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    Amari Rin, a beautiful young girl, is suddenly trapped inside a game world. She once has been alone in the digital world but accompanied by her favorite cartoony dragonlings, she ventures along with her friends (one can apparently break the 4th wall) in the vast world of games.

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    (Rumble): “Alright author! Let's start the story. OH, I can't wait how it is going to look like.” A small young red dragon stood on his hind legs and talked.

    Well my little draconic friend, let's begin. (I replied to that dragon)

    (Rumble): “(looks at the 4th wall) Do you hear that readers? Sit back and relax. The story begins.”

    Hey, I am the one who tells the story here!

    (Rumble): “Relax! Relax! I'm not going to interrupt you, just begin, ” and he comically pulled an empty black hole and jumped inside it before the black hole disappeared.

    *sigh* okay here I go:

    The Sun rose from the horizon, and its rays slowly illuminated new Tokyo. Many houses were getting into view as the sun continued casting its light on them. Among the rows of houses, there was a vibrant colored one. Inside it, a gorgeous young girl woke up from slumber. Her name was Rin...

    (Rumble): “her real name is Rai...” The red cartoon dragon suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

    Rumble! Don't spoil the story!

    (Rumble): “chill pal, I just got too excited (looks at the 4th wall) Alright boys and girls get ready! Because Umblegang is going to rumble aha ha ha” and he left without stopping his laughs *sigh*.

    Well, where am I… ah oh yes! Rin Amari woke up as the golden sun rays illuminated her smooth white skin and her long glossy hair with a color like pink roses. She had a face and body that would make even the slightest glint from men fall into her charm. She opened her eyes, which were like fresh oranges that shone like diamonds.

    The alarm clock displayed 6 am, it was a perfect time for preparation so she got up from the bed, took off her nightgown and cleansed her smooth porcelain-like skin. After her bath, she put a blue sleeveless shirt, a jeans shorts and a pair of brown gladiator sandals. After eating her breakfast, she drove to the college.

    The college located very far from home, and she must wake up very early to make in time. Fortunately, Rin got the driving license two years ago In Californeo and drove her inherited Honda Civic Sedan 2016 after her father had passed away.

    She picked up her best friends Hatsune Ryoko , Liu Er Ming, Nodoka Ain and Samaria Azwani. They were friends since elementary school and now they were going to the same college.

    (Hatsune): ”Rin, have you done your part of work?" Her best friend asked.

    (Rin): “Yea, I have done it!” Rin replied with a smile. The other two girls smiled as well.

    Hatsune was Rin’s childhood friend. She was now a very mature young woman. Her dark soil colored hair touched her shoulders in a curved fashion. Her eyes were like chocolate. She wore a light blue sleeveless shirt and white knee high jeans-skirt exposing her curves. Her footwear was raven high heels boots and fishnet stockings, that made her more seductive to boys. In short her, beauty is slightly above an average commoner girl.
    Both She and Rin had played together in their younger days, despites she knew Rin's significant flaws; Cartoons, Anime, Manga/Comics, Novels and off course video games addictions. Hatsune also knew Rin's favorite cartoon was Umblegangs Dragon Adventures, which was about five cartoony baby dragons venturing into the vast world and making fun of enemies.

    Liu Er was Rin's another best friend. Even though She was immigrant from an ancient kingdom, the Xuanxian kingdom, her style does not: Her heavily braided hair color is slightly darker than Rin's, and her eyes are like amethyst. Unlike Rin, whose face was childlike, Liu Er's face resembles beautiful princesses from Chinese mythologies and novels. Her attires were western green sports jumpsuit, which was entirely opposite expectations for being an imperial princess.
    She and Rin had been once rivals in multiple sports including fighting. Rin had had no chances against Liu Er in combat, but she was superior in atlethics due to her constant hyperactivity. They also trained in the same, all girls gym.

    Nodoka loved to read books and spend time with her friends. She wore a blue summer dress, black stocking, and purple leather boots. Her style was like a Japanese nerd. Like Rin she also had gentle personality but with timidness.

    Samaria was Rin's cooking mentor. She had long braided black hair, ruby eyes, and reflective brown skin. Her attire was blue cropped jeans, lime-green sleeved shirt with a horizontal white oval with black writings: "I am the best cook <3" on it and brown converse shoes. Her friends loved to visit her house because she was the best cook in the college, even her parents were professional cooks, who worked at a 5-star restaurant.

    (Rin): “Hatsune, Lin Er, Nodoka, Samaria, we are here.”

    They arrived at the front of an enormous building with lots of isolation windows around it. Some part of the building even had towers and some places were connected with glass bridges. Time was running out so they hurried inside towards their classes.
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    The college’s interior was enormous. it was flooded with students so anyone could be unlucky enough to get stampeded. However, no one had gotten injured.

    Inside the class, the teacher was teaching the students. Rin was one of whom attended. Everyone in the class knew that she was one of the brightest students in the class, despite the fact that she's a cartoon- and game addict.

    Soon the class had ended, Rin and her friends went outside to the schoolyard and had fun.

    (Samaria):” Girls I brought 4 people quantity of biryani, wanna eat?”

    Hearing her friend say the word "Biryani" made Rin color her face red. The biryani was Indian most famous traditional food and also very spicy. Rin had tasted biryani before, and her tongue had felt the burning sensation along with many delicious aromas.

    Samaria laughed at her reaction and reveals a large, round, steel lunchbox. There, an irresistible fragrance of biryani struck all her friends' noses. And the food's taste, they gobbled it like hungry animals. The girls belched and became embarrassed then laughed heartily together.

    Unknown to them, a shadowy figure sat under the shadow of a large tree and stalking at the girls from twenty meters away. The mysterious figure was a malicious looking boy. The boy stared at Rin with hatred, envy and most of all lust. The boy's attire was entirely black and gray, and his eyes were covered by the shadow of his hoodie. An invisible murderous aura swirled around the boy.

    (Boy): “Someday you will be mine, not in this world but in virtual reality” the boy sneered silently while staring at her.

    After the lunch, Rin walked across the corridor and headed towards her class. Suddenly she bumped into the very black clad boy.

    (Rin): “Sorry!”

    The boy turned his head halfway so his left eye could stare at her with bloodlust.

    (Boy): “The prophecy is told, once the rainbow strikes, you will disappear from the world” and he left.

    Rin felt an ominous presence from the black-clad boy, but she didn't mind.

    The class lasted 2 hours, Rin, along with her friends, gathered together at their lockers.

    (Rin): "Girls I have forgotten to tell you something, I recently have bought a new video game console from the supermarket, and It doesn't look like any existing console." as excited as ever, she told them about the new console.
    But her smiling face suddenly turned into a confused expression.
    (Rin): "I bumped into a boy, who stared at me and said: "the prophecy is told, once the rainbow strikes, you will disappear from the world." Is it true what he said? It somehow creeps me out."

    (Liu Er): "Hmph, don't mind that boy, once a creep, always a creep, he is nothing but full of lies." Liu Er scoffed.

    (Rin): "Yea but somehow I am having a bad feeling about this."

    (Hatsune): "Don't worry Rin, that creep is just a pervert, who haven't gotten any girls, just staying away from him is enough"

    Rin nodded at Hatsune's encouragement and after that, they left the college.
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    It was a long trip for Rin. She dropped all her friends at their homes, and Samaria's house was somehow the farthest from her own and the college.

    Dropping her friends home was one of the favorite things Rin like to do. It was "time-spending" also she was obliged to do it. Half an hour passed before she arrive home.

    She unpacked all her items inside her silver leather bag and afterwards she started doing homework. What Rin has to finish until next week was her English essay, which the topic about the strange phenomenon.

    (Rin): "Finally once I'm done with my homework, I can enjoy with my new gaming console," she thought with happiness.

    She sat on the chair, opened the laptop, browsed through multiple files, opened the document and begun typing.

    Suddenly the atmosphere outside darkened. The rainwater rushed down from the clouds and splashed all surfaces on the land.

    Lightning struck and the first victim was a large tree in the forest far from Rin's home. The lightning sparks lit up the tree trunk, but the heavy rainfalls extinguished all the fires.

    Then another lightning struck, and this time it hit a power grid in the neighbor city. Then another strike, and another, and another.

    It was a horrifying sight. If she sees outside, her heart would beat so fast that it would beat like a newborn baby. Good thing she had earplugs during her homework.

    After 2 hours she ultimately lost her focus to work and pulled black Nintendo DS out from the metallic-pink desktop drawer. She then took out earbuds from her right jacket pocket.

    Then a lightning bolt suddenly lit up her backyard burning all the grasses and the thunderclap forced her heart to jump in shock .

    (Rin):"Ahh! O Lord please I don't want to die!" she pleaded inside her heart.

    She hurriedly put the earbuds on, synced with the handheld console and started playing. The game she was playing was "Sonic Rush Adventure," one of her favorite game in all time.

    The rain kept falling and it concerned her. She then, whom still held the DS in her right palm, opened the patio doors and walked towards the balcony.

    She stood on the balcony floor and felt the puddle of cold water with her bare feet. The cold droplet dripped from head to toes and huge numbers of blue and violet electric lights flashed in the clouds. Sometimes they hit with either one, two or more lightning bolts.

    Every time the bolts flashed, her heart beat faster until a certain point of time she remembered the black-clad boy's words:
    (Black-clad boy): "the prophecy is told. Once the rainbow lightning strikes, you will disappear from the world."

    His mere word shivered her through the spines, and that alone was enough to make her tremble.

    Speaking of the rainbow lightning, she once again looked into the sky, and yet no multicolored electric bolt appeared.

    (Rin): "(sigh) well it's pretty much my imagination, so Hatsune and Liu Er are right, that creepy guy is speaking nonsense. Well, I better dry myself up."

    The remembrance of her friends words comforted her and she confidently went inside while thinking nothing would happen. But she was wrong.

    After passing through the patio doors, all the electronics suddenly malfunctioned: The TV flashed with strange lights, the lights gone on and off repeatedly, the machines were running uncontrollably, and her house started shaking as an earthquake had occurred.

    Rin ran to her bed and clung in as her life was depending on it.

    In the sky bright sparks emerged from the dark clouds. It started to charge very fast. The rainbow lights illuminated the shadows. From every households viewpoint the sky was changing color or a rainbow aurora appeared.

    It discharged straight into Rin's household. The electricity of millions of colors channeled through wires, pipes lines, even woods until it touched her.

    Rin didn't have enough time to scream, let alone breathe and feel pain.

    After this moment she fell unconscious under the dazzling rainbow light and disappeared from her room, her home, her world.

    Far from New Tokyo, a large hut located on a tall cliff. The house had an antenna on the roof for wireless connection and solar panels for power supplies.

    Inside that lived the same evil boy from the college and he had an evil smirk on his face.

    (boy): "at last, the prophecy is true. Now Amari Rin, you are mine forever, and nothing can save you anymore ha ha hahaha (evil laugh)."
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    A pair of crystalline oranges stared into the starless black sky. Cubes with black faces with green laser outlines neatly formed tons of platforms everywhere. Some laser platforms floated in midair independently had various shapes like squares, prisms and other polygons and polyhedrons. Millions of binary numbers swarmed back and forth, formed and deformed platforms with themselves.

    (Rin): "Where am I?" Rin blinked twice to make sure she was just hallucinating, but to her dismay, this was not a hallucination.

    A horrifying fear suddenly enveloped her heart. A fear she had never felt, and it extended way more when she remembered the evil lad's word:

    (Black-clad boy): "The prophecy is told. Once the rainbow lightning strikes, you will disappear from the world."

    She then notified an edge on her left side and with curiosity, she crawled slowly towards it. Nevertheless, she jumped several meters back in fright from a mere peek.

    (Rin): "Oh my God... Oh Lord, please save me, I don't want to die!" Rin pleaded in desperation.

    Tears rolled down from her eyes, but at that moment she heard some strange, cartoony voices.

    (Unknown voice 1#): "(laugh) Umblegang! That is priceless hahaha" a cute cartoony, yet bit raspy voice laughed hysterically.

    (Unknown voice 2#): "Hmmph~." Another voice came out but was unable to say something.

    (Unknown voice 3#): "Ooh~ marshmallows (licks) yuck! Aww~ no marshmallows." A small goofy voice uttered in disappointment.

    (Unknown voice 4#): "Of course it's not a marshmallow you idiot. It is a girl's BUTT you're licking for the God's sake, and no one LICKS marshmallows." Another voice emerged out of nowhere, but this time it was raspier one.

    Rin blushed heavily because of the statement from the grumbling voice.

    (Unknown voice 5#): "Umblegang, let me free you. E-Excuse me miss; you're sitting on my brothers." A nervous voice emerged from behind Rin.

    She turned her head and saw a small, gray dragonling standing upright on its hind legs; it had two pairs silver eyes with reptilian slit pupil, two pairs of little gray wings, four silver horns, four tender limbs and a 2 feet long tail. It wore a pair white gloves with silver bracelet attached to each and white sneakers. Not even a second had passed when Rin recognized the baby dragon.

    (Rin): "Humble?"

    (Humble): "Gah! H-How did you k-know my n-name?" the gray anthropomorphic dragonling outcried nervously.

    (Rin): "Well... it's kind of hard to explain, but I've seen your show many times."

    (Unknown voice 1#): "Wait, you have seen us many times through the show? Do you like it?" Another dragonling appeared out of nowhere with a similar body but was red instead of silver and wore similar white cartoony gloves but with golden bracelets instead of silver.

    (Rin): "Like it? I LOVE it! It's my favorite tv show of all time. And You're Rumble right?!" Rin gleefully replied.

    (Rumble): "(turns towards the 4th wall) wow, she knows us! If an anime girl like her (points his right thumb at Rin) likes us then why don't we like her too? (turns towards Rin and his brothers) Hahaha! You hear that Umblegang?! She loves our show. We finally have the opportunity to meet a fan from beyond our universe."

    (unknown voice 4#): "Yea I get it Rumble, but can someone please remove a massive object from us?" the raspy and grumbling voice responded.

    Rin felt three soft objects on her buttcheeks. After she got up, three anthropomorphic dragons; blue, green and yellow, were flattened like a pancake. But in no time they recovered to their original shape, which was same as the silver and red ones.

    (Rin): "I'm sorry. I didn't know you guys were here" Rin said in apologetic manners and performed dogeza.

    (Blue Dragon): "Umblegang, what's she doing?" The blue one dumbfounded,

    (Green Dragon): "Is she doing yoga? Hue~ hue~. I can do that too." The green dragon goofily laughed.

    (Humble): "Umblegang, I think it's her way to apologize other people."

    (Rumble): "Good one Humble. That apologizing act she is doing is called dogeza Crumble. It is widely used in Japan, well only if a Japanese person seriously messes up."

    (Blue Dragon): "Really? It's the first time I hear that." the blue dragon known as Crumble replied.

    (Yellow Dragon): "Yea, like she is doing now." The topaz-scaled dragonling scoffed.

    (Yellow Dragon): "But Umblegang, shan't we introduce us to her? After all, we don't know her name though."

    (Crumble): "You got the point Grumble, Umblegang why don't we introduce ourselves to her, even though she knows us."

    Rumble gave an IDK posture then stared at Rin.

    (Rumble): "Ok girl you can stop doing dogeza. Let introduce ourselves. I'm Rumble, the red dragon standing in front of you. And here's my quintuplet brothers. The blue one is Crumble, The green one is Trumble, The yellow one is Grumble, and the last and not least the gray dragon here is Humble." Rumble introduced himself and pulled Humble beside his right shoulder.

    (Rumble): "And we call ourselves UMBLEGANG!" The other four dragonlings repeated along with him.

    Rin knew them since her childhood, Now it's her turns to introduce.

    (Crumble): "What is your name my lovely girl, and where do you come from? Umblegang can't wait to get along with you on an adventure."

    (Rin): "Alright if you say so Crumble. Umblegang, my name is Amari Rin, I am 18 years old and I live in a city called New Tokyo."

    (Trumble): "New Tokyo? I have never heard of it"

    The other dragons also had question marks over their heads.

    Rin saw their expression and explained everything about her hometown.

    (Rumble): "Wow, she really isn't an earthling. Well, that's true because her natural hair color is pink which is nonexistent on Earth."

    (Rin): "Whom are you speaking to Rumble? Is it the 4th wall?"

    (Rumble): "What!? how did she know that?... Oh, yeah she's our fan. Hahaha, you guessed it right Rin, I have a tendency to speak to the audiences and readers too."

    Rin was now very excited because she could now experience the adventures with her favorite cartoon characters. If she was alone in the digital void, she would be scared for rest of her life.

    Rumble noticed her delightful expression and observed the world at the same time. A lightbulb appeared out of nowhere and lit above his head.

    (Rumble): "Hey Rin, how about we call you Rain instead because pronouncing Rin feels cringeworthy, (looks at the fourth wall) Here it comes readers, the real story begins here hahaha."

    (Rin/Rain): "If Rumble says so, then I'll call myself Rain for now on" Rain smiled.

    (Rumble): "(looks at the fourth wall) Hahaha it happened. In your face author! (laughs hysterically)." Rumble teased me again *sigh* does that little dragon ever shut up?
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    In the void of the digital matrix, a company of 6 had a lively conversation.

    Rain felt a warmth inside her heart. Whenever they did something hilarious, she giggled, and they laughed.

    The dragons also accepted her as a new member of Umblegang.

    She asked them how to get out from the digital world. The four dragons shrugged except Rumble, he pulled a notepad out from thin air and drew some complicated sketches.

    (Rumble): "Umblegang! Come here! I know where we are!"

    The other four dragons gathered around him, but not for long when Crumble noticed Rain was staying behind.

    (Crumble): "Rain, c'mon, Rumble called us." He called her.

    Rain realized that she was also a member and went towards the gathering. Rumble completed drawing the sketches on the notepad and explained the Umblegang about the world.

    (Rumble): "I know what this world is like, Rain. You said that you got struck by lighting."

    (Rain): "Yes."

    (Rumble): "And you have recently bought the latest gaming console."

    (Rain): "Yes, that's true."

    (Rumble): "And that nasty boy's prophecy you've told was also true right?"

    Rain shivered at his last question; She did not want to remember the lad who sent her into this realm.

    (Rumble): "I take it as yes, and Rain, according to sources I've gathered, we are in the world of video games!" he beamed out, making her head tilt in confusion.

    (Rain): "World of games? Am I inside a virtual reality?"

    (Rumble): "(laugh) Exactly and a platformer game on top of that, and as obvious as it is, you can get out from this world when completing the level." Rumble comically traced a simulation of a platformer game on the air.

    Grumble suddenly pointed at her, that her clothes were not fit for the adventure. Rain checked herself again; she was still wearing her sleeveless shirt and blue jeans shorts and no footwear.

    But that problem was solved, when Trumble suddenly spat out pink bath curtain and both he and Humble flew over and covered her. Crumble then landed on top of the curtain and pulled out a large wooden bucket from behind and poured all the water on her.

    She felt the liquid strip her naked, sprouted new textiles in rapid speeds and transformed them into clothing that matched perfectly on her body, not too tight, so her clothes would be revealing nor too loose, so they would be uncomfortable to wear.

    Within few seconds after Crumble had poured down the water, Humble and Trumble unraveled the curtain revealing her in a different outfit.

    Rain couldn't believe it, how did they manage to change her clothes without physically stripping her?

    She looked at her clothes again and turned out that she appeared like an explorer with headphones: Red hiking boots, green hiking shorts, green half-sleeved kevlar shirt and a silver/violet Bluetooth headphone with a dedicated high-tech tactical goggle. The textiles clothing already existed in her world, but a headphone with built-in ballistic eyewear was something new.

    Suddenly the visor activated and multiple high-tech holographic images, akin to a science-fiction window, displayed on the screen. Rain jerked back under its sudden activation, then calmed down.

    Rumble comically shoved his right claw inside Trumble's mouth and pulled out a small backpack with an "i" shaped reflector sewn at the front. He gave it over to her. Rain was unable to say anything else about this cute bag.

    (Rain): "waa~, so cute~. I wonder what this bag can do?"

    (Rumble): "Behold, This backpack is called iBag. It can store all kinds of items, stuff and anything you know what I mean. It is very useful for your adventure and try not to lose it! (turns his head towards his brothers) Umblegang, this bag will also be our new nesting hut." Rumble enthusiastically introduced the gadget.

    He pulled out a yellow electronic tablet out of thin air. It had a thickness of a loaf of bread, smooth edges, round corners, 4K screen and 220 megapixels camera. After a few moments of browsing, he showed it to her.

    Rain saw thousands of green squares forming into a slender island with two different colored dots located on each end.

    (Rumble): "Ok Rain, can you see these two dots on each side of this island?"

    (Rain): "Yes, but what are they? aren't the orange one me and the golden one is the goal?"

    (Rumble): "hahaha! That's correct, the orange dot on the bottom end is you, and the golden one at the top is the goal! It's that simple!"

    (Rain): "Really?! Then I'm not really in a platforming game..."

    (Crumble): "Don't beat yourself up Rain! You're lucky that you have a map. Otherwise, it will be harder to find the goal, Also keep in mind that some platforming games do have maps."

    Rain acknowledged and sprinted ahead, but four comically extended arms (front legs) instantly grabbed and dragged her back.

    (Grumble): "Hey! Are you a crazy girl!? What's going on with the Numbskull of yours?! Do you even know what's ahead?!" The yellow dragonling burst out in anger and agitation.

    (Humble): "Grumble is right Rain. Taking action without proper preparation is no difference than having a death wish or worse" Humble silently advised.

    (Rain): "Sorry guys, ((Crumble):"Umblegang!") Umblegang for acting without thinking." the girl apologized.

    (Rumble): "Phew, that was a close one or else she might be in danger so don't act without caution people, hehe." He broke the fourth wall again.

    Then Rumble told her how to survive in a game world like tutorials in videogames.

    He switched another app in his tablet and revealed it to her

    Rain became surprised that the display on the screen showed the same thing her visor showed.

    The bottom left corner showed a chibi version of Rain's head with a multiplication sign and a "3". That was her life counter, and the number indicated she has three lives.

    On the upper left corner, the screen displayed a white "100" with a red bar after. Rain recognized that symbol. It was her health indicator.

    Underneath the health bar was four gold colored 0's. That was a counter for the collectible items like coins. Currently, Rain had no idea which collectible items she might collect, but she mostly expected gold coins.

    Below the collectible counter was a green, radar-like map; the same map Rumble had explained a while ago.

    Ten white digit numbers were in the upper right corner of the screen, All of them showed 0's. That was a score counter.

    Last and not least a reflective circle with a white "i" showed on the lower right corner. Rain curiously pressed the icon, and suddenly both the tablet screen and the eyewear viewed lots of transparent blue squares.

    (Rain): "This is inventory!? So iBag means inventory Bag and that "i" icon is inventory icon?! Wow, awesome!~."

    (Rumble): "Alright Rain, Did you get what these functions do?"

    (Rain): "Yes" she replied with determination.

    (Rumble): "That's my girl (laughs)! Umblegang are you ready?!" Rumble declared.

    (Crumble): "hehe I'm born ready."

    (Trumble): "Oooohhh~ Adventure time! Adventure time!"

    (Grumble): "(lol) count me in!"

    (Humble): "I-I am ready to go!"

    (Rumble): "What about you Rain?"

    (Rain): "I'll do my best!"

    (Rumble): "Excellent! Umblegang, let's go (laugh loudly)."
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    Rain looked up ahead. She had no idea what could lie beyond, a trap? Enemies? Dynamic platforms? She could only prepare for anything.

    After she had finished her resolve, Rain launched herself from the former position.

    She kept running until a giant wall blocked her way. The wall was like fifty stories building with hundreds of rectangular platforms attached at the front. The platforms glowed with a crystallic blue light.

    Lucky for her, the distances between the platforms were not very far, so even an average person could climb on it.

    She stretched her arms and grabbed at the edge of the nearest light platform. It was surprisingly not burning hot nor sharp. However after climbing on top of the 20th platform Rain took a few breath.

    The Umblegang watched her rise from one platform to the other and cheered loudly especially Rumble, Crumble and Grumble.

    (Rumble, Crumble & Grumble): “Rain~ (repeats three times)” all three of them took a handful of popcorn and cheered together so loud that covered their other brothers' voice.

    Rain could finally feel the wall's edge after reaching the 100th platform. Her arms were almost numb, so she used her legs as the final attempt.

    The friction between the hiking soles and the wall was far greater than rubber on asphalt, so she moved upwards with little effort.

    (Rumble): “(looks at the fourth wall) Wow, she made it. That glowing orange orb with three white light orbiting around is the checkpoint, once she loses a life she will return to that point. (turn towards his brothers) Umblegang look! A checkpoint!”

    (Trumble): “Huh? Where?”

    Rumble grabbed his snout and pivoted towards the checkpoint’s location.

    (Rumble): “There.”

    (Trumble): “Ah! There is it! But Umblegang is that really a checkpoint?”

    The others either facepalmed or rolled their eyes. Grumble on the other hand chased after him.

    Rain giggled at all the gags and brawls happening inside the iBag.

    She remembered the checkpoint which Rumble spoke of, but she had no idea how it works: Must she touch it or pass it?

    (Rain) “I wonder what happens if I touch that. Rumble said that that orb is harmless, well I better find out myself.” She curiously stretched her right arm towards it.

    Suddenly, an orange light engulfed her, and a blueish text box appeared simultaneously.

    [Checkpoint reached]

    (Rain): “Ah~, so that’s how it works.”

    She then darted towards the other end of the wall but stopped when a giant slide showed up. It was as big as a highway and as clear as ice. It traversed diagonally to the bottom of a platform that was almost impossible to spot with the naked eye.

    The glasslike transparency made her curious She put her right hand on its surface, but something was off, the texture was like oil yet har hand remained dry.

    But when Rain sat on the slide, she slipped all the way to the other end.

    (Rain): "AHH~!!!..."


    (Rain): “Oww~.”

    Rain hugged a curved wall with a face flattened like a pancake.

    The dragons rolled on the floor and laughed nonstop.

    (Rumble): “hahaha(laughs loudly)!!! Umblegang!!! This girl is priceless!!! (looks at the 4. Wall) this adventure will be great!!! (laughs)” Rumble shed a tear.

    (Crumble): ”hahaha!!! Yea”

    (Other Umblegang) “(laughs loudly)”

    Rain finally got back to her senses and realized that she’s on a huge helical platform, which extruded from the giant green cylinder she had crashed. The platform's angle wasn't steep, and its height was no taller than a five stories building.

    (Rain): “I wonder where this leads to?” She said and ran to the top.

    For some reason, she activated her visor and checked the map. The orange dot was still halfway from the other end, but that didn't stop her to move forward.

    After reaching the top, Rain saw seven hexagons aligned on the cylinders left. They flashed with neon cyan light. The distance between them and the way they appeared and disappeared was only for those who were skilled in parkour. However, it would be a child's play for Rain if it weren't for the bottomless pit.

    (Rain): "Ok, these platforms expands and collapses every 7 seconds so that it won't be too hard." She thought confidently.

    She took a deep breath then dashed hard towards the first six-edged polygon. Her shoe soles successfully gripped the hexagon's surfaces. She moved from one hex to another like a frog.

    But little did she know when an energy hammer from above flicked her off from the final hexagon.

    (Rumble): "(sigh) What a simple girl... looks like she isn't aware of her surroundings after all... but anyway, she fell to her doom. Her heart beats faster every second. When she touched the abyss, her healthbar reduced all way to zero. So she suddenly felt a pain so painful that she couldn't stay awake any longer...

    Just kidding! hahahaha! Rain still has two more lives, so there is no way she can die so easily! Alright, everyone! See you later in the next chapter (laughs and jumps off)" And he literally jumped out from the screen without leaving traces.
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    Meanwhile, in the real world, a loud glass-shattering sound echoed through the forest.

    The noise came from the simple hut which located on a tall mountain cliff.

    (Black clad boy): “Where is she!!!” The boy roared and tossed a figurine.

    The hut’s interior was flooded with broken dolls, torn wallpapers and destroyed cassettes along with their contents.

    (Black clad boy): ”(pants twice) must find her (pant)! I must find her!” The evil boy panted heavily then smirked.

    He lifted both his hand into the air and a whirlpool of black mist emitted from the tips of his fingers.

    It became denser and expanded until it devoured the entire house.

    (Black clad boy): “Now with my dark magic, I shall create an unstoppable monster!” With that said he cast the mist at the computer.

    The dark fogs merged with the circuits and channeled all the way towards the screen.

    They all gathered there and merged into a hideous monster: It has a formless body of black flames and has eyes like molten copper.

    (Shadow monster): “What is your command my lord?” it spoke with a deep demonic voice.

    (Black clad boy): “My command is that you will bring this girl to me.” the boy revealed a small portrait of Rin.

    (Shadow monster): “Yes, my lord” The dark being nodded.

    (Black clad boy): “Before you go after her Virus, make an army of allies so that it may become much easier.” The boy advised.

    (Virus): “Allies? Which creatures shall I ally with?”

    (Black clad boy): “Video game enemies. Video game opponents from all genres and no, you shall not accompany them but make them do your biddings.”

    Virus’ expression changed, he didn't expect his creator give him a territory to rule. Moreover just to capture a single frail girl.

    (Virus): “My lord is generous. I, Virus shall fulfill your wishes (laugh).” Virus laughed and disappeared.

    (Black clad boy): “Now I have an army of minions in the digital world. Nothing can stop me now; nothing can prevent me from capturing Rin.” The black clad boy laughed deviously as well.


    Back in the digital realm the checkpoint intensified its orange light, spawned a natural, beautiful girl and died down.

    (Rain): “Eh? What happened? How am I still alive? I thought I died!” Rain wondered

    But that puzzled expression disappeared when she saw the life counter read “2” instead of “3”.

    (Rain)”I lost a life?! (Sigh) I better pull myself together this time.” Rain sat on the slide again, but Rumble and Crumble held her back.

    (Rumble): “Rain, I’m gonna give Ya just a little advice: Do not die. If you die, you'll lose a life, but if you die and lose all your life then it's game over, and you'll have to start all over again, basically speaking you'll be trapped here forever.”

    (Crumble): “One more thing, here, put them on your shoes.” Crumble comically summoned a pair of strange devices out of nowhere and gave them to her.

    The devices looked like shoe-shaped aluminum metal stripes with three hot-pink colored housings; two at the sides and one on the front. Rain put them on and activated it. Suddenly her body feels several times lighter.

    (Rain): “Umblegang, this is amazing! My body feels lighter than a feather! But is it also possible for you to draw an interdimensional gate or something similar? Also, can you teleport other people with your ability?”

    (Rumble): “As long as it is funny it's possible matey haha, (looks at the 4th. wall) beware! this story might contain some dark and nasty elements so be careful readers!”

    (Rain): “Then why can't you send me directly to the goal? Or bring me out from this game and back home?”

    (Crumble): “That is both good and bad idea!”

    (Rain): “why?” She tilted her head.

    (Crumble): “Because the right idea is you will save time and effortlessly finish the level and return home safely, but the bad idea is because this world is a tutorial level and you need to learn how to adapt and survive without relying too much on us.”

    (Rumble): “Don't forget that it won't be a story anymore, nor will you have an exciting adventure with us, if you quit this game just now hahaha!”

    Rain understood what they mean: If you rely too much on them you won't learn anything and escaping too early won't be an exciting adventure. That was something she dislikes after meeting with The Umblegang.

    With that, her supportive dragonlings returned inside her iBag, except Rumble where he laid himself on her head.

    (Rumble): "So. are you ready?"

    Rain was already curious about the strange gadgets on her boots that made her body lighter than a feather.

    When she took pace, her surroundings blurred and her legs were like a spinning wheel.

    Thanks to the devices’ additional features, she could easily maneuver under 160 km/h speeds. The slide and the helical cylinder were now nothing more than a playground.

    The Umblegangs inside beside Rumble, who laughed, dropped their jaws on the ground after seeing her performance: She did things several times better than before.

    The only problem was the dynamic hexagons and of course the unpredictable energy hammer.

    She halted and took a good look at the platforms which took her life. When the nearest hex reappeared, she instantly leaped on it and skipped the gaps.

    But then the same energy hammer showed up and tried to smack Rain off, but this time she jumped ahead quickly before the hammer could make an impact.

    Although she dodged that infernal hammer, she barely landed on the edge of a ramp like a platform and held at its foot.

    Rain pulled herself up and saw a skyscraper sized parabolic ramp. Its height and steepness were enough to daze her.

    Because of that she accidentally put her left foot on a red panel with motioning yellow arrows and forced her to dash all the way to the top with blinding speed and still had the momentum to be airborne.

    Rain felt like an overseer of a world as she saw a green shrine, a neon-blue tube, a massive inverted green pyramid and four giant golden lights orbiting different axis on the same center point on top of another floating altar.

    They didn't look very far in Birdseye view; only three platforms left.

    The gravity then managed to overpower the flight energy and pulled Rain down towards a familiar orange orb.

    [Checkpoint reached]

    (Rain):” Another checkpoint?! Yes! I don't have to worry about starting over again.” Rain smiled and looked at the cylinder with a diameter of 1 meter connected the platform she stood and the inverted pyramid.

    (Humble): “Rain Wait! That platform doesn't look stable” Humble informed.

    (Rain): “What do you mean Humble?”

    Trumble jumped out from the iBag and landed on the cylinder bridge for inspection.

    Suddenly it rotated when he leaned slightly towards the right, but Trumble comically ran to the other side and got stuck on the rotating cylinder as forever. Unfortunately, he fell.

    (Rain): “Trumble!...”

    (Rumble): “Relax, he'll come back in no time.” The red dragon reassured.

    (Trumble):” Hue~ hue~ hue~ (flies down and lands beside Rumble)” Trumble appeared in the air out of nowhere and landed beside his red twin brother.

    Rain blew some air and resumed carefully on the yellow cylinder.

    The surface was indeed smooth but not slippery. However the most problematic was the rotational part. One wrong move and Rain would end same fate as before.

    Fortunately, Rain was a professional slackliner during her childhood and she once even danced on the rope which connected between five stories buildings when she was 14. So crossing the cylinder bridge was no problem.

    Rain saw a strange object attached to the center of the ground of the inverted pyramid she currently stood.

    The object's feature was akin to bounce pads from Sonic the Hedgehog games as far Rain reminded but has colors of grasses instead of plain red.

    The bounce pad positioned in an angular direction, which fueled Rain even more with curiosity.

    (Rain): "It's a bounce pad! Rumble let's give it a try."

    (Rumble): "No problem. It's scripted, so you won't have to worry to fall off Rain. Good luck." Rumble gave her a thumbs up.

    She gulped some air and jumped on the small, mushroom-shaped trampoline.

    Just as Rumble had said, the bounce pad launched her all the way into the air and towards another familiar bounce pad, which floated in mid air, also propelled her to the another same mushroom objects.

    In that time Rain felt an unknown sensation; Something that could make any person carefree and free from boundaries.

    (Rain) "It feels like I'm Sonic."

    Rain was unaware of the last bounce pad that shot her straight into the four balls of lights.

    Suddenly a golden flash followed by white one enveloped her and died down.

    [Goal Reached!]

    [Score: 0 = 0]

    [Time: 10:00 = 600]

    [Orbs: 0 = 0]

    [Total: 600]

    [Rank: E]

    Rain jerked in surprise at the result screen suddenly appeared on her eyewear. But she became disappointed at the "E" she achieved and sighed.

    (Rumble): "UMBLEGANG!!! LOOK! A PORTAL!" Rumble burst out and pointed at the giant blue ring with a swirling blue mist inside.

    (Grumble): "Finally an exit! Rain, Umblegang, Let's get out of here from this infernal level!" The yellow dragon commented inside iBag.

    Rain nodded at her cartoon companions and inserted her right leg into the whirlpool, which later rest of her body followed.


    The portal led the girl and the dragons into an open world of breathtaking sceneries.

    (Rain): "Wow... It's so beautiful" Rain was stunned at the world's terrain.

    (Rumble): "Gotta agree, this place is neat!" Rumble added.

    (Rumble): "(looks at the 4th. wall) Well that's for today folks, see ya at the next chapter for the explorations! hahahaha! (jumps off from the existence/screen)"
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    The world was vast, filled with green grasses and palm trees. Rain has never seen this place before. The strangest part of this world was that it included several floating terrains.

    (Rumble): "*whistle* Umblegang, check this place out!" the red dragon whistled and gestured others towards the scenery.

    (Rain): "it is indeed beautiful Umblegang!" Rain stuttered at the unfamiliar scenery.

    (Crumble): "if you are that amazed Rain then why don't we check it out?" The blue dragon said and saw the airborne terrains: All of them have grasses, but some have trees, giant mushrooms, and tiny puddles. He flew towards the nearest one, that had small bushes and blooming flowers.

    (Crumble): "Umblegang, there are more of these ahead!"

    (Rumble): "hahaha! Our first step to the adventure! *turns towards Rain* Rain, lets go down so we can find something interesting.”

    The Girl nodded and followed the blue dragonling.

    There were lots of platforms which levitated highly above the ground and the distance between them were least 10 feet apart.

    Thanks to Rain’s gadget on her shoes, leaping through these terrains were no problem.

    It took her 5 minutes to reach the ground. Rain took a good time observing the meadow with blooming white flowers.

    I’m meanwhile the dragons were busy picking ups fruits and object
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    And so it continues