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    Here, I present you Absolute Defense

    Note that my English isn't that perfect. There will always be flaws like weird wordings, grammar mistakes, and spelling errors. Be kind to me and point it out. I’ll fix it ASAP. So please point it out when I made mistakes. I want to learn to :D
    The prologue is boring and have a little effect to the main story line, you can skip it if you want...

    Now, feel free to bash me and shatter my glass heart :'D (Pls don't, pls. I'm not asking for it. lol)

    Oh yeah, you can comment your though on this thread or on ROW's DicordChat. I'm always online on Discord (except when I'm AFK or stuff happened), just mention me [@Warilized]



    Absolute Defense: Rhapsody of Another World’s Trap

    アイリズ (Warilized)

    D:\Documents\Original Novel\Absolute Defense

    Action, Adventure, Fantasy.Language:

    Updated in:
    At least 1 chapter every 1 or 2 weeks

    The death approached, but his soul get dragged somewhere else. Granted with a new life and second change.

    Why the god is interested with him? He’ll never know the real reason. Getting reincarnated not as a baby but as a healthy 16 years old young man, he lives in a new world unknown to him. A world with sword and magic. Trapped in a fantasy world!

    After receiving a cheat, he start his journey while pondering something.

    “Now, what should I do?”

    His name is Takagami Ikki, a healthy young highschool boy. How can he survive in another world? Find out more on Absolute Defense.

    “Contrary to its serious synopsis. The contents sounds like a joke and nonsense combined.”

    「Sh-Shut up, don’t retort me! You broke the 4th wall already!」

    You can read them per-chapter in my site/blog/whatever-you-called-it
    Ps: All chapter exc. prologue have skits that might be related to that chapter or next chapter
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    Chapter 000 – Prologue

    “Argh, boriiiiiiiing~”

    A boy around middle schooler said that while rolling around in his bed.

    This boy has a feature that any person, man or woman would call “cute” no matter what. He has a white hair, and a face typical of shota. Not handsome, but cute. Anyone will surely mistake him being a tomboyish girl if they don’t pay close attention to his look properly.

    “Geo-cchi and Vitae-chan is busy on their own again, I don’t have anything interesting to be played~”

    He starts complaining, but then, suddenly a bright idea pop out from his mind.

    “Ah~, Should I go shopping then? I might found a hidden gem today~”

    He gets up from bed and start skipping toward his computer.

    “Hmmm, today is the sale of a new game in Japan… Should I buy it?”

    He keeps browsing till he found a bunch of interesting games, and then decided to buy them.

    “I thinks it’s the best if you go shopping in person~ though I can’t order them online anyway~

    I hope I’m not going to be found out by him again. He is scary when he’s mad, but at the same kind he is kind enough to forgive me.

    But anyway, I’m going out~”

    He walks toward a large door and then opened it.

    Suddenly a bright light attacked him.

    “Ahh, it’s too bright!”

    He stood still until his eyes are adapted.

    “Okay, 【«Divine Gate» open! Destination: □□□□□□ town, Japan, Earth】.”

    He chanted something that only chuunibyou would say. But after he said that, an unbelievable phenomenon happens. A golden gate suddenly appeared in front of him. The gate gives a holy and divine aura that would impress anyone who sees it.

    He then opened the gate, what await him inside the gate are the town’s view from above.

    Yes, the gate appeared above the city. It’s unbelievable that a gate suddenly pop out from thin air, but no one realized it; more precisely no one can see it.

    And then he suddenly leaped to the ground below.

    “A leap of faith from this height is amazing!”

    He said while laughing loudly. Although he said “leap of faith” it’s actually a skydiving but without any proper equipments. A normal human wouldn’t dare to fall from this height. Anyone who sees him will surely think he is a desperate person and wanted to suicide; but no one can see him yet anyway.

    “Where do I land?”

    He asks himself, and at the same time he said that, he spotted a park.

    “That’s a nice spot, I’ll land there~”

    Just like he said, he goes to the spot where there’s no one around. And then the falling stop just 30cm from the ground; it’s like he ignore the low of inertia itself.

    “Yup~ Perfect~”

    He’s walking around aimlessly. It felt like he’s a lost kid when you see him from afar.

    “Oh I found someone interesting~”

    He said while looking at a highschooler boy.

    “He gives and interesting aura, I should follow him around”

    The boy then decided to follow that highschooler boy around.

    Unbeknownst to the highschooler, this kid will be the one who changes his fate.
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    Chapter 001 –The Incident at The Bank -Part 1-

    I’m Takagami Ikki, half Japanese Half Indonesian, and I’m dead.


    It’s because my body is full of holes.

    What is the cause of it?

    Well, I’ll tell you right now.


    It all began when I and my childhood friends are shopping together in a certain shopping mall in a certain prefecture in Japan.

    “Oi Takagami, why are you so late?”

    “I’m sorry, I’m overslept.”

    “Geez… c’mon, Kiyama and others are waiting in the food court.”

    “Uhh… okay then, let’s go!”

    The ones who are waiting me right here is one of my childhood friend; her name is Ichiru Chiyo. Written as Sendai, read as Chiyo. Her face is somewhat round and cute with her hair tied in the right side of her hair. Her hair and eyes color are hazelnut, it reminds me of a gingko leaf in fall season, although the leaf is lighter colored than her hair, but the feeling of calmness are there.

    We leave the meeting spot and go to where the others are waiting.

    My only male childhood friend are giving me the glare, it seems he is the earliest person arriving in this mall.

    His name is Kiyama Itsuki, His hair is raven black like mine, his eyes are black same with his hair and it’s giving an aura of playfulness. Although he is always kind and forgiving, but when he is angry, he is scarier than any horror movies’ antagonist. I’ve seen him beating the Sh*t out of some punks because they’re teasing a middle schooler girl. Well, he’s a black belt in Karate, Jujitsu, Kendo and Judo, so it isn’t strange if he is on the winning side.

    I’ve practiced kendo sometimes before, but I stopped midway because I want to indulge myself in gaming, I’m not a shut-in though, I have friends.

    “Sorry Itsuki-chan, I’m playing net-game till late night, so it can’t be helped.”

    “Can’t be helped my ass! You’re the one who planned this. And yet, you’re the last one arriving, I have been waiting, like, one and half hour you know!”

    Wow, he’s angrier than I thought, but nothing that can’t be solved by food. I guess I’ll treat everyone later. My wallet is fat enough in these past months, so it’s okay to spend it leisurely.

    “I’ll treat all of you later, so forgive me please?”


    The two girls beside him answered in unison.

    Their name is Yamakawa Rina and Mochizuki Kiriha. Yamakawa sat in the right side of Itsuki, and Mochizuki sat on the left side of Itsuki.

    Yamakawa Rina has a diligent student face, her raven black long hair and sea blue eyes are giving a calm aura. With her silver rim glasses is adding to her beauty. She is somewhat clumsy, but she not at the level of a certain teacher in a certain ecchi manga. Her personality is kind; you’ll never hate her no matter what. If you do hate her, then you’re not a normal person.

    In contrast to Yamakawa, Mochizuki Kiriha is an Eccentric girl. Her small stature and petite body is giving her the feeling of small animal. She has golden blond hair tied in twintails and silver-ish green eyes, somewhat a rare combination. Well she’s half like me; in fact anyone except Itsuki is Half Japanese. She’s our mood maker and always laughing and smiling no matter what. Except when you mention her miserable chest, then you’re going to be fine.

    If others’ looked at them from afar, surely they’ll something like “Riajuu, go explode!” or something along these lines. But it’s not like that; we don’t have that kind of relationship against each other. We’re just best friends, although the girls and boys ratio is 3:2, we didn’t care that much.

    “Well, if Ikki-cchi says so, there’s no problem, right? Right?”

    The one who spoke is Mochizuki, she likes to call us with nicknames, and don’t bother with anyone’s protests, and in the end we gave up.

    She calls Ichiru, Chittan; Yamakawa, Rin-Rin; and Itsuki, Itsu-cchi.

    We call each other with our family name, but without the honorifics. But I call Itsuki with his given name because he is the only male person in our group beside me. Yamakawa in the other hand didn’t drop the honorific when addressing us males.

    It’s our habit to hang out during the weekends. Usually we hang around in a café near the entrance, but today we’re going to try something different, like that cake shop that has been opening recently.

    I treat them just one serving of whatever cake they like, and it seems they’re rather enthusiastic. If I treat them everything, I’ll be broken in a blink of an eye. And if that happens, my breakfast, lunch and dinner will consist only instant noodles. Wait… I wouldn’t have any lunch at all if that happens.

    Itsuki isn’t angry with me anymore it seems, his face is smiling right now. He is unexpectedly a sweet tooth.

    Although the two of us have different characteristic, we are getting along nicely. He is a strict and discipline person who doesn’t tolerate any lateness and I’m a procrastinator who simply likes lazing around, it’s completely opposite right?

    We talk a lot. We discuss the latest trends, anime, manga, novels, game, and whatever we find interest to. We stayed at the cake shop for two hours, and then begin shopping although mostly of it are window shopping, we still enjoy it. The girls are shopping in clothes store; it seems they want to buy new swimsuits. I on the other hand, was browsing through the latest games, and then proceed to a book store to buy some light novels. Itsuki is just tagging along, but he bought some novels too.

    After that, we meet at destination point, and go home together. But before going home, we accompany Yamakawa to a bank. She wants to transfer some money to her grandparents, what an admirable granddaughter they have.

    We arrived at the bank. The entrance is of course guarded and we get examined with some kind of rod, I don’t know what its name though.

    She draws paper with number in it from some kind of machine and then sat beside us.

    There are a lot of people waiting; it’s going to be a while till Yamakawa’s turn. We talked a lot during the waiting period. We talked about Yamakawa’s grandparents and some stories when she visits them during summer vacation.

    We happily converse until we heard a loud bang.

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    Chapter 001 – The Incident at The Bank -Part 2-

    It’s not a gunshot, but a smashing sound. Some masked guys which seem to be bank robbers smashing on some glass ornaments.

    “Everyone freeze and get down! And you, don’t you dare to touch the alarm!”

    The leader warns the bank tellers; they’re frightened by his intimidating voice.

    And then they took Mochizuki and Ichiru as their hostages, I’m shaking from fear because of that.

    I thought, “Where the hell are the guards?”

    But it seems that the guards get drugged and now is unconscious. And now, they are lying on the corner while being tied together.

    The leader commands the staff to put all of the bank’s money on the bag they carry while some guys are in charge of collecting valuable stuff from the visitors.

    When they ask Yamakawa to give them her money, Yamakawa rejects them. Of course it isn’t without a reason. The money she’s holding right now are needed to pay hospital bills of his grandfather, who has been hospitalized recently due to some illness, I don’t know what illness it is, because I couldn’t ask it.

    Of course when they heard Yamakawa’s desperate plea, they don’t listen, and suddenly one of them said.

    “Shut up bitch! We don’t care about your dying old man! Give this damn money to us!”

    “N-No! I need them!”

    “Che, you’re too noisy! Let’s make them learns when they oppose us.”

    One of the man points out his semi-automatic handgun to her head; the distance between Yamakawa and him are 5 meters. It seems they want to shot her; they don’t have any mercy towards a girl.

    I quickly jump between them, interrupting the bullet’s trajectory.

    *Pshyu* *Pshyu* *Pshyu*

    He pressed the trigger. That handgun model is M1911 if I’m not wrong; however, because a silencer or suppressor is attached on the tip of its muzzle, the firing sound gets softer instead. Everyone present can hear it though, and they are terrified by the scene.

    I managed to block it in time. But because I face my back towards him, my back’s right shoulder got hit by the three bullets instead. Fortunately, they’re not hitting the same place and didn’t pierce through.

    Yamakawa shrieks when she sees me covering her. Her eyes become muddy and tears beginning to form.

    She released the money she was holding and come to my side.

    “Ta-Takagami-kun, a-are you alright?”

    Of course I’m not, you ditzy. I wanna be a cool guy in front of someone I like, you know? It’s not you though. But nevertheless, I’ll protect anyone I consider my dearest. Friends or family, it doesn’t matter as long as they’re safe and sound. You’re my friend so I’ll protect you.

    “To be honest, it’s hurt as hell you know?”

    “Geez, do-don’t be too honest! I’m more worried now!”

    She retorts my reply; we’re in the middle of crisis you know?

    I think it’s not my place to say it either.

    She begins to cry; my clothes become wet because of it.

    All of my friends are frightened when they see my body bathed in red. The horror on their face is the sign of them being paralyzed from fear.

    “You saved your girlfriend? And you’ll live happily ever after.”

    When he says Yamakawa is my girlfriend, Yamakawa’s face suddenly gotten redder. Is he concerned about it, or my wounds? I don’t know, it seems to be both. And then the guy spits and continues.

    “Che… for F*cK’s sake! Get done with—“

    “Hey Rat, we’re done here. Quick, get in the van! We’re leaving!”

    “Geez, alright alright.”

    “No need to repeat yourself, oi!.”

    “You’re not my mom, shithead!”

    “I’ll kick your ass later Rat!”

    They walk to the center of the bank’s lobby, discussing something.

    I tried to get up and sit. Kawayama and Itsuki tried to stop me, but I told them I’m fine.

    And then one of them, the one who called Rat spoke.

    “As for the parting gift, I’ll let one of the hostages live.”

    The F*cK is he saying?

    He tossed both Ichiru and Mochizuki as he speaks, and then he points his M1911 on Ichiru.

    “Bye sweetie~.”

    I tried to stand and protecting her.

    *Pshyu* *Pshyu* *Pshyu* *Pshyu* *Pshyu* *Pshyu* *Phsyu*

    Seven shots, it seems he reloaded his M1911 when he discusses something with his companions before.

    “Oh… what a heroic act you have done. I’m entertained.”

    While I’m staggering because I have been shot multiple times, they give me applause and then laughs.

    “It seems today’s casualties is just one person, it broke our past “lowest casualties” record.”

    “Enough of that Rat, I’m entertained too. But the blues are on the way.”

    “Okay Boss! See you in the after-life, kiddo.”

    They left the scene. And then I fall on my knees, and then on my back.

    My field of view has become hazy.

    And now I’m surrounded by people.

    “Call ambulances quickly!”

    “Give him some space! He is suffocating.”

    “Hang on boy, the ambulance will arrive soon.”

    Various voices are heard. But as time proceeds, the voices become quieter and softer. It seems my consciousness is fading away.

    “Don’t you dare to fall sleep, Ikki!”

    Surprisingly, the one who made me regain my consciousness is Ichiru.

    “I-I’m glad you’re okay.”

    I can barely let out my voice. I’m smiling right now, to ensure everyone’s feeling, but I think I’ll die soon.

    “I’m sorry Ikki, if I had been more courageous as you. You wouldn’t be like this.”

    Shut up Itsuki! If you’re in my position, surely I’ll felt the same as you. So for now, I want you to protect them instead.

    “Hang on Ikki-cchi! We’ll eat more cakes together right? You’ll going to treat me ice cream again, right?”

    “Takagami-kun, hang on for me please.”

    I smiled at them. But I can’t fight the sleepiness that attacked me; unconsciously, I slowly shut my eyes.

    “Stupid Ikki, don’t die yet! I love you! Please don’t die!”

    The one who shout this time is none other than Ichiru.

    Ah so, it’s like that? She has the same feeling as me? We love each other mutually, but we can’t convey it to each other. What a shame, I can’t confess to her earlier.

    I squished all of my power, and then succeeded in saying a few words.

    “I love you too, be- happy- for- me-“

    I shut my eyes, it feels like someone is pulling my consciousness away. And then I realized; I’m officially dead now.


    And that’s how it’s all happened.
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    Chapter 001 – The Incident at The Bank -Part 2-

    I woke up on top of a bed in an unfamiliar room.

    I am confused, and began to observe my surrounding.

    The room has a classic feel to it. It has a canopy bed which has been used by me right now. The walls are boiserie, and it’s made from some kind of high grade woods. I guess it’s an oak tree but it might be different. It’s because I don’t have any knowledge in that sort of things, so I can’t be sure of the descriptions. The furniture like chairs, tables, and wardrobe is made from high class woods too. The maker is sure have some incredible craftsmanship.

    Although a bunch of game console is ruining the classic fell, it’s pretty high class overall.

    While I’m observing my surrounding while deep in thought, someone’s voice is heard by my ears.

    “So, you’ve woken up now sleepy head?”


    The one who talked just now is a boy around middle schooler. His androgynous face is absolutely in shotacon’s strike zone. His short length layered hair is white colored and he has a heterochromia. His left eye is golden colored, while his right eye is dark blue colored. I think it’s fake because the iris and cornea on his left eye is clock shaped while the pupil is the shape of a center of a clock. The iris and cornea on his right eye is a space miniature while his pupil shaped as some kind of a star. Is he a chuunibyou?

    “Hey… it’s rude! I don’t have that eight grader disease!”


    “My eyes are real you know?”

    And then he started to rotate the arms of the clock and blinking the star in his space miniature shaped iris.


    Wow, what an amazing tricks…

    Wait… did he just read my minds? What kind of sorcery is this?

    “It’s not sorcery though; it’s one of the powers of the gods.”

    “You’re a god?”

    “Yup, although I’m different than your world’s known god, I’m genuinely a god.”

    “Wait, what do you mean? Why I’m here?”

    While he answering my question, he takes a chair from out of nowhere.

    “I’m one of the gods in this universe, and your universe has different god. In fact all of the parallel universes have different kind of gods.”

    As why you’re here, it’s because I’m interested in you.”


    “Yup… Although you’re weak, you don’t hesitate to protect your friend, even if she’s not your loved one.”

    “Why do you know that? It isn’t your universe, right?”

    “I know because… wait, I forgot his name… well whatever. Well it’s because I have been peeking at your former world recently. And then incidentally, I found an interesting scene. It’s where you and the bank robberies taken place.”


    I’ve gone silent because I’m trying to remember the scene, I remember it bit by bit and it plays like a revolving lantern.

    I wonder how they fell when they lose me, are they alright right now? I hope so.

    And then I continued

    “So… in other word, I’m dead?”

    “Technically, yes.”

    Well… that’s depressing; I can’t see their smiling faces again. Right now, my face has gotten sour and I’m beginning to sulk.

    “Cheer up Ikki-cchi, You’re just in the wrong place and not at the right time.”

    And then he winks his left eye at me. Is he trying to cheer me up or is he trying to be funny? He’s starting using my nickname when we first met and then he deliberately changes the phrasing in that idiom. What a weird sense of humor.

    “Geez, you’re not going to laugh at one of my best jokes? You’re no fun all. And it seems you’re thinking some rude things about me again, don’t you?”

    Wait… it is pun intended indeed.

    “It’s because your jokes are weird and I cannot help it at all!”

    I reflexively retort him. And now he is the one who is sulking. Oh god, what a weird situation… Wait… why I’m complaining to god himself while he is in front of me and he is the one who causing it? Wait… isn’t this logical?!

    I’m starting to lose my SAN point right now. I’m starting to retort my own retort.

    I tried to calm down, and decided to ask him a few questions.

    “Can I ask you a question?”

    “Yup~ ask anything you like~”

    “What happened to my friends? Are they safe?”

    “Well… I don’t know. Honestly, when you’re in the brink of death, I pull your soul and bring you here, into my own realm. After that incident, I don’t know what happened to them. I only could observe people in my own universe. If I want to see someone or something different universe, I need to go there myself.”

    “Un, is that so. So why are you go into our universe?”

    “It’s because I’m bored…”

    What a straight and unreasonable answer.

    “Although it’s forbidden to intrude another gods’ universe, but your world’s god is forgiving. So it’s okay~”

    This god…

    He does whatever he wants, does he?

    What an irresponsible god.

    “Hey! I can read your mind you know?”

    “A-Ah, I’m sorry.”

    “Well… It’s no need boy~”

    Calling me boy when he just a middle schooler chuunibyou, it feels somewhat awkward.


    “I’m sorry! I unconsciously retorts like that.”

    I scratch my head when I said that, it’s not my fault you know? Not entirely at least.

    “Geez… Well it’s also interesting though.”

    And then he smiled gently at me.

    “All of that things aside, why did you abdu— I mean, brought me here?”

    “Oh, it’s because I want you to live in my world.”

    “Your world?”

    “Yeah… It’s a world where magic exist. But as a drawback, the technology isn’t advanced as your former world.”

    Ah, too bad. I can’t play any online games again. And then he continues.

    “Although this universe and world isn’t mine alone, the creator is still me though.”

    “Wait, there’s another god who manage this world?”

    “Yup, they are my little sister and little brother.”

    “So what is their job?”

    “Well, the two of them is worshiped in this world. My Little sister, Vitaesperita is by worshiped by the humans and demi-humans as the god that brings life and prosperities. While my little brother, Perumegeo in the other hand; is being worshiped by the demon race as their god of war.”

    Oh right, I haven’t ask what is his name.

    “My name is Caelesis, and I’m the one who created this world. But right now I’m working as an observer between my little sister’s and my little brother’s quarrel.”

    Oh, he’s an understanding person it seems…

    “Wait, what quarrel?”

    “They want to prove who’s better between each other. My little sister wants humans of this world to live peacefully. But my little brother wants to conquer it.”

    “What the heck?”

    “Well, it’s because my brother is arrogant and have his own justice, so it can’t be helped.”

    It can’t be helped my ass! You’re just didn’t bother to separate them, don’t you?


    Don’t answer that oi!!

    “Why wouldn’t you stop them then?”

    “Well, I’m neutral you know? It wouldn’t be interesting if I side with one of them.”

    This god is like an elder brother who likes to watch his younger siblings fight, isn’t he?


    That’s a rhetorical question oi!

    “So… if you have siblings, then where are your parents?


    He averted his gaze, why can’t you answer that simple question oi!

    “Actually, we can’t be born from something, we born from nothing.”

    What nonsense is that?

    “That’s rude, but I’ll ignore that just for you, Ikki-chi”

    “Uh sorry… wait… why am I apologizing again? Arghh, whatever.”

    “Then, what’s your next question?”

    “Okay what about your world? What does it’s like?”

    “The name of my world is Caelard.

    Caelard has seven continents. The name of the central continent is Vitaerae. The majority of Vitaerae’s residents are Human. To the north of Vitaerae in the same continent as vitae is the land of Altumis or Altumis mountain range, this is the place where Avian race live. Some humans called them the angelic race, because their beauty is top notch. This race’s relationship with humans and other race is somewhat neutral, it’s because this race is ignorant about land dwellers.

    To the north of Altumis lies a continent known as The Land of Eternal Ice, Esterra. No one can survive in that place, not a NORMAL person can.

    In the southern hemisphere lays a vast desert with a plentiful of volcanic mountains known as Avaritums, the majority of the residents are Human race and Dwarf race.

    The third continent, to the northwest of Vitaerae and separated by Aganis Sea is Naterra, this is where the elf race and Fairies lives. The Elf race is in open hostility toward most of Human race.

    To the south of Naterra or southwest of Vitaerae is the land of the half-beast race. Their relationship with human race isn’t that good.

    Next, to the east of the central continent is Iragea continent and Perucoiz continent, the land where demon race lives.”

    “Hmm, Okay, so in this world, not just Human race, but another race exist too?”

    “Yep, and my world is what your world’s people called a ‘Fantasy World’”

    “So if I say I accept your offer, what’s my end? And what do you get?”

    “Well, you got to live again, and I got to see interesting things”

    “Uh, okay. Sounds great, so what’s my cheat?”
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    Chapter 003 – Cheat? -Part 1-

    “… So, what’s my cheat?”

    I asked him, grinning.

    Of course I’m grinning. It’s because it’s the template you know?

    You died, god revives you, you face him, he gives unreasonable demands and gives you cheats. That’s the template when someone’s revived in another world. At least that was what I know from light novels I’ve been reading.

    “Oh~ you jump straight to the deals eh? I like you already~”

    He smiled when he said that, and then he continues,

    “I’ll give you one wish for your cheat, just tell me what power you want~”

    Hmmm, so it’s like that, okay I’ll wish something…

    “Oh, before that, what is magic? Can I use it?”

    “Hm~, magic is magic; and of course you can use it.”

    What I want is explanation!

    And then, as if he can read my mind… wait, of course he can! He began to slowly raise his right hand and chanted a magic aria.

    “Oh I haven’t explained how magic works am I?”

    “Ye-Yes.” And then I nodded at him.

    “Although you’re one step closer to be a wizard.”

    “Come again?!”

    “You’re a virgin and doesn’t have a girlfriend, just another 14 years and you can be a full pledge wizard.”

    “Don’t easily believe that kind of shady myth! And I have a girlfriend! Just ‘close enough to have a girlfriend’ actually.”

    Sh*t, I remember the last time I see her… and I’m tired okay, please don’t make me retort anymore, damn you Cael-kamisama!

    “Okay, Magic works like this. 【Distort and inflict fear! «Space Distortion»】.”

    Suddenly an almost transparent geometric pattern appeared in his right hand, and the space around it is distorted.

    “I can do this chantless and with just the trigger word actually.”

    Wait a minute; I don’t get it at all!

    “Uh, can you explain it again?”

    “Hmhm~, let’s just say that magic depends on your imagination; if your image is clearer, and if you can explain why it happens like that, the result will be better.”

    Oh, it’s like when I created a fire, a fire is something that burns right? It’s simple.

    “Can I try?”

    “Sure~ go ahead.”

    I imagine a fire. A fire is something that burns, at least that what general people are thinking, right?

    Nothing happens?!

    I turn my gaze to Cael-kamisama, and ask ‘why’ with my eye.

    “Oh, you didn’t chant an aria, or chant a [Trigger Words]. That’s probably it.”

    Say it earlier! Ugh, whatever, I’ll ask what’s [Trigger Words] is.

    “A [Trigger Words]?”

    “Yes!~ When you cast magic, you must chant the aria and the [Trigger Words], or just the [Trigger Words]. You can omit this part and do chantless magic when you have a certain skill or understand how flow of mana and magic works…”

    I nodded at his explanation.

    “… When you chant an aria, it helps you imagine the magic clearer, like for example: 【Become fire that burns «Flame»】”

    When he chanted, a small red geometric pattern appeared. When he finished chanting a fire appeared on top of the geometric pattern.

    “Aria is the chant that make the magic gate appeared; It’s that geometric pattern. You can place the geometric pattern 1 meter around you. If you become proficient enough, you can increase its range up to 50 meter.

    Or you can just chant the [Trigger Words] and cast it, but it needs more clearer image than the former one. It’s a bit difficult because you need to imagine the magic inside your head and concentrating the flow of your mana to fuel its power. Let me show you, 【«Flame»】.”

    Just like that, he casted the same magic on his left hand without geometric pattern appeared.

    “You see there’s no [Rune] right? That’s because when I chant the [Trigger Words], I used my body as replacement for the [Rune].”

    So that geometric pattern is a [Rune] huh?

    “And before you try it out again, I’ll tell you about the elements.”

    Oh yeah, the elements, it’s the same as any other RPG or LN right? Can I choose the “skip tutorial” function?

    “… The elements are divided by several categories, the first is [Natural Elements], It consist of the common elements like [Fire], [Earth], [Wind], and [Water]. The second is [Spiritual Elements], like [Holy], [Darkness], and [Spirit].

    [Holy] magic is commonly used by my little sister Vitaesperita’s follower, the Light Church. [Darkness] magic by my little brother Perumegeo’s follower, the Demon race. And [Spirit] magic by [The People of the Nature] or the Demi-humans, though they hate to be called as such; just call them [Natura].

    Basically the three of the [Spiritual Elements] is the basis of this world religion. Human race worship Vitae-chan, the Goddess of Vitality. While the Demon race worship Geo-kun, the God of War. And the Naturas worship the spirits which is my servants, but sadly, they don’t know me. Well I don’t care anyway.”

    And like that, he explains the setti— I mean, the magic system.

    And then he continues.

    “… Spirits is my servants, while my sibling has their own spirits but mine is rather unique. My servants are of the nature elements. Like Fire, Flamma-chi.”

    When he calls their name with a finger snap, a girl shows off.

    A Girl with fiery red hair in twintails with height around 170cm with a busty chest and a maid outfit.

    Well she’s literally a servant.

    “Yes my lord, is there something that I can help my lord with?”

    She answer him in monotonous voice.

    Wait, is she a Kuu? Usually girls with a twintails and red hair is a tsun. My common sense is crumbling!

    “I just want to call you, tee~hee~”


    Me and Flamma-san went silent give him the “look”. We’re in sync already?

    “… Ehem. Well I have other servants like Bumi of the [Earth], Bayu of the [Wind], and Levia of the [Water].”

    He told me the name his other servants. Honestly I want to meet them.

    “The other kinds of spirit beside mine is often called Familiar. The familiar of [Holy] elements usually help their master with support magic, while the [Darkness] elemental familiar help with attack magic.”

    Oh, so there’s familiar system too?

    “They can use [Natural Elements] too. The [Darkness] Familiar or Dax uses the attack magic of the [Nature Elements] it possessed, while the Holy Familiar or L’Arc uses the support magic of the [Nature Elements]. Although they can possess several elements from the [Nature Elements], it’s inferior than the element possessed by [Nature] elemental spirits which governed by my servants.”


    “Oh, all of my servants, four of them is Emperor ranked. And they governed all the [Nature Element] spirits below them. You can say that L’Arcs and Daxes is ‘Jack of all trade, master of none’ while [Nature] Elemental spirits or just [Spirits] excel at their own element.”

    After he explained that with a face that says “I’m satisfied now”, Flamma-san said something.

    “Uh, my lord, sorry I don’t mean to be rude but… can I go now?”

    “It’s okay~ You can go after you give this boy your blessing, alright?”

    “Give this sorry excuse of a man my blessing?”

    “Well he is, but he is my guest, can you be a little less rude?”

    Good job for being too honest, Kamisama!
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    Chapter 003 – Cheat? -Part 2-

    “I’m sorry my lord, but my lord knows the rules right? Someone who wants the [Spirit Emperors]’ blessing must pass the test.”

    “Make him an exception, just a bonus from me because I like him.”

    Spare me from BL please.


    She answered briefly and with a poker face.

    After that, she approached me and place her hand in my chest, of course she doesn’t touch it.

    “【O the chosen one, thy have passed the test and have been pleasing me. I’ll grant you my blessing that will help you in your journey searching your purpose in life «Flamma’s Blessing»】.”

    Her hand then enveloped by bright lights.

    “Wha-What happens?”

    “I granted you my blessing, be thankful for that.”

    “Eh? Ah… tha-thank you very much.”

    I unconsciously bowed.

    “Then my lord, I’ll excuse myself.”

    With a flame engulfing her whole body as if eating her, she disappeared. Awesome!

    “Uhh, what did she mean by blessing, Cael-kamisama?

    “It means that you can use [Fire] elemental magic with full effectiveness. You can convert any elemental magic mana to [Fire Mana] effectively.”

    “Wait? Does the MP divided by elements?!”

    “Yess~ There’s five mana elements. [Fire Mana], [Earth Mana], [Wind Mana], [Water Mana], and [Pure Mana]. If you have for example 100 total amount of MP, You’ll have either one kind of mana, or all of them. The kind of mana depends on what your body has absorbed. For example, you can have 40% [Fire Mana], 10% [Earth Mana], 30% [Wind Mana], 5% [Water Mana], and 15% [Pure Mana] from the total remaining of your MP reserve.”

    “Why don’t you tell me earlier?”

    “I forgot~ teehee~”

    Sigh, what will happen if I don’t even know it?

    “To convert mana, you must know their compatibility. For example, if you convert other mana to [Fire Mana] from [Earth Mana] or [Wind Mana] you’ll need at least 50% of the total amount you want to convert. While for [Water Mana] you’ll need about 75% more of it. But for [Pure Mana], you’ll just 25% of it.

    Take this for example, you need 100 MP of [Fire Mana] but you only had [Water Mana] left. To convert [Water Mana] to [Fire Mana], you need 75% more [Water Mana] than the total amount of [Fire Mana] you want to convert. So it’s not 100 [Fire Mana] = 100 [Water Mana], but 100 [Fire Mana] = 175 [Water Mana] instead.”

    “Eeeh… the cost is too expensive.”

    “Well, because you got «Flamma’s Blessing» the cost for converting mana has been lessened~.”

    “Ah, I’m glad to hear that.”

    “It’s the end of my explanation~. So~ do you have decided, what’s your wish? Skill perhaps? Or Equipment?”

    I want to be stronger so that I can protect anyone who are dear to me, to protect my friends. But the real question is, should I pick defense related skill, attack related skill, or magic related skill?

    Equipment? It’s not on my wish list. I mean what if my equipment got lost in some accident, or got stolen by someone, it could be the end for me.

    If I pick defense related skill, that mean I can protect myself and someone near me with something like high defense stat. But then, I wouldn’t have any fire power to fight back. If I’m on prolonged fight, but I can’t fight back. I’ll likely be exhausted and will be killed when my defense weakened. So I think it’s no go.

    If I pick attack related skill, then I’ll have to say good bye with my defensive ability. I mean what can modern Japanese highschool boy do? I mean I don’t even get in a fight for once, just mock battle with my friends back in the dojo. And I don’t even win that much; with 1:10 win ratio, I could be considered a weakling. So what if I get higher firepower than my opponent if my opponent can evade it and counter attack me? Then I’ll be just a dead meat.

    Magic, magic feels like a more of a safe choice. I mean, I can defend and attack with magic. I can even do ranged attack with magic so I’ll pick magic related skill. But what skill do I chose? I can choose from huge mana pool and Increase in magic power. But I think I’ll end up underestimating my opponent if my stat is high from the start. I need something that can assist me in chanting an aria, something that can make me cast defensive spell and attack spell at the same time. Maybe that?…

    “Excuse me, can I ask more question before I decide on what I should wish?”

    “Sure~ go ahead~”

    “Can I expand my mana reserve with training?”

    “Yes~ aside from leveling up, you can expand your mana by doing something magic related, like: exhausting your mana till you want to throw up, converting and re-converting your mana element, and meditating.”

    “What a relief. Then, what If I wish [Fire] Magic? Do I get [Fire] Magic at intermediate level, or master level?”

    “Well, a god granted you a wish (cheat), of course you’ll get above normal people, or even at MAX level.”

    I nodded in understanding, then I continued to ask him again.

    “What is the counter stop of a skill?”

    “50 is the Max level. The level divided by 5 stage, Beginner (level 1 – 10), Amateur (level 11 – 20), Intermediate (level 21 – 30), Advanced (level 31 – 40), and Master (level 41 – 50).

    Talented people usually could advance till Advanced stage around level 33 while they are 17 years old. While untalented people can only advance till Amateur Stage.”

    “Hmm, thanks for the explanations. I’ve decided what I wished for.”
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    Chapter 004 – Deep in The Forest -Part 1-

    “Hufh hufh.”

    In the middle of the night, deep in a forest; a dark skinned maiden with short white hair is running from her pursuer.

    Two young men has been pursuing her non-stop, she can’t even tell how much time had passed since she escaped from them.

    “Wait for us bitch!”

    “Don’t run from us you piece of Sh*t!”

    How can I not run from them, when the price for getting caught is way worse than death? The girl retorted in her mind. She knows that, if she gets caught she’ll be sold into slavery and she can kiss her freedom good bye.

    A slave can’t defy their master’s order and if they did defy, they’ll get a severe headache that they wish they were dead. The cause of why they get that headache is because [Collar of Obedience] or [Slave Mark] they are wearing. They can’t even kill themselves, because the collar/mark prevented them to do that. If the master order them to kill themselves, then they don’t have any choice but to die.

    And that’s not all, they get treated like a pet. No, they get treated worse than a pet. If pets can get meal 3 times a day, slaves can only get 1 or 2 meals a day, or even don’t get any meal at all for several days and it’s not even a proper meal. When they needed a bath, their master would drown them and then lift them up before they can taste death; or they cast attack magic from [Water] magic at them, leaving them injured or even incapacitated. Such a fate that is worse than death.

    Of course she can kill herself right now because her collar hasn’t got a drip of blood from her supposed master. To be a master of slave, one needs to drip their blood on the [Collar of Obedience] or [Slave Mark]. To make [Collar of Obedience] or [Slave Mark], a blood from a monster called Ditiaservadth is needed.

    Ditiaservadth is a powerful monster, it has charm attack where it draws its blood out, harden them and then fling them like an arrow toward its enemies. Anyone that has been hit by that attack will felt their freedom robbed and make their bodies a puppet. Of course they still regain their sanity after getting hit by that charm attack, and it’s the thing that made it worst. When Ditiaservadth is cornered and have so many injuries they will do that attack a lot, and that’s what makes the subjugation of Ditiaservadth hard. Someone who wants their materials (blood, hide, bones, etc.) needs at least 12 to 20 veteran adventurers to subjugate it, and the cost of hiring such adventurer isn’t something to laugh at.

    And because of the scarceness of Ditiaservadth’s blood, the slave dealer can’t make the slave he caught his ‘slave’ for just a moment. It’s because he needs the same amount of blood needed to make the slave collar to transfer a slave’s ownership to new owner, It’s too wasteful.

    ‘I need to escape no matter what!’

    She became desperate, her breath is disorganized. She’s not even sure if she can escape from them, but still she tried her best.

    “Urgh, if that’s the case then. 【O winds, push my enemy down with your power! «Wind Shock»】.”

    A gust of wind flies from that man’s hand. He directed that spell to hit the girl’s knee to ensure minimal injury as possible. But unfortunately due to the low visibility, his aim is off and the spell hit nothing instead.

    “You’re stupid! What if she falls from the cliff?”

    “Shut up! She’s too fast for a lil girl ya know? And it’ll make our job easier if I can make her tumble for a moment.”

    “It’ll be the end of our job if the good is damaged! (dead)”

    They are now pursuing her in the edge of a forest cliff. The height is below 10 meter, but you’ll get seriously hurt if you fall from it.

    ‘O Spirits of nature, please protect me’

    She prayed to the nature spirits in hope they can help her somehow.

    She keeps running from both of her pursuer when suddenly…


    … a roar echoes.

    The girl and both of her pursuer got frozen stiff.

    “I-it’s Quadrabear! W-we should escape; we can’t win if it’s just the two of us! Q-Quick, cast «Wind Shock» towards that bitch! She should be sufficient enough as a bait.”

    “B-but you’ve said that we’ll get fired if we let her die.”

    “Shut up! Do you value your life or your job? I’m sure boss will understand that we’re unfortunate to let the good get attacked by a Quadrabear!”

    “O-Okay, 【 O winds, push my enemy down with your power! «Wind Shock»】.”

    The man aims at the girl in front of him. But, is either the man’s bad luck or the girl’s prayer that his aim is off. The «Wind Shock» he casted can be avoided by the girl by a hair breadth.

    The «Wind Shock» hit the bear and enraged it.

    It suddenly ran towards them. With its four fore leg and two hind leg its speed is accelerating by the second. The size of the bear is half of the size of a truck. Getting rammed by it sure will fly you off to another world.

    The girl just sits in her original place, frozen stiff from fear. Her expression is distorted as if it’s her doom. But luckily, the bear ignores her.

    The characteristic of Quadrabear is that when it gets provoked by an attack, it will attack the attacker no matter what and ignore anyone else that haven’t attacked it. It will either ram them, or attack them with its four fore legs.

    “Oh Sh*t I’ve fucked up! Run!”

    Their face is distorted by fear as the beast gotten close by the second. They know they can’t escape from it, but they will not abandon any hope. They desperately want to live; they’ve been fighting for it after all. They raised in a slum where everything is a matter of life and death. The slum is a dead end from most of its inhabitant but not from them. They crawled out from it, desperately find a job so they can eat even once per day. So much they had to do to continue living. And then they meet that person, their boss. He gave them job. Sure the job is a nasty one, but the pay can make them eat a decent meal, afford a place to sleep, and getting a nice beer in a bar. They want to save their money so they can retire and marry a decent woman, have kids, and work in a farm they bought themselves.

    Surely a goal they can never achieve right now.

    “Brother, you must go first. I’m the one it targeted!”

    “No I can’t do that, you’re my only family John!”

    “Stupid! At least one of us is survived!”

    The man named John turn around and readied his spell. Chanting an aria that can delay the bear’s movement even for a few seconds.

    “Ugh, I can only cast this spell once. Go you fucker!”

    He jokingly told his brother to run, and then he smiled bitterly.


    He can only bite his lip and run straight ahead to the opposite direction of the bear.


    “—, «Exploding Shockwave»!”

    His aria can’t be heard because the bear roars as it about to attack him with its claw. But the attack never came, because both of them got thrown off from the wind explosion.

    Meanwhile, the girl can only run to opposite direction of the fight between his pursuer and the bear. She hopes that the bear didn’t pursue her, and her pursuer will give up searching for her.

    When she sees a river below the cliff, she jumped in hope to minimize the change of her getting caught.

    She had successfully escaped.

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    Chapter 004 – Deep in The Forest -Part 2-

    “So~ what are you wishing for? I’m excited you know?”

    Cael-kamisama inquire me excitedly with a smile pasted on his face. You can read my mind you know?

    “I deactivate it, it’s no fun when I know what you want doesn’t it?”

    “Then how do you know what I was thinking about?!”

    “It’s clearly pasted on your face you know?”

    “Ugh… by the way, what I wanted to wish for as my cheat is [Parallel Thought].”

    Are? Not something flashy like [Herculean Strength] or [Divine Healer]?”

    “No, I just want something that can assist me in chanting multiple aria.”

    “Okay then~ Alakazam.”

    What a plain sounding spell!

    I mean do you need a spell for that? You’re a god! Goodness.

    “Hey, that’s rude!”


    I’m not going to retort it, goddammit!

    “At least give me a respond… I’m feeling lonely here.”

    He’s feeling dejected now? I feel bad.

    “Uh, I’m sorry.”

    “Well whatever~”

    He just brushes it off with a bright smile! I bet even a teenage girl that can have PMS everyday would lose in “Mood swing” competition with him.

    Oh, he continues.

    “As it is a rare skill, I’ll only give you slightly above a normal person can achieve.”


    “Well~ if it something common like [Fire] or [Water] Magic, I could give you MAX level. But because your chosen skill is uncommon and rare, I could only give you slightly higher level than the average level of all people that have this skill.”

    “Ooh, then how much level do I get?”

    “I’ll give that skill around Intermediate stage, the level depends on your luck.”

    “I hope it’s high.”

    “Don’t say that? Do you want to activate the greed meter?” [1]

    “D-don’t say it, you’ll raise the flag!”

    “Oops~ too late~ Teehee~”

    I’ll pray to god that damned meter doesn’t get activated.

    Who am I praying to? The god himself raised the flag for me!

    Arrgg, I give up…

    “By the way, can I test my skill here?”

    “You can. But not in this room, kay~.”


    Cael-kamisama guide me to a door, and then open it.

    What’s behind that door is a vast prairie. So vast that I can’t see the end of it.

    I pass through the door. Once I’m outside, I can feel the blowing winds. It’s nice.

    By the way, when I say door, it’s more like Doraemon’s [Anywhere Door]. When I looked back. What I see is just a door, no building whatsoever behind it.

    “You can test your magic here. Don’t hold back, kay~”

    Yosh, I’ll try cast a magic.”

    I’ll try to cast multiple of it~

    “Before that, what kind of mana I have Cael-kamisama?”

    “[Pure Mana]; you’re filled by [Pure Mana] because you’re in god’s realm”

    “Huh? That means the element of mana I recover while idling is what I absorb from surrounding mana?”


    He smiled.

    “Then, how do I convert it to [Fire Mana]?”

    “To convert mana, you need to concentrate where the mana is residing.

    Mana resided in specific part inside your body.

    For [Fire Mana] it’s in the heart, [Earth Mana] in the stomach, [Wind Mana] in the lung, [Water Mana] in the bladder, and [Pure Mana] in the liver.

    First, decide where you going to transfer your mana and decide how much amount of mana you want to convert.
    Then you need to decide what mana element you want to convert from.”

    I tried what Cael-kamisama said. As I’m just a spirit now, I can easily feel the amount of mana I have.

    First, concentrating. Trying to feel mana within me. Focusing on those spot that has just been said by Cael-kamisama.

    I feel all of my mana element is of [Pure Mana], just like Cael-kamisama has said.

    I tried to convert my [Pure Mana] to [Fire Mana]. The amount I needed is 25% of my max mana. I’m trying to channel my mana from my liver to my heart. The result is my [Pure Mana] is reduced by 25%. [Flamma’s Blessing] is amazing! There’s no mana lost during the conversion.

    Now my mana is 25% [Fire Mana] and 75% [Pure Mana]. How do I determine my mana reserve? The answer is ‘intuition’.

    I tried to cast a fire spell.

    How do I chant an [Aria] if I don’t know any spell?

    “Don’t worry Ikki. You can chant the [Aria] however you like. It’s just help you imagine the spell effect anyway~.”

    That’s reassuring; and don’t read my mind please.

    “Tee~ hee~.”


    Anyway, let’s try me some spell~

    I raised my right hand and then chant.

    “«Combustion reaction! 【Fire】.»”

    What I cast is a [Fire] Spell.

    Fire comes from a chemical reaction between oxygen in the atmosphere and some sort of fuel (wood or gasoline, in this case [Fire Mana]). Wood and gasoline (fuel in general) don’t spontaneously catch on fire just because they’re surrounded by oxygen. You have to heat the fuel to its ignition temperature to cause combustion reaction. Naturally [Fire Mana] is highly flammable, and because of that its ignition temperature is lower than most fuel.

    I imagined the [Fire Mana] rubbing against itself to cause friction. From the friction it’ll generate heat and burn itself.

    A [Rune] is appeared above my hand; and from the [Rune] fire is ignited.

    It’s a success! [Fire] magic gettodaze! [2]

    “What a plain [Aria].”

    “Sh-Shut up. I’ll make a cooler [Aria] later!”

    The spell I’ve just tried consumed my [Fire Mana] about 20% of it. It’s surprisingly costly.

    I decided to convert my remaining [Pure Mana] to [Wind Mana] and fire mana. 50% goes to [Wind Mana] and 26% goes to [Fire Mana]. By the way, the extra 1% is [Pure Mana] I recovered.

    My mana is now consisted of 46% [Fire Mana] and 37% [Wind Mana].

    Now for the second spell I’ll test my skill [Parallel Though] to cast multiple spell.

    I chant the mana of my new magic.

    “«Burn everything up! 【Plasma Laser】».”

    Now I’ll try to cast a plasma laser! I’ll make this my ultimate magic!

    To create a plasma, I imagine the fire that I about to create have a higher temperature than the surface of the earth’s sun. Then I pressurize it with [Wind] magic. And then shoot the flame like a laser beam. The beam rapidly heats and ionizes surrounding gasses to form plasma.

    This plasma is of course can one-shot kill a human. I don’t want to imagine it though. Urgh.

    I shot 2 [Plasma Laser] from the [Runes] beside me. I can only maintain it for 2 second before my view become hazy. It seems that it consumes a lot of mana; and now I experienced mana exhaustion state.

    I staggered. I can’t stand straight and then I fall unconscious.

    “Wake up sleepyhead~.”

    I wake up on top of a bed.

    I am confused, and began to observe my surrounding.

    In front of me stood a child with whom I had become familiar…

    Sh*t, It’s not a dream after all.

    “Of course it’s not. You’re already dead. The dead can’t dream, you know?”

    “Ugh, what happened?”

    “You collapsed due to mana depletion.”

    “How long I’ve been unconscious?”

    “About 1 hours… Oh yeah, your time is almost out. I need to get you out of my realm, or else I can’t reincarnate you and your soul will disperse.”

    “Then reincarnate me already!”

    “I’m being considerate you know? What if you woke up in the middle of nowhere and get confused? Surely you’ll blame me.”

    Ugh, I can’t refute that. At least I can be prepared if I’m conscious.

    “Uh. Thanks for being considerate.”

    I meekly replied.

    “Anyway~ I’ve altered your appearance. It’s necessary because I can’t revive someone with the exact same appearance with their past self before they died. And don’t worry, I don’t change your gender.”

    “What a relief. At least I’m still a man.”

    “Though I made your body with a high potential.”


    Something seems off.

    “Yes~ It lets you acquire more skill easily.”

    “It’s that alright giving me so many cheat?”

    “Ikki-chi, it doesn’t count~ Don’t sweat over small stuff kay?”

    Okay, if you say so.

    “Anyway, I’ve granted you with additional skills. It’s [Language Comprehension], [UI Mechanic], and [System Assist].”

    And then he proceeds to explain every skill he had given to me.

    I’ll omit the long explanation and summarize them, basically it’s like this:
    [Language Comprehension] is ability to understand general languages used in Caelard.
    [UI Mechanic] is a skill that let you make everything you want have a user interface.
    [System Assist] is a skill that will assist you in that world, you can ask about general knowledge to specific information if you’ve already have an access to it. Basically [System Assist] is my assistant.

    And all of this bonus skill doesn’t have a level because it is a god’s gift.

    Thanks for the useful gifts kamisama~.

    “Okay~ Are you ready to get transported to another world?”

    “Yes I’m ready!”

    “Okay then. «【Transfer Start】». Good Luck~.”

    A pale blue light bathed my body. And then my vision shifts.
    The familiar room is nowhere to be seen. What’s in front of me is a clear blue sky.

    Strange, I don’t feel like there’s anything below me. And my weight seems non-exi—


    I’m free falling for F*ck’s sake!


    1. PSO2 Greed meter reference. The PSO2 Greed Meter is something that can detect your greed. If you want a new rare 10+ stars weapon drop. You’ll never have it because greed meter won’t allow you.
    2. Pokemon reference… duh.