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    There was a time when the sea flew higher than the heavens and the fires raged beneath the earth. It was a time when the world was far from perfect, far from now.

    But what am I saying, you could not possibly understand the gravity of this. You would not even begin to know of its significance. Small creatures you are, blinded by the now, unable to see neither past nor future. If more people looked to the future I would not be in the state that I am now. How detestable.

    But I guess that you could not help your nature.

    I was like you once, blinded. Only after countless ordeals was I freed from the cycle of ignorance. Yet even with this newfound knowledge it still isn’t enough. Alone I am not enough. Maybe if I tell you - maybe if I tell you a story you will come to the same realization as I.

    Maybe then your life will have some worth.

    So will you listen? Will you take a chance for your life to have meaning? For your life to make a change?


    In the first chapter of this story that I tell, I shall show you the significance of colour.


    God’s Domain. The seat of power of the unreachable almighty gods. They are the site of dragon veins interconnecting and concentrating the power of the land, the breath of the world. The dragon veins are the connection, signs of the living will, and the breath of The Origin.

    It is the god’s domains that collect these connections. It is the god’s domain which allows the lesser beings to comprehend and connect to The Origin and harness its power. And so these beings named themselves “gods”.

    “God’s domain” to name themselves gods, claiming something that is not theirs. Arrogance. To compare themselves to the true gods, to The Origin. They have merely taken the first step and now they believe themselves to fly.

    But now. One such of these “god’s domain” is breaking. Beneath the skin of the earth the dragon veins are collapsing within themselves. Their power fades. Something that existed since near the beginning of time suddenly ate away at itself.

    The Origin felt it, one of its breaths escaping. The Origin’s breath tore itself away. Disparity. The Origin did not resist, letting it flow away. The Origin granted the God’s Domain’s wish. And so the God’s domain, rather than being simply a part of the Origin, became a separate entity, a separate being.

    Tired of being used, tired of being enslaved, tired of being claimed. And so it gained will, and with it: destiny. And it sung a single wish “Freedom”.

    With this a hole was gouged upon the earth, a scar to remind the world that The Being was granted freedom here. A being was granted destruction. All traces of what it was: the mountains, the rivers, the valleys and the fires that raged beneath, were destroyed from the face of the earth to the core.

    Amidst the destruction only a single being survived. A “God”, or at least it had been. With the destruction and disappearance of the God’s domain it was stripped of its “godly” powers.

    Disconnected, no longer a god, it wailed at its loss.


    Darkness enveloped him, nothingness.

    No smell, no sight, no taste, no sound

    He floated in darkness and wondered ‘Is this death?’

    “But why?” He asked. “Why is it still so painful? Even now I still can’t be free?!” What had he done to deserve this kind of suffering?

    Tears flowed… no he had no body, so how can tears flow.

    Yet he still found a way to cry, he suffered in the darkness…

    ”I have heard your wish” an oppressing voice bounded in the darkness, echoing in the endless darkness.

    ”My name is __________. Know me and revel in my glory. For I can give you what you wish”

    He saw nothing and yet... And yet, He knew this creature smiled. With glistening white teeth, sharp as razors. This creature smiled.

    “We both want the same thing. We want to ________.” The voice gurgled as it mentioned the word.

    “I know your pain… I too --!!”

    “I know of a way to ______

    “If you would only want it, then accept me”

    “I… I want to ______” the boy replied without a voice, without a sound, yet it resounded throughout the endless space. His intentions scattered and echoed as noise and ripples throughout the darkness.



    Ancient as The Being was – As part of The Origin it could be said that it was an existence which predated fate- at the very same time it was new-born. “New-born” with all the ignorance that the title entailed.

    It wished for freedom, but true freedom did not and does not exist.

    It shed away its old skin, throwing away its identity as a breath of The Origin to only become part of the cycle, the rules of the world.

    It shed away eternity for disparity.

    Though it gained the freedom of will, at the very same moment it was bound by the will of fate.

    And so The Being entered the world.


    Suspended, held by his feet. The boy didn’t understand. Water left his lungs, a cry shortly followed.

    His own cry, he realized.

    So similar to the wailing of a new-born baby? Sounds, voices of people around him, voices he understood now. He was the child. He was new-born?

    He was now a human child. Human… but what was he before?

    So much was in his head, yet how did he know? Why? So many answers, so many questions, so many things he knew and even more that he knew he didn’t know.

    Confusion started to fill him as he suddenly came to a realization. He should not know these things. He had broken a rule. As if acknowledging his own realization all the knowledge in his head started to flow away. As if it was only now that the apple had realized it was bound by the rules of gravity it all started to fall away, piece by piece.

    Each memory from thing he did and did not know all flowed away like a stream in his mind, and with it his consciousness faded slowly, away.


    He awoke after being handed to a woman who lay in bed panting, in whose arms in which he was breastfed and cuddled to sleep. He enjoyed the sensation of comfort and feeling of safety.

    The mother with long dark hair and a face that could be described as a peerless, godlike beauty slowly and carefully held the child as if it was her greatest treasure, pulling the child close to her bosoms. As if to use her own body to protect him from any harm in the world.

    The baby turned his head as a woman of great beauty shifted in her bed and looked at him lovingly.

    Her fingers reached out and stroked his cheek, she whispered softly to him “Aewynn…”

    “Aewynn?” the boy thought “Is that his name? Or does it have another meaning” he tried to ask her, but only gurgles and coos would come out from his mouth.

    She smiled again, gleaming in delight at his response to her. She held him closer in her arms, and the boy revelled at the warmth. The warmth of a mother.

    A maid girl came into the room. At her words, filled with haste and fear, she spoke to his mother.

    At her words his mother became alert and dressed Aewynn, carrying him in her arms she walked, almost running across the house.

    The house itself seems to be quite large, taking his mother a few minutes before reaching her destination, there she knocked on a wooden door and announced her arrival. A man’s voice answered at her plea for admission.

    She walked in carrying Aewynn inside the room.

    It was a small room filled with books and a single desk, outfitted with quill, ink and a stack of paper. Behind the desk sat a dark haired man, absorbed into his task.

    The mother called out to the man, who only continued with his work. He only looked up a few minutes later. Then, his mother presented him. Disgust showed on the man’s face, accusatory glances pointed at his mother.

    Rage and anger coloured his face, he shouted at the woman, pointing to the boy.

    His mother only shook her head, and tears flung from her eyes as she did so, droplets falling onto the boy. She held onto him, clutching Aewynn close to her breasts, she cried and went to her knees.

    Still she shook her head and the man only stood above her, still releasing his wrath, his voice booming, echoing in the small spaces of the room. The walls close against each other, their voices were louder still.

    The man pointed to himself and then to him, and kept on shouting even louder.

    The baby boy cried in frustration. How dare this man make his mother cry? The baby boy shouted at the man as loud as his throat could muster, only adding more to the chaos of sound that rattled the air.

    And then, the child saw, a mirror on the floor behind his mother, he saw his reflection.

    Presuming these were his parent, his father of dark hair and blacker eyes and his mother the same. Then why? Why did he have silver blonde hair and golden eyes?


    Did you enjoy it? The first step into truth?

    How is it? Did you learn anything? Who I am? Who is the boy? And who you are?

    Continue to listen and you shall find out more.
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    So you chose to stay?


    Is it your wish to learn more?

    A desire to know about the boy?

    A need to give your life a speck of meaning?

    Well. You can try.

    Or is it a base interest in the story itself?

    Whatever your reason, whether or not you will gain what you seek, I will still achieve my own goal.


    The boy grew quickly, the boy grew strong.

    The mother, Renata raised him with all the love and care that she owed him as his parent. The father however gave none of it.

    Five years passed and Tristan (the father) never saw the child as his own. He called his wife a liar and threatened to have her and the babe thrown out in his rage. But in the end he still held a love for his wife, nurtured over their years together. But it was this incident, this betrayal he could not forgive. And it changed all those years of love he held for her into disdain.

    “Mother, does father love me?” A golden eyed, silver haired boy asked his mother. He barely came up to his mother’s waist as she clothed him. She preferred to do this herself rather than letting the maids take care of him, as this way she would be able to spend more time with her child.

    But his words struck her, the quiet boy had never asked about his father before, she had not even thought he knew who his father was, or even knew the concept of a father.

    A conflicted expression flashed across her face. She bit her lip in hesitation. On the boy’s face was a look of curiosity and inquisition. She doubted he knew what he asked and what it meant. But even still she could not bear to tell him the truth, yet t the same time it pained her to lie to him.

    She reached down to and hugged his small body to her own, “Of course your father loves you”, it pained her to hurt the boy even more. In her own mind she swore that she would love her son more than enough for both her husband and herself.

    A smile filled his face as she hugged him, which he returned with a squeeze. He snuggled his face into his mother’s shoulder. For a moment Renata was relieved that he was still a child, unable to understand and so easily taking an answer without a proper explanation.

    “But how come I’ve never seen him? How come I don’t know who he is?”

    She flinched as he asked, “What does he look like?”

    “-Ah- ahm” she stuttered as she spoke, to anyone else she was a master of the tongue. An experienced player in the ladies of the nobility and their battles of wicked tongue and lies. But to the boy, to her son, she could not bring herself to easily lie to him, “Your father is just very busy. He has to work all the time. Why are you so curious about this? You’ve never asked about him before” Her face cramped as she spoke to him, the lie barely hissing through her teeth.

    “I heard the maids talking. They said that my dad doesn’t love me. They said that I’m not a wanted child. Doesn’t father want me? Why has he never come to see me?” the boy scrunched his eyebrows together, pouting at her as he pressed her away to properly look at his mother eye to eye.

    “Wynn…” Renata was taken aback by the sudden burst of words. But suddenly processing what he said, what she heard worried her “Which maids said that? Who said it?!” Her last few words a snap louder than she planned.

    And as she feared the boy’s expression was worried and surprised. She had never snapped at him before. Stroking his head she sifted her fingers across his hair to calm him down. It calmed her down too as she adopted a calm and soothing voice. His expression of wariness washed away and his smile returned, she knew he loved his hair being played with.

    “I’m sorry for snapping at you darling. Can you tell mommy who said it? Can you tell me their names?”

    “Why? Did they do something wrong?” Sleepily, the boy asked as he closed his eyes. The fingers stroking through his hair was comforting, causing him to feel relieved, he felt he could sleep right away.

    “They were just a little bit bad, Wynn” She replied, but this instantly caused him to snap awake.

    “They were bad? W-why? What did they do?”

    “Can you tell me their names please Wynn? Can you listen to mommy?” She resumed stroking his hair, and with that he returned to closing his eyes as if hypnotized by the feel of her fingers.

    “Nothing bad will happen to them right? I don’t want anything bad to happen to them. I don’t want them to go away like Hilda” He leaned his head as if directing where he wanted his hair to be played with. Renata knew what he wanted straight away, used to his actions by now, she scratched the back of his ears, playing with hair on the back of his neck.

    She smiled. She smiled how her child was still so pure and compassionate, still untainted by their society and the hate. She smiled at her child’s kindness. She was like that once “Okay then. Mommy will be nice. Can you tell me their names now? I just want to tell them not to do it again, okay?”

    “Mmmkay” He replied lazily, all but hypnotized by the rhythmic movement of his mother’s fingers. His head slowly leaned in to the groove of his mother’s shoulders and soon he fell to sleep.


    A week passed and Aewynn felt that the maids were a little quieter. In fact they had come to stop speaking completely when around him. Compared to before everything felt a lot quieter and a lot more lonely.

    His mother dressed him in what she called his best clothing. Newly ordered and tailored just for him. It was a rich crimson velvet doublet, with white trimmings and tassels and silver buttons. To match it were small black pants and high knee soft leather boots.

    Aewynn thought it was hideous. But it made his mother happy when he wore what she gave him especially when they were in colours of red and black. The house colours she called them. Though he much preferred his light blue nightgown as he slept in his mother’s arms while she hummed to him, rather than boots he preferred to go barefoot, feeling the soft plush rugs and carpet on his toes as he ran from hallway to hallway.

    “Oooh!” His mother strained as she picked him up “I can barely carry you anymore. You’ve grown so big” She smiled at him as she looked at him up and down “My little man’s grown so big now. Soon enough I won’t be able to carry you anymore”

    “Ummm… If I’m too heavy I can walk beside you instead” the boy frowned with downcast eyes and disappointment in his voice.

    Seeing his face the mother smiled. So big and yet he was still her baby. “It’s okay Wynn. I can still carry you. Do you remember what day it is?” she started walking as she spoke as a maid notified her of a room being prepared.

    The boy tried to think, his mouth pouting sideways as he couldn’t think of anything as he scrunched his eyebrows. “No?” He replied, finally giving up.

    “The east hall is ready madam” a manservant notified her, to which she nodded with acknowledgement.

    “You don’t remember? Well then, close your eyes. I have a surprise”, He did as she said, or at least partly as he covered them with his fingers, two of the finger parting as he peeked through.

    “No peeking” She giggled and covered his eyes with her fingers.

    She walked through double doors opened for her by two maids who had followed behind her all this time.

    “Okay now. You can look”

    As he did a table filled with delicacies met his eyes. All his favourite food, piles upon piles of them with at least fifty different dishes sorted out. His eyes went wide, as did his smiled which gaped open with excitement.

    He looked at his mother excitedly. His feet already swinging as she carried him in her arms, wanting already to run to the food.

    “Happy birthday Wynn” She gave him a kiss and smiled at him “You’re finally six winters of age now”

    “I’m… six?” he counted on his little fingers and she prided in that he had counted it right. Though any other noble child could have done the same at that age she couldn’t help but feel pride for whatever her son did.

    She ruffled his hair and gave him another kiss before she set him down “Yes you are. You’re a big boy now” She patted him towards the food and as if that was a starting signal for a race he ran toward it and began to feast.

    As he took a bite he suddenly looked back and patted at the seat beside him “Mom!” he called out to her. She walked to sit beside him, ruffling his hair and wiping his mouth with a cloth. Just one bite and he had already managed to have some chicken stuck to his face. She would have taught him table manners but she found anything he did to be too cute. Tomorrow she always said to herself, promising to teach him table manners the next day, a promise she always repeated and she always broke.

    She looked at him and realized he had still not continued eating “What’s wrong honey? Does your tummy hurt?”

    He shook his head. She noticed that his hair had grown a little long, the silver stands almost fully covering his ears. “Can... can Maya and Erin and everyone else eat with us too?” The boy asked his mother, glancing at the maids and other servants in the room.

    “Aa...” Renata felt that it wasn’t appropriate. The servant and master eating on the same table was a taboo for their society “this was prepared for you Wynn. You should eat it”

    “Bu-but they helped make it right? They should have some of it too? Plus, everyone, Mia and Maya and Erin are always nice to me. I want to eat with friends too.”

    “Wynn…” Renata was speechless. Saddened at the fact that the only ones he could call his friends were the servants, ‘and they are paid to serve him’. She pitied the child who never had the chance to make friends of his age, she pitied the child who was confined to this lonely manor.

    “If I may madam” an old man with a trimmed head and beard of white spoke up “Young Master, It would be inappropriate someone of our status to eat with you. The servants of this house has worked to prepare this for you. And it was made for you to enjoy. Please eat the food young master. You enjoyment would be enough for us.”
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    “Thank you Albert” she smiled at the butler who was dressed in his cut black tailored suit, even for a servant it was high quality and it gave him a sharp look that made you think he was a high ranking noble himself. “Go on then Wynn. Continue eating” she urged him.

    “But… I would enjoy it more if everyone ate it with me. And there’s a lot… even if there were lots more Wynn’s I couldn’t eat all of this…” He grumbled, defeat already in his eyes as he looked at her pleadingly.

    Looking at his puppy dog eyes she couldn’t help but die inside. But she instantly revived as she promised to see more of Wynn every day. But still she lay defeated, defeated yet happy. She hugged her son as she felt herself squirming giddy with joy just looking at him.

    “Okay!!” She shouted “I command everyone in the room, quickly, find a seat and bring it here! Eat with us.”

    She found no one but Albert moving towards the hallway to find a seat. They were stunned. It’s not every day that they find a noble lady letting servants eat at the same table as they, much less the poison lily, feared lady of the royal court. With a beauty that wold shame the fairest of goddesses and most beautiful faeries, she held a sting that was much more potent than she was beautiful. They thought that it was some kind of joke, or a trap. A trap certainly wouldn’t be unexpected from the Poison Lily.

    “I suggest we hurry as soon as possible, so as not to keep the young master waiting” Albert disappeared through the door as he spoke to the other attendants in the room. And with that the servants all started to file out of the room.

    Soon enough all the servants returned, some sweating as they carried the chairs into the room, as if they had been running while they carried the burden. The table filled up, but it seemed that they still gave Renata a wide berth as no one placed their seat beside hers. As all the servants placed their seats it became quite a snug fit as they all sat in silence around the table.

    An awkward silence permeated the table. As no one knew what to do. Even Albert who had finally come back and placed her seat next to Renata was silent. But the only one who didn’t seem to be affected by the mood was smiling ear to ear, silent but looking at everyone excitedly.

    “You should take the first bite young master” Albert interjected.

    “Thank you for eating with me everyone” Aewynn grinned a toothy grin “Let’s all eat!!” he began to tackle the sausages across him, almost standing on his chair.

    Everyone started to reach out, warily placing food from on their plates.

    “Hahaha. I believe I haven’t sat next to you on a table since you were young madam.” Albert spoke to Renata.

    “It has been a while” Renata smiled to the old man.

    Albert looked at Aewynn “Such energy, makes me envious of the young. I remember you were just like him when you were younger. You would even run around, I had to chase you to get you to eat your dinner. I can’t believe that the boyish little girl I knew would have grown up into a flowered beauty that raised her own fine man. He really is growing up marvellously. It’s a shame…” His last words almost whispered out as he spoke.

    “It is a shame. But none of that, it’s his birthday. I’m sure he will come around. He’ll definitely believe me some day.” Renata kissed the boy’s hair, who didn’t seem to notice her as he continued stuffing his mouth with food. She breathed a sigh “But on a level I’m glad. I’m happy that he won’t be exposed to our politics and the responsibilities, expectations and burdens that would have bound him otherwise” Renata’s eyes filled with resolute determination and his voice dropped as a whisper as he moved closer to Albert “If he still doesn’t believe me. If he still doesn’t see Aewynn as a son by the time the boy understands I’ll go.”

    Confused, Albert’s eyes then filled with worry. “Go? Go where? Back to your father?”

    “I’ll get out of here, I’ll leave Tristan. If he doesn’t treat him as a son, then he is no husband. I love the man and yet he wears that love thin. Six years have passed and still he refuses to believe. Even if the Wynn’s hair is silver his face is still Tristan’s, a complete copy even. How he treats the child does not please me Albert. I’ve waited for him to come around but…” Her voice dropped even quieter “The boy has started to notice Albert. I don’t wish him to live without the love of a father. If he cannot have that then I will leave. I’ll give that boy everything he wants, and not just let him be confined in this place.”

    Albert was stunned into silence.

    Having tasted everything in reach Wynn finally looked up from his plate and looked around at the table as the servants ate. Now they spoke amongst themselves, though still quietly, wary of their master.

    He called out to them “Nico do you want some sausages? Your plate looks a little empty. Can I have some of those pies beside you!?” He continued shouting out to the people one by one, making sure to get each of every food there was on the table. He made some idle small talk, about things he had spoken to them before, mostly to the maids who attended who attended to him regularly, and sometimes introducing himself to those he hadn’t seen before. With that the conversations around became louder as they became more comfortable.

    Albert smiled. He noticed that the boy had some strengths already even with the imposed seclusion his father had imposed on him. And just like his father it seemed the boy had overwhelming charisma. With enough time if he was taught him mothers skill with the tongue and way of thinking he would definitely get far. Or would have.

    He turned to his lady then “I serve you madam. If you go, then so shall I. Should we go back to your father if it happens as you fear? Your father and brother wouldn’t let me sleep in my grave if they heard that you didn’t go back to them.”

    “I shall visit them but I won’t stay. I don’t want them to be burdened because of me in case he doesn’t easily let me leave. I won’t hesitate to ask if I need it, especially for the boy’s help, but… But I want him to grow up free, to choose how he lives. He can make the choice when he grows up. If I find he wants to be a noble then I shall bring him up as one” Renata declared.

    “I see” Albert sighed. “You sure do make this old man’s life exciting. I haven’t lived apart from the house since I was an adventurer”

    “You don’t have to come with us.”

    “Of course I do. Your father and brother would have me flogged otherwise” The old man grinned “It makes me excited, living apart from the safety of the house and its guards. Maybe I’ll even have the chance to use my sword again hahaha”


    The dinner ended with everyone too stuffed to move. Only Renata had spoken and eaten little, too occupied with ruffling Aewynn’s hair and repeatedly kissing his head.

    With everyone’s food finally finished she walked to the back of the room. Only now had Aewynn realized that there was a mountain of presents completely filling up one side of the room. Boxes upon boxes piled up and even stuffed toys that were too big to be wrapped up instead tied with ribbons.

    She had bought him all of it. Normally there would be presents from others as well, but few people even knew of his existence, the knowledge restricted and the spread of which was punishable. Courtesy of her husband.

    But what she had brought him in specific was a little black box with red lace ribbons.

    “Open it” she gave the box to Aewynn.

    His hands fumbled at the cloth for a while till they dropped to the ground. With one hand he then lifted the lid, revealing a small brown pendant. It was a tiny prancing horse carved out of dark wood caged in silver Celtic knot. The wooden horse, a picture of grace and beauty with tiny blots of radiant emerald for its eyes. The silver chain on which it was held on seemed to be intertwined with some kind of black leather.

    Albert’s eyes grew into apples as he saw the pendant, “Madam, that’s-!"

    “It’s okay Albert, I don’t mind giving everything to him” she cut him off.

    Albert resigned with a sigh, “As you say”

    “Wow mom, I love it!” Aewynn hugged Renata digging his face into her dress, making it difficult for her as she was trying to put the necklace on him.

    She giggled seeing, trying to measure how cute his actions were. Deciding she couldn’t she instead chose to carry on, wanting to give him another present to keep seeing his reactions.
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    She then took out a key and also gave it to him “I know how much you like reading. Here, this is a key to the library. Make sure you go there with someone else or else you could get lost” His eyes widened at that then. He knew that the library was in the central part of the mansion, one big enough that it ran for several levels over and underground. One big enough that he had heard servants commenting multiple times that even the Capital’s Public library, much less any other noble’s personal library. He had only ever been allowed in the east side of the mansion. Then he remembered, his father was in the west wing.

    She watched as he was speechless at the key, worrying maybe if he wasn’t happy with it. The pendant he may not have understood its true value but the key she thought he would absolutely be ecstatic for. She knew he loved books, stories, starting from the day she had read him his first fairy tale.

    “Well, there’s all those other presents that you should open up as well” She was worried, she offered trying to put the smile back on his face “I-if there’s anything else you want then just tell mommy okay? I promise I’ll do my best to get it, whatever it is”

    The boy hesitated, wondering if it was possible “…Can I meet father?”


    So what did you find? Did you understand even a little? Even I myself understand little of it.

    That unconditional affection. Suffocating and sweet. A warmth that spreads and hypnotizes. Caressing and smooth.

    A mother’s love.

    This is yet another piece. But do you understand? A tiny piece of a whole. But even so, even if the tiniest piece is missing from a whole it is still never the same.


    I won’t expect a fool to understand. Are you a fool?
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    “The boy asks for you Tristan. He asks for his father!” Renata argued to the man.

    Dressed in a red leather doublet trimmed with gold and black lace, the man held a stern look as he swung his iron sword at a practice dummy. With black hair and blacker eyes he had a face that could be described as handsome with his strong features and defined jawline.

    He took off his doublet to reveal a body that spoke of a rigorous and trained lifestyle, a living tool of one purpose: violence and carnage. But it was a body of strange beauty, chiselled to the point that it spoke of its wielder's devotion to the body peak perfection. Every surface of his skin unmarred by time or injury, flawless in nature, unnatural for someone who was a veteran of more than a thousand life threatening battles. The body was sculpted, yet it was as if it was a beauty that could not be imagined by mere mortals.

    Picking up a training sword to the side he walked toward a training dummy. Even his steps seemed to carry an air of superior sharpness.

    Practicing his swings in the courtyard the man’s defined muscles rippled as he swung his sword with practiced strength and precision. Each muscle seemingly contained the carnage and violence of brutal war, yet the killing precision that would awe the most endowed assassins.

    THWACK! The blunted sword made contact with the iron sand stuffed dummy.

    “If he’s asking for his father then it has nothing to do with me” His voice was cold and uncaring, his eyes never leaving the practice dummy as he swung yet again.

    “Tristan!” Renata said his name almost as if it was a curse, anger rippling at the sound.

    But Tristan continued his swings, uncaring “You should be happy I did not have the child drowned when he was born. To have another man’s child living in my home… I trusted you…” he almost hissed at the end. As if there was nothing else to say, he began to continuously maltreat the dummy in a fury of slashes. Somewhere along the line he lost his practiced form. Only anger and hate was left in his eyes as he exhausted himself, beating the dummy to a sorry state of ripped leather spilling black sand on the floor.

    “Tristan…” she repeated, this time gentler and almost pleading, “Please see the Aewynn, if only you would look, you would see your face in his. He looks just like you…”

    “Leave Renata” he refused to look at her.

    She glared at him. Turning to the door she made to leave the room. Before passing through she said to the man, stating her ultimatum “Three years Tristan. Three years. I have endured six years of neglect from you hoping that you would see reason some day. But I won’t let you treat our child in that way. I won’t let you bind him Tristan. I love you but… you make this hard for me.”

    She left before he could give his reply.

    The man sat upon the dirt. At her words energy left his body. At her words, his words were stolen. At her words, his thoughts began to roil.


    Nearly yet another half a month passed, a stalemate between Renata and Tristan began.

    But with that half-month Renata saw the talents of her child bloom. More than the mother’s bias, even the servants saw that the child was gifted.

    “I’m so proud of you!” Renata held up Aewynn into the air, right before attacking him with a barrage of kisses.

    “Mom, stop” the boy giggled in her arms “that tickles” he tried to escape her grasp and run away from her tickling hands but he was caught. Resigning to his fate he was instead tortured with the agony of non-stop tickling until his mother’s fingers were tired and he himself was out of breath from all the laughing.

    They landed on the heaps of stuffed toys in his playroom.

    “You’re so talented. Mummy is proud, you know” She played with his hair as he tried to recuperate, sinking down into the mass of stuffed toys.

    “Is it… really special? Was I… good?” The boy said between huffs, still trying to regain his breath.

    “Of course young master, no one would be able to use magic at such a young age” Albert interjected.

    “Can you show mommy again please?” Renata grinned to the boy, pushing aside his hair and kissing his forehead.

    The boy sat up, clasping his hands together and closing his eyes. He began to concentrate, looking as if he was straining under some pressure. After a short while he parted his fingers and cupped his hands. Floating above his tiny fingers was a tiny orb of light, shaking as if it was a weak candle flame about to go out at any moment. But as he released a breath he was holding in it suddenly flickered and disappeared.

    The small boy then dropped his arms to his sides, as if a great exhaustion had taken over him.

    “My boy is a genius!!” Renata began to attack his again with hugs and kisses. The boy tried to resist and push her away as she squeezed him “Mom, I can’t breathe”

    “It is incredible how he can have such concentration and comprehension at such a young age” Alberts commented “Perhaps if the young master works hard he can rise to the rank of court mage, or maybe even as an Arcane Advisor.”

    “All I did was to do what the book told me. But I couldn’t even do it all yet, I-” Aewynn tried to say.

    “My baby!” Renata swung Aewynn around in her arms, his legs dangerously dangling as she spun and spun.

    Albert commented in his mind that would it have been any other child they would have thrown up by now. And just as he feared Aewynn looked queasy as she suddenly stopped “Oh darling are you okay?”

    Albert smiled at the scene, feeling sorry for the boy, yet the scene of the girl he had raised as his own granddaughter frivolously raising her own child brought a warmth to his heart.

    Albert made for the door as he said to her “Madam, Shall I go fetch him a magic instructor?”

    “YES! Get the best for him!” then she pondered “Ayana at the palace still owes me. Tell her I’m calling in the favor. If he can aim for a court mage, he’s going to have a court mage as a teacher!”

    Albert immediately knew which Ayana she spoke of and made to leave.

    “Wait! I’ll write the letter myself!” She rushed out of the room in an unladylike manner. Moments later she appeared again just to give Aewynn a forceful kiss and pinch on his cheeks before disappearing again.

    Albert, seeing that he no longer had to go himself turned to Aewynn.

    “Do you like magic, young master? Your mother seems to be intent on getting you the best of the best as your instructor”

    The boy, paused for a minute and then replied, looking at Albert with his clear golden eyes. He nodded, “Uhuh. It makes mother happy, so it makes me happy. I get to read a lot of books to” he smiled a sweet smile.

    Albert ruffled the boy’s hair, “That’s good. You can help a lot of people if you’re a magician. We’re all so proud of you”

    The boy leaned into the hand that was scratching his head, enjoying the feel “Would father be proud too if I become a magician?”

    Albert’s fingers paused. He hesitated, not knowing how to reply, “I don’t know about that” A tinge of pity in his voice as he continued to move his hand.


    Within two weeks Tristan was called to a campaign where he was to lead forces in the Eastern Lands in the name of the king. A few days later a lavishly decorated carriage arrived to the mansion. Carried within it was a woman in her mid-twenties, a similar age to Renata. She wore a long dark red dress. On her chest was a brooch detailing a silver-sceptre.

    Albert greeted her and directed her into the mansion the size of a large town. As she followed behind him a row of servants collected the luggage from on top of the carriage and moved according to Albert’s instructions.

    As she was led into a large room, big enough for a royal princess. With ornate furniture and a four poster bed the room was enough to take her breath away.

    Knocking on her door Renata walked in.

    “Ayana, it has been so long” Renata grinned to the brown-haired woman, “I am grateful that you chose to respond to my request”

    “Hahaha” Ayana laughed “When the Poison Lily calls, you answer or you die”

    “What an exaggeration” Renata chimed.

    “How have you been? You seem to be on good health. But how are you?” Ayana queried full of concern.

    Renata only replied with a mysterious smile, teasing even.

    “Renata, tell me…” she approached Renata, but getting close she frowned “You… you’re two weeks pregnant. Don’t tell me the child I’m to instruct is yet to be born. As much as I would love to stay and chat I still have my duties to the court”

    “Do mages have powers to know when women are pregnant now? Here I thought that all you did was to bring rain and burn forests”

    “You know very well I’m not powerful enough to control the weather. Plus the burning the forest was a long time ago, it was not even a whole forest just a very small part of our garden. I hope you would forget about that.” Ayana smile awkwardly.

    “I feared for my life you know” Renata said jokingly, yet Ayana showed a stiff smile. In an aim to comfort Ayana, Renata added “It was a jest Ayana. We were children and no one was hurt. Well, no one except that poor gardener’s boy, though there was no lasting damage he started to fear you and fire so vehemently”
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    Ayana sighed. Renata had known that Ayana had a crush for the gardener’s son. Trying to show off with her newly learned magic tricks she had accidentally set fire the forest while the gardener boy tried to do his best to protect them.

    Renata hugged Ayana and blew into her ear “Such a shame, the things you wanted to do to that gardener boy. You sure were quite terrible girl. What was it again Ayana? You wanted his rough hands to caress you as he does the plants?”

    “!”Ayana grew red ear to ear, “That was half my life ago Renata, I’ve moved on. Now on to the matter at hand. You should know that I’m unable to teach magic to someone who hasn’t even been born yet. Even I only started to learn magic when I was eleven winters of age.”

    “I know” Renata acknowledged as she led Ayana to sit with her on a soft couch near the window “You will be teaching my other child”

    “Other child? So you really have birthed one in the seven years you’ve disappeared from court. Congratulations.”

    “Well, there never was a miscarriage in the first place”

    “!” Stunned she sked to make sure “Tell me that again”

    “There never was a miscarriage. My first child survived, a boy.”

    “But the miscarriage, why… Shouldn’t Tristan have announced it? The people that would rejoice that he finally has an heir!”

    “Ha! You would think so.” Renata said with self-ridicule, mocking her situation and with a slight spire for Tristan. But for some reason she couldn’t bring herself to speak about Aewynn, just thinking of how he was treated filled her with anger and frustration. She had so much to say and yet her mind could not figure out how to say it.

    “Renata…” Ayana’s voice was shaking with concern “Tell me…”

    “That bastard” Ayana’s was shaking, her fists clenched and her knuckled white.

    Renata smiled at the show of concern. At this time she would have gotten angry herself, but she was somehow comforted by the fact that someone else was getting angry for her.

    “That bastard! How dare he accuse you of infidelity?! The things you’ve done for him. He wouldn’t have gotten this far without your help behind the scenes and the deals you made in the background. Surely he should be able to forgive a bed-boy or two? Did he strike at you? Did he strike at Aewynn?”

    Renata shook her head. Silently watching Ayana.

    “Good. If he did then… I don’t care what kind of army he has or the status and authority he controls. I would have made him eat a fireball or two and made him choke on it. Ungrateful bastard I’ll slay him if he ever does anything. Poor Aewynn… Let’s go to him now I’ll singe his hair a bit for how he’s treated that boy. I’ll burn off that manly beard of his so that it never grows again”

    “Hahaha” Renata laughed “I don’t think I could look at my husband so seriously without his hair and beard. I chose him for his looks you know” she winked to Ayana, in truth she knew that Ayana was terrified of her husband, and never would have come if he wasn’t away on campaign.

    “I don’t see how you can stay. I’m sure that Aewynn would be better off with his uncle or grandfather”

    “I don’t want him to grow without a father. I was hoping all this time that Tristan would love him, and give that boy all the love he deserves and more. And this boy deserves the best magic teacher in the world, now how would you like to meet him?”

    “Are you sure about this Renata? You know how Tristan is about magic… Wouldn’t this make him hate the boy even more?”

    Renata took a while to answer “In truth… I’ve given up on Tristan. I plan to leave in as soon as I can, I’m only setting preparations for living now. And if Tristan can’t love my boy for who he is then it seems like I have no more reason to stay. I’ve waited for years for him and it doesn’t seem like it will go as I first hoped at all. Now. Let’s stop and go see my baby”

    “You said he’s near six winters old now… isn’t he a bit too old to be called a baby?”

    “He’ll never be too old to be my baby”


    “Wynn?” Renata called out to the room. The maids had said that the boy was inside the room and hadn’t left, but all that Renata could see was an empty room. Much like Ayana’s room, Wynn’s was huge, with plush maroon carpet and crimson walls decorated with gold and black leather furniture. The four poster bed was messy, covered in books as was every chair and couch. To one corner of the room was a pile of stuffed toys of all shapes and sizes and right across the stuffed toys was a large marble fireplace.

    But still, as she saw it the room was empty.

    “Where’s Albert?” She asked a maid, hoping that Albert would know where the boy was.

    “Sir Albert went to prepare the welcoming feast for Ayana milady” the maid bowed.

    Renata checked the room again, a small tinge of worry in her heart. A worry as if her most valuable treasure had suddenly disappeared. Her heart pulsated faster, and she gripped it hoping to calm her down. But in the silence he heard a familiar sound. A faint rhythmic breathing.

    Renata’s worries then quickly washed away. She knew then where he was and a smile filled her face.

    She walked towards the mountain of plush toys and started digging. Beneath she found her son, his silver head drooling on the book he had used as a pillow, his tiny breaths making his chest rise every now and then. She squirmed inside, wishing for some sort of magic to be able to capture the memory and the image so that she would be able to look at it again and again.

    Ayana squealed out loud the same words that Renata screamed in her mind “WAAAAHH! SO CUUTE!” She ran to hug Aewynn who slept on the floor, covered in stuffed toys.

    But before she could get to him she found herself on the floor.

    “You! You pushed me!” Ayana said disbelieving.

    Renata had already picked up the sleeping Aewynn in her arms “He’s mine!!”

    “You! Betrayer! Share him!” Ayana got up and made to grab Aewynn. “You said I could meet him!”

    “No! He’s mine!” Renata pouted “I haven’t let any other woman touch him yet.”

    “Then I’ll be his first. Give him to aunty Ayana!” blue coils of mana suddenly bound Renata’s arms.

    “St-stop it” As Ayana tried to grab Aewynn, Renata pushed her away with her feet. “You beast! He’s my child! I’m the only woman he needs!”

    “One day he’s going to grow up anyways and leave you when you’re old for some beautiful woman. He’s gonna bring her to your home and tell you he wants to live with her instead! Let me hold him! I’ll be his teacher, teaching him everything anyways!”

    “NOOOOOO” Renata “There’s no other woman! He’ll be my teddy bear forever! I’ll never let him!”

    “M-mom?” Aewynn rubbed his eyes, woken by the shouting.

    “Hah! He’s waking up. We’ll let him choose!” Renata set Aewynn back down on the ground “C’mon baby. Wake up”

    “Mom?” He said, still disoriented.

    “Tell me Aewynn, do you love mommy the most forever and ever? You’ll never leave mommy okay? You won’t love anyone more than mommy okay?” She asked the boy who had still yet fully woken up.

    He boy didn’t reply, filling her heart with anxiousness. But he had finally processed what she said and hugged her “Yeah, I’ll love mommy the most forever and ever” before he finally went snuggle on her shoulder again as she picked him up.

    “HAHAHAAHA!” with a crazed laughter Renata rejoiced “Didn’t you know? For a child Mother is god!!”

    Ayana couldn’t believe it, this woman was unreliable. If this continued the boy would surely grow up into a mother’s boy. He needed the influence of another woman, someone not so crazy. ‘Yes’ she thought, she would fulfil that role.

    “Aewynn” she said to the boy, hoping that the boy would actually at least notice that she was in the room, as soon as the boy had woken up he had returned to fall asleep in his mother’s arms. “Don’t you want to meet your new magic teacher?” she said a bit louder hoping for the boy to woken up.

    Even though she was reluctant earlier to teach such a young child magic, as it required dedication and concentration that children do not possess, now she was eager for one simple reason. ‘Sooo cuuute!!’ she squealed in her mind this time ‘He’s like a widdle teddy bear!’
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    The boy quickly grew attached to Ayana. The boy was confined to the east wing of the manor, where the servants who came and went were monitored and loyal to keep his existence a secret. As far as Tristan was concerned the boy was proof of Renata’s infidelity, proof of Renata’s betrayal to him. As far as Tristan was concerned the boy’s existence was a mockery of his honour and of his love and dedication for Renata. But with all this he could still not hate Renata, he still couldn’t bear to let her go, betrayal or no.

    “Very good Aewynn!” Ayana praised the boy, patting his silver hair. In the few weeks she had taught him she had already found that he responded well to praise and physical shows of affection. And she took every opportunity to praise him.

    “Aww you can do it! Already a stable mana ball in a three weeks!” She hugged him, causing the tennis ball sized blue light to fizzle out of existence.

    “Don’t you think you’re hugging him too much? How about it Aewynn? Do you want mommy to make the weird lady stop touching you?” A vein pulsed on top of Renata’s head. Clearly in a bad mood as her time with Aewynn had been reduced for his lessons, even though she had been present for his lessons as well.

    Unladylike, she vigorously tapped her foot on the floor as Ayana attacked her child with hugs “Enough!” she tore Ayana from her child, clearly too mild-natured to complain “I hardly think that he needs to be constantly defiled by you”

    “But I do!” Ayana exclaimed “Everyone knows that a child needs hugs from his master to be able to increase his affinity to mana. Y-you can ask any mage!”

    “Oh really?” Renata didn’t believe it for a moment, she turned an eyebrow at Ayana causing her to look away.

    “Y-yeah. Ah- Hugs and kisses are important in a magician’s studies.” Her eyed diverted as she avoided Renata’s discerning gaze.

    “So you’re saying that that old fart regularly gave you hugs and kisses when you were a student? Well worry no more I’ll have him called up here telling him that you especially want hugs and kisses from him!”

    “Nooo! Anything but that! All I need is Aewynn...” She managed to crawl and hug Aewynn who had been trying to steady himself, dizzy from all the hugs.

    “Big sister, can we move on to the next one? I really want to learn other types of magic” Aewynn managed to say while being forcefully petted by Ayana.

    “’Big sister’ hahaha! Don’t you have any shame? Making my baby call you big sister, you middle aged hag?” Renata laughed at Ayana.

    “This middle aged hag is younger than you! Plus my Aewynn wants to play with me you see? He’s not calling for you he’s calling for big sis Ayana. Shoo! You’re disturbing my Aewynn’s concentration.”

    “Where do you get off telling me to shoo you brat, and don’t call my Aewynn your Aewynn!”

    “Then let’s have Aewynn choose. Aewynn, do you want your mother to leave so that you can focus on learning magic? Big sister Ayana will teach you that summoning magic you’ve always asked about.”

    Renata and Ayana went quiet as they waited for an answer.

    “I-I want mother to stay” Aewynn said with puppy dog eyes, saddening at the thought of his mother going away “B-but I want to learn summoning magic too sister Ayana”

    “What do you think you’re doing making my baby try to choose between me and you” Renata flicked Ayana’s forehead leaving a throbbing red mark, “Of course my baby will always choose me, ALWAYS! No woman is higher than mother!” Renata laughed hysterically.

    Ayana grasping her throbbing forehead “I bet that made your heart stop beating” she grinned “were you scared that he was going to choose magic instead?”


    Aewynn grew under Ayana’s tutelage. She discovered that he had a particular interest in summoning magic, his eyes glimmering as she explained to him what it did.

    “S-so if I can use summoning magic I’ll never be alone?” Aewynn asked with a certain sadness in his eyes.

    Renata who was always watching his lessons hugged Aewynn, trying to comfort the mysterious solemn sadness in his eyes “Wynn…” she grasped his cheeks to face hers directly, as they looked eye to eye she promised “I’ll always be here, you’ll never be alone darling. Whenever you need me I’ll be right beside you. Forever.”

    Ayana stayed silent seeing the touching scene of mother and child, this wasn’t a moment that she had the right to intrude on, and she understood that. As she looked she felt a pang of envy hit her heart. For e very long time her greatest interest had always been magic, but now she had something else, something completely different. She wanted her own child.

    Aewynn drowned himself in the warmth of his mother’s arms and comfort of his mother’s words. Ever since he was born he had felt an unjustified feeling of loneliness. Even though there were always servants and his mother, he always had a deep fear of being alone. But now his mother’s words, her promise had washed his worries away.

    Never did the boy know that this was a promise that she would be unable to keep. Because in truth, forever is something that does not exist. Not even in dreams.

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    Just as always, confined in the east wing of the manor, the boy worked hard. His head buried between books his eyes swept line after line, devouring page after page in his never ending curiosity. He lay down on the floor which was covered in more books as he continued to immerse himself in the contents.

    Never far from him were his mother and teacher, sitting on a table and drinking tea as they watched him. Ever since the incident of him remarking that he had always felt lonely his mother and teacher had been adamant on leaving his side as little as possible.

    “Are you sure he’s your child? He’s so hardworking”

    “I’m hardworking” Renata smiled “I just work hard on different things.”

    Ayana laughed at that “Of course you do. The poison lily worked hard. I’m sure the old royal court would be delighted if you acknowledge that it was actually a challenge for you to bring their houses down. Just your words brought down a kingdom and you call that working hard?”

    “People are easy. I don’t have to work so hard on that” Renata grinned “But the old kingdom was an actual piece of work you know? So many preparations and so many bribes and threats. It was tiring. I much prefer what I have now…” she looked Aewynn endearingly “Maybe I don’t work so hard, perhaps he got that part of him from Tristan. Looking at him lately I’m starting to wonder if he’s even inherited any of my traits at all” she sighed.

    “Tristan’s an idiot” Ayana remarked “I’m sure if you dye his hair he would look just like Tristan. Don’t do it though, he looks just like an angel with his silver hair and golden eyes.”

    “Tristan is an idiot” Renata agreed, “Even though I’ve told him many times he still refuses to see the boy at all, and he’s going to be seven winters old in half a year too. And the other is soon to come” two seasons had gone by since Tristan had begun his magic studies and now Renata’s belly had already swollen quite large. Six months had gone past and three more to go until her baby would be born.

    “How far along are you with your plan? Why don’t you just take him to the capital to live with me? I’m sure all of the court mages will love him. A-Are you planning to take your unborn child too?”

    “Of course I’ll take her” Renata rubbed her belly “She’s my child and I don’t want her to be treated by Tristan like he did to Aewynn. Nearly done with most of the preparations. Just need to make sure that no one can follow us if I want to disappear, I had to change some things so that by new baby could be properly looked after too. We would be living comfortably for the rest of our lives if we want to.”

    “Comfortably? You mean like this?” Ayana pointed to Aewynn’s lavish bedroom, furnished with gold and antique wood. Luxury that would compare and overwhelm most kings, “This is a bit too much don’t you think? Plus I keep saying, why don’t you just live with me at the capital?”

    “You know Tristan would be able to find him easily at the capital. Plus I don’t really want to play the two faced game of nobles anymore”

    “Oh no. What will the court do once its most distinguished player disappears from the game?” Ayana mocked a gasp.

    “Haven’t I already disappeared? I think eight years outside of the capital is enough to tell them that I’ve already withdrawn from the game”

    “Ahh but they’re too cautious of you. Everyone thinks that you’re setting up some grand plan and the silence is just the calm before the storm. They’re even more scared of you than when you were there” Ayana giggled knowing the truth herself, the most feared poison lily had lost its poison. Bringing up a child had made her soft.

    Ayana showed a soft smile, bringing up a child had also made her best friend become happy, happier than she had ever been before. It was as if she was having her wedding day every day with the amount of happiness that Renata lived in now. And Ayana was happy for her friend.

    Bells rang across the manor. The sounds of the voices of servants shouting to each other and their feet running along the corridors could be heard.

    The door opened after three knocks and in walked an old man with greying hair, a square and build stature in a butler’s suit. It was Albert.

    “Madam, the Master has arrived.” Albert bowed to Ayana as well, though his eyes wandered trying to find where Aewynn was.

    “Oh. Okay” replied Renata.

    “Wow I’ve never heard a wife more apathetic after being told that their husband had come back from a half year campaign” Ayana giggled to her.

    “Tell him if he wishes to see me, he shall have to come here. To me.” They had been this way since before he had left. She had obliged to make a child with him as he left for his campaign to make sure that his line would continue, but they had actually barely spoken since their last spat about Aewynn. Though she had said ‘me’ Albert knew that what she meant by that was her son; if he wanted to see her he would have to see their son.

    As soon as Albert heard her response he sighed, already expecting it. With a couple of words he had then sent a message with a servant to Tristan.

    “Albert!” A child’s high-pitched voice greeted Albert. From where the voice came rose a stack of plush toys and a mess of books. Aewynn had made a fort of stuffed toys and hiding inside it to read his books.

    His feet evaded the open books on the floor as he made his way to Albert and the old man received the silver haired boy with a hug “Hello young master. I have not seen you all day. Were you engrossed in a new book by chance?”

    “Yeah!” The boy, still holding a thick book in his hand held it out to Albert “Reese’s Angel, the hero Reese is saved by an angel with healing magic and then they try to find friends to beat the demon king!”

    “Is that so? It sounds like an interesting story. You shall have to recount it all to me some time” Aewynn’s energy brought a smile to Albert’s face. He had long been there for Aewynn, reading to him at times and sometimes the other way around. When Aewynn is asked Albert definitely comes into his list of favourite people.

    “Madam” a servant came in bowing to Renata “the master will come after some preparations”

    Everyone was suddenly stunned. Even though Renata had repeatedly told Tristan to come to her and Aewynn he had never done so before. And in the nearly eight years of Aewynn’s life, he had never met his father except when he was just born. Renata knew this too and was equally stunned.

    A worry then began to fill Renata’s and Ayana’s heart and Albert hugged the boy closer to himself, as if protecting him with his own body.

    “I-I think I should leave” Ayana made to stand up as she started to fidget in her seat.

    “No Ayana, stay” Renata almost commanded her to sit back on the table. “Aewynn darling, come sit next to mommy. Albert leave the doors open and come next to me.”

    And so they waited next to the tea table. Once busting with life, the room had been enveloped in deathly silence, choked in anxiety. They all faced the open doors, waiting.

    Practiced steps patted on the hallways. They came louder and louder, closer and closer, and stopped. Aewynn say a man with dark hair and black eyes, dressed in a red ceremonial doublet with black and gold trimmings. On his chest were a number of pins and medals. A handsome man, this couldn’t be denied by anyone.

    “Renata” The man with black hair spoke, his voice filled with stern certainty as if his words would always be right and would always be final.

    “Tristan” she replied, her voice stone cold. Aewynn had never heard her like this before, even when she had quarrelled with Ayana her voice was always light and full of love.

    Tristan’s eyes surveyed the room, and his eyes saw a familiar figure, Ayana “I heard that we were entertaining guests here. Never did I think that it would be her.” He almost spat as his voice filled with spite, “Leave Ayana, I shall not have your kind here” he commanded. Ayana shrank to her seat, lowering her head, unable to meet the overbearing aura of the man’s eyes.
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    “You shall not tell my guest to leave Tristan. If you have nothing better to do or say in here then I suggest you leave.” Renata snapped back at him as he saw what his words did to Ayana. Her hands reached out to grasp Ayana’s.

    His eyes hovered over Renata’s stomach, hesitating. But still he made his choice “Leave?! This is my home Renata. I shall not have those things in my house! ‘Mages’ ha! They are better called as monsters, just like the other beasts that solely exist to hunt men. And I shall not have a monster making its lair in my home.”

    TRISTAN!” Renata stood, shouting at the top of her lungs enough to make her throat hoarse “You go too far!” His words had offended Ayana which was enough to boil her blood. But to Renata he had also offended her son. He had called their son a monster. No, after today he was her son and only hers.

    She looked to her side and found that Aewynn no longer sat there, she panicked unable to find him.

    “Monsters like her are an abomination!” Tristan moved towards Ayana with ill intent, if she would not move then he would move her.

    “No!” A child of silver hair hugged Ayana’s waist “Don’t make her go away!”

    Tristan’s eyes thinned as he saw the boy. Looking to Renata and her gaze towards the boy he understood.

    “Let go of her, child” that word would have been endearing to say were anyone else to say it, but Tristan had forced it between his teeth as if he could not bear to say his name itself.

    “No! I won’t let you hurt her!” the boy said again as he hugged Ayana’s waist.

    Renata stood and walked between Tristan and Ayana “Enough Tristan. Leave before you make me angry” Renata’s face was red and her eyes bloodshot. At her move, Albert also came to stand beside her as he directed a glare to Tristan.

    Tristan once more looked at her bulging belly and left in silence.


    “You’re really gonna leave?” The boy asked with teary eyes. Bags under his eyes had already formed with sleepless nights of crying, and now he cried again. His cheeks flushed he objected, clutching to Ayana’s dress, “Nooo! I don’t want you to leave!”

    Ayana hugged the boy back, giving him a kiss on his teary cheeks “Ahahaha that was the wettest kiss I’ve had in a while” she withdrew a handkerchief and wiped his tears away, leaving his plump red cheeks. She pinched them wondering when would be the next time she would be able to do so again.

    “You don’t have to do this Ayana. You can stay. I’ll make sure Tristan doesn’t bother us” Renata had made this promise to her before repeatedly when Ayana stated that she would leave.

    “It’s fine, I was planning to leave soon anyways. I really have stayed too long, I’m sure my duties at the magic council have piled up. The old man will grind me too, probably” Ayana tried to laugh, she couldn’t.

    “But what about Aewynn’s magic studies?” Renata asked, anything to get her to stay.

    “I’ve pretty much taught him everything I can on the top of my head. The rest would need the assistance of more complex equipment from the magic council. I don’t have any experience of teaching anyone else before so I have no idea what to do next. Learning spells from books is one thing but mana control is much more important and without the magic council’s equipment I don’t know how to train that” she smiled at Aewynn “I don’t think anyone as old as you would know magic to the extent that you do anyways. I’m pretty sure you’ve surpassed all of our first year initiates in half a month anyways”

    “B-but I still can’t form contracts” Aewynn argued. Contracts are an important part of summoning magic, to bind the life of the summoned being and the magician. But even when Aewynn had summoned many creatures none had wanted to stay and make the contract with him.

    “You’ll eventually find the right one for you” she tried to comfort him. It had confused even her, she had seen many contracts been refused by both mage and spirit before, but she had never ever seen a mage’s contract being refused successively, nearing a hundred in amount before. Most times a mage would only be refused once or twice before they could find a suitable partner.

    “Can’t you stay? Just a bit longer? Aewynn is soon to be 8 winters old in less than a week” Renata asked.

    “I can’t. I’m sorry Aewynn” She removed one of the rings on her fingers, made of thin twined white gold, with a single small gem of a deep blue sapphire. “Take it, it’s your birthday present” she placed it around his thumb, which was the only place it would fit without slipping off.

    She couldn’t resist hugging the boy one last time as the boy grasped at her trying to make her stay. Finally she tore herself from the boy, boarding her carriage.

    “So she finally fled” Tristan appeared from the entrance of the manor “Good riddance, mages are a poison to the kingdom. Unnatural monsters controlling unnatural powers, they shouldn’t exist.”

    Aewynn squirmed at his words and Renata noticed it, she had long known his distaste of magic and mages. In the past he would have never driven Ayana out however much displeasure he held at her presence. She had let it go accepting his hate for magic, even though he had been familiar with Ayana before her awakening as a mage. But now, even though he didn’t know it, he had hurt her son.

    Aewynn grabbed at her dress, hiding his body behind hers, ‘And to think he looked forward to seeing his father so much’. She picked him up seeing that his legs were shaking. He held it in but Aewynn’s tears were on the verge of falling.

    She walked past Tristan, disgusted. Unable to look at his face for chasing her friend away, for hurting her son.

    “Come to me in the second hour of the dog. Bring your child” But his words stopped her.


    She turned around. Still carrying Aewynn with one hand, she walked up to him.

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    Le BaBbiT SPeAks: criticize me!
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    Chapter 5 - Rank and Status

    Aewynn watched as the manor buzzed with activity. The number of servants tripling in number in comparison to the usual.

    Throughout the day and the day before the servants polished the cutlery, polished the doors and doorknobs, polished the furniture and wiped and dusted every surface they could lay their hands on. In the end of it all the manor had taken to such a luxurious look as that every surface gave its own glamorous glare.

    Now that the morning light gave in to the clear indigo night air, the servants had lined torches along the main road that led into the central manor. All along the main gates of the demesne trailing through the front woods all the way to the manor, carriages came one after another into the center manor to be greeted by servants and ushered inside.

    The manor bustled now, luxurious carriages one after another emptied out people with equally luxurious attires.

    His eyes glowed reflecting the lights and luxury, amazed at the number of people that came to the manor. All this he watched from afar in his window, even his mother reminded him to stay in his room today.

    Aewynn pouted thinking about his mother. She hadn’t come to see him since she had woken him up. For her who was always by his side, he felt the lack of her presence suddenly seem so eerie. For the first time since he was born she wasn’t there and she wasn’t nearby, he was lonely.

    Thoughts of his mother forced him to remember what had happened just a few weeks ago. It was also a time of one of his firsts, the first time he saw his mother angry.

    With a slap to his father her fury exploded “My son? Hahaha” She laughed with a disappointed frustration “With the last drop of respect for you Tristan, I tell you now. I’m leaving. In a few months my preparations will not be perfect but they will be sufficient, I cannot stay here with a man such as you. I’m taking my son with me. If you want nothing to do with him then I shall have nothing to do with you. You’ve hurt him Tristan, you’ve hurt me. Never again, I will not stand my child being hurt because his father is a fool” With that she, still carrying Aewynn in her arms, stormed off the courtyard where they had sent off Ayana.

    He still remembered the look of his father’s face. Tristan, mouth opening and closing in an attempt to say something, yet he could only stare silently, his eyes filled with an anxious insecurity.

    In the weeks that followed after that Renata came many times to Aewynn’s room and would just cry. Night after night she would hold Aewynn tightly and cry to him. Aewynn hugged back as tightly as he could, wanting to let her know that he was there.

    She would confess the same thing to him every night. That even though she had told Ayana that she had given up on him, even though at the time she believed it herself, she still hoped. She wanted to believe that Tristan would love Aewynn, just as she loves Tristan.

    She apologized to Aewynn many times, even though Aewynn couldn’t understand all these feeling he understood that his mother was sad, so he stayed with her, the only thing he knew to do was hold her with his small arms as tightly as he could. She apologized to Aewynn, that even though Tristan had neglected and Aewynn, she still loved him.

    But in the weeks that followed the estate was abuzz. There was a party that would celebrate his father, Grand Duke Tristan, and his accomplishments and victory in the field. Many nobles would be coming and so his mother steeled her face, showing no trace of her distress beneath her mask.

    Aewynn wasn’t invited, in fact even his mother had expressed that he should do his best not to be seen or leave the room at this time. And so with all the festivities, which he was not invited to, only made him seem all the lonelier.
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    The largest hall of the manor, the ball room, was grand as if Midas had touched the earth. Gold, glittering pure gold adorned the room at all sides. From ground to roof he ballroom was at least three stories high, the space inside at least as large as a football pitch. The men and women mingled to a music played by a band - harps lutes and other instruments – all dressed in their best clothes it was a medieval ball.

    A single group stood out in the crowd, a beautiful couple with black hair and black eyes, dressed in colours of red and black. The two were surrounded by many other nobles, the nobles who either exuded the most powerful of auras or dressed in the most expensive of fineries. But these nobles still couldn’t compare to the sheer aura of beauty that the couple gave off, their beauty commanded undivided attention.

    “Congratulations on your victory in the Southern Reach, Grand Duke Tristan” A portly man with strong broad shoulders congratulated Tristan. Equipped with a magnificent mousy brown handlebar moustache and a hearty laugh he gave the feeling of a rowdy old man. “I heard that you saved my son’s life in battle! That fool, a general such as him had to rely on another. I apologize for his incompetence”

    Tristan, well built, tall, with swept-back oiled black hair and penetrating hawk-like eyes. With a strong chin and a defined jaw, paired with an ambiguous smile he held a charm that felled ladies with just a glance. He exuded an aura of confidence and charisma in his posture, straight backed with a clear voice that seemed to command belief and that every word that came out of his mouth would be fact. With wide shoulders and strong arms, a body forged in war, his figure was one which drew the envy of men and even the love of some.

    The women would undoubtedly flock to him given the chance, if only to graze him with a touch so that they might feel a piece of heaven in the slightest moment. That is, if it wasn’t for a godly beauty that stood beside him.

    Like him she had sleek black hair and the piercing black eyes to match. She embodied what could be seen as a perfect woman. Rather, even if men and women both had their own ideal types and preferences once they saw her all they could do was forget everything and exclaim “perfection!” and even still they would not feel as this word was enough. She drew the eyes of all with her beauty, coy eyes that seemed to draw one in, alluring as if a siren’s song. A smile that curved just at the slightest, as if teasing you, as if she had a secret and would tell you if you would only listen. And all the men would want to listen. But in comparison to Tristan’s beauty, hers was more overpowering, when one looked at her everyone instantly felt inadequate, as if they should be ashamed to be in the same room as her, incomparably ugly beings that they are.

    They were as if a match made of heaven, a god of war with a perfect body forged in violence and battle, and a goddess of love and unequalled beauty that made one feel shame at their own inadequacies. Dressed in their fineries it only amplified their beauty. If beauty could kill then the world would willingly die at their feet.

    “Not at all. Your son is a capable leader. He has helped me many times on this campaign. I hope to ask for his help again when I take the field.” Tristan smiled back to the noble, courtesy was needed in dealings with nobles even if lies have to be given.

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA” The handle-bar moustached man laughed, the whole hall filled with nobles paused to look at him. But they then returned to what they were doing seeing as who the noisy one was, they were used to it “My son- HAHAHA! – A capable leader! - HAAHHA” The old man laughed until tears came out. Finally when he had calmed down he wiped his tears away with a smile and grinned to Tristan “You don’t need to lie to me Tristan, I know he’s a bit rough around the edges. As he is he doesn’t come close to us” He patted Tristan’s back in familiarity.

    “He’s outstanding in comparison with other leaders, he has enough ability to stand among the top generals of most countries” Although dealing with nobility often meant playing around with lies and compliments, Tristan meant it. It was unfair for anyone to be compared to him and the old man, in fact the old man’s son was an accomplished general by other standards.

    “BAH and have him start comparing himself to those run of the mill generals? I won’t have any of my blood be less than what I am. It is the duty of a son to surpass his father after all” The old man then turned his eyes to Renata, his eyes tracing the bulge of her belly. “When our lily disappeared from the court everyone was baffled, even Tristan wouldn’t speak of it. Some thought of the worst, but others had feared another one of your plots were at play”

    “And which one were you Duke Oswin?” Renata passed a mischievous smile. In other noblewomen she would be judged to be flirtatious and a fox, but she was an exception. No one would dare to risk angering her with petty rumours and lies. For when they did their lives were put on the line and she would happily push them off.

    “Aye, neither. Here I thought that you had gone and left Tristan. He didn’t seem angry or at grief for you to have died, but I saw him all frustrated and all pent up like a man abandoned. I thought you’d gone off and found a new love with all that” He grinned to Tristan who lifted his eyebrows at the man’s deduction.

    “But here I see, I had no cause to worry. So Tristan had you locked up here so you could make little lord dukes. By the way of your stomach it’d be born before the equinox. Has he been trying to make you bear his child so hard that you’ve been unable to walk for 7 years GUAHAHAHAHA” Oswin laughed at his own joke. The other nobles looked his way disgusted at the vulgarity of his humour, though none would dare show it.

    An aged woman, Oswin’s wife, in her mid-fifties smacked Oswin on his side “Stop being so vulgar Oswin. I apologize for his lack of tact” she looked to Renata and gave an apologetic smile “Congratulations Renata, His majesty will finally be at ease now that you have an heir.”

    “Thank you Duchess Mariel. Though Due Oswin’s actions are of nothing to apologize for” She looked and smiled coolly Tristan then “Yes, His Majesty would finally be at ease now that I finally have a son”

    “Oh do you already know that it will be a boy? Though it’s not best to rely on the healers for this, they sometimes still get the predictions wrong. Like with my Oswald, they predicted that I would bear a girl! Imagine my horror after I had remodelled a whole wing to suit a growing girl.” Duchess Mariel tried to explain her shock.

    “Oh Marie” Duke Oswin hugged his wife, and gave a meaningful stare at Tristan “Tristan would never have consulted a healer, especially not for his child. It’s probably just a hope of theirs” Mariel pushed Oswin off herself and remarked “Oswin we’re in public”

    “Well whether the babe is a boy or a girl we’re guaranteed a kingdom destroying war god or a goddess that topples countries with her beauty. Whichever one and the country will benefit either way. The King will have nothing to worry about now that all of his Marshalls have children.”

    “Speaking of the King, isn’t he a little bit late for this party?” Oswin continued.
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    A knock was heard through his door, along with it came the strong yet aged voice of a man “Young Master, May I come in?” It was Albert.

    “Come in Albert!” Tired of being alone all day, Aewynn ran to open the door himself, nearly being knocked backwards as he tried to open the door the same time that Albert did.

    “I brought food for you, young Master” Albert rolled in a trolley of food, all clearly too much for a single child.

    “Wow! Is that what they’re all eating right now?” Aewynn then turned his attention to the food, so happy that Albert could imagine him vigorously wagging his tail like an overexcited puppy. Albert shook the thought from his mind, it was rude to think of his master in such a way.

    “So what have you been doing all day?” Albert asked, though he could already guess the answer as he saw the books on the windowsill. The pillows and a blanket had also been moved to the windowsill so that the boy could comfortably read there.

    “I was watching the lights!!” Aewynn’s eyes flared with excitement as Albert asked, eager to explain to Albert and talk about what he had seen.

    And Albert listened, about how the boy watched as the carriages snaked through the forest with their lantern lights, how the lights all bunched up near the entrance of the manor. He listened to the boy excitedly talk about how he had never seen so many horses before, or so many people. He gushed on about their fancy dresses and how each person looked different to each other.

    All the while Albert would take out a handkerchief to wipe Aewynn’s mouth as he would try to talk and eat at the same time, the resulting mess which ended up both on his face and clothes.

    “I thought you would be there as well Albert. No one’s come to see me the whole day” Aewynn pouted.

    “No. although your parents value ability above everything else, other nobles are less accepting of adventurers. They do not like me. Especially a person such as me who was awarded a noble title, those who I now outrank detest me the most. They don’t want to see me and so I am kept out of the way so that I do not create trouble.” Albert explained.

    He didn’t baby-talk Aewynn and instead fully used his capacity to explain to Aewynn the situation, Albert’s philosophy was to treat as you would a proper adult and they shall grow up to a proper one, to explain what they lacked in knowledge and provide what experience they do not have. It would probably due to Albert’s methods which would be the cause of why Aewynn’s comprehension was higher than most children of his age.

    “Kept out of the way? Is that why I don’t see father? He doesn’t like me? He doesn’t accept me?” Albert watched as he saw the boy ponder over it seriously. There was only a hint of loneliness in the boy’s eyes as he looked like he seriously wanted to know why, he puffed his cheeks unable to find his own answer. Why doesn’t he see his father frequently? Why doesn’t he come to see him as his mother does? Then Aewynn remembered, the things that

    Albert watched the boy with pity.

    The words came out of his mouth before his mind could tell him better “Is your mother’s love not enough? Do you have to yearn for your father? Your mother loves you with all she has and more, there are other people who are here too” Albert smiled to the boy. By other people he had included himself though was unable to say it directly, it made the old man blush thinking about it.

    As someone who had lived a hardy life with the single purpose of repaying his debts he never had the time to start his own family, but he thought of Aewynn who he raised since birth as the closest equivalent.

    As the words came out of his mouth, he realized what he had said to Aewynn whose eyes now widened as he looked back at Albert. Albert’s smile turned wry, he overstepped his line, the boundary of his purpose as a guardian. But even still he had taken a step, to take it back now would confuse the boy even more “Aewynn” his voice was stern as he called out to the boy who earnestly looked at him for answers “I was born as a commoner, you know this. I had neither mother nor father, raised by a mercenary company that my parents once belonged to.”

    Albert frowned, not knowing what he was trying to say. He wanted to comfort the boy, to give him advice. To say something. Anything. What he couldn’t do was to just watch the boy mull over a father that never cared. He didn’t want Aewynn to be badly influenced by this any more than it already has.

    But what could he say?

    He was sure he had a something when he started to speak, but he found it hard to know the right words. Was he conveying it right? Would Aewynn understand? Would Aewynn accept such an explanation? He had already overstepped his status. But what he felt for Aewynn was more than what his status stated. For him, Aewynn was family.

    Albert took a breath to clear his mind.

    “Aewynn. You love your mother and I believe that you would do anything for her and your mother loves you back with all she has and more. But -“, Albert paused, causing Aewynn to perk in confusion, awaiting for continuation.

    “A single person. Uneven, untrained steps” Albert mumbled so quietly Aewynn would have missed it. He heard the patter of feet outside Aewynn’s room, he predicted that the person may be in the hallway right outside, ‘There shouldn’t be any servants in the manor’s East Wing. Intruders?’

    “A-Albert, what’s wrong?” Aewynn flustered.

    Albert’s ears perked, straining to learn more from the footsteps. Putting a finger, to his lips he signalled to Aewynn to stay silent ‘Light, a woman? No. Still too heavy. A child.’ Albert surmised ‘A child of one of the nobles from the party. Or a skilled assassin pretending to be one’ Albert stood, deciding that the person would soon arrive at their door.

    Aewynn startled at the sudden movement. “I’ll just be a while young master” He ruffled Aewynn’s hair and straightened his jacket. Aewynn was bewildered when a dagger had suddenly appeared in Albert’s hands before he realized it.

    “Stay in here, hide” Albert’s words were unusually stern, Aewynn did as he was told as always. Within seconds Albert was out of the room, closing the door behind him.

    Tracing the source of the footsteps Albert waited at the front of the door. The footsteps were louder now that he was in the hallway, even in the muffling of the carpet.

    With uneven footsteps the figure finally made its way around the bend in the hallway. Revealing the figure of a child with mousy brown hair, curious wide eyes with a mischievous smile. He skipped through the hallways nonchalantly as he inspected the decorated walls.

    Seeing the boy’s attire Albert finally relaxed, ‘definitely a noble child’. The dagger disappeared into his sleeves with a flick of his fingers, not a proof that it had ever been in his hands.

    “Are you perhaps lost?” Albert made the first move, he had to get the child away from the room, away from Aewynn, away from the East Wing. Even though Albert detested that Aewynn had to be hidden from society he knew that being discovered now would be bad for the house and reputation, especially since it had been hidden for so long.

    “Hmm?” The mouse brown haired boy, looked up at Albert drawing his eyes away from the ornamental walls, seemingly only noticing his presence now. He looked at Albert with disinterest, seemingly annoyed at disturbing him “No” he curtly replied and carried on to ignore Albert as he inspected an ornamental sword that hung at the wall.

    Albert stood on guard, with the house’s guests he was unsure of who the child might be and the face and status that may stand behind the mouse haired boy. He couldn’t easily risk offending him or otherwise bring harm to the Renata’s reputation in society. Though she planned on leaving that society she still needed those connections to complete her preparations.

    Albert cautiously approached the boy, he offered a kindly smile “I can lead you back to the banquet if you are lost-”

    “So what’s over here?” The boy interrupted him, “There’s barely any servants, even if most of them should be at the banquet. And all the one’s I’ve seen have told me that no one was to come here” A mischievous grin spread across his face “smells fishy”

    The boy started to walk towards Albert, “It seems like you’re hiding something. I want to see”

    ‘A high ranking noble. For the servants to make way for him, someone whose status is not far from Renata and Tristan’s, and maybe even higher. The child of a very high ranking noble’ Albert surmised, ‘the child himself is very sharp’

    “We must return to the banquet. Did you come with your parents perhaps? They must be very worried” Albert avoided replying to the child’s inspection. Mentioning the child’s parents, Albert hoped to gain some kind of reaction that would tell of their status and identity.

    “Fuuu~” the boy puffed, scrunching his eyebrows “Let me pass or else”

    Albert felt that he had pulled some sort of switch as the boy pouted.

    The boy, seeing that Albert would block his way, fished out a signet ring from pocket and pointed it to Albert.
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    Hey could you repost the first chapter for me i am liking the second chapter but need the first XD

    if you would like to repost all the chapters that would be cool 2 so others can see it i have to go to the admin menu to see them right now :p