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    This tutorial's purpose is to explain as comprehensively as possible how to Add Chapters, and everything that it entails.

    First of all, the Add Chapter option can be found in the Admin Panel,
    under Actions, as shown in the picture below:

    Clicking it should take us to Chapter Creation panel:

    Starting from the top we have:
    Novel Listing - This is a drop-down list with all of the novels you have access to.
    To make finding novels easier, there is also an option of writing down parts of the novel names.
    Please note that writing letters out of order most likely will not find you the novel you seek.

    Title - This part is pretty self-explanatory. This is the box meant for Chapter Title to be at.
    Please remember that with Table of Contents already having Volume/Arc Names included, it is redundant also including them in the Chapter Title.

    There are three proposed formats for Chapter Titles.
    For the sake of this example, let the Volume/Arc name be "Directory" of Vol.2:
    2 - Directory
    Chapter 1 - The Disappearance of Titles
    Chapter 2
    The Disappearance of Titles
    ! Please Remember to write chapter titles from Uppercase Letters. They're Titles, and Titles are meant to be written from Uppercase Letters. It's a "Title", not a "title". !

    Writing Tools - Will be explained in further detail in another Tutorial

    Chapter Body - The place for actual Chapter.
    Here are some proposed Chapter Formats and Hints:
    1.) When you copy your Chapter from somewhere, aside from .txt files, Always Use "Clear Formatting" option after making sure all of the text is highlighted.
    Some browsers offer "Paste Without Formatting" option and it can be accessed via right clicking and choosing it from the list.
    2.) When said chapter is copied from another site, make sure it's copied without any links from the previous site, like "Next" and "Previous" links for example.
    3.) Since Chapter Title was already placed in the box above, having it also in the Chapter Body is at the very least redundant.
    4.) The place for Author/Translator/Editor/Proofreader comments is at the bottom, or at the start of the Chapter Body. Comments in the middle of the chapter are a big taboo! If you feel your comments are important for the given part, just leave some bookmark there and place that comment at the end of the chapter. Really, comments in the middle of the chapter are just plain terrible and make readers lose focus and immersion. They also make our chapters look like some chat.
    5.) While it's fine to leave some comments in the chapters, make sure to place anything that would require Readers Input in your posts! Chapters are meant to be read, Posts are meant as information and a way to express our opinions. Just keep that in mind.
    6.) Remember that due to site formatting, even a single Enter makes for a good space between paragraphs. 3-4 Enters already make for a very large space and it's unadvised to go any further than that unless necessary. If you want to break the line without creating new paragraphs just use Shift+Enter.

    Finally we move onto the Sidebox:

    First three boxes from the top:
    Current Chapter, Previous Chapter, and Next Chapter,
    are related to each other.
    Filling in Current Chapter will also fill in the other two, with numbers respectively lower by 1 and higher by 1.
    Those boxes can also be filled manually, which is useful for when there are misplaced Next/Previous chapters. Those boxes can also be filled with decimals and such.

    Next we have Release Status with two options: Released and Draft.
    Draft means exactly that, a chapter saved as Draft will not appear on the site. For that to happen the Release Status would have to get changed to Released.
    Released also means exactly that - the chapter with that option ticked off will become visible on the site.

    Finally, we have Release Date and Current Chapter Link.
    Current Chapter Link doesn't really concern us as it's an example. Changing it will change nothing in particular. It's there to let us see how the link to this given chapter will look like.
    As for Release Date:
    The date of chapter's release can be chosen here.
    Just write a date you want your chapter to be released at there and it will get released on that day, at midnight of site GMT.

    Lastly, Create Chapter button. Clicking it will save your chapter to the system.
    Remember that the progress is not saved automatically unless this button is clicked.

    And that's everything for now. I will add more later if any new features get implemented.