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    Chapter 1

    Warmth filled my face as I slowly rise to my senses, I snuggled closer to what I had at that point in time deemed as a ‘comfort zone’. “Alright, time to get up and do something”, I thought to myself, I supported myself with one hand and sat up and the other hand rubbing my eyes. It feels nostalgic, after 6 months of oversea school internship, it feels good to be home. But not all was the same, or so I thought, the softness in my hand was something I had never felt before.

    “A..A girl?!” Realizing what I actually saw and felt(boobs) , I shouted.

    “Wait, I’ve seen this somewhere, in the manga yes of course. Why not put me in this situation like in a manga because god knows..”. I uttered to myself as I feast my eyes upon the great beauty I am seeing.

    ‘Mmm..’ sound came out of her, which scared me, “Have you woken up? Who are you? How did you get into my house? Why are you here?” Questions shot out of my mouth as if questioning a criminal suspect. “I shouldn’t ask so much questions dammit, that leaves a bad impression..

    ‘Morning darling.. How was your sleep?’

    She SPOKED!!! Ahhh, what do I do? She asked me about my sleep, maybe I should start from there.

    “It was awesome honey, because you are with me.”

    Eh? Was that me?Wait, I didn’t say that, but, that sounded like me… What is going on?!!

    I closed my eyes, frowning as hard as I can and thinking about what is going on. I came to a conclusion; She broke into my house, and I am going to chase her out, get her number and hook up with her next time. Yes, I would kindly ask her to leave and.. NO I will NOT ask for her number and hook up with her. Yes Yes. Now, just stick to the plan and life will move on. Ready, Action!

    “Sorry but can you leave my house? I don’t know how you got in but you are not suppose to be here. So I would kindly ask you to leave my house now.” Oh yes, things are going as planned, good now I would open the door and make her leave.

    ‘Wuuuu…. Why..’ Tears started streaming down her eyes after my polite gesture to make her leave. No, not this, I can’t stand girls crying, that’s my number 1 weakness, please don’t show me those puppy eyes I can't stand it.

    “Fine, alright, I won’t kick you out, but you have to explain to me why and how you are in my house. Alright, so stop crying for god sake.” I pleaded and begged her to stop crying and thank god it worked. Now it's time to start questioning this girl here that looks quite like Sagiri from the new anime Ero-manga Sensei. I mean, ahem, she cute.

    After she wiped her tears away, I started to ask her questions. “Why are you here?” “Because you invited me..” No, that is not true at all, I do not invite girls to my house, other than a few times but does are exceptions. And this is the first time someone ever slept over at my place, not to mention a girl!

    “Stop lying.. Sa…whats your name?” Phew, almost exposed myself. “You got it right! Sagiri, yes, like the anime girl in the anime, isn’t she like me?” No its you that is like her, and are you sure you are not some major fan of that anime and is cosplaying her and taking her name? Thoughts ran through my brain. Part of me feels like heaven to have slept with such a cute girl, and parts of me is trying to resist the urge of pounding on her.

    “This is crazy, since when did I invite you? I was home the whole of yesterday.” I tried to protect myself, but was shot back with an unexpected answer. “You screamed out that you had wished to sleep with a real Sagiri before sleeping yesterday… So I broke into your house…” Great, now that I can’t retort. Then it hit me.

    “You were outside my house? Are you stalking me? Why is that so?”

    Then it comes, the puppy eyes and tears, why must I go through this, why?! After much consolation, she finally is willing to explain the situation and this is what she told me.

    She is my neighbor, she just moved in not long ago and heard my weird shoutings and thought that she had been invited. The only reason that I didn’t know that she moved in was because I was overseas.

    Seems a reasonable reason. But.. What do I do with her now? She seems unwilling to go… and she looks like, she is, SLEEPING! Ah well, not like I can touch her can I . Guess she has not eaten anything considering her stomach is growling while she is sleeping. Break in or not, that is quite a beauty that I have slept with, that being said, I sure am hungry, and I need to make breakfast for two.

    I quietly got off the bed and closed the door, trying to be as quiet as I can, I don’t want her waking up because of me. Time to make some breakfast. Who knows what will happen after she wake up.

    “Wake up.. Breakfast is ready, hurry up and eat it before it get cold. Wake up Sagiri.”

    “Mmm, can you bring it here? I don’t feel like walking.” What a demand, am I your slave? You broke into my house and made me your slave? But hey, if being your slave can prevent her from crying in front of me, I had gladly done it.
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    Chapter 2

    “Fine, but after eating, you have to promise me to leave my house ok? I need to clean the house, I haven’t been here for ages.” I stood up and bargained with her. She nods her head in agreement and I went to the kitchen to take the breakfast to the room. The fragrance of bacon and ham filled the room and I am hungry. What boosts my appetite was what I saw when I entered the room.

    Sagiri was drooling and when she saw me, she quickly wiped away her saliva. “I.. I wasn’t drooling. Hurry up and give me the food!” Ah.. A typical tsundere scenario. Sagiri wolfed down her food and asked for seconds. Good thing I prepared extra, the many years of handling anime tsundere made me prepared, thank god I watched those animes.

    ‘Knock knock’ , “Kiyo-chan. Are you there? Open the door!” As I was eating, someone started knocking on my door. Then reality hit me like a truck.

    That’s my childhood friend, Akemi
    Nakamura, she went to the same school as me and is the president of the disciplinary committee in the school. And if she saw an anime character in my bed, I’m going to die. Why would she turn up in such a bad timing?!

    “Onii-chan, whose that?”

    What did she just call me? Onii-chan?! No, that is not real, I’m not turned on by this cute little loli here. More importantly, I need to hide her!

    “Ahh, Akemi-san, wait a while, I spilled water, let me clean up first or it will be wet.” I yelled out frantically, trying to sound as calm as possible. Akemi is notorious for her ability to expose lies when she hears them.

    “O.. Okay, are you okay?”

    “Yeah, I’m ok, give me a few seconds.” I shouted, while trying to find a place in my room to hide Sagiri. “Hey, how heavy are you? Can you please hide in my closet? Do not make any sound ok? I would be disastrous if she found out, please? I promise to let you eat more after she leaves.”

    I showered Sagiri with instructions, hoping she catches them all.

    Seemingly understanding the situation, she climbs into my closet herself, almost falling down. I helped her into the closet, giving one last reminder to her “make sure to keep quiet and not to move about alright?” She nods her head in acknowledgement and now all I can do is to pray.

    I put all the food into one plate to make it looks as if I was the only one eating breakfast and cleaned up the mess.

    I ran to the door to see find Akemi, and what I saw was not what I’m used to seeing. Its Akemi petting my cat, Kuro.

    “Ahem, Akemi-san? Thanks for waiting, you seem to really like my cat, huh?” I stuttered, then I realized that she was wearing a singlet. Oh dear, she looks nothing like the Akemi, I use to see, this Akemi, I am seeing right now has grown, in many ways.

    “Ah, long time no see Kiyo-chan!!” She greets me with a smile and a hug. I felt her racks pressing against me, I blushed hard and felt a boner going up.

    “Aha, long time no see, you have grown quite a bit since we last met, how are you doing?” I greeted her, opened the door and led her to my room. Only to see Sagiri out of her closet and on my bed eating my breakfast.

    “Who, Who is that?” Akemi looked at me with eyes of a murderer. Great, how I am going to explain this to her.

    “I, I can explain this, she broke into my house and made me cook for her, really. I did not do anything to her, I swear. “ I stammered as I try my very best to protect my dear life.

    “Isn’t that right? Sagiri, please say something!”

    “Huh? Didn’t you invite me to your house? We did things at night, even though I'm worn out, but your breakfast fuelled me up. Thanks you onii-chan!” Oh no I should have just kept you quiet. Now I am in a deep trouble.

    “Whoa. Why would you phrase it like that, we only slept together. And you made me bring the food I prepared for you.” I protested. Uh-oh, something I said wasn’t right to my ears or to Akemi’s ears too.

    Finally, Akemi spoke “Oh.. So that is what happened, you slept with her is that so? And Sagiri is it? What did you call him? Onii-chan? Look like you two have grown quite a relationship huh? How old are you? 12? Looking at your size, you should be in elementary school still. Don’t you need to school?”

    Akemi broke, she is tapping her foot at a speed of light and a dark aura can be seen coming from her. “Now, if you would kindly excuse your onii-chan over here so that WE can have some PERSONAL time.”

    That was one of the sweetest and most horrifying thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Akemi pushed Sagiri out of the room and slammed the room shut. 3 years ago, if this was the scenario, I would be tied to a chair and interrogated by Akemi. But now, she is actually hiding herself in my bed?
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    Chapter 3

    “ I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hide her from you, I panicked and just did it, so please stop crying alright Akemi?” I tried to comfort her, but what has been done cannot be undone.
    “Onii-chan, let me in…” Sagiri can be heard from outside the door, she sounds like she is crying, but that’s not important. What is important is that Akemi might hate me for life. That is a very, very serious problem.

    “Akemi, look, I’m sorry I hid her from you, but can you at least let me explain myself? I promise to take you out for dinner tonight, ok?”

    “Ok..” Akemi’s head emerged out of the blanket like a submarine, “But I choose what to eat for dinner?”

    “Yes, of course, so you would first let her in so that we can talk this through?”

    “Ok..” Akemi stood up and walked towards the door and opened it, Sagiri was sitting in front of the door, sobbing with red eyes. Why does she cry so much?

    “Come in loli, we need to ask you some questions.” Akemi ordered Sagiri,

    Sagiri dashed into the room and sat down obediently. “Shall we start?”

    “So you mean, she barge into your house and you hid her because you were scared that I would scold you a lolicon?” Akemi glared at me as I finished explaining. That’s an expression one might say might kill you if you stared too deeply.

    “Yes.. It is quite important to me, you know? Because, its…… you…” No, no, no this doesn't sound right, what am I saying?! “What I mean is, I care about what you feel, I don’t want you to feel hurt.” NO!!! That is not what I meant, please don’t misinterpret it please.

    “you. You mean that you care about my feelings? You are not lying are you? “. Yep she misinterpreted what I meant. But what’s weird is that her death stare suddenly disappeared, replaced by a gentle and warm smile.

    “Onee-chan, why is your face red? Don’t tell me. You are moved by his words?” Sagiri woke up from her sleep and butted in..

    “No..but…maybe a bit. Like only a little.” Akemi showed how 'little' my speech has moved her. Honestly, her ‘little’ is actually not that little after all.

    “Anyways, I can take it that you understand why I did what I did. So would you please forgive me?”

    “Alright, I forgive you, but if this happens again in the future, you will get I from me, understand? And remember our deal. I’ve already though of a place to eat.” Thank god she had forgive me, “However,!” Akemi suddenly shouted, “ are you NOT going to ask me why did I come in the first place?”.

    “Eh? Um.. Akemi-san, what brings you here today?” She could have just said why she was here, women are sure hard to deal with.

    “Glad you asked! Today I came with proposal!” Akemi said proudly while taking out a piece of paper which has the words 'New School' on it.

    “what is this suppose to mean ? “ Sagiri questioned.

    We totally forgot about her presence, “Er.. Sagiri-chan is it? Sorry but you are no longer needed here, so would you please go back to your home?” Akemi seemed to be pissed off at Sagiri, but what happened to calling her loli?
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    Chapter 4

    “I don’t want to!” Sagiri pouted. Urgh, my heart. “ I want to be with onii-chan!” Sagiri then reached for me and clung onto me.

    “Oi, who do you think you are. Stop calling him onii-chan will you? Before I slaughter you, please disappear from this house.” Akemi fliped. She had the same death stare as before. She might actually scare her off.

    “Wuu.. why must you kick me out….. what did I do wrong?.” Tears swelled up in Sagrir's eye.

    Pity filled me, “ Akemi-san, maybe we don’t need to kick her out, perhaps she could help in that proposal of yours?”

    “Are you protecting her?”

    “Uh, somewhat.. but, I just wish that youe proposal is good, she is like a..uh, outsider. Yes, an outsider view is important too right?” I tried to protect myself.

    “You might be right…” Akemi rubbed her chin, is she pretending to be wise man or sort.

    “I am not an outsider!!” Sagrir just starts to get annoying with every word she says, maybe we should really kick her out.

    “But if I can stay here then it’s fine. The great Sagiri shall lend you her assistance then.”

    What a cocky bastard.

    “Now, let’s back on the topic,” Akemi held up the paper, “ Today, I like to announce that a new school being established! Although I have not come up the name for it, but its going to come to us soon. What do you think?”

    “I think the school name should be the name of the first principal!” Sagiri voiced out her opinion first.

    Starting a school? That’s a bizzare idea, where are we going to get the money? Ah I forgot that Akemi is rich, then that makes stuff a whole lot easier.

    “What kind of school are you thinking of? There are many types of school, not only the student age have to be decided, the main focus of the school also have to be chosen carefully.”

    Oh no, there goes my habit, overthinking. Akemi looks so puzzled, Sagiri looks more puzzled, I have to change this bad habit of mine.

    “Maybe we should start by what kind of school we want it to be? “ I tried to break up the awkwardness in the room, it seened to work, Akemi and Sagiri started to discuss. But why a school out of everything? Ah well, its getting close to noon, I should go get some food for lunch, Akemi would want Miso Udon, what about Sagiri? Maybe she wants the same thing? I guess she could eat anything.

    They were so engrossed they didn’t even notice me leaving, maybe Akemi could finally make her dream come true of being a principal. Good for her then, now, how much money am I left with after today?

    “That’s why I told you to stop!” Akemi can be heard shouting from the door, what’s happening?

    I ran towards the room, after putting the food down, then Sagiri ran out of the room and saw me, she hid behind me. “You didn’t do anything wrong did you?”

    Akemi stormed out of the room, but when she saw me, she suddenly stop and seemed shocked.

    “Akemi, what happened?” I started to question, this is my house after all. Akemi then started to move away from me and towards my room. Instinct tells me that theh broke something. And that can never be good.

    “Move away,” I pushed her to the side and ran towards my room. As I have predicted, my laptop is on the floor with its screen cracked.

    “Haiz, is this really how you two are going to treat me when you come to my house?” I glared at them, “really?! This cost a lot!
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