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    Tang Xian was sitting in his office and doing his work. He loves modern technologies and western cultures. He even has a bunch of light/web novels and some religious books. But not too long The Death took his life.

    Strangely he appeared in a different world and was gifted immortality and absolute knowledge from The Omnipotent when his age surpassed 20. However, despite such powerful gifts, Tang Xian was given orders to overcome many trials. He later became a son of a poor farmer and lived in a small, poor village; many people discriminate that, now it is up to him to become their hope.

    Table of content:
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2

    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
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    Chapter 1 God:

    "Tang Xian! Tang Xian! Get your ass off the bed!" A powerfully build middle aged man shouted. "Ugh...yes father..." Tang Xian lazily answered and slowly got up from his bed. It was 5 o'clock, and general Tang Dong was having a stressful day. Tang Xian asked his father what was going on, but his father dragged him to his office as a reply.

    It was a hard day for Tang Xian. All the paperwork, signing, contract and all other stuff was both physically and mentally tiring, even though he likes it. He was indeed a huge fan of modern technologies; he even has many shelves with tons of books about them. Despite being a tech-savvy, he also had multiple religious books and Chinese novels. "Better finish this paperwork as soon as possible so that I can read the next chapter completely without any interruptions," Tang Xian thought happily while signing his signatures on the last four papers.

    Co. staff member Wu Xing suddenly entered his office and saluted, then took the papers and left. Tang Xian has no idea what just happened, but he didn't care and pulled a colorful book out from a decorated shelf. He stared briefly at the book, then opened it. Once he started to read, a sharp pain inflicted inside his left chest. Tang Xian's grip shifted to his breastplate as he collapsed to the ground. The pain was unbearable, it felt like a dagger piercing his heart continuously. Tang Xian struggled to stand, but the pain was siphoning his strength. He tried to scream for help, but that strength was also taken away. His vision blurred, everything was spinning around. The last thing he ever saw on earth was a bright white light before everything turned dark.

    A voice called his name that woke Tang Xian. He observed his surroundings carefully and realized he was a strange white void. Time and Space were nonexistent here, so if someone came from Earth a second ago, remained here for 1, 10 or even a thousand years and returned, the said person won't experience a single second of time differences. "Tang Xiao Xian, thy have been summoned by Us. We shall grant thy immortality and vast knowledge and wisdom to trial your effort." A loud booming yet divine voice echoed from above. Tang Xian took a peek above but was forced to close his eyes from intense light. He then realized who the supreme being was: "who are you?" Tang Xian questioned calmly. "Yes our fellow creation, I am the Light. Now before we send thy back to the world, ask as many questions as like." The Light said. Tang Xian held his right hand on his forehead for a moment then asked politely which he had never done in his life: "Why would They grant me immortality and infinite knowledge? Is there any reason They can tell me?"
    "We summoned thou for a trial of thine competence, if thou are failure to complete the trial, thou shalt be punished."
    Tang Xian couldn't wet nor sweat, but only gaze above with shaken expression. "Do not worry Tang Xian, thou have necessary experiences to overcome our trial, and if you overcome it, we shall give you a great reward, and bestow thy an endless bounty, are thou ready?"
    From a shaken expression into confidence smirk, Tang Xian nodded. "Very well, thine trials begins now." the final words from Light descended along with the white light enveloped Tang Xian.

    Pangu Continent, a beautiful world for all martial artists and cultivators. People who lived on this continent have an innate ability called Life Energy Manipulation or Aura Manipulation. The natives often call these energy "Qi." The martial artists were not only inhabited in Pangu Continent; mages, magicians, warriors, barbarians, elves, dwarves, demons, dragons and all other people and races immigrated from all over the world. Some immigrants even took martial art lessons from monks and exchanged with their talents. To say it bluntly, it was the world where all living and nonliving things have exceptional properties. Plant lives, animals, rivers and all other natural elements composed into a stunning landscape, that looked like a clone of a paradise. However the Pangu Continent also has a dark side; people, who were unable to utilize Qi and has no talents were always discriminated without reason. They get often violated, abused and even outcast from the society, and on top of that; they were an easy target for bandits, carnivorous animals even monsters. Their lives filled with cruelty and injustice. These people were known as "Cockroaches."

    The bright light died down and Tang Xian's vision was slowly cleared. The first thing he ever saw was a young man in tattered clothes. "Where am I? Who is that person? And what is this place?"
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    Chapter 2: Cockroaches

    The man in tattered clothes smiled while staring at his child. He was indeed euphoric to have a son. Unfortunately, he was also sad, because his son would face the same unfortunate fate like him.
    "Bei Bei, it's a boy! We have a son!" the man exclaimed joyfully. His wife also smiled, but her smile didn't last very long. "But Tanglao, how are we going to make our child grow? Our stature will make his life tough. What if someone sees this child and...", tears slid down on her red cheeks. Tanglao sighed: "You are right, we are outcasted people, and we can only struggle hard to survive. But someday, our child will bring us a bright future" Tanglao smiled and reassured his wife. "let's choose a name for our new family member Bei Bei, which name do you suggest?"
    "Tang Xian"

    Tang Xian was reincarnated as a child of a pair of Asian peasants. The area, they lived along with the other villagers, was like a serene old land. The ground was filled with dark soil, where any plants could grow. The houses, which their total number was 60, were made no other than thick layers of dry, golden straws. The villagers used their full time on the field to survive, but sometimes they talked and played with one another like they were best friends. Despite all the happiness, the villagers were actually trying hard to escape the reality, which consisted discrimination, to the powerless and talentless, for ages. Even then their happy life lasted long, until Tang Xian's 7th birthday.

    That day three horse riders stormed into the village. The horsemen wore white Chinese garment with golden dragon patterns and red jewelry. Their muscular frame and weapons generated an intimidating air that even a courageous person from modern world would run away. Their presence alone created a huge commotion.

    The horseman in the middle scoffed: "Hmph, look at those Cockroach trashes, they are always beneath animals."

    "General Xi Cheng, is it necessary to kill those Cockroaches? This subordinate Xuna Bao doubts Your fill of satisfaction" The horsewoman objected.

    "Silence! This general wants to end this boredom, so killing some Cockroaches would do."

    General Xi Cheng stepped off his horse and stared like a wolf selecting its prey. Panicked, even more, the villagers rushed inside their straw houses. One unfortunate young woman slipped and got stuck in the mud. She struggled to move but couldn't. The general sauntered towards her with malice. Tears streamed from her eyes, as she begged him to spare her life. Her only response was, her clothes got torn apart, leaving her completely naked.

    "Little Cockroach, be this Xi Cheng first target" the general stated.

    "G-general, p-please spare t-this little sister's life."

    "Little sister? Don't make me laugh! You are nothing more than a Cockroach, and cockroaches are pests in Pangu Continent." With that said, General Xi Cheng throatlifted her, hurled her dozens of meters into the air, and covered his left hand with orange flame-like aura.

    Xuna Bao and the third horseman's relaxed expression contrasted the villagers' terrified ones. They could only watch her facing certain death. When the woman fell at his eye level, he delivered a hard punch in her abdomen, sending her flying, at few meters, and immolated her.

    "Stupid cockroach, always weak. Well, this general would like to spend some strength to destroy this place." Arrogant words flew from Xi Cheng's mouth, as he suddenly covered himself with similar flaming aura, and stomped hard on the ground. The blazing aura, emitted from his foot soles, flew in all direction like a shockwave and destroyed everything they contacted, whatever its people or objects.

    The villagers ran away and scattered like ants like their colony was destroyed, but he didn't stop there, he continued rampaging the village like a raging beast. Tang Xian, who camouflaged himself with the mud, witnessed every general Xi Cheng's horrible actions: "Cruel... that bastard is fucking evil! If I have power, I will kill that sick son of a bitch!" He cursed Xi Cheng with his heart, while watched him decapitate a young boy with a powerful roundhouse kick.

    General Xi Cheng's rampage finally ended after blasting dozens of people with his [Midgrade Flame Qi Ball]. The population in the village was well around 600, but the rampage of Xi Cheng had brought it down to less than 200. "General, are you satisfied now?" the third horseman asked. "heh, this general's heart is satisfied. Killing bunch of Cockroaches is the only solution when to end boredom if no powerful enemy is lurking around" Xi Cheng replied with satisfaction. Xuna Bao saw the sky, and the sun was a fourth away from reaching the horizon. She requested Xi Cheng to return home, whom leaped on his horse and rode off, then his subordinates followed close behind.
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    Chapter 3: The Ranks and Continents

    The remnants grieved in despair and sadness for the loss of their family. Tang Xian had had enough. It was unbearable, completely unbearable to watch his people like now. He has no slightest idea why that cruel general massacred them.

    Tanglong and Bei Bei, who concealed themselves behind the trees in the forest, rushed towards their son to check if he's alright. Both were relieved after seeing him having no injuries. But somehow, his eyes were filled with rage, hatred and curiosity. In short span of time, Tang Xian snapped out of his anger and asked his parents everything about the unknown world. Tanglong and Bei Bei looked at each other: “Dear, our son never heard anything about this continent, you are the only one who witnessed more than everything than any of us” she requested. Tanglong understood what his wife meant and looked at his son with a “I am going to tell you something” expression.

    “Tang Xian, if you really don’t know anything about this world, then I will tell you.” Hearing his father’s words, Tang Xian sharpened his hearing and paid close attention. “All the information about this world, what I am going to tell, came from words of people in the Xing Yan Empire. According to them, the emperor told his subjects, that this world’s name is Arsia, and it has 10 oceans and 10 continents. The name of the continent, we are living, is called Pangu.” Tanglong explained. “The other continents are Gladius, Evangelina, Kazoku, Al-Jarid, Amazel, Azazel, Solaris and Umbra. The last continent however is unnamed and is very dangerous, because it has something that heavily affects talented people.”


    “Yes, long time ago, a [Top Ranked] martial cultivator settled on that continent, but he soon realized that his power was declined rapidly, so he left the continent and began to warn others about not to settle there. Therefore, the continent remained uninhabited as of this day today.” After that, Tanglong explained his son about other eight continents, which he quickly understood.

    Gladius, a continent composed of meadows and tall mountains. Many rivers of pure water streamed down from mountain ranges to oceans. People in Gladius lived in a culture that is identical to ancient Rome, Greek, and medieval Europe. Their weapons are also primitive: longswords, bows and arrows, spears, lances and all other cold weapons.

    Evangelina, a continent filled with floating rocks, buildings and islands with a beauty that surpassed Pangu and Gladius, but rivaled Solaris, making it one of the most beautiful continents ever. In other words, the continent was no different from a western fantasy world.

    Kazoku was a continent filled with fogs and large trees, more like a perfect environment for ninjas. Speaking of ninjas, people in Kazoku lived in a Japanese styled culture, the weapons they used, were meant for quick killing, such as katanas, shurikens, and kunai. The spellcasters in Kazoku were simply exorcists or Onmyōji, but the effect of the spells was devastating; the offensive ones would damage spirits.

    Al-Jarid was a continent filled with deserts and oasis. Just like the name, the inhabitants were ancient Arabians or people from Tales of 1001 Nights in Tang Xian’s understanding. Although the only spellcasters were djinnis, humans somehow managed to utilize magic in their unique way.

    Amazel is a continent-sized Amazon jungle, except it has more mountain ranges. Amazons and Barbarians lived there and plundered the unfortunate explorers. However, Tang Xian also found out that he was not only in a world of Chinese but also Japanese as well, because of the existence of beast men or with animal features. Druids and Shamans originated from there.

    Azazel was a continent where demihumans reside. Creatures like orcs, ogres, goblins, medusas, etc. lived in there for a very long time. In the early history, many people feared them like they were considered demons, until recent thousands of years, where they had developed intelligence and morality. Now some demihumans were also found in Pangu.

    Solaris was a continent where people had holy type abilities, which were called miracles. Solaris was also considered as the most stable and beautiful continent in Arsia. Some Pangu immigrants became Daoist monks because of the abundance of divinity and peace.

    The last continent Tanglong mentioned was Umbra. That continent was the most dangerous continent ever. Witches, warlocks, devils, demons, zombies, vampires, ghosts, skeletons and other evil and creepy creatures were residents. The only thing was practiced were witchcrafts, necromancy and all another form of dark magic.

    Tanglong also told the story about the relationship between the 9 continents, who had waged war against each other's until a few millennia ago, when a pact had been formed, and no one had waged war again After he told everything about Arsia, he started to say about the power levels of people who has talents and abilities in order from lowest to highest in both Pangu’s and foreign scales:

    [Newbie rank] = [level 0 – 9] = [F-]

    [Novice rank] = [level 10 – 24] = [F]

    [Amateur rank] = [level 25 – 49] = [F+]

    [Practitioner rank] = [level 50 – 99] = [E-, E, E+]

    [Master rank] = [level 100 – 199] = [D-, D, D+]

    [Great Master rank] = [level 200 – 299] = [C-, C, C+]

    [Noble rank] = [level 300 – 499] = [B-, B, B+]

    [King rank] = [level 500 – 724] = [A-, A, A+]

    [Emperor rank] = [level 725 – 899] = [S-, S, S+]

    [Top rank] = [level 900 – 999] = [SS-, SS, SS+, SSS-, SSS, SSS+]

    [Supreme rank] = [level 1000] = [X]

    Tang Xian already recognized these scales. He had read plenty of Chinese and Japanese novels. Unfortunately, the power levels to measure people’s abilities were non-factors. He also found out, that the martial artists were fighters from wuxia novels, and martial cultivators were “spellcasters” from Xuanhuan or Xianxia novels. The only way he would measure martial artists' strength was their destructive capacity. So he asked a short but detailed question: “How powerful are these levels? And what are the benefits?”

    “Well my son, the general who massacred most of our people was [High-End Noble rank] martial artist, and the other two are probably [Low End Grand Master rank] martial cultivators. What I’ve heard that a [Noble rank] martial artist can take out an army of hundreds of men, a person with an upper rank can take ten times as many. The other benefits of having powers were that your lifespan was increased by tenfold. For example, the highest age the Cockroaches can ever reach was 100 years, but the lowest [Newbie rank] can live at least 1000 years.”

    Tang Xian finally got the grip of the rule of this world: It was all about powers that enhance lifespan ten times per rank. Then he asked a wholly different question: “Dad, what about the Cockroaches? Are they also a concept in other continents?”

    “No, I'm afraid the idea of discrimination exists only in Pangu. It seems we are abandoned, people. We can only rely on ourselves to survive.”

    “God didn’t abandon us; he only let other discriminate people like us is because to give them a little privilege over us. When the time is right, we will crush them.”

    Tanglong was confused by his son's words: “Are you sure Tang Xian?”

    “Yes, before I was born in this world, I was given an order, which has to complete after when I surpass the age of 20: But before that, he will grant me immortality and unlimited knowledge.” Tang Xian stated calmly.

    After Tang Xian mentioned immortality, Tanglong suddenly froze in shock and exclaimed afterward: “Immortality! Unlimited knowledge! Impossible! Immortality can be only attained if you are [Supreme rank] and unlimited knowledge is not even possible to obtain!”

    “Yes, it may sound impossible, but it’s true. Speaking of the impossible I was reincarnated here.”

    “What! If you are, then tell me everything about your past life!”

    “Ok, before I met [The God], I was a son of a military general in a country named China, one of the strongest countries in the world called Earth. People in that world are like us and cannot utilize energy, but they have far superior military powers than any Arsian forces.”

    Tanglong was dumbfounded at his son’s words.

    “We have weapons called guns, they are not like swords and spears nor bows and arrows, no, they are not cold weapons at all. They use small compound of explosive powder to propel metal pieces so fast, that it can’t be seen by any eyes and has powers to pierce irons and steels. Earth has also carriages that runs way faster than any beasts and doesn’t require men or horses to move them around. Heck we even have massive ships and aerial vehicles made of metals. But none of them are compared to [Earth]’s strongest weapon: the nuclear bombs, that can destroy an entire City, and they have tons of them. To make the long story short, people from my previous life are far smarter and stronger than individuals in this world” Tang Xian explained this to his father.
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    Tanglong couldn’t believe what he heard. Powerless people wielding weapons that stand above any talented people in Pangu continent even people in other continents.

    “Interesting… but how will you bring those “guns” here?” he asked

    “That will be no problem if we settle into that unnamed continent, but it will be very problematic here, also no one knows if discrimination applies in other continents.”

    “What, but that’s…”

    “Remember you said one of the [Top ranked] person, once discovered there and got his power depleted.”

    “yes, I said that.”

    “Then that means, anyone who has abilities or talents cannot use them there. People like us have no powers to begin with, so that continent is a safe place for us.” Tanglong finally understood what Tang Xian meant, but one thing bothered him: “How are we going to reach there?”

    “I will make a plan, but first I need to visit the Xing Yan Empire to gather some information”

    “But the people will mock at you, if you get there”

    “Don’t worry father, I will be fine, just give me few years and i will be ready.”
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    Chapter 4: Xing Yan Empire part 1:

    9 years later Tang Xian became a handsome young man despite living in the poor village. Bei Bei and Tanglong passed away recently, and he did mourn their death.

    Right now he was riding a small, 2-wheeled wooden carriage pulled by a donkey. He already departed from the village few weeks ago, now he was heading to the Xing Yan empire. The empire was yet no visible, but the road that lead to it was made of leveled dirts, which made the donkey pull the carriage much faster with less effort than a soft and uneven soil in the village. At the left side of the road was a forest with a lush of green trees, and at the right side was the grassy meadows. He also carried a month's travel rations so he wouldn't starve to death.

    After travelling few hours, Tang Xian finally saw a tiny red building on the horizon. It was blurry and couldn't see the details, until he got closer and closer, the building grew larger and taller. When the building had a tower like appearance, the city-wall started to appear. As he got closer, the tower looked more like a pagoda, which was decorated with lots of red lanterns. The dirt road lead to the city ended as the brick road started to continue, when the top of the wall was beyond his eye level. The brick road was neat and smooth. Tang Xian could only imagine very skillful craftsmen and stonemasons. The walls looked similar to the chinese wall but with taller watchtowers.

    Front of the city was a long line of carriages, whom were slowly passing the huge wooden citygate. Tang Xian facepalmed when he saw the crowd of people argued with each other. After a long time a gatekeeper stood right next to him and asked few questions. Tang Xian simply answered that he was a merchant from a very far place, and the gatekeeper let him pass. He turned his head and took a peek at the other gatekeepers clothes. The garment like uniform they wore was gray with metallic patterns, it had same design as Xi Cheng's garment but more dull and was covered with iron armor. A faint anger erupted from Tang Xian's heart but he instantly subsided it. Once he took a glance at the city's surrounding, his jaw fell off. The buildings was reminiscent to ancient chinese and was everywhere! Red lanterns floated around and illuminated the streets. The street was crowded, almost impossible to had a space to walk freely. People of various races strolled around, purchased goods and did much more ordinary. He didn't expect races like elves and dwarves in the empire. Above him flew griffins, gargoyles (on daylight!), even dragons, both eastern and western.

    "What the hell?! What kind of empire is this?! Races that doesn't exist in xianxia novels are already in xianxia-ish empire? What father said is true, there are elves, dwarves and even beastmen from japanese novels here, not to mentions dragons!" he exclaim thoughtfully.

    At last, after a long walk on the street, Tang Xian and his poor donkey finally found an area to rest, where no people walked around. Without wasting the time, he pulled four wooden posts out from his wagon and fastened on the ground. Afterwards he put a 3 square meter wooden table on top of the four pillars and covered the table with a plain crimson blanket. The People, whom saw him installing his stall, have questioning expression.

    "What's he doing?"
    "I don't know, could he be a Cockroach? or not?"
    "I wonder where he comes from... well whatever". Some people murmured, others ignored.

    Tang Xian had finally set all his wooden handyworks on the table. Some of them were sculptures of plants, buildings and random strange designs, whom no one beside Tang Xian himself knew and wooden kitchenwares. Despite all of them were made of cheap woods, the quality of the craftsman skills were outstanding.

    The first customer was a massive, middle-aged man in a red, roman soldier outfit. He had a gigantic muscular body which is 120 cm taller than Tang Xian.

    "Hey, kid! how did you make such beautiful things of woods?" he spoke with a rough voice.

    "I made them myself. I just used my imagination for creativity. You can make them yourself sir." Tang Xian answered kindly. The soldier in off-duty gave him a suspicious look then laughed like nothing happened.

    "(laugh heartily) I get it. Hey kid, how much does this strange wooden box cost?" the soldier asked again and pointed at the wood hypercube with smoothened surface.

    "This? Well then, 20 copper coin."

    "Huh? This cheap?!, (laugh heartily) Kid, its deal, I'll take it" after he said that, he pulled a brown leather purse from his waist belt, dropped 20 inch sized (2,54 cm in diameter) copper coins and took the hypercube the stall.

    "First customer is a Roman soldier? he seems in off-duty, well at least i got the profit, gotta wait and work until i can find a suitable person to talk with. Even though i need the information about this empire and everything what it has." Tang Xian thought.
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    Chapter 4: Xing Yan Empire part 2:

    Today was Tang Xians lucky day. Many customers of various races purchased his beautiful wooden handicrafts.

    Somehow he managed to understand the empire's currency entirely: The Empire uses the old days' transaction, like using metal coins and comparing to a standard currency, it would look like this:

    One copper coin equals to 1 dollar or 6.9067 Chinese yuan.

    One silver coin equal to 10 dollars or 69.067 yuan

    One gold coin equals to 100 dollars or 690.67 yuan

    (AN: So cheap! I want cheap gold)

    One platinum coin equals to 1000 dollars or 6906.7 yuan

    Suddenly, the crowd walked towards the massive tower like a pagoda. Tang Xian had no idea what was going on. Fortunately, he met an elven mother with straight brown hair that reached her shoulder plates. She wore the same red dragon dress like other women, but with greenish leaves pattern instead of golden serpentine dragons. Along with her was a young elven boy.

    "Excuse me, may I look at it?" she asked and pointed at the wooden spoon.

    "yes, you can" Tang Xian replied friendly.

    "Really! Alright" she replied happily. "Then how much does it cost?"

    "well, let's see... five copper coins" Tang Xian replied.

    But before she was about to leave, her son asked, that Tang Xian is a Cockroach or not, but the mother said no. Tang Xian became curious, "Hey, umm. Why am I not a Cockroach?" The elven mother narrowed her eyes and stated, "Well you see; Cockroaches are not just useless humans, with no power, they lack talents too. As for you, you may have no energy inside, but the woodenware you created is outstanding."

    "Thanks, but what is happening now?"

    "You don't know?"

    "No, I am a merchant from the faraway country."

    "Well let me explain this: Today is the youngest imperial princess birthday, and her father is making a celebration for her."

    "Woah, a party this big?! Dayum! By the way, what is the princess' name?"

    "Mei-Xing Yan" the mother elf answered.

    "Mei-Xing Yan? Is that the Imperial princess' name?" Tang Xian asked.

    The elf rolled her eyes, "How can this kid be so unknowing? I've never met a talented person who doesn't know anything about the empire, especially a native."

    Of course it is! Are you stupid or what?" she scoffed. "Can't you see the crowds, they're heading to the ceremony!"

    Tang Xian's mind went blank when she pointed towards the walking people. The masses was moving in a particular direction.

    "Ahh... So the ceremony is headed that way." Tang Xian wondered while staring the crowd.

    "Well, whatever happens, I better go now, by the way, if you want to see the show, you better hurry up or you'll miss it." The elven mother reminded him, which made him exclaim and rush to pack up his stall.

    The people gathered together at a particular point. In the center was open air arena. The stage made of polished black stone tiles and fences made of people. The size of the stage was comparable of football (soccer) field.

    Three silhouettes clashed together and created a powerful gust strong enough to blow the spectators on the front few feet back.

    When the shapes jumped back from each other for recover their foothold, the sunlight illuminated their appearance. Two of them were giant male ogres with a towering of 5 meters tall and with a weight of 400 kg. Both of them have thick orange-brown skin and on their muscular frame was wolf fur clothing, thick leather boots and iron gauntlets with furs of various animals, which imitated an aura of professional hunters. One of the ogres had a one ivory horn on his forelock and carried an enormous wooden club. The other on had two black colored bull-like horns and wielded a giant steel war hammer instead.

    The smaller silhouette was no other than a woman in sky blue Chinese robe with white and dark blue cloud and dust patterns. On her face was a veil of with colors of lilacs that improves the speculation from people that how beautiful face she could have. The hand fans were completely open and armed with silver razor edges and themed the colors the same of her robe.

    "Little Gorehammer, Little Bloodstar, this sister will show you what a real attack looks like" the woman giggled with a hint of taunt.

    "GAH! I wanna smash her" the one-horned ogre roared in rage but was stopped by his comrade.

    "Don't fall into her words Bloodstar. She's baiting us." The bull-horned ogre informed him.

    "But Gorehammer, I wanna smash!"

    "Not yet, and pay close attention to our opponent!"

    With that said, the woman raised her right hand high and slammed to the ground. The hand fan which aligned horizontally collected lots of wind particles and charged them with qi. The wind qi discharged from the fan and headed straight to Gorehammer and Bloodstar.

    Bloodstar was sent flying dozen of meters back and face planted to the granite tiles. But Gorehammer took perfect timing and deflected the wind qi with a single swing of his war hammer.

    "Not bad, that attack packs some punches" a praise of words came out from Gorehammer's tusked and fanged mouth. Bloodstar simply groaned in dull pain.

    "My my, this Tara Xing Yan is clearly surprised! That wind attack was a [High-Grade Emperor Ranked Sparrow Gust Strike]. Even this 100.000 years princess have never encountered natives from Azazel who shrugs off even block that." Princess Tara Xing Yan exclaimed gleefully.

    "Hehe, don't underestimate my [Slattern Hammer] your highness."

    "Yeah, we are ogres, this attack is nothing!" Bloodstar retorted.

    "Bloodstar! show her some respective manners, or you'll ruin our clan's name!" Gorehammer warned.

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    Chapter 4: Xing Yan Empire part 3:

    Massive crowds formed a wall that the ones behind were unable to see. Tang Xian was one of the unfortunates. But the moment a small gap appeared between people, he narrowly squished through and spectated the battle.

    "Hold on a second, why is there two ogres fighting against a woman, is this a mix of eastern and western fantasies?" Tang Xian fell in doubts and confusion. "I need to wait four years before I get the full grasp of this world."

    The battle continued until several yellow lights hovered several meters above the crowds.

    "It's the Emperor!!!"

    "All hail the Emperor!"

    Princess Xing Yan Tara noticed the sky and withdrew from the stage. The ogres did the same.

    The brightest light had a form of an Asian dragon with a size of a commercial bus. On the qi mount, was a middle-aged man in exaggerated golden garments with jewelry and a V-shaped crown on his head along with two hairpins stuck on his purple hair knot.

    Tang Xian soon realized that person was the emperor of this empire, Emperor Xing Yan Taro.

    On his right side, was the sinister general who massacred his village Xi Cheng himself. Tang Xian blood could only boil when he saw his face, but he didn't take any unnecessary actions. He rode on a bird-like qi mount in flames which resembled a Phoenix, except it has three legs.

    On the left side was another phoenix-like bird but with blue colors instead of red. The strangest thing about the mount was that it was not qi but something else. On top of the blue firebird was a person on a blue robe with many strange glyphs on the manchets and the lower parts. He carried a white scepter with a large blue gem attached to it. The gem glowed with chilling blue light, who froze the air hard and created icy hail, which fell down on people, as a side effect.
    Tang Xian shivered in the cold upon gazing at the mysterious man in the blue robe.

    "That man... he has such a cold aura, but why is he wearing a western robe and carries a scepter? Is he a mage or a magician? And that blue bird he is riding on... is it magic?" he wondered

    The ice pellets, whom he created, didn't stop people from cheering as they covered themselves with strange yellow energy and fired beams and flame waves of different colors.


    The pellets and energy waves collided and created tons of colorful explosions, which generated hundreds of snowflakes and glitters with colors of a shimmering rainbow.

    "What... the... F*cK. Am I see right? Or can all people manipulate energy? This place is just too insane." This worrying and frightful facial expression Tang Xian gave never seen by anyone before. He was too anxious and confused to think.

    Then the two crystal-clear light, which hovered above the sky, snatched his attention. Both the materialized qi were exactly like the emperor, besides being more crystalline. On them rode two beautiful young women, who wore the same garment but with different colors. The taller lady's clothing was purple, and the other one wore pure white.

    Emperor Xing Yan Taro had a delightful expression, "My fellow citzen~, you have my sincerest gratitude for celebrating my lovely daughter's birthday. I, Emperor Xing Yan Taro will grant you all a royal feast." He then turned his head to the girl with the pearly white garment. "My lovely Xing Yan Mei, you don't need to cover your face in front of citizen anymore."

    The shorter figurine nodded and unveiled the veil on her face. People started to cheer so loud, that Tang Xian's ears almost begun to bleed. While covering his ears, he observed carefully to the white-clad girl, but he got stunned.

    The girl's face has a beauty of a woman who descended from the heaven. A divine beauty which could melt any men's heart just from a gaze afar, which happened to almost all male citizens.

    "Wow, so beautiful... it's like I am in the xianxia universe, but I want to see a Japanese moe anime girl~. Well, let's put that aside and attend what that emperor's say... But if I am some typical xianxia protagonist, not only will I seek power and become the strongest, that Xing Yan Mei might also be my first lover... If that's the case, I might have to face tons of enemies... Man, this is bullcrap." Tang Xian disdained his thought.

    Xing Yan Taro raised his hand, and all his subjects closed their mouth. "My lovely Xing Yan Mei wished a territory for herself, and I declare to fulfill her wish. There is an unclaimed land in the north and me; Emperor Xian Yan Taro will establish a private palace for my lovely daughter for her birthday gift."

    Suddenly a random wolf girl in mid-twenties objected, "Your majesty, there is a Cockroach village in the north, what will you do about them?"

    "Yea, General Xi Cheng told us about that" a male goblin added.

    The emperor saw many people making an objection and turned his head towards his [high-end Noble Rank] general.

    The general kindly asked for request: "Your royal majesty, why don't we eradicate all the Cockroaches and establish for her highness?"

    "There is no need to annihilate... you know what just kill all of them, those pests are nothing but disposable lifeforms."

    "Indeed, hehe he." Xi Cheng replied openly with a crooked smile.

    The emperor once raised his voice once again, "My fellow citizen, you all are right, those cockroach pests are bothersome to our lovely princess' birthday gift. This Emperor and the Father of Princess Xing Yan Mei, I at this moment declare an eradication of the village."

    All people began to cheer even more like the climax of the party occurred.

    Tang Xian, however, has an extremely horrified expression and subconsciously ran away from the gathering. He dashed at full speed towards his laid down donkey and packed everything possible.
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    Chapter 5: Exile


    Within an hour he rode far away from the empire. To make his home much qucker, Tang Xian abandoned his belongings beside his ride.

    "Sh*t, i have to make this fast or else my people will be in great danger." He gritted his teeth not paying attention on the dirtroad.

    During his trading in the empire, Tang Xian learned many things in there; most people were humans and the majority of them wore ancient chinese clothing similar to typical wuxia novels. But some of them were outlanders, like the first customer was a middle aged ancient roman solder from Gladius and the sky were soared by dragons from both eastern and western mytiology. And judging to the person in the blue hooded robe was porbably a mage from Evagelina, a [level 451] ice mage to be exact.