Modern Tech Cultivation Glossary

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    Tang Xian:, A young man who reincarnated from the modern world. He has a vast knowledge of today's technologies, light novels and religious books. He loves advantages from current tech, Japanese anime girls but also like to establish justice and equality, and hates what conflicts from option 1 and 3.

    Jonas Carlsborg: A Dane man who accompanies Tang Xian in the future.

    Naomi: An unknown girl of unknown origin, despite being descendant of Tang xian villagers.

    Tao Yang: Young sect leader of the Tao sect. First ally of the Avengers. He and Tangxian makes an alliance upon encounter.

    Yan Xing Mei:, A Beautiful female martial cultivator. She is the youngest daughter of the Emperor of the Xing Yan Empire, Taro Xing Yan. 2000 years after Tang Xians birth she unexpectedly discovers the unknown continent known as Unit and later meets the maker. She is a [pinnacle King Rank] martial cultivator and a [level 644] Alchemist, which combined she can create and reform any existing materials even out from thin air. Although her ability is non-combat oriented, she knows martial arts and can take down opponent three as large.

    Taro Xing Yan: He is the Emperor of the Xing Yan Empire, and he is the responsible for outcasting Tang Xians village. He has three daughters; -Tara, -Beier, and Xing Yan Mei. He was once a toddler from Al-Jarid but is an emperor.

    Xi Cheng: A sinister military general from Xing Yan empire. He killed almost 400 defenseless villagers, whom Tang Xian cared. He is [high-end Noble rank] martial artist.


    China: A vast country on Earth also one of the strongest yet most polluted country in the world. Tang Xian's home country

    Earth: Tang Xian's home world/planet

    Arsia: A Giant planet with a size that is slightly smaller than the sun (Arsia's equator = 4 million km, Sun's equator = 4,366,813 km). The gravitational force is perfectly 10 N/kg in contrast to Earth's 9,82 N/kg, which made measurements much easier and simplified. It has ten continents, ten oceans, and tens of thousands islands. The atmospheric altitude is also ten times higher than Earth (troposphere/pause~110 km), Each layer has flying cities/islands/countries whom only transcended talented people resides in each layer.

    Pangu: A typical "Chinese light novel" continent or xianxia.

    Gladius: a continent composed ancient Rome, Greek, and medieval Europe.

    Evangelina: a continent that was no different from a western fantasy world with mages, elves, dragons, etc.

    Kazoku: was a continent filled ninjas, samurais and exorcists.

    Al-Jarid: was a continent filled with peoples and creatures from Tales of 1001 Arabian Nights.

    Amazel: continent-sized Amazon jungle. Barbarians, amazons, demi-humans and savages live there.

    Azazel: Continent of monsters and powerful animals. Orcs, ogres, goblins, monsters and beasts (except dragons and demons) lives there.

    Solaris: Most stable continent. Priests, Paladins, Crusaders even Daoists monks reside there because of divine law and power.

    Umbra: Continent of witches and warlocks. Witchcraft and Necromancy are prevalent. Filled with demons, undead and other spooky and evil creatures.

    Unit: Previously known as the unknown continent, because of the danger of power decline. Tang Xian makes this continent his new home and a safe place for "Cockroaches," which later becomes modern civilians in next two millennia. Modern elements exist here.

    Xing Yan Empire: The Empire located 400 km south from Tang Xian's village. The population is various races with cultures. All Pangu natives live here and can utilize energy known as Qi.

    Power ranks (with descriptions):

    [Cockroaches] = [level Ø] = [irrelevant]

    People, who lack innate ability and talents.

    In the normal society, they are slaves.

    Beside Solaris, They are the lowest class in the social classes in any continents.

    Their strength is exactly same as average human beings from earth.
    Their lifespan is also same as modern earthlings: maximum 100 years.

    [Newbie rank] = [level 0 – 9] = [F-]

    People who have abilities and talents, but at the lowest level. Their physical strength is no different than a normal human being.

    Lowlifes and poor people (free) are the examples.

    But with supernatural powers and special skills, a [Newbie rank] can take down around five average ordinary people (AN: I am referring us) in the same age (highest end can take up to ten). Their magical powers DC (destructive capacity) is a furniture level (they can blast a chair, fridge, sofa even table into pieces with their full power).

    Their social ranks recognize by more influential and more powerful individual. Their lifespan surpasses a millennium. Most newborn and very young children and some adults are in this category.

    [Novice rank] = [level 10 – 24] = [F]

    People who are beginners in training (middleschooler childrens).

    in modern social standard, normal thugs or uneducated criminals is placed here.

    They can live up to and over 10.000 years.

    They have the power of Max. 20 average people and magic power that can bust a large hole on a large house wall.

    [Amateur rank] = [level 25 – 49] = [F+]

    People who are young apprentices and pupils.

    Orphans and average children are here.

    They can live up to and over 100.000 years.

    Their power and strength are compared to 30-40 ordinary or DC of a Room.

    [Practitioner rank] = [level 50 – 99] = [E-, E, E+]

    Normal social classes or ordinary people.

    They can utilize energies without difficulties.

    their power is like comparing of 50 ordinary people (99 men at maximum) or 10 [Newbie ranks] or DC of an average house level (or almost a city block).

    +1.000.000 years are their maximum lifespan.

    [Master rank] = [level 100 – 199] = [D-, D, D+]

    Educated people and military fodders.

    They are responsible for teaching lesser ranks like [Newbie/Amateur/Practitioner ranks].

    Their DC is a city - multi-block or 100 - 499 men.

    Their lifespan is ten times longer than a [Practitioner Rank] (10.000.000 million years).

    [Great Master rank] = [level 200 – 299] = [C-, C, C+]

    High ranked military officers and children from tycoons.

    Their maximum powers can take out a from the huge household (a mansion) to multiple city blocks to a castle or several hundred to almost a thousand men (500 - 999 men).

    they can stay unaged for 100 million years

    [Noble rank] = [level 300 – 499] = [B-, B, B+]

    These people are nobles and subordinates to their respective rulers, for examples knights, aristocrats politicians, elders, bishops, archmages etc.

    Tycoon class

    They can live over a billion years and has the power of few hundreds of [practicioneer rank]s or 1000 - 9999 men or DC from a building to a skyscraper level.

    [King rank] = [level 500 – 724] = [A-, A, A+]

    People who rule large teretories, which becomes a kingdom and a country.
    Kings, Emperors, Sect Leaders, Archbishops, Stronger archmages, etc.

    With the strength of tens of thousands of men (10000 - 49999 men) or DC of a small town, they are a force to be reckoned with.

    Because with so much power, they needed least ten billion years to stablize and control their power.

    [Emperor rank] = [level 725 – 899] = [S-, S, S+]

    People who rule multiple teretories or kingdoms or countries.

    An emperor befits this category, but powerful kings, Popes, even normal people with overpowered abilities fits here too.

    their lifespan is exaggeratingly above years.

    Not to mention their maximum power output of thousands of [Practitioner Rank]s (50000 - 10000) or a large town / small city.

    [Top rank] = [level 900 – 999] = [SS-, SS, SS+, SSS-, SSS, SSS+]

    This rank is the hardest part people can ever reach: Here they need to level up with the factor of 100 instead of ten.

    Once they reach there, They will live least ONE TRILLION YEARS WITHOUT AGING!!!

    They are insanely powerful, like a human A-Bomb (nuke). With the strength of from legion (10000 men) to a million, they can annihilate entire city with their maximum potential.

    They are like either heroes or evil incarnate, who dwell nomally on the clouds.

    [Supreme rank] = [level 1000] = [X]

    This rank is self explanatory; It's the highest rank people can ever archive.

    Anyone who reaches here will literally become immortal and become immune to all kind of biological and mystical diseases.

    Because they are super powerful ( men or a huge city and DC of an H-bomb or a mountain), they can only reside on the city made of floating materials in the sky.

    Only true heroes or Overlords can be categorized in this rank.

    However they need to level themselves once with the factor of 1000, before the can enter this rank.

    (People and social ranking is seen through normal human perspective).
    However immortality and extended logetivity does not means being unkillable and invulnerble, unless casted immunity spells on themselves.
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    Although this glossary does not make any sense, but it helps the author to keep the story intact.