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    Melissa Saito lives in a world like ours, though twice the size, as a half-japanese in “modern” day Chicago. There progress is decided by sorcerers born with great power called Astramages. Born in pairs, of Demon Lord and Archmage called Astramentum, they use their magic to forward their desires. Melissa was born as an Archmage, and when she was young she communed with a Primal of magic accepting more power in exchange for deciding the outcome of the Primal’s bet. Now 7 years later she begins school at the High Magic Academy where she meets a boy who has been tied with her fate since 7 years ago.

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    Volume 1: The Ones Who Make History
    Milord asked me to make a record and present you the events of the Gods’ Fall era. Accessing the memories of all of those involved, records from deceased spirits etc. has been used as a primary source material. The actions presented to you, Milord, will be in an index, separated into multiple arcs each. I know, Milord, you do not like the way I present them to you, but I will write stories regardless! With your approval I would like to also print this book in other worlds and the one it pertains to. Enjoy!


    In an open clearing of a forest covered by snow, there stood a little girl, her eyes a deep blue and apparent emptiness, grasping a large glowing black stone.

    A voice resounds from everywhere, though a presence can only be felt from the stone. “You need only know these three things.” A voice without clarity, changing in tone, pitch, and accent. “What you know about the world is a lie, what you want the world to be is a dream, what the world can be is the truth. The power I can grant you will alter the world, you will be able to make history creating the world you desire.”

    “Why me, I don’t need this extra power.” A weak voice replies filled with indifference. The girl’s voice was raspy as if she had recently abused lost her voice.

    “Why? I do it because you are one that has been already granted my power at birth and yet you squander it. Those chosen to have that power repeat the history of advancing society, except you are not capable of this!” The voice now filled with anger, giving off a pressure which would make an average man faint. The little girl though didn’t even flinch at the pressure, more that she couldn’t recognize it. “Those who have the power use their emotions to guide them. One without emotions such as yourself would not understand.” The voice begins to calm down, pauses and then speaks again, “If you accept my deal, I can free you from the pain.”

    “What pain do you believe I feel when I have no emotions?”

    “Boredom. The world bores you because you have no emotions. With the power I now offer you can have emotions and finally feel joy.”

    “No one offers power without a reason. State your reason.” A quick retort by the girl. Agitation begins to fill her voice but it gives a forced feeling, as if replicating how another does it.

    “Is that the tone a human can take with me? I shall let it slide and inform you. I want to win a bet. One day you will need to fight someone of equal potential to the death , the outcome of the battle will determine who wins the bet and I’d like to win. After the battle you can continue to live and change the world to what you desire to be.”

    “Will I be able to learn of my past life?”

    “Oh so you know about that. That is a rabbit hole like no other but you shall learn if you win. You should know that there will be three others with power just like you, but you only have to fight your opposite. Though you will most certainly fight the others. Do you accept even with this knowledge?”

    “Yes.” Without a moment of hesitation I accepted.

    “My my that was fast. Remember this is a give and take relationship, you will have this power for the rest of your life but you will have to pay with your mana. You shall now be a being above any human, community, nation, continent. Power that can purify any darkness. You are an Archmage. I shall bestow upon you the power of the knight spirit and unlock circle magic. Let us begin as the world becomes your battleground.”

    A bright white light emanating from me encompasses the field. Black lines begin to appear out of the stone, seeming to mix in. The lines of black and white seem to battle each other, though they begin to settle down. The light envelopes me and I quickly close my eyes. When I open my eyes the stone has disappeared. A white light encompasses my right arm, and black on the left. Spirit magic, hmm? I shall not need that borrowed power. I will carve my future using my magic capabilities.

    I wonder how have I changed. I guess I can check using Status. I begin to draw a triangle in the sky with the symbol for the spell inside. Then an image of my being appears in front of me upon the triangle. There was a chart on the side with my status that had been updated from the current events. Am I still an Archmage?

    This was the beginning of everything in that era. On that day four children acquired immeasurable power. Their lives defined this era. Four different objectives and only two can realize their goals. This day in history would be known by two names, The Great Awakening and The Great Fire.
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    The Ones Who Make History
    Chapter 1
    My name is Melissa Saito, I am 14 years old, half-Japanese and white, and live with my adopted family. It's been 7 years since I got my powers and nothing has really changed with my life.

    Everything has been leading up to today. I have enrolled into the High Magic Academy and this is my first day. With this I can hone my skills and easily beat my rival. Oh what a joyous occasion!

    Currently I am having a pleasant dream. In which I see one of the memories in my past life. These aren't that rare for me and I have gotten use to them. Well in it there is a girl who looks just like me but she has the name Mary Richards. She lived a happy life, married early, and died early. How do I know it is a past life and not just a dream? I felt her emotions in each dream. Somehow I felt her sadness, love, and joy. That's enough rambling for now, I'm just going to continue this dream till I have to…

    “Wake up Melissa! Ugh you do this every time!”

    When I get up I open my eyes to beautiful girl standing in front of me. The girl has long flowing blond hair that sparkles no matter the light—done by magic. Blue eyes that look as if bottomless yet penetrate your soul. Perfect hourglass figure and tall, about 5’ 5” (165.1cm). She definitely could make a career as a model but wouldn't be the most beautiful person in the school, probably third. Her face doesn't exude beauty like the rest of her but it still is.

    My first action that morning is to recharge my batteries. So I immediately grab her, pull her closer, and put my head into her bosom. “Yep no matter what this is the best!” My reward for this action was chop that knocked me off of the bed. I regret nothing.

    “Are you sure you weren't a perverted man in your past life? Though it's probably because you wish you were more feminine like me.” With a quick teehee said after, and a smile of a prankster, she leaves the room.

    My sister, Karen Saito, and my closest friend. She is the joker type and is impulsive but calculating. She may rush into things but only if she believes there’s enough chance to get the desired result. Top of her class yet acts as the clown. Dependable and naturally attracts people yet is awkward in calm social situations and groups with multiple small conversations.

    Well time to go. I take a shower get dressed and head down for breakfast. Yes, I am the type of person to take a shower in the morning, sue me. We are the same age and we both are going the to the academy this year.

    “You gonna get a boyfriend Melissa? He better be good if so.” Karen begins to speak with a devious look on her face.

    “No, I'm waiting till college so that I have enough time to train. My rival is my first priority.”

    “But you're pretty. You have a chance with every guy out there.” She begins to fake sulk as to protest my non existent love life.

    She's not wrong though about the looks. While she may be number three I can probably take four or five. Let's divert the topic because there are other things I haven't told her.

    “So what electives are you taking Karen? I may have forgotten.”

    “What kind of sister are you then? I'm taking Alchemy 1, Sorcery Combat 1, Advanced Sorcery 1, Magic Theory 1, Algebra 2 with Trig, Biology, Magic History and Herbology 1.”

    “Makes sense. You are the smart one trying to be a medical professional. Well I got everything except Algebra, Herbology, and Alchemy. I’m stupid with Geometry, Advanced Sword Arts, and Adventuring 1. Classes for my easy life as an adventurer.”

    “I believe you have so much more potential. With that you could easily become a royal mage. You're an Archmage for Pete’s sake you're supposed to do good things to change the world.”

    “And I can by doing what I want. No Astramage did things because they were supposed to. My favorite example is Count Drac.” We have this discussion almost every time we talk of the future. The conversation goes the same way and we both leave frustrated. “He was a Demon Lord who donated to charities, ran a hospital, and invented MMRI’s (Magic MRI, used to scan magic problems).”

    “I know what you mean, but he actively tried to change the world just like I'm telling you now. You even have extra powers that you don't even know how to use!”

    “Just back off already and let me eat my cereal.” She hit me right where it hurt. I have trained in my skills ever since that day but no real progress has been made. The only advantages I have over a normal person is a much larger mana pool. Now both of us are annoyed at each other, eating our food in silence.

    If you were wondering where are parents are well they aren't here. They are currently living in Japan and us two are living in the house in Chicago. Fancy right? Not really Dad had work to do so the two moved to Japan. Me and Karen decided to stay and this how life has been for two years.

    Finishing our breakfast, we walked out the door and faced each other. Flame can be seen in both of our eyes. Then we both begin to blitz towards the bus stop. This is an everyday occurrence for us. The race to see who can get there first. The winner gets the right to decide their seat. Rules are simple run and don't use magic. Both of us head down the block to the corner at full sprint but alas my efforts are in vain.

    “And that's another victory for me. Melissa I think you need to get better at life clearly. There wasn't even any competition.”

    “Yareyare, don't get cocky I slipped over there. Let's just be one our way.”

    We take public transportation to the academy because of the distance we live. It's only about 20 mins though so it is short ride. I didn't get the window seat.
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    The Ones Who Make History
    Chapter 2
    Sitting in a wide auditorium with multiple levels. I'm sitting next to Karen in the freshman section. On my left there is another freshman I don’t currently know. The stand are separated in multiple levels depending on grade. Closest to the front being freshman and three layers up having seniors. That isn’t the only division though. There is a divide through the middle separating each class into two groups, Knights and Magi.

    Both are types of Mage though but the way magic is used by them is fundamentally different. Knights imbue magic into an object to allow it to perform a magic phenomenon. The type of magic used by Knights include body strengthening, magical weaponry, and magical arrayments. Magi on the other hand directly influence the world to perform a phenomenon. This includes traditional spell casting called Sorcery. People are born with the ability of one or the other but it is not impossible to be born with both, or acquire the skills through a God’s intervention. I myself was formerly only a Magi.

    In this school there are no uniforms, but there are set colors that each year and division must wear. The color for freshman is green and Magis are always red. This almost this whole section looks like Christmas threw up on us. I can see that some people properly planned their wardrobe or are wearing the bear minimum of each color. I should learn from them. The color for Knights is blue. The whole auditorium is just a board of half blue and red with the colors green, white, purple and black leading up the floors. About 2,000 students are assembled in this hall.

    Being the good kids we are, Karen and I wait for the opening ceremony to begin. The lights go out and all the voices in the audience hush. A light shines in the center of the stage and there is an older man of about 40. He is a handsome human who hasn't left his prime even at this age. One can describe him as stoic and buff, the weirdest image of a Magi but appropriate for a Knight.

    “Hello I am the principle of this academy, []. I welcome you all here today. For most you have heard this speech before so I implore that you wait for the speeches of your representatives, but for others pay attention to what I have to say.

    The founder of this academy was once asked for the reason for why he put the academy in Chicago instead of a location closer to the capital. His answer was “Chicago was once a great connection point of the country, but now it is nothing notable. It has two tall towers and old history. With this Chicago enters the limelight once again and it is a perfect place to get easy transportation to from across the country. Maybe even for those around the world.

    He wouldn't live to see it but this academy has prospered in the last 200 years. We are the number one institution in the world for training magic users. We accept students from anywhere and we train both Knights and Magi. No matter where you are the academy is the place that does this. You are able to take pride in the hard work you have done to get here, and the work you'll be doing after.

    Skill is a very important concept in this institution so refine it to your utmost levels. In the future you will have to vote for your student council positions but currently your representative is who the academy judged to be the strongest in the grade. Duels are an ordinary occurrence in this school especially for those going into battle training so respect others’ well beings. To those who wish to be academics you can access all of our resources to pursue your studies.

    This academy is to teach those with the potential to be great mages. We don't expect any prior knowledge, just that you have an inkling of power that can be used to make tomorrow. Some of you have done magic for your whole lives while others don't even know what makes the difference between a contractor and a highborn. We accept all of you with open arms and knowledge that you have never seen before. In here there are no social classes, and no special influence due to selfish interest. Though I promise not equality but equity. Draw out your inner potential.”

    The halls were silent. Then a torrent of cheers arose. Starting from the the seniors and spreading through the crowd. This is the place of our dreams to make us into what we wanted.

    “Hush hush. Now the representatives of each year will come up and say their speeches. Starting with seniors and ending with freshman.”

    As the representatives come up I pay no attention to the ones in higher grades. The senior one was about completing the exit exams and what not. Juniors are focused on getting into college. Sophomores want to get better. Now it is finally the turn of the freshman.

    The first word that comes to my head is defiant. Up to the stage is a boy who I could doubt is a freshman. I'm not far away so I can tell but he is approximately 6ft tall(183cm). He is lanky but it can be seen that the only meat on his body is just muscle. Not weight lifting, or jock muscles but toned muscles coming from living an active everyday life. The most shocking part are the clothes he wears. He is wearing blue sweat pants, a red shirt that says “Try not to suck” with a pair of glasses on them, and a green band on his arm. His has dark brown hair and average face with glasses on. Looking at his face the real first thought I had was nerd but the rest of him blew that evaluation away.

    “Hello I'm the freshman representative. My name is Alexander Richards. I am in the Magi division and am currently aspiring to do nothing in my life.”

    He's just said nothing, right? This guy is our student council representative and he is lazy?! I'm not the only one confused as I see puzzled faces all around the auditorium. Karen next to me is seething in anger. His tone lacks any care for what he is saying and has the attitude as if this event is a hindrance. I’m speechless, though I wouldn't say anything.

    “In this academy we prepare to define ourselves and our goals. I aspire to do nothing because I am nothing currently. I will let my life guide me to what I need to be so that I live without regrets. All of you out there I commend you. You came here with a plan and with desires and motivations. What is magic? It is a realization of our emotions to change the world so you guys are already better Mages than me. I hope I won't drag you down and we have a great year.”

    Was that a joke? It makes sense what he says and I guess that works for an inspirational opening speech, but it's wrong. It would have succeeded to convince everyone if he had sounded like he cared. Karen is now obviously even more infuriated and I need to figure out a way to calm her down before we get to homeroom.

    Well at least this school has interesting people. He begins to walk off the stage when he is interrupted by two shouts in unison.

    ““I challenge you to a duel!””

    Nani? Wait I'm so confused that my Japanese slipped out.
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    ““I challenge you to a duel!””

    Two people shouted this at the same time towards the freshman rep. The perpetrators were Karen and a girl in the Knights division. I've never seen Karen like this before. She looks as if killing him wouldn't be enough to soothe her. There's a fire in her eyes that is distorting the air around her face. The other girl seems to be in about the same condition. She looks to be average height, long black hair, no bust(lol), and a sniper rifle on her back...a sniper rifle? Yep this place is definitely interesting.

    “And why should I accept? You with the rifle, go first.”

    Able to control the situation in one sentence. The rep is calm and collected, his voice is indifferent but his eyes have sparked and there is a cruel smile upon his face.
    “My name is Yamiyo Hokai. I got third in the year with a perfect score and yet you who has this annoying and indifferent attitude is number one. I can not accept this and wish to challenge you for the spot!”

    She's Japanese, makes sense. I couldn't see her facial features before but her hair moved away in her dialogue revealing her features.

    “And you?”

    “My name is Karen Saito. I am of the same opinion as Yamiyo and believe that you are unfit for your position. I obtained the number two position in the year.”

    Karen answers him next. Karen is amazing. She may have not gotten first, but getting second with a perfect score is just as amazing. Her not getting first made believe that first was an unparalleled existence.

    “Fine. I accept one condition though. It has to be you two versus me. If I lose I leave the academy and take my indifferent attitude with me. If I am to win you are each to switch a class to one of my choosing. I will also choose the one to be switched”

    “You! Just how strong do you think you are? I cannot allow you to make a mockery of what this school stands for!”

    “Nothing can allow you to be this cocky. I can defeat you alone.”

    Karen and Yamiyo retort what the rep says with lightning speed. I am amazed at the level of stupidity this guy must have to challenge both of them at the same time.

    “So is that a no?”

    Silence fills the room. The voices of the three were amplified by their magic so everyone can hear them. It's not like everyone should stay. Don't we have classes?

    ““I accept!””

    Scary, they both answer at the same time. I have been frozen this whole time so I was unable to stop Karen. This is why Karen is always in leader positions, everyone can count her to be a defender of justice.

    “Then it shall be done. Principal may we have it here?”

    “That won't be a problem wait one moment as we perform a field shift.”

    As the principal says that the stage begins to distort. All around it there is a barrier forming and the stage takes the shape of an arena field. I guess important duels are done here. Karen and Yamiyo are called over so they can prepare but now I am stuck here alone. After about 15mins everything is set. The rep stands at the far left side of the field wearing his normal clothes and a scabbard on his back. The two opponents are at the other side wearing battle gear, expensive military grade ones, and holding their weapons. Yamiyo holds her sniper rifle and Karen with a spear. No matter how I see it, he's mocking them again. It's not good for my heart to see my sister like that, ready to murder the enemy in front of her.

    “So in a duel we are only allowed to use the lowest of our highest magic level ability. What is the highest for both of you?”

    “Mine is [Hexagon] magic.”

    “Same for me.”

    “So it's decided. [Hexagon] is the highest magic we can use.”

    Yamiyo also [Hexagon] magic at this age, amazing. These two are prodigies if anyone has ever seen one. The unnerving part is how the rep assumed that their level would be lower than his. Oh the principle is activating magic.

    “Everyone watch closely, this is going to be a duel to start off the year. This is the first time this event has ever happened, so save this for the history books. I would like for the competitors to limit their magic to single layered so that no extreme injuries occur. The competitors are ready so without further ado, BEGIN!”

    Yamiyo begins to act first, it seems she is constructing a [Quadrilateral] spell to enhance Karen's spear. For not knowing each other they seem to mutually understand how they should battle. Karen rushes forward as the magic is imbued.

    “Let this spear pierce my enemy, enhance it with great lightning and flames. [Quadrilateral] magic Blazing Current!”

    The spell took 15 seconds to cast, a good speed for her age but slow for her level of magic. Decent magic that is effective for dueling or other short battles. Yamiyo is double attributed as well, interesting. The only way to be double attributes is to be an Astramage or have an element ability. I suspect here being an Astramage because Archmages use fire and air, I would know.

    Karen isn't an Astramage but is also double attributed. She can use fire and earth. Those with two attributes can’t have attributes that negate each other. Negation is in the common form of magic being fire vs water and earth vs air.

    The rep doesn't do anything as Karen approaches. She took just enough time for the chant to finish. Her spear pulses with yellow and red and she directs it forward with polished skill. As she ran she prepared a chant and just finished.

    “[Quadrilateral] Fire Bolt!”

    A beam of fire goes straight towards the rep, with Karen right behind it. In just a second the bolt is upon him and Karen is at her optimal distance, perfectly timed. Cheers are reverberating through the auditorium. What happens next causes the audience to fall dead silent.

    In an instant the rep chantlessly shield against the Fire Bolt, he then avoids Karen’s spear getting into close range. Karen has to go on the defensive and was clearly shocked by her opponent’s actions. He pushes Karen back and then goes right into a distance of about a textbook. The rep slams a fist covered in flames, I don't know how that happened, into her abdomen and Karen is sent flying. She goes about 7ft rolls and doesn't move.

    What is he? Chantless, instant drawing of the shape and proficient in combat. Without even knowing his highest magic level he could be compared to an intermediate mage. From the magic power and flow around him. The first spell he used was a [Quadrilateral] barrier, makes sense if it wasn't for the speed of activation. The spell he used after was a [Triangle] fire imbuement. To wipe out a person using just [Triangle] magic is absurd. Though one of his abilities is that he is a Knight and Magi. I say abilities because I don’t doubt he has at least three. Three alone makes him a dangerous existence. I myself had 6 when I last checked 7 years ago so I may be a bit over impressed.

    Yamiyo doesn't lose her composure and aims at the rep with her rifle. Without releasing any spells she fires at him. In the face of a high speed bullet he dodges. He runs at her while dodging the shots coming at him. She is chanting and it will be done just before he gets to her so I don't understand her plan. What can she imbue that can help if you can't stop his approach? The spectators are cheering for Yamiyo and booing the rep like there's no tomorrow.

    “Oh imbue into me a spirit of combat. Give me the power to fight against those awarded the titles of experts. [Pentagon] Black Belt!”

    Oh that's a surprise, a spirit user as well. This battle is giving me so much information about the ones fighting. But with that there is a clear difference between Yamiyo and the rep, the rep knows how to not leak information. Everything he has done up to now wasn't to show us that he is stronger than the rest of us while not revealing any important trump. Yamiyo and Karen on the other hand revealed weapons of choice, usable elements-excluding Karen's earth element-, and skill level. Yamiyo revealed her trump of being a spirit user which I can see others are studying with intensity. They were set up from the start. Karen is lucky she didn't reacts properly and got knocked out.

    The battle between Yamiyo and the rep is locked into a heated exchange of fists with a spinning rifle. But the winner is clear. Even with a probable low class spirit, Yamiyo is getting pushed back and the rep is going in for the finisher. After a couple minutes the power of the spirit has run dry and Yamiyo is dealt with by a high kick right into her right temple. Still to make a low spirit run out of power in a couple mins is impressive, they can usually run for about an hour.

    “Alexander is the winner!”

    There is nothing to do but sit there stunned. As a freshman the rep could be a leading military Mage. This is the power I want, I need to get this strong or stronger to face my rival.
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    Edits have been done to the first two chapters due to inconsistencies with the third.
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    After forever B comes with another chapter. :)
    The Ones Who Make History
    Chapter 4
    A professor goes down to check on Karen and Yamiyo. They have no severe injuries and are resuscitated. The looks on their faces are grim. I go down and they allow me through because I'm her sister. I pat her on the back and tell her the cold reality. She had no chance of winning solo even if he didn’t touch her. He picked Magi courses so Sorcery is be his strong suit.

    Alexander walked towards us with a look of innocence, though it was cruel to look at for us. He is smiling like a child who just had candy. I hope the two don't have to go through hell.

    “I've decided you both take magic advancement classes correct?”

    “Yes, Advanced Sorcery.”

    “Advanced Imbuement.”

    “You two will now take Magic Reevaluation and Optimization. It offers a duel course for extra curriculum of combat if you were to drop a combat class as well.”

    Wait isn't that the class that is called…

    “You're crazy, that's the hardest class in the school! It was implemented this year and was noted for being impossible for intermediate Mages.”

    “Well I guess it's not that bad.”

    “Not bad? What do you mean, we’ll be stranded there and be unable to improve.”

    “We lost the bet so we have to accept it.”


    So they are going to hell. Teachers are to try the curriculum for the new classes and the report that was given scared away most potential students from trying to reach for the class. Karen immediately denied the possibility of being in the class but Yamiyo easily accepted. I wonder if it is her being compliant or not really caring about the difficulty. Maybe they could transfer out after they begin to fail.

    “Don't worry about it, if you need help you can just ask me. I offer those who ask help on lessons or extra training.”

    “So you are in the class?”

    “I am a part of the class, and who might you be?”

    I asked him if he was in the class and was rewarded a question back. Obviously he wouldn't know that I'm Karen's sister. Right now she is fuming about how the conversation has drifted away but seems to be accepting the reality. Alexander looks as if appraising me.

    I hear something from the principal to the audience but I can't exactly make it out. It's probably not important.

    “My name is Melissa Saito, Karen's sister. What might you be thinking right now?”

    “How to make you fight me. It would be a much more interesting fight, and if I win I would have the condition be that you also join the class.”

    “I shall decline the offer. What leads you to believe that I would be a better opponent?”

    “The expertise you have in hiding your magic presence, the level of your presence, and the magic I detect in your eyes. Three points of interest which reflect an interesting Mage.”

    I click my tongue internally at the blunder I made. Due to the distance being shrunk he was able to see through my masking. My adopted father often trained me in hiding my magic because when I was younger, it would show to even normal people and the power had quite the fear effect. Now I unconsciously mask my presence. But to think he even figured out my eyes, ugh.

    “Would you at least consider joining the class?”

    “No, when the teachers decide which level I should take I will go there, training at a speed that academy deems best for me.”

    We are going through the process today for class level selection. I don't know how they decide the level yet, but we have already taken some prior test like the math and reading ones so there may be more tests.

    “Can't be helped. Well we missed it but everyone is leaving to homeroom. Follow me I listened to where they said we were heading and I we are all tops of the freshman class so we are in the advanced homeroom.”

    Ugh. I didn't even notice because I was too worried about Karen and this conversation. We are all in the same homeroom so we rush after the group that was last to leave. Yamiyo managed to find her group as well since Knights and Magis have different homerooms. I can’t see the teacher currently who is in the front and Alexander disappeared. I talk with Karen and I can clearly tell the other students are observing us but not getting too close. As we are walking Karen pulls me out of the immediate range of other students and whispers to me.

    “Alexander was extremely skilled. He has probably trained since he could walk.”

    “He's strong too, he knocked you out with one hit with a [Triangle] fire imbuement.”

    “A fire imbuement?”

    “Did I say something weird. I clearly saw that it was a [Triangle] fire imbuement.”

    Karen's eyes expand and it looks like she came to a revelation.

    “He was even able to fool your eyes. You must have not noticed the phantasm magic. I saw him cast it so there was no effect on me. He had a spell rune to cast it”

    I got tricked by an illusion? Phantasm magic is the most discreet of illusion magic so it's understandable the whole audience would have been affected. Unlike most illusion magic, phantasm is closer to mind magic but doesn't require the ability to use mind magic. Phantasm magic causes a change of focus in reality to deceive the target.

    Spell runes are used to cast a prior prepared spell. It is legal in a duel to have illusion spell runes because of the time they take to cast. That also explains how I didn't detect any magic flowing

    “Then what did he disguise with the phantasm magic?”

    “The rep casted an armor pierce imbuement and you he made the flames have no heat. Seriously, no one reacted to the fact nothing burned?”

    I can't make an excuses. I look at her with my most deadpan expression I could make. The annoyance on her face told me she was pissed.
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