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    Hello dear readers,

    Thank you greatly for supporting the site over these past few months by reading our works here.

    We have strived to improve over these past few months and with all that we have done we have had so many ups and downs with advertising and moving over to the new website. With this you, the readers, have supported us greatly, and with that in mind we have a few announcements to update you on what is going on.

    First is that we will be having a competition to win some free games. The list of these games, as well as other information about the rules, will be on the forums (here) and winners will be selected from the top 7. So I hope everyone will go to the forums, post and have some fun.

    Second. With this we would also like to inform you that we have set up a “” patreon to support the staff of eight translators, four active original writers, and website costs. We can only hope that you as the readers enjoy our work and would like to support our efforts to get some rewards from us in some form. We have a suggested patreon rewards forum post (here) so that we can get community feedback on what you would like to see as a reward. join us (here )

    We hope that with the patreon we can upgrade the site, making it look better and improved in general for readers and staff and reach some of our long term goals. But first and foremost, we wish to be able to just stay up and running, with server costs as well as trying to get our staff some coffee, at least so they can stay up late with it and work, maybe we can give them a cookie if they're good and give you guys mass releases.

    With this we would also like to say that we are going to be stricter with ourselves and start to do a release schedule to the best of our ability for each of the novels that are active on the site. For this we have this forum post (here) showing when what novel will be released, and when and how many this will be updated and maintained by each staff member.

    Our humble regards

    Row Team
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