, a man shouldn't cry like that!"

    "What...what are you talking about? Are you making fun of me again?"

    I say that in a louder voice to hide my inner turmoil..

    This is bad..

    Even though I didn't start it..

    I still did this..

    Why now..

    Why at this time, I'm thinking about it this much..

    Why did I do this..

    I finally realize the situation now that my head's cleared up..

    All that adrenaline is now nonexistent at this moment..

    And like my inner dam broke, tears flowed out..

    And I could do nothing to stop them..


    Why did I have to fight the old man..

    Why did it have to come to this..

    Why, why, why..

    I close my eyes even though I know its futile to try to stop the endless waterworks..


    I suddenly feel a rugged hand on my head..

    Ruffling my hair..

    It's calming me down for some strange reason..

    I remember this..

    He always did this when I started my training..

    After each day of hell..

    He'd cook me a delicious meal..

    Then I doze off because of fatigue..

    Then he carries me to my bed and tucks me in..

    And never forgets to pat my head and say..

    {"I'm proud of you"}

    Words no one else have said to me even in the other world..

    It always had been the thing that calmed me down the most..

    I try my hardest to open my eyes..

    And what I saw was..

    A gentle smile..

    That smile he never showed me whenever I was awake..

    The smile that he keeps to himself to hide his nice side..

    The thing that tells me, it's okay to keep living..

    I hazily remember a smile just like this before..

    But I don't seem to recall it that clearly..

    "You're blaming yourself again..That's your bad habit you know?"

    I can't..

    This old man..

    I didn't know until now how much he meant to me..

    Saving me from dying of hypothermia while I was flowing down the river..

    Taking care of me in an unknown place filled with danger..

    Making meals for me..

    Keeping me warm..

    Talking to me..

    Having fun times joking around..

    Well, maybe I have known all along..

    When I think this would be the last time we could do those things, I..

    Realized for the first time..

    That I care deeply for this old man, no..




    "Ha, you finally had it in you to call me that huh?"

    "I'm sorry Master...for everything.."

    "No need to apologize, I was prepared for this from the beginning..Though it is regrettable to only hear you say it when I'm in this situation..But I'm still glad.."

    "Master, I never got to thank you for all you've done for me.."

    A clear phosphorescent light enveloped Master while I was talking..

    "I guess it's time, huh? I'm coming to you now, Lucia.."

    No, I haven't even started to thank him yet..

    "Master, wait! I didn't even get to say-"

    A palm was thrust in font of my face..

    And then it landed on top of my head again..

    As the flames devoured his existence like wildfire starting from the lower body into the upper one..

    With a gentle smile, his last smile, he said..

    "No.. Thank you for being born, Orion.."

    The last words I heard struck my entire being..

    With that grin on his face, he went away.. for the last time..

    "Thank you, Master"

    I say while looking at the skies where the flames are rising up into and dispersing..

    Along with my tears..

    Ah, the physical toll of [Aura Limiter Surge] has started..

    I feel intense pain and fatigue..

    Like I was hit by a truck..

    After that, everything fades to black..
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    Part 2

    I open my eyelids in a daze..

    Only to find the break of dawn on the horizon..

    How can I see it in a forest, you might ask?

    Well, I know for a fact that this isn't going to be called a forest anymore..

    It is now a scorched ground and a flat area..

    Ground Zero of my last battle with Master..

    Huh, Blue windows are popping out from nowhere..

    Lets see(Dore-dore)..

    You have acquired the title {Dragon Conqueror}

    You have acquired the title {Ungrateful Bastard}

    You have acquired the title {Plague}

    What does this mean?
    I look closer at them..

    Dragon Conqueror
    Given to the select few that achieved the feat of felling a True-blood Dragon
    All stats+1000

    Ungrateful Bastard
    Given to those cruel enough to reward kindness with harm instead of gratitude
    LUK -100

    Given to those who are considered harmful to the surroundings and everything around it
    LUK -200 AP +200

    So mean..

    Titles with affinity detected: Beginning conversion

    Titles: The Loner, Depression Incarnate, Unlucky Person,
    One Who Passes Work Unto Others, One Who Runs Away From His Problems, Problem-child, Forsaken, Ungrateful Bastard, and Plague has been converted into {Wandering Disaster}

    Titles: Dragon Slayer, Dragon Conqueror, Dragon's Disciple, and Friend of the Dragon King has been converted into
    {Dragon Lord}

    Wandering Disaster
    One Who was born to be the most unfortunate soul in existence
    Such that even the Most Cruel One, Death pities the bearer of this title and gives a fragment of his power
    All stats +10000 LUK -9999

    Dragon Lord
    A being above the supreme beings, the Dragons
    [Dragon Tamer Skill Acquired] All stats +5000

    You have learned the skill [Dragon Tamer]

    Why? Is it in these window's nature to make fun of me?

    But the [Dragon Tamer] passive skill is nice..

    Huh? A pale blue aura covers my body all of a sudden..

    Dragon King's Aura has been assimilated into body - Beginning to unlock 4th Scripture

    You have learned the skill [Dragon King Aura] Proficiency 0.00%

    You have learned the skill [Aura of Wrath] Proficiency 0.00%

    You have learned the skill [Aura Armament Release] Proficiency 0.00%

    Aura Gift
    Divine Skill - 10 Scriptures of Aura
    First Scripture Unlocked:
    Enables you to use Aura Magic but disables any other magic
    Second Scripture Unlocked:
    Added skill: [Aura Absorption] - Enables you to absorb aura from stronger enemies after they have been slain
    Third Scripture Unlocked:
    Added skill: [Aura Convergence] - Enables the user to store and meld aura skills
    Fourth Scripture Unlocked:
    Added skill: [Aura Armament Release] - Clads the user in armor form made out of pure aura energy
    Remaining Scriptures - Locked State
    Effects: +10000 AP, -500 LUK, +2000 MP, +200 INT

    Wow, these skills sound amazing..

    Is it over?

    Well then, let's start moving to the cabin while checking my status..

    I wonder if my level increased from beating master..

    Hopefully I get to a level above 100 since Master told me that a human's level limit is level 200..

    I think to myself the keyword while standing up..

    I start walking and a blue window appears in front of me..

    Name: Orion Fullbringer (Astrum)
    Title: The Chosen Ones, Hidden God's Apostle, Martyr,Wandering Disaster, Dragon Lord, Beast-hunter
    Level: 666
    Race: Human Class: None Rank: Null
    HP: 150000/200000 MP: 100/320000 SP: 160000
    STR: 4000 AGI: 8000 INT: 16000
    VIT: 20000 DEX: 2000 WIS: 3200
    WP: 4500 AP: 500000 LUK: -9999


    A joke?

    I look away..

    I must be still tired..

    I look again..


    Yep, it's not a dream..

    But who could blame me for thinking that?

    What is it with these stats?


    Government conspiracy?

    Anyway, these stats are high..

    And this is in my limiter state..

    What would happen if I released my limiter now..

    I'm scared..

    What might happen to me..

    More importantly, what is with that level?

    The first thing I want to comment on is that ominous number?

    Am I in a demon cult or something?

    I won't summon a demon god out of nowhere will I?

    And isn't a human supposed to stop growing at level 200?

    Did Master lie to me?

    No, he never lied to me even once..

    But it clearly says human race right there!

    What the heck is going on..

    I can't..

    This is too tiring.. hmm?

    As I was bickering with my status problems..

    I finally reached the cabin..

    Now, the first thing I want to do is..


    "Let's make something to eat!"

    Meanwhile in the different parts of Quadra at the time~

    In the infertile lands of the Demon Continent, 8 shadows with horns are walking together..

    They were the ones called "The Travelling Sword Party"

    In the lead was an unusual black-haired young man followed by 7 others..

    He suddenly stopped and looked towards the north sky..

    A red-haired youth noticed their leader stopping and said..

    "What's wrong Ren?"

    As if the boy snapped out of his deliberation, he turned surprised and said..

    "Oh, it's nothing! Let's keep moving.. the ruins must be here somewhere.."

    "You're really weird Ren.."


    That magic power..

    So large..

    And there were two of them..

    Why did one disappear though..

    Well, until we meet in the future..

    It's not my problem..

    He thought as he sprinted to the front again..


    In the hot deserts of the beast continent..

    2 figures were trudging along the forgotten path of sand..

    When the boy with silver hair covered with a hood hiding his wolf-ears inside turned to the west..

    "You felt it too? Kaito?"

    A pale-faced dark-haired man hidden in a black hood that just begs to be scorched in this heat spoke to the boy..

    "Ah, such a gigantic amount of magic power.."

    "But I guess the fight is over now since one of them is gone.."

    "You're right, let's get a move on, Mortem.."

    "Hmm, lead the way then.."

    "Okay, [Summon Familiar]"

    A silver hawk comes out of a magic circle and flies towards a certain direction..

    The black-haired man casts wistful eyes towards the horizon and muttered under his breath..

    "I hope you found what you're looking for Arcveil.."


    In the lush green forests of the Elves Continent..

    A young woman with blond hair is standing on the branch of the tallest tree known in existence..

    The World Tree..

    And she looks to the east and said to herself..

    "I guess they have started to move, huh?

    She jumped down from the branch 100 meters from the ground..

    A normal person would think she would have died right there but that was a wrong conclusion when it comes to her..

    "Spiritum Jeres Miroid Aztus"

    She recites incomprehensible words and wind suddenly forms around her feet gently lifting her into the ground..

    "Let's tell the elders about this.."


    In the human continent..

    Inside the Royal Castle located in the Capital..

    A festive mood occurs..

    For this was the Princess' birthday..

    A party ensues with food and drinks..

    And people gathering to make merry around the princess..

    During the party, she hastily sneaks out into the royal training grounds and find someone there..

    It always brings a smile to her face and a glimmer to her eyes when she saw the spectacle..

    A red-haired woman with blue eyes concentrating light particles into her hands and releasing them outwards..

    The shining of the stars are comparable to this magic training she always does..

    "[Constellation Area]"

    The place is filled with stars of different shapes and sizes for a minute..

    And then it glimmers away as it disappears..

    "Hmm? Ah, it's you Meriam.."

    "Yes, it's me again Aria-neesama!"

    "Come to watch me practice again?"

    "Can I?"


    She suddenly looks towards the south border and thinks to herself..

    What terrifying power clashes..

    Someone that powerful is this close?

    I guess the time the heroes moved has arrived..

    I better make my own preparations now..

    She suddenly looks towards an image projected using stars which only she could see..

    In the shape of a little boy grinning stupidly staring into her with playful eyes..

    Please give me strength..

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    Chapter 16: Inheritance
    Part 1


    The wooden door makes a sound like it hasn't been used for a long time..

    "I'm home!(Tadaima)"

    I'm greeted with silence..

    That's right..

    Master's not here anymore..

    I might have said that out of habit..

    Yeah, If I remember correctly, It was when I was usually coming home from hunting demonic beasts for its meat..

    {"I'm home old man!"

    "Ah, did you manage to catch even one [Demon Boar] today?"

    "Of course, I'm counting on you for dinner old man!"

    "Sure, sure..just leave it there and go wash up while I prepare the meal.."


    "Oh, and Orion.."


    "Welcome back(Okaeri)"}

    And he'd have that goofy grin on his face whenever he said that..

    Honestly, it was irritating..

    But, to think I'll never go back to those days..


    Okay, okay already..

    Well, since I'm this hungry..

    I ain't holding back on the ingredients!

    I'm gonna make myself a feast!

    Hmm? What am I talking about?

    No, I mean I'm going to cook?

    Unbelievable? Aren't I a NEET? Weren't I a lazy free-loader?

    Honestly, I can cook you know? I think you're getting meaner every time..

    I mean I watched Master cook these dishes I've never even tasted before..

    So it's a given that I would be interested in learning how to do it myself..

    Over the years, he trained me not just in fighting, but also the ways to survive..

    And one of those things was cooking..

    No, I still can't cook as well as him you know?

    But I can puff out my chest with the skill level I have..

    And I will put even more effort in the future to surpass Master's cooking..

    And so, I took out all the ingredients we had on stock..

    I mean, I can always hunt some more later..

    Well, it is now noon..

    I think I have all of it but just to be sure, I'll check..

    I take into account the 100kg of [Demon Boar Meat], A bag of salt and pepper, Herbs and spices, Master's secret marinade and glaze, Vegetable oil, potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, garlic, and some aged wine that Master used to use when cooking every meal.. I think it's like cooking sake if I compared it to Japan standards..

    And the vegetables here are not really called that here, I just name it that because it's easier for me to differentiate between them, and since they taste almost the same, there's barely any difference..

    Well, let's start preparing..

    First I take out a giant pot and fill it with water from the water crystal and boil it using the "improvised cooking stove" I made by using metal and fire crystals with charcoal..

    While I'm doing that, I cut the potatoes, carrots and other various veggies into thin slices and put them inside the pot..

    I season it lightly and then I move on to the meat..

    What I'm going to make is my "Steak and Soup Set"..

    Yes, I'm not good at names, sue me..

    But it's delicious, you know?

    I got praised by Master when he tasted it..

    So I think that's good..

    Anyway, I cut a slab of meat and render the fat off carefully..

    I finished it in 5 seconds..

    What, a practiced hand moves well in the kitchen..

    After that, I slice the meat into bite-sized pieces and rub various spices on my hands..

    I make them absorb the various flavors by coating them in the spices while holding it in my hands..

    Carefully molding them into raw pieces of coated meat..

    When I finish, I place them into the soup broth to make a kind of pork-flavored soup..

    I season the soup lightly when I'm done and leave the lid on the pot to avoid it getting cold..

    Now, moving on to the main dish..

    I use a larger knife to fully cut the meat into steak sizes..

    And I render the fat in a skillful manner taking all the fat away into preservation to make lard in the future..

    After they were spread out on the table, I do the same thing by coating each in various flavorings and spices..

    But this time, I add the glaze and marmalade coating in order to give a certain sweetness to it..

    It was an arduous task since there was so much to season..

    But I know this will all pay off soon..

    I begin taking out the pans and heat them..

    I then take out the cooking wine and oil and spread it on each pan and add a stick of butter around them..

    After I determined it was at the right state for cooking..

    I place 6 steaks into each of the 6 pans..

    I can hear the sizzling sounds of juicy meat being in contact with a low flame..



    Be patient, me..

    I know I'm hungry and this even further stimulates my appetite..

    So I must control myself even though I know I haven't eaten for days according to my stomach..

    And by the time I noticed it, the sun was going down..

    Well, I guess it's gonna be dinner then..

    I then go back to concentrating on the meat..

    While it absorbs the flavors, I carefully and seriously watch if the other side is cooked already or not..

    I mean my eyeballs are literally moving to each pan at breakneck speeds..

    I'm amazed how hunger can force you to do crazy things..

    After one side is cooked at the optimal temperature, I flip it over to the other side..

    When it's all cooked, I put them on plates at my sides..

    I repeated this action again and again until..


    I can feel presences..

    They seem to be demonic beasts..

    But this kind of power is greater than average..

    And these numbers...

    10..40, no..70 demonic beasts are headed this way with something leading them..

    But why here?

    And that's when I noticed..

    The window's open..

    And the steam from the soup and steaks are moving outside..

    Oh No..

    Have they been attracted by the smell?

    No matter, I'll deal with them quickly..

    I won't let them even get a scratch on this house..

    This is where my last years with Master were spent..

    Besides, I think this magic power might be familiar..

    As I was driven with emotion, I sprinted outside to see who it was..

    "So it was you.."

    There I see shrouded in darkness and illuminated by the moonlight..

    A demonic beast army consisting of [Demon Trolls], [Demon Hobgoblin Raiders], [Demon Spiders], [Demon Wolf Riders], [Demon Bears], [Demon Orcs], and [Demon Goblins]..

    And the one in front riding the biggest [Demon Wolf] and the one leading this army..

    "The Ogre Lord"

    Yes, this guy, an annoying monster who will not die..

    The Ogre Lord is one who keeps gathering demonic beasts together in a horde and take over territories..

    But this guy in particular loves to keep collecting minions..

    So he might be a variant..

    I call this guy, "The Coward Ogre Lord"..

    Since every time we meet, I decimate his entire team and then, instead of fighting to the last breath..

    Once he realizes he can't win, he uses the others as a meat shield and uses some kind of skill to get away..

    And I didn't pursue him that much before, since there was no point..

    Still, why have they come this far to look for food?

    Wasn't their territory near Rouzier Forest?

    Oh wait..

    Even still, They had the guts to pursue their desires to the lengths of invading our home..

    This time, I won't let a single one escape..

    I won't show them any mercy..

    Wipe those stupid grins off those ugly faces of yours..

    It's time to begin the slaughter..


    The Ogre Lord signals to the others to attack and they all run in this direction..

    "Let's go..[Aura of Wrath]"
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    Part 2


    I clap my hands together in relief..

    I am now standing in the center of a massacre..

    Bodies strewn across the ground, blood decorating the battlefield, severed limbs and heads with mouths agape..

    It's practically a work of art..

    "That took longer than I thought"

    I say while staring at the decapitated head of the "Ogre Lord"

    I was originally going to use my sword techniques to kill most of them in one blow..

    But it didn't turn out that way..

    Turns out the skill I invoked, [Aura of Wrath] takes most of your consciousness during battle..

    I barely kept myself awake through all that..

    Instead of ending their misery early by slicing vital points, my body moved on it's own..

    And started eviscerating limbs and turning most of them into limbless stumps..

    Slicing their skin only and making them feel physical pain..

    And then killing their brethren in front of them and bathing them in their own blood..

    And the most cruel of all, I made them stay forcibly conscious so that they can see the scene of hell..

    And then finished them all off with a whirlwind of slashes to the neck..

    Am I a sadist when I use this skill?

    Dangerous, dangerous..

    I nearly, voluntarily vomited back there..

    But now that I think about it..

    They were just looking for food and the smell led them here since the forest was destroyed..

    Hmm? Wait, food?

    Then it hit me like a lightning bolt..

    "Oh no,,

    No, no, no.."

    I run with the speed of breaking the sound barrier on my way to the cabin..

    And to be met with a cruel fate..

    "No way, this can't be happening.."

    Everything's over..

    I don't want to look at this..

    The scene of fire..

    It turns out the oil spurted of the pan into a puddle near the stove and the flame sparks from the charcoal kept flickering and somehow lit the spilled oil on fire, turning the already cooked meat into charcoal themselves..

    And the ones which were currently being cooked?

    Same result..

    I hurriedly check the soup if it was okay..

    I turn my head and see that the lid is gone and there is nothing in the pan..

    No way, how long did I leave it boiling..

    It must have evaporated by now..

    But how the heck does meat evaporate?


    Is this some cruel, sick joke?

    Why must the world punish the food, they haven't done anything wrong..

    Take me instead..

    I spent a whole half-hour sprawled across the floor wallowing in self-pity and contemplating life..

    "Well, I can't do anything about it now.. Let's find something else to eat.."

    I stand up and forget this ever happened..

    "Oh right.. There is no ingredients left.."

    Ah, this is bad.. my head hurts.. and more importantly..


    Ah, I have to eat that don't I?

    I accept the harsh reality begrudgingly and soon after I walked outside..

    That night, I ate grilled [Demon Wolf Meat] which was of course, horrible..

    It was bland, had a rubbery texture and was hard to chew..

    But at least my stomach was filled..

    After that, I went to sleep and had a nightmare about me at the funeral for the meal I never even got to eat..

    I woke up sweating bullets, and then went back to sleep..




    The next morning, I woke up and rolled around my bed to get pumped for the new day..

    After that, I did my early morning routine..

    I ran 100 km around the area, did 1000 pushups, situps, and lifts, and practiced my swordsmanship for an hour..

    Yes, it might sound harsh but I'm used to it..

    But of course, at first, I thought it was impossible..

    And then, I got whipped into shape by my sadistic Master..

    And through the years, I gradually got used to it..

    After I was done, I drank lots of cool water from a water crystal to re-hydrate myself..

    I made some breakfast from the leftover meat..

    After I ate, I washed the dishes and sat on the couch..

    I was now thinking what my next move was..

    Since usually, after I get done with breakfast..

    I get started with whatever random training schedule that Master cooked up each day..

    But now that he's not here..

    I think it's time to move on..

    So, with that said, I want to leave the house to travel and go on an adventure..

    Yeah, I want to travel to all the continents and meet friends along the way..

    And have adventures and party battles with monsters.. Yeah, let's do that..

    This is a fantasy world after all..

    Oh, and also I have to do something about the coming war and stuff..

    Somewhere a tsukkomi was made about how he only thought of the God's war as something trivial by a certain God looking into his daily life, but that's for another time..

    I wonder how Kate-nee chan and Derek-tousan are doing right now?

    I hope we meet again someday..

    After I made my decision, I packed up all the things I needed..

    Clothes made out of [Demon Spider Silk], Provisions for a month, Cooking Utensils, Element Crystals for Daily Use, Sleeping Bag, Tent, Beast Materials from Demonic Beasts, and Travelling Tools..

    I put them all inside my [Aura Pocket] and went out of my room..

    [Aura Pocket] is a skill I developed by learning [Spatial Magic] from Master..

    He showed me his [Space Dimension] and I adapted it into an aura skill..

    Based on my experiments, it currently has no limits as long as I hold the item in my hand and put it into my pocket..

    Yes, I don't know why I designed it like that in the first place either..

    Since I was leaving, I had to pay my respects to Master..

    But I don't have anything to use to remember him..

    Ah, there might be something in his room that relates to him..

    He never lets me into his room for some reason but today it's important..
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    Part 3

    I enter through the door and find a simple bed and a lampshade on top of a drawer..

    There's not much here..

    Who knew Master liked simplicity considering he was a former Dragon King..

    I open the only thing that can be considered somewhere you keep things, the drawer..

    I find a photograph taken using [Light Magic] encased in a frame..

    It seems to be Master in his younger days with a woman with golden hair and they are both seem happy..

    This must have been his late wife..

    I place it on top of the drawer and offer a prayer..

    After I was done, I was about to close the drawer when I noticed something else..

    An enclosed red envelope..

    Entitled, To My Precocious Disciple..

    It must be for me..

    No, I'm not conceited..

    I open the envelope and find a letter a addressed to me..

    I knew it..

    "Dear Orion,
    When you find this letter in the drawer in my room, I might be already gone from this world. Because I know for a fact that as long as I lived, I would never let you set foot in my room. Because I know you would mock me for my room not having anything else except simple furniture. Anyway, the reason I'm writing to you now is that I know you must be blaming yourself for what happened to me. But I'm telling you, It was my own decision to force it upon you to release me from the material plane. I know that it won't make it up to you because you have to carry that burden for the rest of your life. But I left you something to help you on your travels, and Yes, I know that you want to explore the outside, you are my student after all. Just hold the badge I included in this letter over the bed to unlock the seal I made. So I'm not telling you to forget what happened. But I want you to know, It was a necessary experience. Because it had to happen sooner or later, I chose the former for you to realize that this isn't a world where peace rules because I saw in you a naivety that people don't kill each other. Consider it as my final lesson to you, my precious student. I hope you'll live your life to the fullest with no regrets.

    Looking forward to our next training session,
    Arcveil Ryuugal Deucarion​

    "Ah, he never changes, does he?"

    I find a tear escaping my eye and a bittersweet feeling in my chest..

    Well, I look forward to it too, Master..

    "Hmm, there it is.."

    I find a golden badge with the words written in the [Ancient Dragon Language] Master taught me..


    I say that while holding it over the bed area..

    Suddenly the bed conflagurates and disappears into thin air along with the badge..

    And what was left was a metal hatch..

    Inside was a long rectangular chest..

    I carry the chest into the living room and find..

    "What the?"

    A glimmering light of different colors..

    But the prevalent one was of course..





    After I hoarded everything..

    Yes, I'm ashamed..

    But now I'm rich so it's fine.

    What I found inside was:

    200 Platinum Coins, 10000 Gold Coins, and 68209 Silver Coins..

    I don't know their value though..

    So I can't be happy yet..

    For all I know, it must have come from the last era or something and now its worth less or even worse, invalid..

    (sigh) Anyway, that's not all that was in there..

    There were ores I have never seen before..

    I used [Aura Eyes] to identify them..

    [Mithril Ore], [Oricalchum Ore], [Adamantium Ore], [Dragon Iron Ore], [Quartz Ore], [Ruby Ore], and [Prism Ore]..

    The rest were [Iron Ore], [Steel Ore], [Copper Ore], and [Bronze Ore]..

    And I also found equipment..

    It seems to be tailor-made for my size..

    It's a night-sky colored leather coat with a hood, gloves, boots, armored shirt, pants, and an eye-patch?

    When I identified them, it said it was:

    [Plague Dragon Scale Mail]
    Cloth made out of the scales of the disastrous [Plague Dragon] and [Demon Spider] silk
    Doubles HP

    [Plague Dragon Scale Leather Pants]
    Cloth made out of the scales of the disastrous [Plague Dragon] and [Demon Spider] silk
    Doubles MP

    [Plague Dragon Scale Leather Gloves]
    Cloth made out of the scales of the disastrous [Plague Dragon] and [Demon Spider] silk
    Doubles STR

    [Plague Dragon Scale Leather Coat]
    Cloth made out of the scales of the disastrous [Plague Dragon] and [Demon Spider] silk
    Doubles INT

    [Plague Dragon Scale Leather Boots]
    Cloth made out of the scales of the disastrous [Plague Dragon] and [Demon Spider] silk
    Doubles AGI

    [Plague Dragon Scale Leather Eye-patch]
    Cloth made out of the scales of the disastrous [Plague Dragon] and [Demon Spider] silk
    Enables the skill [Reflect Magic]
    So yes, what is this cheat-like equipment?!?

    And the eye-patch that just screams chuunibyou is the most powerful of them all?

    What is with this setting?

    Am I going to be the D*rk Fl**me M*st*r or something?

    Although I think that, I still wear it..

    What can I say, I'm weak to these things..

    "Woah, it's a perfect fit.."

    Does this change according to its wearer or something like that?

    Now as for the other things..

    They look so weird that I can't even begin to think where they even came from..

    Because when I use my [Aura Eyes], all I see is "???"

    I guess my proficiency isn't that high yet..

    Well, let's leave that problem to tomorrow's me..

    For now, I'll use both hands to put everything in my [Aura Pocket]..


    It's noon..

    That took so long..

    Now that I think about it..

    I shouldn't have had to put the coins each one by one..

    I could have put it in a bag or something then put it inside..


    I smack my forehead with my palm..

    It hurts more than usual since I'm wearing my new gloves..

    Well, what's done is done..

    I will prepare to head east then, since Master once told me about it..

    The exit for this unmapped area is due east..

    But before I go..

    I turn my body when I made it to the doorway..

    "Thank you for everything.."

    I bow and say that to the space of the house..

    The place I've come to call home over the years..

    It is now time to part..

    The memories I've got with me, I will always treasure it..

    "Well then.."

    I open the door and it didn't creak for some reason..

    The blazing heat of the sun seeps through the open crack..

    "Man, it's hot.."

    I put on my dark hood over my head..

    I look back one last time and remember the old days where I used to say this..

    I take a step outside and say..

    "I'm going!(Ittekimasu!)"

    The times when he would always reply..

    {"Be careful out there(Iterasshai)"}

    With a smile on my face I move forward towards my new life..

    And the door closed shut..
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    Chapter 17: Sudden Encounter

    Hey there, it's your favorite chuunibyou, Juni-I mean, Orion-chan desu-yo..

    *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*

    Haha, you're too kind, I'm not that praiseworthy..

    Please calm your excitement..

    Now I'm going to do one more trick for you guys..

    Watch closely now..


    Afterimages appear at my sides like it was from a certain ninja-themed movie..

    Look at me now, first I'm over here..

    Now I'm over there..

    I continue moving side to side to create illusions of myself using one of the 7 [Sin Steps] that Master taught me..

    Well, I only learned one of them which was [Illusion of Wrath Step] which was integrated into my training..

    In battles, I'm sure it would rattle the enemy quite a bit..

    But for now, I'm doing it for fun..

    "Ah, how long is this road going to go on..."

    Yes, the reason I'm doing this is to pass the time and keep my mind off the long walk in this blaring heatwave..

    And due to the heat, added with these black clothes that made me sweaty..

    And above all, made me look like an antagonist from an old shounen anime..

    I mean, look at this eye-patch right now..

    It's currently covering my red eye and only showing the blue one..

    But if I switch it in reverse..

    Look, I now appear to be a traveling demon with red eyes..

    So I switch it back since it would probably be like this kind of setting from another person's perspective..

    One day, A boy obtained an immense power in the form of a curse, one that could potentially end life as we know it..

    Suppressing the end of the world by covering the [Shigan Eye] which rages out of control each day..

    The mysterious one-eyed, black-clothed man is said to be still wandering the world finding a cure to his curse..

    To this very day..

    Or something like that..

    Anyway, bottom-line is that this heat and boredom is messing with my head..

    Or was my head messed up to begin with?

    No, let's not get negative here..

    I stopped thinking altogether when I felt black aura gathering again..

    Even though I've trained to suppress it from leaking out, It seems that some aura skills are directly connected with my emotions and come out unconsciously when it corresponds to a certain stimulus..

    "What I wouldn't give for an air-conditioner right about now.."

    I would've have loved to have learned elemental magic but no matter how much I tried..

    I tried to learn [Water Magic] in order to learn it's advanced stage, [Ice Magic] to preserve food in ice, but alas..

    I couldn't even produce water from my hands..

    But I can regenerate wounds in the blink of an eye, huh?

    What sort of broken power is this?

    I have been trying to think of a way to control the temperature in my range area for hours now but to no avail..

    How could people in this world survive this heat normally?

    Are they built heat-resistant?

    And even if it was true, I wouldn't have minded the heat so much if I had someone to complain about it to..

    But even in that aspect, I haven't met anyone yet..

    It's been hours you know?

    Could it be that me and Master didn't know of the outside world's affairs and the apocalypse happened?

    So that means that I'm the only one left..

    No, I'm not even sure yet..

    I mean..

    That's too sad..

    Even for me..

    I'm sure I could see someone soon..

    If I just keep walking..

    Maybe if I run? No, that would make the other party afraid of me..

    (sigh) I do an ORZ position in my head..

    Seeing as there's no other choice but to keep walking and hope for the best..

    You can do it, me..

    Soon I'll be making a party and exploring dungeons..

    Yeah, I get myself pumped again..

    After that, I kept walking ahead without tiring..

    Well, physically I mean..

    Mentally? I was distraught..

    Because I noticed the sun was going down and the sky was turning red-orange..

    Ah, crows are flying through..

    Reminds me of when I was a baby stuck in that stable..

    Nee-san, I hope you didn't forget about me, even though we only spent 3 years together..

    At least I would believe so..

    While smiling fondly reminding myself of the time when I was in my infancy to toddler period..

    I heard a scream..


    I look towards the east where the sun was setting..

    Strange, I thought the sun set in the west..

    While deliberating random thoughts, I notice it..

    A silhouette gradually getting bigger..

    It seemed to be running in this direction..

    Hmm? That shape, It seems to be, No, could it be? After 12 years of isolation, will I finally meet..

    A human?

    What was running towards me was a pair of hills, I mean(Janakutte) melons, no, it's heaven!(tengoku)..

    Well, aside from that..

    It was actually a girl, running away from something..

    The girl seems to be about the same height as me but shorter, has big round purple eyes which tip into the scales of the cute side, pale but well-featured face, snow white skin, long wavy purple hair, and a cute pair of bunny ears..

    Fumu, fumu.. She is without a doubt, a genuine bishoujo!

    Cute is justice after all..

    Wait a minute, let's go back..

    Bunny ears?

    Does the human race have bunny ears in this world?

    No, Kate-neechan and the other humans I met didn't seem to have them..

    Then she must be..

    Oh, no time for that now, they're coming..

    By they, I meant the horde of demonic beasts chasing the bunny girl..

    Kind of sounds perverted when I say that..

    But I pay it no mind..

    Now is the time to help her..

    I mean, Since I'm free after all(Hima dashii~)..

    I sprint towards the demonic beasts and identify them even before getting within range..

    It's because I can see farther even catching minor details with the help of my [Aura Eyes]..

    I mean that's why I took mental images of the crying bishoujou running towards me..

    No, don't call me a creep..

    It's for research purposes, yeah to find out more about her race..

    Yosh, let's go with that..

    Don't look at me with those eyes(Yamete-kudasai)..

    Anyway, I identified them to be [Demonic Vipers]..

    They seem to be a pit of snakes, they seem to be a disturbed nest, judging by their frenzied states..

    About 20 of them? Sounds easy enough..

    While they're hissing and baring their fangs toward the girl..

    They finally notice my presence..

    The girl does too..

    "Too late(Osoi)"

    With that as the keyword, I create a [Nameless Aura Sword] with [Aura Sword Creation]..

    I drew an arc with the purgatorial sword style move, [Eternal Moonlit Arc]..

    The next second, snake heads hit the floor with blood spurting out their necks..

    Yep, there are no survivors..

    After confirming their deaths, I turn around and walk towards the girl..

    I held out my hand to help her get up since it seems she had fallen to her knees in relief earlier..

    She has a dumbfounded face with surprise evident looking at the spectacle before her..

    Well, In this sort of situation, should I say some words to calm her down?

    Okay, don't mess this up, it's the first words to someone else besides master in 12 years..

    Yosh, let's do this!


    I tried to talk slowly to imitate a relaxing voice with a smile on my face but..

    Ah, it backfired..

    She's scared even more now..

    What am I going to do now?
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    Chapter 18: Sleepless Night
    Part 1


    The bright orange flame flickers under the moonlit sky..


    The cold night breeze is blowing through the grasslands..

    It lowers the overall temperature of the surroundings..

    Thereby symbolizing that the day has come to an end..

    Giving a kind of drowsy atmosphere..

    I might be drifting off to dreamland right about now..

    Except, for the fact that I'm not alone..

    Two eyes colored like amethyst are staring at my every move..

    Ah, I knew it..

    This kind of atmosphere is very awkward..

    I am now finished setting up the tent and sleeping bags and blankets for later..

    Before that, I made a campfire with charcoal using a fire crystal and cleared out the area of beasts and the like..

    Now, I'm preparing my cookware to make supper..

    What should I make tonight? Hmm..



    As expected, I can't get rid of her cautiousness..

    I can't think clearly because of that..

    And I know, talking will only make it worse..

    I mean, she's now fully on-guard against me just because I tried to comfort her..

    Isn't that too mean?(Hidosugirune?)

    So I decided to keep my mouth shut and let her escape..

    And I walked even further north to show her that I mean no ill will..

    But it seems that she kept following me while keeping wary 100% of the time..

    I'm not gonna hurt you, you know?

    Is this the fate of someone like me?

    Who has had no other contact with other people from the big city and appeared as if I came from the countryside?

    Is it that obvious?

    This is too cruel..

    My worst fear has came to be..


    A country bumpkin..

    Ah, even though I tried to be cool and hide that part of me..

    What frightening detection skills must the inhabitants of this world have..

    I wrestle with my emotions drifting between sadness and regret while lighting the portable stove until..

    The eyes that were glaring at me like I was her father's killer has stopped..

    I slightly turn my eyesight onto the girl without her noticing..

    She seems to have a curious expression on her face..

    And her line of sight is going..

    Ah, she's staring at the portable stove in my hands..

    "What, what is that thing? What are you planning to do to me with it?!?"

    Ah, she finally spoke to me..

    Except, her voice is tinged in wariness and fear..

    Am I really that hard to talk to?

    But she wants to know what my portable stove is, huh?

    Does she really not know what it is?

    Doesn't the big city have these kinds of contraptions?

    I mean, I made it by myself you know..

    Couldn't anyone have made it easily?

    Oh wait, now's not the time for that..

    It seems she thinks I'm going to use it for something evil..

    No, I'm not a fan of using toys, what? it's true..

    And even if that wasn't true, I would still not lay a finger on her without consent..

    I'm a feminist at heart, I wouldn't hurt girls without good reason..

    No even if there was a good reason, I still wouldn't..

    (sigh) Now I'm starting to contradict myself..

    For now, let's answer her question with all the courtesy I can muster..

    "Ah, yes. I'm going to use it to make supper.."

    I tried adding ~desu at the end to show respectful behavior..

    I just hope she doesn't take it the wrong way..

    "*Hiiii* Are you going to cook me?"


    She took it the wrong way!!!!!!!

    Why does it have to be like this..

    Am I cursed?

    Was it because of the first skill I received in this world?

    Is it permanent?

    Iyada, go away [Curse Aura]!

    It was then, I noticed..


    I unconsciously used [Curse Aura] all the way here..

    Was it because I was cursing the sun and it's blasted heat?

    But how can it be this powerful even to the point where she is treating me, her supposed savior, as a demonic entity?

    As I was taking a closer look at the skill, a blue window popped out..

    Curse Aura (Master) - Proficiency 99.99%
    Enables you to make the target of your choice, feel immense fear through the use of your aura magic.
    How much fear caused depends on the number of Aura Points (AP)
    MP Cost: 500/minute

    It really does come out at the worst times..

    Is it intentional?

    Nah, I'm just thinking too much about it..

    And what's up with that proficiency level?

    Isn't that already nearing a counter-stop?

    Have I been using it unconsciously most of the time?

    Since it made it to Master level nearing max proficiency..

    Well, I was cursing everything I could during the early days of hell training..

    According to Master, there are 5 levels of proficiency in the world of Quadra..

    Beginner Level, Novice Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level, and Master Level..

    Although Master said that there was a hidden level after Master level but he doesn't know how to reach it either..

    He said he heard it when he was travelling the continents, but he couldn't remember how he heard it..

    Well, not that it bothers me that much..

    Yosh, let's ignore it and start cooking, I'm hungry..

    When I turned around not minding what she asked..

    She got really teary-eyed all of a sudden..

    Does she really think I'm going to eat her?

    There has to be a limit to misunderstandings..

    Even for the country bumpkin introvert me..

    Ah, now that I say it again, it is depressing..

    Anyway, let's try cancelling the skill now..

    I notice that even though it's consuming mana at a rapid pace when invoked, there is no dent in my mana pool..

    Do I regenerate magic power that fast?

    Anyway, I put it out of my thoughts for now and stop using [Curse Aura]..

    The tense atmosphere from before vanished and what replaced it was a sigh of relief..


    From the bunny girl..

    Was she really that scared?

    No matter how you look at it, it's excessive and comes off rude..

    Wouldn't it have been fine if I just ignored her plight and moved on?

    No, this is bad, now I'm starting to doubt my own sense of justice..

    That's right, never forget, that cute is justice..

    I calm myself down and start cooking the dishes..
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    Part 2

    Today, I'm having viper-meat grilled barbeque and spiced vegetable soup..

    It sounds disgusting you say?

    Well, I'll have you know that snake meat is delicious once you find the right flavors and take out the poison..

    Who am I even arguing about this to?

    I finish setting up the stove and the grill and start cooking..

    The steam is rising up from the boiling pot and the smell of spices spread its aroma with it..

    The refreshing sound of meat hitting the metallic grill and the dripping of meat juices fill the void of a cold silent night..

    I just hope no beasts come and get enticed by it..

    Hmm? Now, the bunny girl seems to have lowered her guard..

    Her eyes are swimming from looking here and the ground..

    While I'm happy that she isn't that hostile anymore..

    I hope she can talk to me about what she was doing here in the middle of the grasslands..

    I was about to try and talk to her about it when..




    She looked away with a red face..

    She seemed to be embarrassed..

    Well, I for one think it's kind of cute..

    Well, let's not keep her waiting then..

    After a few minutes, the first batch of meat was done so I put it on a ceramic plate I brought with me and..

    "Eat up(Douzo)"

    I walked up to her and placed it on her delicate hands..

    She turns and looks at me with a surprised expression but I detect something in her eyes that seems a little different..

    It seems she's speechless so I smile a bit and stand up turning back to the temporary cooking station..

    But suddenly, I heard a voice behind me..

    "Tha-thank you.."

    Well, what do you know..

    She does know how to thank people, I knew there is no way a cute girl such as her would be totally ignorant...

    As I was celebrating in my head, I sat down in front of the grill and resume cooking..

    But I don't forget to watch the bunny girl in the corner of my eye take her first bite of the barbequed meat..



    Ah, even though I knew she would like it, it still is nerve-racking to hear opinions about your food from others..

    Since only Master so far have tasted my dishes..

    "I'm so relieved(Yokatta)"



    I let my thoughts out of my mouth..

    Okay, let's try a follow-up quick..

    "Was it to your liking? The food I mean.."

    "Ah, mm, It was good.."

    Woohoo(Yatta) Nice one, me..

    I'm starting to see the light at the end of the cave here..

    I got to take this home before the conversation dies..

    You can do it, myself!

    "Um, the soup is also done, would you like some?"

    I nervously await her answer..

    Like a boy in middle school confessing to the girl he likes while waiting for the inevitable rejection to come crashing..

    "Y-yes, please.."

    "Ah, got it..coming right up.."



    I suddenly got too excited that I talked like a cook from an old ramen shop..


    Just laugh it off, pay it no mind, act like it never happened..

    "Here you go, be careful since it's hot.."


    I hold a bowl of soup over her hands and she receives it timidly..

    She takes a spoonful and..

    "This one good.."

    She's honest isn't she, what a good girl..

    Okay, I think the mood is right, let's have a proper talk with the bunny girl..

    "Um(Ano).. I really would like to apologize for anything I may have done to offend you"

    I slightly bow, no I bow apologetically to the bunny girl..

    Because even if I know that I saved her, I still made her experience mind-numbing fear..

    So I will apologize first, this is what a true man is..

    "Ah, no it wasn't really your fault, I suddenly got really paranoid when I saw you so close to me before, sorry about that"

    "I-I see.."

    "Ah, but don't worry, I'm all right now, it must have been the fear of being chased around for hours.."

    Eh, hours?..

    "Ah, It must have been hard for you, My name is Orion Fullbringer by the way.."

    I casually start introducing myself..

    "Yes? Ah, I mean, thank you so much for saving me before and for this meal now, Orion-san, I'm Roseanne Leary, as you can see I'm a beast-man of the rabbit tribe.."

    Wow, her name sounds so sophisticated like a noble's..

    But never mind that, there is a whole tribe of bunny-eared nekomimi?

    I want to go there, paradise..

    This is bad(Ikan2x), I'm delving into my delusions again..

    I steer the conversation into the right path before it gets derailed by my own words..

    "So, Rose-san, would you share your story with me over supper on what you were doing out here?"

    "Sure, but I want to know more about you too, oh, and seconds!"

    Well, I'm glad she isn't hostile anymore but..

    Now that she's relieved of her problems, she is starting to wolf down everything in the blink of an eye..

    It seems I found myself a gluttonous woman..

    After she eats all the meat while talking with me, she asks for another helping..

    I couldn't refuse the killer combo in the end..

    Those sad round eyes looking up at me and those weapons of mass destruction..

    Have mercy on my food supply, I beg of you..

    It seems at this rate, my month's worth of food will only last a week with this girl around..

    Well, it seems she did talk about her situation though, and I also casually asked about some of the common knowledge..

    I'm afraid of my own casual talking talent..

    When it became late, I produced an [Aura Barrier] around the camp without her noticing and slept outside the tent..

    Rose-san said she didn't mind sleeping outside but I wouldn't budge..

    Due to that, we argued for a bit..

    I didn't lose you know?

    But in the end, it was decided that we both had to sleep in the tent..

    *Sounds of soft breathing*

    As expected, with her and her melons right next to me, I couldn't even sleep a wink..
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    Chapter 19: Arrival

    The next morning, I woke up..

    Well, stayed awake is more like it..

    Since the situation didn't let, no didn't permit me to sleep..

    As I grimaced at starting a new day while grumbling in my head, I got up and lazily washed my face and hair..

    "Ah, the cool air hitting the moisture on my face is refreshing.."

    Yes, the time is now just before the break of dawn..

    So the air is slightly colder than normal..

    After that, as always I do my morning routine..

    It's the only thing right now to make me forget last night and wash away my tiredness..

    "Yosh, let's go!"

    I start jogging and then gradually go faster into a sprint..

    And the scenery rapidly changes while I move at greater speeds than before..


    As the sun rose, I came back from running and started doing the usual exercises..

    Releasing the dirt, oils, and sweat out of my system..

    This has become a habit..

    Well, it's fine, it keeps me in shape which is a good thing..

    Hmm? I sense a line of sight towards me coming from the tent..

    I look there from the corner of my eye and spot two eyes staring at me..

    Ah, why is she looking at me that intently?

    Is it because I'm half-naked right now?

    I always take off my top when I train to avoid sweating into my clothes..

    She must be being cautious again since I might have been branded as a pervert..

    Ah, I wonder if I got a title from that..

    I certainly hope not..

    Well, let's not mind her right now..

    For now, let's recall what I learned from her last night..

    I dig through my memories as I was currently doing sit-ups..

    Superhuman? No, for the present me, this is normal though?(Futsuu dayo~)

    So anyway, apparently, the rabbit tribe is located in Fang City of the Feriad Continent in the Eastern part of Quadra..

    Its population consists mainly of demi-humans such as [Werewolf], [Rabbitman], [Dragonewt], [CaitSith], and [Featherkin] which controls the 5 tribes, but other races can still enter its walls..

    This seems to be true for other countries as well..

    It is good that races can freely enter each other's borders..

    Well, it might have been due to the last war though..

    As Rose-san continued talking about the beast city, Fang..

    I found out that she belonged to an organization they called "The Explorer Guild"

    When I inquired about it, she said that it's a type of guild that deals in finding rare treasure by conquering dungeons..

    Uwah, I got a little excited, but when I heard the word "type", I naturally asked..

    {"Type of guild? Are there other guilds?"}

    When I said that, she told me about the "Four Great Guilds"

    There were 4 different guilds that were scattered across the continent..

    The guild that is mainly located in Myriad, the human continent, was "The Adventurer's Guild" which only deals with herb requests, escort missions, monster subjugations and the like..

    In the Eastern Beast Continent, Feriad, was "The Explorer Guild" that dealt with anything related to dungeons and labryinths scattered across Quadra..

    In the Western Continent, Neriad, the place where its inhabitants are said to be [Elves], [Dwarves], [Dryads], [Dark Elves], [Fairies], and [Pixies] and many different dangerous wildlife and plants had "The Alchemist Guild" where anything in the realm of herbs, plants, potions, and medicine for illnesses are in their control and also their area of expertise..

    Finally, in the South, The Demon Continent, Heliad, had the "The Traveler's Guild" where it's main area of experience was how to map unexplored areas across the continent and finding unexpected riches while they're at it..

    She also said that there were other minor guilds like; "The Merchant's Guild" where they deal in trading goods with currency and the like; "The Craftsmen's Guild" wherein the people affiliated with construction of infrastructures and those with artistic talents in making magic tools and inventions are found..

    Such interesting organizations..

    Naturally, I wanted to ask if I can join them all but..

    {"There is a card issued to you when you first register at any guild, Once you receive it, it will be impossible to lose it since the card merges with your magic power and becomes ethereal when not needed and no, you cannot be affiliated with more than 2 guilds."}

    Is what she said..

    So I better think long and hard about whether I want to explore and kill monsters, or travel and make medicine, or taking the high road of crafting magic tools while selling them as a merchant..

    Ah, so much choices to choose from, decisions..decisions..

    I never did got to choose in the end because it became late and we had to turn in..

    I hope I can make up my mind soon..

    As I was thinking that, it seems she woke up at the exact moment when I finished my morning training..

    "G-good morning, Orion-san.."

    Her face is so obvious..

    Her eyes are swimming left to right, completely revealing that she didn't just wake up at this time..

    But that's not the only thing that's swinging..Oops, got off topic..

    She seemed to be faking a yawn to sell it as a "coincidence"..

    Well, I don't particularly mind it, so let's let her off this time..

    I put my wooden training sword in my [Aura Pocket] out of Rose-san's line of sight..

    And I start preparing breakfast..

    A light miso soup and fish I caught from the river I brought as provisions cooked with vegetable oil and spices..

    It's to get rid of the fishy smell..

    I regret not having rice to complete this meal but I use mash potatoes instead..

    I season and taste them all before cooking and then serve it on a wooden tray I brought..

    I hand one set to Rose-san and I caught a drip of drool on her mouth..

    But I decided not to talk about it since she noticed and wiped it off soon after..


    She tilted her head confused at what I said but I don't mind it and start eating..

    Yep, it's good..

    After cleaning up breakfast and the campsite, I start to move with Rose-san on the road..

    She didn't ask me about where the tent and stuff went so I believe she misunderstood that I had an [Item Box] skill..

    One of the topics we talked about last night was the [Item Box] skill that she can apparently use..

    It seems to be a lower grade version of Master's [Spatial Dimension] since it can't hold that much space..

    And it doesn't seem to stop time when items are placed inside..

    Naturally, I had to go along with this misunderstanding since I didn't know what she'd do if I told her..

    That my [Aura Pocket] has limitless space so far..

    Don't mind it, let's talk about another topic..

    As were walking along the dirt path along with the sun rising as a background, I try to start a conversation..

    "Hey Rose-san, why where you running from [Demon Vipers] and how did you get here?"

    "Ah, you see.. It's a long story.."

    "It's fine, we have a lot of time until we get near the town.."

    Since she told me the nearest town was about half a day's walk from here..

    Shes said the town was named "Gemini City", I don't think the humans noticed it but..

    The humans, cities and villages are usually named after zodiac symbols and constellations..

    I wonder why is that..

    After Rose-san started telling me her story, I understood..

    Although she wasn't lying when she said it was long since it is now slightly after noon and the sun is high in the sky..

    I think it was because she added a lot of unnecessary detail in that story like reading from a book or something..

    But I guess she tried to make it interesting in her own way..

    So what I got from her story was a rough summary consisting of her doing a quest to find labryinths in the Myriad Continent since she said that her only job right now was [Explorer] and her class was [Beast Tamer]. Due to these reasons, she tried an A class quest she took because she was a B ranker and went here in search of a new frontier..

    She came across a pit of [Demon Vipers] when she tried to explore a hidden path through the cliffs bordering the grasslands, and when she did, she didn't stay away. In fact, she tried to tame one of the [Demon Vipers] without any kind of caution since she said they were kind of cute at first..(sigh) Anyway, the taming didn't work and the [Demon Viper] called it's friends and tried to eat Rose-san for lunch and chased her around till they met their untimely demise at a certain chuunibyou's hands..

    Guilty as charged..

    Well, thanks to that long talk though, I can finally see the town..

    "Wow, it's so big"

    "It's just like Fang City but smaller.."

    I put my thoughts into words unintentionally due to the first time scenery of tall ramparts surrounding the city..

    And did she just say that Fang City had bigger walls than these?

    Ah, it seems we've arrived..

    "Halt, who are you people?"

    "Show your identification please and tell us what business do you have in Gemini City."

    Two men slightly taller than me shouts at us..

    Ah, I do look like a suspicious person..

    I take a look at myself and sigh inwardly..

    I wouldn't blame them for suspecting me..

    "Oi, why aren't you speaking up? Are you a criminal?(Hanzaisha nanoka teme?)"

    "Ah, no I'm.."

    Ah, it seems I'm in a bit of a pinch just when I arrived at my first town..
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    Chapter 20: First Impression
    Part 1​
    I was racking my brain wondering what to say to them since I never thought I would be stopped at the gate..

    Should I tell them the truth?

    'Hi, I'm a person from another world and I don't have any identification but could you somehow let me through?'

    Like I would say that!

    They would put me in jail the second that slips from my mouth..

    And I'd forever be labeled as a weird and suspicious criminal..

    I don't want that kind of bleak future so I try to find a way out of this..

    Yosh, let's bribe them!

    I mean crooked cops do it every time in those movies I used to watch..

    As I was about to sweet talk him into a deal, someone interrupts between us..

    "Ah, this guy is my friend from the east and he wanted to register as an [Adventurer] in this town.."

    It was Rose-san telling a blatant lie with a somehow convincing face while handing over her card..

    Or is it a poker face, I don't know the difference..

    "A demi-human [Explorer] huh? Well, why didn't you say so from the start..Oi, remind them of the rules.."

    He turns towards another guard who seems to be younger than him, he must be his subordinate..

    Ah, that reminds me of the senpai-kouhai relationship from high-school..

    Don't be mistaken, I wasn't actually part of them since they ostracized me, or the term "pretended I didn't even exist" might be the right wording for it, but I observed the freshmen getting bossed around by the seniors sometimes..

    When the younger man heard him, he went up to us and said..

    "Yes, if you don't have identification papers yet, we can issue you a one-day permit to pass through the gates."

    "Really, so I can enter the city using it?"

    "Yes, but to issue it, we need you to pay 1 silver coin and place your hand on this crystal ball."

    Eh, 1 silver coin huh..

    "Ah, sure, here you go.."

    I dig through my pockets exaggeratedly to show that I'm searching for something while I'm actually using [Aura Pocket]

    And then I hand a silver coin from my hand into his.

    I just hope it's still valid..


    Oh no..

    "Wha-what is it guard-san?"

    "Oh, no need to be nervous, I just wanted to know if you had an exact silver coin so I don't have to give change.."

    Huh? Change? But I thought I only gave one silver coin..

    My thoughts get interrupted by Rose-san's next words..

    "Hey, Orion, by any chance, did you mistakenly hand a large silver coin instead of a normal one?"

    Ah, now I understand..

    "Huh, no, sorry, I don't have any silver coins on me right now.."

    I try to make excuses with sweat beading down my neck and into my lower back..

    "Is that so, that's what he said, guard-san."

    "Well, it's fine, no big deal, I'll come back with the change while my superior watches over the test."


    "Yes, now good luck!"

    He said as his figure disappeared inside the walls into the barracks..

    Yes, I can see that far if you still haven't noticed..

    "Oi, what are you waiting for?"

    "Ah, um, what am I supposed to do exactly?"

    "(sigh) This is troublesome, all you need to do is place your hand on the crystal and wait.."

    Does this guy hate his job or something?

    Well, let's do as he says for now..

    I place my hand on the crystal and..​

    [Identification Magic] Detected
    Use [Reflect Magic] Subskill [Hide Status]?
    YES / NO


    I can detect magic being used on me? I think it's due to the [Plague Dragon Scale Leather Eye-Patch]'s innate skill..

    Ah, now I realize I could have made an uproar here if my status were revealed now..

    So naturally, I choose [YES]

    When I thought that, strange blanks enclosed by parentheses appeared beside my statuses on the status screen..

    So I concluded that this was the [Hide Status] subskill and I had to fill it up, and so I did..

    After I was finished, the crystal emmited a white light that later changed into the color of the sky and after that, a blue window appeared in front of me and the superior guard-san..

    Orion Fullbringer(Astrum) {Orion Fullbringer}
    Titles: The Chosen Ones, Hidden God's Apostle, Martyr,
    Wandering Disaster, Dragon Lord, Beast-hunter {None}
    Level: 666 {30}
    Race: Human {Human} Class: None {None} Rank: Null {Null}
    HP: 400000/400000 {1200/1200}
    MP: 640000/640000 {2000/2000}
    SP: 160000/200000 {500/600}
    STR: 8000 {80} AGI: 16000 {160} INT: 32000 {320}
    VIT: 40000 {120} DEX: 2000 {20} WIS: 3200 {32}
    WP: 4500 {45} AP: 500000 {None} LUK: -9999 {0}

    I assume the ones enclosed were what guard-san was seeing right now..

    Also, for my luck, I tried to input a 100 number in there, but for some strange reason, it won't go above 0 into 1..

    (sigh) Well, it's fine..

    I say that to make myself believe it..

    "Well, it seems that you haven't committed a crime.."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Look, it's shining blue so you are innocent, when criminals touch this crystal, it turns red and it gets darker depending on how large the crime they committed.."

    "Oh, so it's like a method to distinguish criminals.."

    "Exactly, oh, here he comes now.."

    He and I both look at the direction of the gate and see the subordinate guard-san running here with a brown pouch..

    "Here, I got the change, check it all, it's 9 silver coins in total"

    He hands it to me and I open it and check..

    Apparently a silver coin is the size of a 100-yen coin from japan and smaller than the silver coin I gave..

    I think they called it a large silver coin?

    I have got to find out information about the value of these coins before anything else..

    "Yes, it's all there.. thank you guard-san.."

    "No problem, now move along now, other people are waiting."

    I turn my head and see that merchant-like peddlers and men with swords and bows are behind me..

    They must be adventurers judging on what they carry with them..

    As me and Rose-san walk towards the entrance, I look at the various dead game that the people behind me were carrying on their backs and shoulders, demonic beast subjugation is a usual thing here, huh?

    Oh, it seems we've entered already..

    What comes into view was a busy street..

    A street filled with people and noises from the bustling afternoon..

    Stores that seem to look like stands are lined up on each side and the merchants are shouting towards the surroundings in order to introduce their various products, customers who haggle them for lower prices, and children without a care, running around the streets swinging wooden sticks and laughing..

    This is it, a human city..

    Although, it's noisy, I prefer to call it, a lively place..

    I am really excited to walk around the stalls but..

    "Orion-san, where are you going? "The Adventurers Guild" is that way you know?"

    She calls out to me while pointing in the direction of the west..

    Ah, yes.. I had to register first, I was reluctant to part with the enticing stores and their various goods but I realized if I was going to buy something, I would need to know the value of money first..

    So it was a good chance to ask the guild about these questions while I'm there..

    "Ah, Yes, let's go"

    I said to Rose-san and quickly catch up to her gait and a few minutes later..
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    Part 2

    We reach a tall 3-story building where the base was made out of stone and the rest, wood..

    It had a sign on it written in strange letters, it seemed to be the common language but since I haven't read any books written in the common language in the past 12 years, I found it strange..

    Well, I was still able to understand that it said "Adventurers Guild ~ Gemini City Branch" but that was because of my [Continental Language Comprehension] skill that let me automatically translate it into Japanese..

    I'm glad I didn't have to learn from scratch..

    We enter the double wooden doors that is placed slightly above ground level and enter the building..

    Inside I saw three counters in the farthest front part, a general store and a bar in one side, various tables and chairs, two staircases leading to the second floor, and two notice boards at each side with words written on paper fastened onto them, which might be the request board based on my slightly advanced light novel knowledge..

    Men and women ranging from their 20's to their 40's are gathered inside the building but they all seem to get along pretty well, since they are groups of people huddling together looking at the request board and some are laughing while enjoying a drink..

    Since I only got a few weird stares that disappeared soon after, I concluded that, this must be normal to them..

    I don't hate this kind of atmosphere though..

    Because it's one of the special moments where people don't split like the Red Sea around me when I pass through..

    Ah, uncaring adventurers are nice, ain't it?

    I was reveling in happiness inside my inner monologue when I noticed we reached the receptionist table..

    "Hello, welcome to the Adventurers Guild, my name's Ella, how may I help you?"

    The receptionist seemed to be a brown-haired cute girl who seemed to be older and a refreshing presence..

    That smile would be idolized back in Japan..

    "A-ah, I would like to register as an adventurer please.."

    "Sure thing, is this your first time registering? If so, there is a payment of 5 silver coins for the [Guild Card] fee and you have to place your information on this [Magic Plate]"

    "Okay, here you go.."

    I put 5 silver coins on the counter and push it towards Ella-san..

    "Hmm? How about you, Rose-san? Are you not going to register?"

    I ask slightly perplexed..

    "Well, I don't want to become an adventurer for my second job, so I'll pass.."

    "Is that so.."

    Well, it's fine, I'm not one to pry into other people's business..

    After a few seconds, Ella-san passes the magic plate to me and I use a magic tool called [Magic Quill] to write my information on it, the info needed was only my name, age, level, class, special skills, and preferred job; between escorting, herb collection, or monster subjugation..

    Oh yeah, [Magic Quill] is convenient since it uses magic power for ink..

    After I fill it up with the necessary credentials, Ella-san chants something I didn't understand and the letters dispersed into mana particles and gathered into a card-shaped form into her hands..

    I guess chanting makes it faster? was the preconceived notion I got from the spectacle before me..

    When she was done, she takes the magic tools into the back and comes back with the [Guild Card]

    When she hands the bronze-colored card to me, I take a look at it..

    Guild Card
    Orion Fullbringer
    Level: 30
    Class: None
    First Job: Rank F Adventurer
    Second Job: None
    Completed Quests: None
    {Seal of the Adventurers' Guild}

    I see, this is a form of identification huh?

    "Now, please transfer magic power into the card.."


    I transfer some of my aura magic into it and..

    It disappeared into my palm..

    Scary, is it still there?

    Status Rank has been changed to F

    Oh, so that's what rank was..

    "Well done, now concentrate magic power into your palm and chant [Card Release]"

    I do what she tells me and..

    "{Card Release]"

    The aura particles gather into a card-shape once more..

    "This is pretty convenient.."

    "Yes, yes it is.. Now, let me explain the guild rules to you.."

    "Ah, sure.."

    I already heard it from Rose-san but I still listen to the whole thing nodding my head once or twice, because I don't want to appear arrogant in front of Ella-san..

    Well, in summary, it just states that the guild is not responsible for any injuries even death that happens on quests, you can only do quests that are your rank or one rank above you until A-rank, and fights and disputes are allowed between adventurers but you must not commit a crime, such as murder, or else, you get kicked out of the guild immediately..

    After Ella-san was done talking, I asked about the currency of the country under the guise of coming from the village..

    It was genius, if I do say so myself..

    "Well, there are 8 different types of coins in the human continent, mainly copper, large copper, silver, large silver, gold, large gold, platinum, and large platinum coins.."

    "Oh, and how much are these coins worth?"

    "Well. in the Myriad Continent, we call our coins in terms of value, Myr. While other countries have varying values in exchange rate between the four currencies, Myr, Fer, Ner, and Hel, our copper coins are equal to 10 Myr and a large copper coin is equal to 100 Myr, the same rate is true for silver, gold, and platinum coins.."

    I see, every large coin is ten times the amount of it's smaller version..

    Well, I will count the exact amount of Myr I have after this..

    But first, I have to find out if my gold and platinum coins are large or normal-sized..

    So I ask Ella-san and she told me to go to those who deal daily in coin work, [The Merchant's Guild]..

    So I ask directions and say goodbye to Ella-san while thanking her for the help..

    Me and Rose-san made out of the guild and then Rose-san turned to me and said..

    "Well, this is where we part, I guess.. Orion-san, thank you for saving my life once again.."

    "No, it's fine, I'm just glad you weren't hurt.."

    When I said that, she widened her eyes and smiled with her cheeks slightly pink..

    "You know, you are a really nice guy when I got to know you, even though you were scary at first.."


    I managed to make a dry laugh in front of the passive-aggressive remark..

    Even so, that smile was really something that lifts your spirits up..

    "It was short, but here.."

    She puts a small crystal on my open palm..

    "What's this?"

    "That, is something I found on my journey, but I don't know what it is though, but it's got to be something important.."

    Hmm, yeah, it is a kind of lustrous gem so I bet it has some value..

    Maybe I can find out what it is, I used [Aura Eyes] on it inconspicuously..


    [Voice Crystal]
    A crystal used in communication {Unrefined State}

    Wow, this crystal must be worth a lot, even though it's unrefined..

    "It's not much, but I want you to have a token of our friendship.."

    "No, it's really great, thank you Rose-san, and good luck on finding that labyrinth."

    "Ah, you're welcome, I will find it so dont worry, the next time we meet, I'm going to be a successful [Explorer], just you wait! Till we meet again, Orion-kun!"

    She walks to the shopping district while waving her hand to me..

    Hmm? Did she just call me Orion-kun?

    Ha, I guess we're now friends, huh?

    Well, it was a good experience, making my first friend in this world..

    Till our paths cross again, Rose..

    I didn't notice that my mouth was slightly turning upwards when I turned to the direction of the west..

    "Well, off to the Merchant's guild!"
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    Chapter 20.5: Intermission
    Part 1

    -Kazuya's POV-

    We are now now running..

    Moving our legs as fast as we can..

    You can hear the complaints and yells of my 7 other comrades..

    "Ren! Why can't you keep your hands to yourself?"

    "Ren-nii, I can't run anymore.."

    "Ren-chan, the blame on this is all on you, just to let you know.."

    "Ren-kun! Stop running ahead of us! Mou, even though you caused this situation!"

    "Why can't you just stop them with [Sin Gate] or use [Mass Teleportation] to get us out of here, Ren-niisan?!?"

    The 5 people who can still say that with obvious irritation and anger are breathing heavily, while the other two are so out of breath, that they can't even voice a complaint.. to me..

    Yes, we are now running from a horde of desert giants..

    And I am in the lead, since I have the fastest legs, of course..

    "Ah, that smug face of yours is thinking that you have the fastest legs, and it's to be expected of you! Right, you are the fastest alright, the fastest to run away first!"

    I swear, this guy can read me like an open book given that we spent all this time together..

    My brother, or technically, my foster-brother, Zen..

    "Ah, I can't use those skills right now Angela-chan, I just started recovering my magic power from the last battle and those skills cost a lot of mana..With that said, let's just keep running!"

    Yes, I realized these few years, that [Sin Gate] wasn't my innate ability..

    My hero skill was actually [Space-Time Magic] which is, by my standards, pretty awesome..

    I studied it and put it into practical application and found out that I can make new skills related to it endlessly if I can just understand the basic principle and theory of the skill, which was not hard, since I learned about it in school..

    Well, since we can't fight in this situation since that incident, I'll reminisce a bit while escaping..

    "Ah, he's showing a blank stare again.. Why do you daydream at a time like this?"

    The angry voice of youth doesn't reach the me who's looking into empty space..

    After we survived that wolf attack, I discovered my skill [Sin Gate] which was a unique skill that could access the legendary swords which were used by the 7 Dragon Kings that ruled the continent long ago..

    Naturally, I didn't tell anyone else about this but I did use them under the guise of a skill I developed, I shared my power with each of them, each one holding one [Sin Sword] which holds immense power sealed within..

    So when I gave them those weapons, they were happy that they could finally protect each other but, at first, they couldn't even wield the swords properly..

    So while traveling through the wastelands of the demon continent, I trained them in swordsmanship..

    Which was strange for me since I thought I knew next to nothing about the proper way of swinging a sword..

    But to my surprise, I could move as natural as breathing..

    And naturally, I applied this to my teachings and through the course of one year, they were able to master them..

    They said it was all thanks to me training them but I disagree, it was they, themselves who were working hard in order to learn them even a second faster, I even caught them training in the middle of the night..

    This is just the result of their unwavering determination to become strong enough to protect our small family..

    Since we stick together all the time, we naturally gone through life and death situations together..

    And with teamwork and coordination, we surpassed every challenge thrown at us so far, resulting in the creation of a bond stronger than camaraderie..

    The bonds(kizuna) of family..

    Even though were not blood-related, we treat each other like loved ones..

    Although we fight sometimes, no.. a lot, it doesn't affect our trust in one another..

    And while traveling throughout the continent, I discovered my innate ability and used it to make skills for two reasons..

    One was to make life on the road much easier..

    Like constructing skills such as; [Spacial Dimension], [Teleportation], [Mass Teleportation], [Instantaneous Movement], [Quicken], [Slow], [Replicate]..

    Which I developed using theories of a bag in a different place, moving in an instant. moving faster, make things move slower, going to a different scenery, and being at different places at the same time..

    And my ultimate skills that I've developed in secret which are..

    Enables you to stop time from moving in a designated space
    MP Cost: 10000/10 Seconds

    Sin Sword Convergence
    Enables you to gather the power of the 7 Deadly Sins into one weapon
    MP Cost: 70000/1 minute

    And my last resort skill, that combines both, my [Sin Gate] and [Space-Time Magic] into one..

    Dimension Rift
    Enables you to open a rift in space-time into the [Void Realm]
    MP Cost: 100000/1 Second

    Yes, this dangerous skill uses the power of all 7 [Sin Swords] and rips the fabric of space itself in order for me to go back to a random moment in the past 24 hours so that I can change something before it happens..

    But all these skills have a major drawback, namely, the cost of magic power needed..

    It's reasonable considering the amount of knowledge I possess on it is so little..

    Since the level of consumption and usage depends on my knowledge of space-time itself..

    Now for the last resort, I know it works because..

    I only ever tried it once, and here is what I found..

    First, you can only use it when all 7 [Sin Swords] are present..

    Second, you have a time-frame of one second to enter it before it disappears..

    Third, it costs an enormous amount of mana, and when you've successfully traveled back into the past, the magic power used will not be able to recover and is locked in a sealed state until you reach the time frame from when you opened the [Dimension Rift], only then will it start to recover..

    Fourth, you can only go back until 24 hours in the past and it is a random process since there is yet a way I can figure out how to control the exact time and place I end up in, so based on this hypothesis, I may just end up one second before the opening of the rift and just wasted my mana for nothing, henceforth, a last resort..

    Finally, you can alter anything in the past, but if you try to tell someone that you time-traveled from the future to warn them, you get a severe headache that stops you from thinking straight right before you warn them..

    I always liked to gather information since when I was back in elementary school, I dreamed of becoming a scientist..

    Well, that will never come true now, but I know I have my precious family to take care of this time..

    Well, after I developed those skills, we traveled a lot faster because of it..

    They kept pestering me about how they can use it, but I'm pretty sure that they can't since I knew it was a hero skill..

    And these guys didn't look like heroes, even so, the other reason why I developed these overkill skills was to prepare for the coming battles in the future with the heroes who I believe to have even more overpowered skills..

    So this is just meager insurance compared to them, who I have not yet met..

    I just hope, when the time comes, my precious comrades will stay out of it..

    Since I don't want them to die after all..

    Especially if there was someone with a bad personality among the other three heroes..

    Well, I guess we'll find out then..

    Until that time, I will never stop preparing and never let my guard down till I see their defeat with my own eyes..

    My eyes shone with a chilling light of anger and an unwavering blaze of determination at that time when I made my decision to follow through the prophecy that the Demon Goddess' Polaris said to me..
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    Part 2

    Anyway, over the years, I've developed different skills and ways to make living easier for me and my comrades and at some point, we found out that our name spread to most of the [Demon Continent] as a party of mercenaries, a group of friends that hold terrifying skill with the sword, problem-solvers, and we were coined "The Traveling Sword Party"

    Well, we did find some artifacts and treasures in various ruins scattered around the continent..

    And saved a bunch of villages and towns while we were just passing by..

    What can I say, my party members are soft-hearted..

    But that doesn't make their value any less in my eyes..

    They were just a merry bunch growing up together bound together by fate, and their love of discovering new places..

    Of course, me as well..

    I enjoyed the antics and clever pranks, adventures and problems, that came along the way..

    Now, I'm 14 and a half years of age, closely the same age as the rest of my party..

    So far, it all lead up to here, wherein we are running from a horde of demonic beasts because the ruins that we found had an artifact inside and through many battles, we reached the boss located in the center of the ruined undergrounds and conquered him at the cost of our slowly diminishing energy..

    And when we were just starting to recover, sprawled across the stone floor of the boss room..

    I found a ring on a pedestal which seemed to be the artifact and I yelled while simultaneously picking it up..

    {"Hey guys, I found the artifact!"}

    I said while showing a grin of accomplishment..

    {"Ren, you idiot, Sana-chan hasn't even checked for traps yet!"}

    And then and there, I saw Sana-chan, the girl the same age as me, with blue hair tied in a twin-tail hairstyle with short horns growing out of the sides of her head, pure white skin and beautiful blue eyes like an azure gem, showing a face of despair and resignation..looking behind me..

    So, as my mind moved at rapid speeds while taking every detail into account, thereby calculating the next course of action, it finished in the time-span of a second..

    The result was, I ran..

    As fast as the wind..

    And with dumbfounded expressions and some sighs here and there after, they as well, ran after me..

    Which brings us back to the current situation..

    "Ah, he's back! What took you so long, this time jeez.."

    "Do something. Ren-nii!"

    Well, I guess with all the running we did, I might have just enough mana to get out of this situation..

    Let's check, shall we..

    Reiten Tsuki
    Titles: The Chosen Ones, Demon God's Apostle, Thief,
    Unwanted, Beast-Hunter, Blademaster, Moonlit Demon, Fated One, Ruins Seeker
    Level: 471
    Race: Demon Class: Dual-Wielder Rank: S
    HP: 120000/500000 MP: 10398/180000 SP: 90000/300000
    STR: 4500 AGI: 10000 INT: 9000
    VIT: 50000 DEX: 5000 WIS: 4900
    WP: 1000 STC: 30% LUK: 450

    Yep, I was right..

    I have just enough..

    So I call out to them..

    "Get ready, I'm gonna cast [Mass Teleportation] so stay close to each other!"


    They all say in unison while picking up speed and nearing my vicinity away from the range of the beast horde..

    Well, it's fine if some of them get caught up in it..

    We can always deal with one or two..

    "I'm casting it, now! [Mass Teleportation]!"

    I imagine the place in my head the entrance to the ruins, to designate the destination point..

    The next thing we know, a blue light covers me and spreads to my radius catching everyone else in its range..

    After that, our scenery changed..

    We were back at the entrance to the ruins on the sandy dunes and rocks of the desert..

    It's cool now, so I look up at the sky and find out that it was now dark..

    I guess we spent about the whole day in there..


    They all sigh and plop down into the ground like it was a staged thing..

    "Hmm? What's wrong you guys, let's move already, we can't sleep here you know? It's cold.."

    They all shoot a tired but angry glance at me..

    Huh? What did I do?

    And my best friend Zen seemingly spoke up for them as a representative in a hoarse voice..

    "Ha, what's with you and your bottomless stamina.. Were still tired, especially since, we know we have to go back in there tomorrow to get that artifact back..(sigh), So can't we just rest here for now, since you caused it anyway.."

    Ah, so that's why..

    "Oh, cm'on don't be like that, look at this!"

    I held up the ring with a shining gem embedded at its center in front of them..

    "Why you, that's!?"

    "Yep, that's right, it's the artifact, I'm not that stupid to leave it there you know?"

    Haha, I should pat myself on the back for this..

    As I was waiting for my praise with closed eyes..

    Nothing came..

    I slightly open my eyelids to see what's wrong but what greeted me was..


    Lifeless eyes..

    Cold eyes..

    Filled with resignation and anger..

    "Huh?(Ar'e?) What's wrong you guys?"

    "You really are an idiot leader huh, Ren?"

    "Yep. Ren-kun is a huge idiot.."

    "Umm, Ren-nii, you, baka~"

    What, they're angry at me?

    And that last one was cute, Sera-chan...

    But that's besides the point..

    "Ren, you know if you could have left the ring in the first place, they wouldn't have chased us?"


    I only now realize it..

    Sweat gathers around my forehead and before I notice, a barrage of fists appear in front of my vision..

    I of course, could have dodged, but that would be rude..


    So I took it like a man and fell over..

    "Mou, let's go everyone..I'm hungry, let's go eat at a restaurant in town.."

    "Yes, Zen-kun, me too!"

    Cheers are heard when Zen recommended we eat and their footsteps slowly got quieter..

    "Hey! Don't leave me behind!"

    In fact, I'm hungry too!

    I run after them while I caught a few giggles here and there..

    I wish this daily life would last forever..

    Having fun with my precious family..

    I look forward to a positive future..

    And oh yeah, the food at the restaurant was bland as always..

    Since my tongue was used to it, I stopped caring about it long ago..

    But how I wish, I could taste the heavy seasoning of Japanese cooking one more time..

    Well, that is just wishful thinking after all..

    But, I have a dream, that my family, friends, and fellow demonkin won't have to fight and live together with the other races in peace, but I know it will take more than thoughts to change things..

    So until my dream comes true, the journey continues..
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    Character Images For Better Imagination

    Heya it's me SlashCrit here to bring you fuel for your minds, just to let you know, I am not claiming any ownership or rights over these pictures I found on the web. But here is some images that show how I imagine the characters will look like. Hope you like it. And who might that last guy be? Hmm..


    Naive Three-Year-Old Orion


    Reiten Tsuki


    Zenos Aragor


    Mystery Future ???​
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    Chapter 21: Dealing With Headaches

    After parting with my newly-made friend, I kept walking westward towards the business district..

    There are various food stalls, bars, restaurants, and the like with different enticing products with merchants calling various random people to sample their food..

    Of course, I had to persevere until I knew the necessary prices and such..

    Because I will have to pass on being scammed like being talked into buying something worthless with an astronomical price, but can't refuse since they will say things like: "It's a once-in-a-lifetime-offer you know?" or "This will make your wishes come true!" and such..

    In fact, I fell for shady scammers selling fake charms and bracelets for high prices back in Japan..

    I really thought they would work, so much that I got hooked into buying them again and again..

    Well, I did wish to make 100 friends back then..(sigh)

    Am I really that gullible..

    So I decided to just keep walking..

    Endure, me!

    I say to myself while my eyes are swimming to various vegetables on the stalls which I have never seen before..

    Ah, is it here?

    I have now arrived at a building slightly different than the Adventurer's Guild..

    Well, by slightly, I mean very different..

    Because instead of a three-story building made like a house from medieval times..

    It is a gigantic building about 3 houses wide..

    The imposing size is nothing like I have ever seen before..

    It has white walls coated with paint and glass windows..

    And a sign written in a regal manner that reads, "The Merchant's Guild Gemini Branch"

    It has slightly bigger oak doors with two guards? or what seemed to be adventurers at each side..

    Ah, it's been a while, glass windows..

    The last time, would be, let's see..

    Yes, when I first woke up in this world as a baby in the Astrum household..

    I wonder how they're doing now?

    Well, I'm sure I'll get the chance to see them someday..

    But I doubt they will remember me though..

    Anyway, I put those thoughts out of my head and walk up to the guards..

    "Um, is this the Merchant's Guild?"

    I ask the scary-faced guards timidly..

    "Ah? Oh, yes, this is it, you a merchant?"

    The man on the left with brown hair answers back while the guy on the left was just staring at me..

    Please don't be so suspicious of me like that..

    I'm a kind person desuyo~

    "No, no, I'm just here to ask questions about the currency since I'm from the countryside, you see?"

    "Is that so? Well then, you may enter.."

    He moves to the door and pushes it open..

    "Thank you, I'm sorry for disturbing your duties.."

    "It's no trouble.."

    But that guy is narrowing eyes at me adventurer-san...

    Please somehow tell him that I didn't do anything wrong..

    Hiding my inner turmoil, I enter the guild..

    What comes into sight is a bright room, illuminated by [Light Stones] and goes well with the white and yellow paint, two counters at the center, two doorways at their sides, and four staircases at the farthest edges of the building leading into the second floor, and a wide board filled with paper like the "Request Board" but upon closer inspection, the contents of the writings were actually monster materials, herbs, gems, and the like..

    There seems to be a price set for every item below the request..

    I guess that is where you let people know either you're buying or selling something..

    How convenient, like a medieval-style shopping website..

    I was admiring the aesthetics of the guild and thought about how different it is compared to the "Adventurers' Guild"..

    While looking around, I move towards the counter..

    "Hello, Welcome to the Merchant's Guild, here to register? buy or sell something? or introduce a product?"

    "Ah, no, none of the above, I came here because I got referred here by the Adventurers' Guild that this is where I can ask about the currency and the prices of the various facilities in the city.."

    "Ah, are you an adventurer then?"

    "Yes, I just registered today.."

    "I see, will you please show me your card?"

    Is she suspicious of me?

    She looks like she won't just take my word for it..

    But I guess it's not just because she is trying to do her job properly, huh?

    Well, I am wearing weird clothes and an eye-patch, but I can't help it!

    People will see my different-colored eyes!

    And I'll get shunned for sure..

    Because so far, I haven't seen anyone else have this problem..

    Well, then..

    Let's go along with it for now..

    Even though I'm reluctant..

    "[Card Release]"

    I recite the specific chant and a card-shaped bronze plate appeared in my hand..

    I hand it over to the receptionist and she looks it over and says..

    "Okay, it seems you're telling the truth, for information gathering, that will be 1 large silver coin, please!"

    Expensive! Well, I mean it is valuable information after all..

    Or she's just scamming me, well, it's fine for now..

    I won't know the prices even if I disagreed now..

    And also, I was right, she was suspicious of me..

    It makes me feel like apologizing for being born..

    And so, I put a large silver coin on the counter and she starts grinning for some reason..

    "Haha, you really don't know, huh? I guess you weren't lying after all, but you are strange.."

    "Huh, what do you mean?"

    "I mean, it doesn't cost anything to find out widely-known currency information, I was just seeing if you were telling the truth, is all, Well, then, here is your money back.."

    She hands the coin back to me and starts taking out different coins from the back of the counter..

    And did she just insult me a bit there? I will never know..

    Well, let's listen to her for now..

    "So, this is a copper coin and a large copper coin, it is valued at 10 Myr and 100 Myr respectively.."

    "Fumu, I see.."

    "And this is a silver coin and a large silver coin, their value is at 1,000 Myr and 10,000 Myr each.."

    "Go on.."

    This is the part I was waiting for..

    When I urge her to continue, she takes out..ah..

    "This is a gold coin and a large gold coin, one is worth 100,000 Myr and the other, 1,000,000 Myr.."

    Yep, that large gold coin, that's what I have..

    Well, I kind of knew this would happen..

    The next one should be..

    "And finally, this is a platinum and a large platinum coin, their value is astronomical, the smaller one worth 10,000,000 Myr, and the largest currency as of now, worth 100,000,000 Myr, enough to buy a castle on prime land.."

    As I thought..

    That large platinum coin and the ones in my bag are one and the same..

    (sigh) My head hurts..

    So if I calculate everything I have in my storage right now..

    I would have, in Myr currency, exactly...

    30,682,084,000 Myr..

    How much have you saved over the years, you stupid Master?

    What were you even planning to buy with this?

    Ah, I don't even want to think about it..

    I try to convince myself that it was normal because in the novels I used to read, dragons loved to hoard treasure..

    Don't think about it, don't think about it..

    If I say something here, I lose..

    Let's just accept it..

    It's not like I'll ruin the economy right?

    I can't handle being the cause of a nation's depression..

    So let's keep it in the back of my head..

    For now, let's think about what I'll do next while listening to the various price information..

    After we were finished, I asked various follow-up questions and I thanked her for sharing information with me..

    She recommended me an inn because by the time we said goodbye to each other, the sun started to set..

    I found a tall building with a nice atmosphere called "Gemini Restaurant and Inn"

    I ate dinner at the first floor restaurant and found out that it was blander than my usual meals..

    But it had a good natural flavor, so I had little complaints about having no seasoning..

    After I was full, I rented a room with a nice bed and view, "Room 666"..

    I didn't mind the ominous sounding room key and went to sleep as soon as I laid down my head..

    What a nice reward after a hectic day..